Collagen Peptides For Men: Do Supplements Really Work?

By Jonathan Hunsaker

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Men have recently discovered that the benefits of taking collagen peptides are numerous. If you are still on the fence about collagen peptides for men, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to help you understand collagen, the many benefits of collagen peptides, and answer questions that you might have as to whether supplements really work.

What is Collagen?

So many people hear the word collagen and think of skin care or beauty, without even realizing that collagen is actually a protein that our body naturally produces. That’s right! Collagen is a protein!

Collagen is a big deal for the human body. It’s vital for connective tissues as it provides structure, strength, elasticity, and even hydration. The human body is made up of a lot of connective tissue, so collagen is abundant.

Muscles, bones, organs, and even our blood require collagen protein for both structure and function. Somewhere between our 20s and 30s, collagen synthesis begins to decline, which means our collagen levels slowly start to drop off. Since collagen is so vital to our body, it doesn’t take long to see the effects of this decline. It begins with skin aging, then we start to notice joint stiffness or pain. As the decline continues, we notice changes in our hair health and our nails.

Left unchecked, we might begin to have digestive issues, notice a bit of weight gain or other age related issues and health concerns. As you can see, it’s important to keep our collagen levels balanced. The best way to do that is by eating collagen-rich foods and beginning collagen supplementation.

What Are Collagen Peptides?

Collagen peptides have gained popularity in recent years for their potential anti-aging and overall health benefits. Collagen peptides are made from collagen, a protein found in the skin, bones, and connective tissues of animals. The collagen molecules are then broken down into smaller fragments and used in the making of collagen supplements. Collagen peptides are typically made from bovine (cow) or chicken as well as marine and more recently plants so as to give vegetarians and vegans an option.

When taken as a supplement, collagen peptides are said to improve the health of skin, hair, and nails as well as improving joint health and gut health. Studies show that collagen peptides can boost metabolism and help to build muscle mass.

The most popular form of collagen peptides is powder form. It’s easy and convenient to use as it can be added to smoothies, shakes and other beverages. You will also find collagen peptides as capsules for those who just want the convenience of taking a pill and getting on with their day. Ready to use liquid collagen peptides is also an option. You can drink it on the go as is, or it can also be added to other food or beverages.

No matter which form you select, collagen peptides are a quick and easy way to increase your collagen intake and keep your collagen levels in check.

Can Men Take Collagen?

While collagen supplements in years gone by have been most commonly associated with women, more recently, experts are stating that they can be equally beneficial for men. So the answer to the question “Can men take collagen?”, is a resounding yes! Yes, men can and should take collagen!

Collagen supplements help to improve men’s skin health, combating skin aging, boost muscle mass and bone density which is important for overall strength and vitality, enhance joint health, promote healthy hair which includes stimulating hair growth and maintain gut health.

Men should be just as concerned as women when it comes to feeling great, maintaining health and aging well.

Best Types of Collagen For Men to Use

When it comes to collagen, there are a few different types that are best for men to use. Type I collagen is the most abundant in the human body, and it’s essential for healthy skin, hair, nails, and connective tissue. Type II collagen is found in cartilage and promotes joint health. Type III collagen is found in muscles, tendons, and blood vessels. And finally, type IV collagen is found in the lining of the digestive tract.

So, which type of collagen should men use? Experts say that all four types are important for maintaining overall health, but Type I and III are particularly beneficial for skin and muscle health. To get the most benefit from collagen, it’s best to take it in supplement form. You can find supplements that contain all four types of collagen or you can choose a blend that contains a mix of Types I, II, and III.

Whichever collagen supplement you decide upon, there are a couple of other things to factor into your choice for optimum results.

Get the Highest Quality Multi-Collagen Powder

When it comes to collagen supplements, you want to be sure to get the highest quality powder. A collagen supplement can help to reverse these signs of aging by giving your body the building blocks it needs to produce more collagen. However, not all supplements are quality supplements. Do your research.

Look for a powder that contains multiple types of collagen, as this will provide the most benefit. Be sure to read the label carefully to make sure you’re getting what you pay for. A high-quality multi-collagen powder can help you achieve younger-looking skin, stronger nails, thicker hair while taking care of joint health, restoring muscles and making sure all the systems of your body have what they need to function properly.

You don’t want to compromise your health, so don’t be afraid to invest in yourself.

Use Clean-Sourced, Transparent Collagen Supplements

When looking for a collagen supplement, it’s important to choose one that uses clean-sourced ingredients and is transparent about what’s in the formula. By being selective, you can be sure you’re getting a quality product without fillers and unwanted ingredients that might even hinder your goals, such as artificial flavorings and sweeteners.

Clean-sourced ingredients means the collagen proteins come from grass-fed cows or wild-caught fish.

You also want to select a collagen supplement that has brand transparency and uses third-party testing. These manufacturers have nothing to hide. Ingredients and the sources of their ingredients are clearly marked. They use third-party testing to ensure that the data isn’t compromised in any way. You will find such manufacturers willing to answer any question you might have.

By selecting a collagen supplement that meets these criteria, you’ll be on your way to achieving the results you are looking for.

What Does Collagen Do For Men?

If you’ve gotten this far in the article, then you are aware of some of the many benefits that adding collagen supplements to your wellness routine produces. Regardless of whether male or female, your body needs collagen.

Let’s dig a little deeper into some of the known benefits of collagen supplements and why your connective tissues will thank you for these added collagen peptides.


Men are just as susceptible as women to fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin when collagen synthesis declines. Taking a collagen supplement can also help men to offset this process by increasing the amount of collagen in the body. This, in turn, can help to improve the appearance of men’s skin, making it smoother and more supple. Additionally, collagen supplements can help to improve the health of hair and nails. 

Gut Health

The lining of the gut is made up of cells that are held together by collagen fibers. These fibers provide strength and structure to the gut wall, and they also help to regulate permeability. When the gut is healthy, it allows nutrients to pass through while keeping harmful substances out.

When the gut becomes damaged or inflamed, the collagen fibers can become weak or broken down. This can lead to a condition called “leaky gut,” which allows toxins and bacteria to pass through the gut wall and into the bloodstream. This can cause a variety of problems, including inflammation, autoimmune disease and digestive issues.

Because collagen supplements are rich in amino acids, they help to reduce inflammation not just in the gut but throughout the entire body. When the digestive system has the collagen protein it needs to function properly, the body is able to better absorb all the nutrients being taken in.


There are many benefits to taking a collagen supplement for joint health, particularly for men. Collagen is the main structural protein found in our joints. The natural loss of collagen, leads to joint pain and stiffness, as well as reduced mobility.

A collagen supplement can help to offset the loss of collagen by providing the body with the building blocks it needs to produce new collagen.

Collagen supplements can help to reduce inflammation and ease joint pain. They can also improve joint function and flexibility of these connective tissues. 

Muscle Mass

When it comes to muscle mass, collagen plays an important role in repairing and rebuilding muscle tissue. Collagen supplements are a complex protein that can help to increase muscle mass and strength, as well as improve recovery time after exercise. 

Using collagen to increase muscle mass can also help maintain weight. Muscle burns more calories than fat, even when in a resting state.

How to Get the Best Results From Your Collagen

Now that you know a bit more about collagen, collagen supplements and the fantastic benefits that come with keeping your collagen levels in check, you’ve decided that collagen supplementation is for you. Now what? It’s not quite as simple as just picking up a collagen supplement.

If you’re going to invest in your health, you want to know how to get the best results from your investment, correct? Here are a few tips to ensure you’ll get the most from your collagen supplement of choice.

Take Collagen Daily

For best results, collagen supplements should be taken daily. This ensures that our bodies are constantly being replenished with this essential and complex protein.

Consistency is key. Not only does it help you remember to take it daily when it becomes part of your daily routine, but it allows collagen levels to stay more balanced. Keeping your collagen levels balanced means you’ll experience the results sooner.

Daily use also means that your body stays adjusted to absorbing the collagen peptides and it doesn’t need to be continually re-introduced.

Look For Top Quality Ingredients

When it comes to your health, you certainly don’t want inferior ingredients. To get the best results, you need to look for supplements that contain high-quality ingredients. Otherwise, you may not see any improvement in your health. No results means you’re throwing away your money.

This is one of those times when you get what you pay for. The better the quality of ingredients, the more effective the collagen supplement will be.

Taking collagen with top quality ingredients can prevent side effects that often come with inferior ingredients such as fillers and sweeteners. It’s so important to take the time to do your research and find a supplement that contains only the best.

Start With a Low Dosage

When beginning collagen supplementation, it’s wise to begin with a lower dosage than the recommended dosage. This allows your body to adjust to the collagen peptides and amino acids that make up your complex protein supplement.

By giving your body time to get used to the supplement, you can usually avoid any issue that could be a potential problem such as gas, bloating or digestive discomfort that can come with taking too large a dose and the body not being able to completely digest it.

Once you know that your body isn’t going to react, you can gradually increase to the recommended daily dosage without any concerns.

The Final Word

After reading this article, you should feel confident about collagen peptides for men. There are so many great reasons to add this complex protein to your daily routine. Increased muscle mass, joint health and healthy connective tissues are just a sampling of the good things to come from taking collagen. Ready to find that high quality supplement to ensure you get the best results? Head on over to our collagen product page, where you will find the supplement best for you and your goals.

Keep your health on the right path by exploring our Health BLOG. Investing in yourself will ensure you get the best out of this life. 

Organixx Clean Sourced Collagens blend contains five types of collagen from four sources. What’s more, it’s combined with targeted nutrients such as zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin B6 which specifically enhance the bioavailability and potency of collagen. Clean Sourced Collagens is formulated from the ground up to enhance and support your body’s natural ability to heal and rebuild itself from the INSIDE out.

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