Collagen For Men: Hair Edition

By Jonathan Hunsaker

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Taking collagen as part of your wellness routine has a range of benefits for men, with hair being at the top of the list.

Men often overlook the vital role of this protein. It’s one of the most important proteins in the human body and plays a crucial role in helping to maintain strong and healthy hair.

As men age, naturally occurring collagen levels decrease, which can have a big impact on hair health.

Here’s the good news. Taking a collagen supplement can help protect your mane from the effects of aging and promote healthier, more resilient locks.

By understanding how collagen works and incorporating it into your daily routine, you can give your hair an extra boost for enhanced strength and luster.

But wait, there’s more good news! While you are giving your hair all that it needs to be its healthiest, the rest of your body will reap all the benefits of collagen too.

Discover some of the ways collagen is beneficial for men’s hair health and some other health benefits you’ll enjoy from taking collagen in this article!

How Does Collagen Work?

Although the body naturally produces collagen, collagen synthesis or collagen production begins to decline somewhere between our 20s and our 30s pending on a few factors like lifestyle, diet, and general health.

Collagen provides structure and support for skin, bones, muscles, ligaments, and other connective tissues. When our collagen production begins to drop off, this affects our collagen levels that the body needs for maintaining health, both structurally and functionally.

This is when we start to notice skin aging, joint pain and stiffness, and the beginnings of other age-related concerns.

By increasing our collagen intake through diet and supplements, collagen can provide a direct supply of amino acids which helps to maintain the health of our skin, nails and hair, as well as provide joint health assistance and even aid in digestion.

Not only will you look good as a result of taking collagen supplements, but you’ll also enjoy improvements to your overall health.

Collagen Benefits For Men

Understanding collagen’s role in the human body, helps you understand why there are so many benefits of taking collagen supplements for men.

It’s not just about looking good, although that would be reason enough for most men, but the numerous other health benefits are why collagen supplements have become so popular in the men’s wellness market.

Here are just a few of the additional health benefits.

Collagen May Help to Protect Men’s Heart Health

Heart health is an important issue for all men. Fortunately, collagen supplements full of collagen peptides and amino acids help promote heart health.

Collagen has been scientifically proven to reduce inflammation and improve cholesterol levels in men of all ages.

Both of these properties directly work against atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). Collagen supplements have also proven to improve blood pressure.

Experts say that taking amino acid supplements can be more effective than medication in reducing arterial plaque build-up and changing lipid levels in the blood.

Consequently, adding collagen peptides to your daily wellness routine could be the key to leading a heart-healthy life and making sure your cardiovascular system is working as efficiently as possible.

Collagen For Male Hair Loss

For men, hair loss and thinning hair can often be a source of distress, leading to anxiety and low self-esteem.

Thankfully, collagen supplementation has incredible hair growth benefits, working to counter hair thinning and promote thicker hair.

By providing nutrition to both the scalp and hair follicles, collagen helps hair become stronger and healthier from the root.

This not only encourages healthy hair growth, but also leads to more voluminous looking hair. A great solution for hair loss!

Since collagen supports the overall health of follicles in general, it can lead to an improved overall appearance of hair by evening out the thickness across the scalp.

So, for those looking for a natural way to tackle their hair loss, give collagen a try.

Collagen For Men’s Skin

Collagen is an amazing compound that can help men maintain a youthful and healthy complexion. It’s essentially the connective tissue that holds our skin together.

As collagen levels decline, this leads to wrinkles, a loss of firmness, and dull complexion.

Taking collagen supplements can help elevate the overall health and appearance of your skin by performing a number of beneficial functions such as:

  • repairing damage from environmental stressors or free radicals,
  • restoring much needed hydration and elasticity,
  • increasing skin’s overall firmness,
  • reducing wrinkles and fine lines,
  • and fading away dark spots for balanced tone.

It can also help minimize razor burn from shaving. It’s a must-have for any man wanting to look their best!

Collagen and Leaky Gut Syndrome

Leaky gut syndrome is often an overlooked condition that can wreak havoc on your energy levels and overall well-being. To combat this health issue, many turn to collagen supplements.

Studies have found that ingesting collagen peptides helps restore balance in the gut lining and microbiome, which helps with digestion and immune system support.

Not only is it beneficial for fighting leaky gut syndrome, but collagen can reduce inflammation in the body, allowing for increased nutrient absorption which can decrease gastrointestinal pains and other health-related issues caused by inflammation.

Collagen and Metabolism

According to research, collagen can improve digestive health, muscle mass and digestion—all of which are important for metabolic regulation.

Collagen is higher in certain amino acids compared to other protein sources. For example, glycine boosts energetics in the muscles needed for a high metabolism. Plus, hydroxyproline helps keep the body youthful and energetic.

Research is proving collagen to be an effective tool for weight management as we age because of its overall impact on the metabolism and health of the digestive system.

Not only can ingesting collagen help nourish your cells, bones and organs, but it also helps reduce inflammation and keep blood sugars stable.

Collagen has also been linked to controlling appetite hormones such as ghrelin and leptin. Taking this dietary supplement can help keep your metabolism running smoothly while providing you with more energy throughout the day.

Collagen and Muscle Mass

Collagen supplements have a plethora of benefits related to muscle mass, from increased strength and prevention of atrophy to improving the body’s ability to repair itself after exercise or over exertion.

With its high concentrations of amino acids and collagen peptides necessary for muscle growth, collagen can help build strength faster than many other nutritional sources.

Plus, since it’s an all-natural supplement, you can trust that you’re fueling your muscles with something that’s safe and beneficial.

What Does Collagen Do For Hair?

Earlier in this article, we touched on the benefits of collagen for men with regard to hair loss. However, that is only a small aspect of what collagen peptides can do for men’s hair.

Marine collagen is an excellent natural solution for keeping hair healthy and strong. Rich in amino acids, marine collagen can help prevent breakage, split ends, and protect against damage caused by environmental stressors.

Its ability to repair hair follicles, foster healthy hair growth, and improve skin elasticity makes this a popular form of collagen for those looking to naturally liven up their locks.

Provides Amino Acids That Can Be Used to Build Hair

Men looking to build stronger, more vibrant hair need look no further than collagen supplements. Collagen, especially marine collagen, provides men with an easy and effective way to help nourish hair growth.

Many studies have shown that the amino acids present in collagen can help strengthen and thicken existing strands, as well as encourage new hair growth.

Getting adequate protein is essential for optimal hair health, but sometimes it’s difficult to consume enough from your diet alone.

This is where collagen comes in—it provides an efficient way to ensure that you’re getting the necessary building blocks for strong and healthy tresses from root to tip.

Helps Fight Damage to Hair Follicles

Collagen supplements have been gaining popularity among hair care advocates thanks to their power to fight damage to our delicate follicles.

Collagen helps to promote healthy cell turnover and supports elevated levels of moisture, both of which are essential for well nourished and beautiful hair.

By taking a collagen supplement, you can ensure that your hair follicles are receiving the nutrients they need to remain strong and healthy, which means less breakage and thicker hair. 

May Prevent Hair Thinning Associated With Aging

Thinning hair is an unfortunate but oftentimes unavoidable side effect of aging. However, there may be more that can be done to help prevent it!

Collagen supplements help bind water in the scalp and provide the building blocks to contribute to a healthy head of hair.

Studies have found that taking collagen supplements can help support hair growth and decrease hair thinning over time.

May Help Slow Graying

Many men become concerned with their hair going gray as they age, and rightfully so. A good head of hair is a sign of youth and vitality.

Collagen helps strengthen the proteins which make up each strand of hair. When these proteins are strong and healthy, it slows down the appearance of gray hairs.

Incorporated into one’s daily routine, collagen can help promote thicker hair and combat premature graying.

The Bottom Line

We hope you have found this article “Collagen For Men: Hair Edition” very informative and helpful. Taking collagen for hair health and reaping all the other health benefits is definitely why collagen is increasing in popularity when it comes to men’s health and wellness. 

Looking for more great health articles? Check out our Health and Nutrition BLOG. Ready to find that quality supplement that’s going to help you reach your health goals? You’ll find everything you need over at our collagen product page to help you look and feel your best!

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