Men + Collagen: Is Collagen Safe For Men?

By Jonathan Hunsaker

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The subject of men and their relationship to collagen has become increasingly relevant in today’s society, as more and more people are turning to collagen supplements to improve their overall health.

For men specifically, collagen supplementation provides an additional layer of support for general joint health. Not only does collagen help prevent joint deterioration due to age or overuse, but it also plays an important role in muscle recovery following injury or over-exertion.

In this article, we’ll share with you what the experts are saying about the benefits to men in taking quality collagen supplements, different sources of collagen for men and answer the question most often asked: “Is collagen safe for men?”

What is Collagen?

Collagen is an incredibly influential protein in the human body. Not only does it play an integral role in the structure and elasticity of the skin and connective tissues, but it can also help maintain the strength of our joints, hair, bones, and teeth.

Everyone thinks collagen is for keeping up our youthful appearance, but we also need collagen for healthy digestive and cardiovascular systems.

Because collagen protein is vital to our overall health and functionality, it’s important to replenish our collagen levels, as collagen production naturally begins to decline with age.

This can be done by increasing our collagen intake by supplementing with collagen protein supplements and eating collagen-rich foods.

Can Men Take Collagen?

Collagen has always been a popular supplement, as it was marketed for women wanting to look and feel younger. In recent years it has become of great interest to men as well

With collagen being naturally produced in the body, collagen supplements are considered safe for men of all ages to take.

While collagen is found in many different forms, collagen peptides tend to be the most popular form of collagen for men.

Collagen peptides are not only easy to digest but are absorbed quickly through your digestive system so that you can enjoy all its benefits faster.

Whether it be physical health or beauty benefits from collagen intake, there is no denying its great effects on male users too!

As with any new health supplement or medicinal product, know the recommended dosage and perhaps consider starting with even a lower dosage to see how your body responds to the supplement and increasing gradually.

This will avoid any side effects at the onset of supplementation as your body adjusts to absorbing the collagen peptides and amino acids of your chosen supplement.

So, is collagen safe for men? Yes, it is. If you have a diagnosed health issue or are on any medications, it’s always best to discuss it with your doctor before adding any new supplement to your daily regime.

Benefits You Can Expect From Collagen Supplements

Collagen protein helps support a variety of bodily functions, including joint health, muscle recovery, skin integrity, and even digestive health.

While these benefits alone make it worth considering supplementing with collagen, there are also some surprising bonuses, such as thicker hair and stronger nails.

Let’s dig a little deeper into some of the proven benefits so you can make an informed decision about adding collagen supplements to your daily wellness routine.

Increases Muscle Mass & Improves Muscle Recovery

Collagen protein along with amino acids play a vital role in muscle recovery and building muscle mass.

Many men use collagen supplements to help build muscle mass and promote faster healing of muscles following exercise or any strenuous physical exertion.

Collagen peptides found in collagen supplements have been known to increase levels of amino acids in the body.

Taking collagen supplements on a regular basis has been shown to significantly increase the rate of muscle formation and improve recovery time, allowing men to safely work out more often and make bigger gains in their fitness routine. 

Not into working out? Your muscles along with various other areas of your body will still benefit from collagen supplements.

Aids in Joint Health & Supports Strong Bones

Collagen supplements are an effective way to improve joint health and support stronger bones.

Collagen is a major structural protein found in connective tissues, responsible for joint elasticity and wear resistance—two important factors for joint health.

When collagen levels decrease due to age or lifestyle, joint discomfort can become more prominent. With supplementing, not only are joint-related issues alleviated, but because collagen serves as a building block of the skeletal system, it also supports strong bones that will last throughout our lifetime.

Men have an especially high requirement for collagen since they naturally have less than women do. Taking a collagen supplement is an easy way to bolster joint health and maintain robust bones as men age.

Improves Energy Levels

There is no denying the fact that energy levels affect how we approach each day; without them, our productivity and well-being can take a hit. 

Collagen consists of amino acids which act as building blocks for muscle development and aid in gently releasing carbohydrates into the bloodstream.

This helps supply your muscles with sustained fuel, leading to improved overall energy levels when taken regularly.

By adding collagen supplements to your wellness routine, you may find you have the energy and capability to power through the day like never before.

Supports Heart Health

Collagen supplements are becoming a popular choice for those wishing to naturally support their heart health.

Collagen has been linked to promoting healthy cholesterol levels, reducing inflammation, and supporting strong blood vessels.

Studies have also shown that taking collagen supplements may reduce the risk of atherosclerosis, a condition wherein clusters of plaque accumulate on artery walls.

By consuming collagen, you help manage cholesterol levels, enhance blood circulation and promote overall cardiovascular health.

Supports Healthy Hair

Collagen supplements can be beneficial for your hair health because they help to build the strands of your hair from within.

By taking these supplements you are providing the nutrients to strengthen existing hair follicles as well as contributing to overall scalp health by improving moisture levels and sebum production.

Different Sources Of Collagen For Men

When it comes to increasing one’s collagen levels, there are various sources of collagen for men. No matter which source you decide suits your lifestyle best, be sure to only consider a quality source. 

Natural Sources Of Collagen

Looking to increase your collagen intake, consider your diet first. There are a number of collagen-rich foods that are readily available and quite easy to add to your diet.

Examples of collagen-rich foods are:

  • bone broth
  • meat: beef, pork
  • chicken
  • fish, seafood
  • dark leafy greens
  • nuts & seeds
  • yogurt
  • many fruits and vegetables provide collagen, vitamins, and minerals necessary for the production of collagen as well as antioxidants that combat collagen damage caused by free radicals

Collagen Supplements For Men

There are different forms and types of collagen supplements when it comes to male needs, such as tablets, pills, powders, creams, and liquids.

Men have plenty of options when choosing which one best suits their lifestyle and dietary needs.

No matter what type you pick, adding collagen supplements to your daily routine may be the key to unlocking a healthier lifestyle and feeling great from head to toe.

Marine Collagen VS Bovine Collagen

Two of the most popular sources of collagen for men are marine collagen and bovine collagen. Marine collagen is extracted from fish skins or scales, while bovine collagen comes from cows.

Both have beneficial properties for skin health and beauty, but they differ in the amino acid content that provides these benefits. 

Marine collagen contains higher levels of l-proline and l-hydroxyproline—both useful for diminishing wrinkles—while bovine collagen has more glycine, which aids in wound healing and helps protect against pollution damage.

Deciding which one is right for you depends on your needs: marine collagen if anti-aging is your main goal, or bovine if you want to protect your skin against external aggressors or target muscle mass.

Collagen Peptides VS Protein Powder

While collagen peptides and protein powder both provide a great source of protein, there are significant differences between them.

Collagen peptides have higher levels of protein per serving than many traditional proteins and are known for their ability to improve joint health, skin elasticity, and hydration.

On the other hand, most kinds of protein powder are derived from whey, casein, soy, pea, or egg whites. They lack some of the benefits that collagen peptides bring but they provide essential amino acids that facilitate muscle growth and repair.

Ultimately, it comes down to your goals—if you’re after overall well-being benefits beyond strength-building, collagen peptides are the right choice for you.

How Long Does it Take to See Results?

Is collagen safe for men? Yes, collagen is safe for men. So, how long does it take to see results?

Generally speaking, it takes about four weeks before you start to see improvements in your skin, hair, nails, and joints. However, many report noticing other benefits much sooner.

Within days or weeks of starting collagen supplementation, some people experience a more restful sleep, increased energy, and improved concentration.

On top of all that, enhanced digestion is common as well! So while you may need to wait a month or two for fuller hair, glowing skin, and stronger nails, there are plenty of other positive effects to take notice of while you wait.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re looking for healthier and firmer skin or trying to slow down age-related changes like joint pain or muscle loss, adding collagen to your daily routine may be just the thing. It’s easy, safe, and could potentially lead to a lot of positive outcomes. 

Be sure to check out our Health BLOG for more great health tips. Want to be sure you’re getting only the best supplements for your health goals? You’ll find exactly what you’re looking for here to start looking and feeling your best! 

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