5 Ways to Protect Your Brain Health Every Day

Video Transcript:

Today, I’m really excited to share with you five different things you can do every single day to support and protect your brain health. This is great for individuals of all ages and, if you have a family history like I have of Alzheimer’s and dementia, these are really critical in lowering your risk factors in developing those degenerative diseases.

1. Play Brain Games

Number one of the most impactful and important things you can do every day, is to mentally invigorate your brain. This classification would be things like mental games and applications like phone apps, where you can download… MindPal is one of my favorite apps…. where you play brain games. This is how we can use technology to help support that.

But also things like Sudoku and games like chess and other games that are going to use your mind, you want to constantly be activating your memory, problem-solving skills. Mental games are great for that, and the apps have a lot of scientific data. They queue up a lot of different brain games to help support, invigorate the brain centers so that you’re constantly rejuvenating and sending circulation and energy and focus to those different parts of the brain.

2. Practice Self-Care

Number two in protecting your brain is practicing self-care, meaning employing tactics that help you sleep better, that lower your stress levels, and encourage things that will calm your body and calm your central nervous system.

Sleep and exercise and stress management like massage, yoga, tai chi, getting out walking, being in nature, grounding – those are all good practices of self-care. I even put in “self-care” good-quality nutrition in this category. Just loving and nourishing your body and nourishing your brain with all the different choices you make on a daily basis.

3. Supplement with Nootropics

Number three, I love to add brain-oriented supplements and nutrition, brain-based nootropics. We have our Brain Health 8, which is a nootropic blend of assorted herbals and medicinal herbs that help enhance and invigorate brain health. Similarly, adding things like 7 Mushrooms and functional mushrooms encourages the enhancement and the connection of new neurotransmitters and synapses and neuro pathways in your brain.

4. Do Balancing Exercises

Fourth in this category is actually something that most people aren’t tuned into, but we know from recovery, from traumatic brain injuries of folks who’ve had accidents or injuries to the brain, one of the most impactful things that you can do to enhance your brain function and protect your brain is to deploy exercises and activities where you are forcing your body to balance.

Simply getting a balance board or a wobble cushion and doing something as simple as standing on and trying to level yourself or taking one foot and keeping that level and raising another foot, trying to balance.

There was actually a whole viral, I think it went viral in the last year on Instagram and TikTok, where one of the best functions of balance and is an indication of how healthy your brain is, functionality-wise, is to balance on one foot while putting a sock and shoe on the other foot and maintaining your balance. That seems like a simple task, but when you try it and you might be out of balance, as you fine-tune and use those different muscles along your spine, you’re also invigorating the process of your brain. You’re actually helping connect different parts of the brain or reconnect. Balance is really important.

5. Use Your Less Dominant Hand or Foot to Create New Pathways

In that same vein, my fifth resource that we can use every day to protect your brain and enhance your brain function is to take everyday tasks and use a different hand. If you’re right side, I’m right side dominant, so I’m righthanded, I do a lot of things with my right hand.

Even when I run, I start with my right foot. Well, if you change that up and you either feed yourself with your non-dominant hand, with your left hand, or you try writing with your left hand, or you try kicking the ball with your left foot first versus your right, or start running with the left foot first, not the right. If you switch that just simple activity up, that creates this new pathway and creates and develops new neurons. That’s this whole kind of interesting process of enhancing and engaging the brain.

Just like our muscle groups – we have to break muscle and we rebuild – the brain is the same way. But if we change our tasks, it kind of forces the brain to get outside of the normal routine and that is where we see greater brain enhancement when we have scans of the brain. When an individual goes from regular right-handed to writing with their left, it invigorates other parts of the brain.

This is a really powerful way to protect your brain and to enhance and encourage new tasks in your life. Same thing with learning a new language. That’s a really good thing also to invigorate your brain health.

Ready to Dive Deeper?

These are things that are great for enhancing your brain health, supporting and protecting your brain. I also have, if you’re really wanting to deep dive and kind of biohacking resources for your brain, I have created a masterclass. It’s called Biohack Your Brain, and we go deep-diving into using nootropics, dig into supplements like our Brain Health 8 and also 7 Mushrooms, and how to create new connections, how to invigorate new neuron growth and new neuron pathways, so that you live your healthiest, longest brain-healthy life, which is really critical. That’s a huge part of our function, not just in our mental health and emotional health, but also in the way the body functions and how it processes.

I hope these tips are helpful. I’m going to encourage you to Ask the Doctor, send me any questions that you have, and I will be answering specific brain health questions in future Ask The Doctor answers. Thanks for tuning in. I hope this is helpful.

Brain Health 8 and 7 Mushrooms from Organixx: When you combine these two powerful supplements together, you get a synergistic effect that gives your brain the nutrients needed to support optimum memory, focus, and clarity.

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True or False: Consuming Functional Mushrooms Can Make Candida Worse

Video Transcript:

One of the submissions in the Ask The Doctor series comes from one of our viewers. They say, “Hello. I would like to try your 7M, but I have Candida and have been told to avoid mushrooms. How do you feel about that?”

Well, that is a wonderful question and it’s actually a common misconception that if you are dealing with Candida, or if you consume functional medicinal mushrooms, that that will create a greater overgrowth of Candida. And I’m here to set the record straight that that is totally false.

The Opposite Effect, Actually

So mushrooms, while they’re in the fungi kind of kingdom, mushrooms are not mold, and mushrooms are not yeast. And those are two things that can contribute to the overgrowth of Candida or the development of Candida within your body.

So with that being said, mushrooms, functional mushrooms, categorically these are going to be mushrooms like shiitake, maitake, turkey tail, we’re going to see chaga in this category, as well as an assortment of other commonly consumed mushrooms that have polyspores as a part of their fruiting body. And basically, what that means is that is how we as humans would consume these fungi mushroom combinations in our daily diet or in supplemental form.

So while they’re polysporic, that does not lead to enhancing Candida overgrowth or causes Candida overgrowth. What that does, actually, is protects our body, protects our immune system, and helps the body fight Candida or yeast overgrowth or an over overwhelm of this unhealthy bacterial balance.

Functional Mushrooms Ward off Candida Overgrowth

So, I hope I’ve kind of allayed your concerns and addressed this common misconception that mushrooms, functional mushrooms specifically, have a powerful benefit for anybody who’s dealing with Candida. And when you consume the blend that we have here available in the 7M+, this has all of the right functional mushrooms to support your immune state, to help your body ward off a Candida overgrowth, and to help minimize the overwhelm of Candida systemically within your body.

So, I hope that’s helpful. I hope you’ll click on the link down below and order 7M+ today because it’s so wonderful for your overall immune state. It’s really wonderful for supporting stress management, supporting optimal brain function and rejuvenation of your brain cells, as well as provides your body with an assortment of micronutrients and minerals and even peptides that can be highly beneficial with your body optimized or working in an optimized state. So, I hope that is helpful.

Mold, mold is something you definitely want to avoid, but that is not what you’re going to find when you’re consuming wonderful functional mushrooms. So, I hope that’s helpful.

7 Mushrooms from Organixx contains 7 of nature’s most powerful mushrooms for anti-aging, longevity, and immune support. Using centuries-old knowledge of the power of nutritional mushrooms and our breakthrough new formulation process we’ve unleashed the power of mushrooms in a way never before done.

Brain Health Risks in Men & How to Avoid Them

Video Transcript:

Today, I want to talk to you specifically about some men’s health imbalances that across the board are very good to support with some of our supplementation here at Organixx. I want to discuss men’s brain health and some of the risks to developing Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, dementia, as well as the category of mental health.

One of the things you might not realize is one of the leading causes of death in men over the age of 50 is suicide. Mental health is a really important thing when we look at overall brain health, and we have some great resources to power up the neurons of the brain to enhance neuroplasticity and neurogenesis.

How to Biohack the Brain

Those are two terms that you may or may not be familiar with. And I actually hosted a huge masterclass about supporting your brain and biohacking the brain. And I’m going to share with you that we can regrow our brain cells. We can enhance baby brain cells that help generate neurons and support cellular turnover and the detoxification of our brain in some amazing ways.

This is really exciting at any age, especially for gentlemen that might have some propensity, maybe genetic propensity, that they may develop Parkinson’s, or Alzheimer’s, or even ALS, as well as targeting mental health balancing. And this is really important because the two go hand in hand. We need nutritional support, and we need healthy neurons and communication pathways – these are called neurotransmitters – we need all these to be balanced, to support not only our healthy, supple brain in continuing through our adult aging lives, but also to support our mental health – feeling happy, having the right balance of serotonin and dopamine and other neurotransmitters to support a healthy mental outlook.

Brain Nutrition: Nootropics

First, I want to share with you one of my favorite supplements that we have here that is brain-focused and it is called “Brain Health 8” [formerly Ageless Brain]. And to be honest with you, I feel like any individual at the age of 50 or over should be taking Brain Health 8 as a daily supplement because it’s powered up with a ton of brain-focused nootropics. That is a term for brain nutrition. And then there are certain types of brain nutrition that we need.

Importance of Supporting the Blood-Brain Barrier

We have a blood-brain barrier. It’s almost like a little bit of a girdle, but it’s a vascular girdle that keeps all of the nutrition that the brain needs separate from the rest of the body. It also is protective of viruses and bacteria particles from combating and getting into and exposing the brain matter with things that need to be left out of the brain.

This blood-brain barrier can accept certain types of nutrition, and we have put in the Organixx Brain Health 8 those nutritional types. I’m going to share with you what we have in this. We have camu camu and cat’s claw. Those are two fantastic herbals that are really great for powering up and supporting the brain. Camu camu is a nootropic, and it also is very dense in vitamin C. And we know through a lot of scientific studies, vitamin C is very important for aging, the aging brain, and also to support our immune state.

We also have bacopa, which is another brain-supportive nootropic that has a lot of great scientific research in helping support neuroplasticity – that is the regeneration, and growth, and clustering of neurons. That is what helps us continue to be supple and functioning from a brain perspective, and can also combat some of these brain-aging diseases like dementia, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s. We also have dragon’s blood resin, we have cacao, and we also have pau d’arco.

This Brain Health 8 will enhance the circulation to the brain. It also helps support lymphatics. And the glymphatic process of your brain is actually just the detox process. It’s basically the lymphatic system connected to the glial cells. These are these little cleaning brain cells that actually help detoxify the brain. And that only occurs at night.

Supporting your body with Brain Health 8 will support supple brain health, it’ll help regenerate our brain cells, and it’ll help to detoxify any of the unused, unneeded, unnecessary inflammatory cells and brain cells that need to get detoxed. It’s very supportive of helping your brain continue to be youthful.

Not ‘Magic’ Mushrooms

Now, pairing up with the nootropic power of Brain Health 8, I like to add in functional mushrooms, and these are very specialized medicinal mushrooms – and don’t be alarmed, these are not psychedelic mushrooms.

There’s a lot of communication, a lot of research happening now in the psychedelic world. These are not psychedelics. They are more in the medicinal properties. They are adaptogenic, and they are also nootropic, and they are powered, or create power for your brain to regenerate neurons. It’s really great for helping neurons regrow and repair themselves. If there’s any brain damage, TBI, or maybe we’ve had a stroke, or have vascular impairment that is causing some brain dysfunction, as well as any mental health imbalances, 7 Mushrooms is a blend of an assorted amount of very powerful mushrooms like reishi and maitake, we also are going to find turkey tail and chaga, and chaga is a very powerful nootropic. It’s really great for reducing inflammation levels of the brain.

And reishi is one of my favorite mushrooms for the brain. There’s a lot of research with reishi that we get a calming of our central nervous system. That’s really important when we’re looking at mental health imbalances. We also will see a heightened central nervous system response. Calming down the brain, reducing the inflammation levels, and triggering with the polysaccharides in reishi, we’re going to see an enhancement in the neuron rejuvenation. That helps create new and healthier synapses and brain neuropathways that will communicate and signal the right hormones needed to keep our brain balanced from a mental health perspective.

Overall, functional mushrooms like reishi and chaga are very powerful at supporting our brain in balancing not just our inflammatory levels but also helping enhance the brain rejuvenation, the neuroplasticity, the growth of the neuron connections, and the neural tone by repairing our neurons, you’re going to find this is a very powerful blend together.

For any gentlemen that maybe have a family history, maybe early diagnosis of dementia – which by the way, I’m seeing more and more patients in their mid-fifties being diagnosed with early-onset dementia and Alzheimer’s – and the most important way to target the reversal – which by the way, you can in early stages reverse this disease – is power up the neuroplasticity and the neurogenesis of your brain by using nootropics and functional mushrooms in this blend.

I’m excited to share that with you because these two supplements will have life-changing impact on the overall state of your mental health, your brain rejuvenation, and will help support the longevity of your brain. I’m excited to share that with you, and if you have any questions, send us a comment and I’ll make sure to answer them in a future video.

Better Focus… Crystal-Clear Thinking… a Razor-Sharp Memory… ALL Are Within Your REACH! Each and every bottle of our Organixx Brain Health 8 formula contains a total of 8 superstar ingredients, straight from the AMAZON rainforest.

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How to Improve Your Memory & Stave Off Cognitive Decline

Video Transcript:

I’m so excited to share with you an amazing memory and brain supportive kit that we have available for you, that combines two of our most powerful and potent brain health and neuro-supportive supplementation, all in one kit – and it combines Brain Health 8 [formerly Ageless Brain] with 7 Mushrooms.

These individually are very powerful for supporting your brain health. Collectively, they are a dynamic duo to help enhance your mental acuity, help you recall and have better memory, especially if you find you can’t remember where you put your keys or even sometimes how you got home driving because of the brain distraction and brain fog. What I love about blending the Brain Health 8, plus 7 Mushrooms, is we are going to be targeting several different things collectively.

Increase Antioxidant Levels by Crossing the Blood-Brain Barrier

One, we’re going to be focusing on increasing antioxidant levels to your brain. The supplementation, the actual ingredients in here, are capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier, which is very powerful and unique in that this is how we appropriately support our brain’s health with supplementation. Not all supplements have that capacity. So in combination, we’re going to be delivering good nutritional support, both by Brain Health 8 and 7 Mushrooms.

Add Neuro Anti-Inflammatories

The other thing that we’re going to be doing is we’re going to be adding a lot of good, healthy neuro anti-inflammatories. So we have a focus on antioxidants, but also conversely, are going to be lowering the inflammatory levels within the brain.

And one of the things that we see is a lot of brain health challenges, the root of imbalance is both gut-related and inflammation-related. So, these have the capacity to help support your gut, but also specifically are going to support your brain health.

And I love that because we are going to enhance blood flow to the brain. We’re going to support your neurons and the actual communication pathways in our brain. The synapses and the assorted cells that need to be charged up and enhanced, they will greatly be supported by this supplementation. There is maximum bioavailability with our supplementation, and it helps us to deliver your brain the right nutrition to support brain cell rejuvenation.

Support Brain Health with Supplementation

So, I’m going to share with you a few things that I love, specifically about Brain Health 8. So, Brain Health 8 has an assortment of supplementation that are known and researched for supporting brain health and enhancing neuron functionality.

Camu camu is a very powerful supplement that you’re going to find here in Brain Health 8, as well as cat’s claw and Pau D’Arco. I love these for enhancing memory. Really, they’re great at supporting when we have memory loss or failures of recall. Now that can classify as brain fog, and it can also help support folks that have had maybe loss of blood flow or oxygen flow to the brain – this could be from a cardiac event, or it could be a stress or trauma, a traumatic brain injury. Small falls, minor injuries can lead to brain trauma.

And what we see as enhanced blood flow, we can get that cellular turnover. And that’s one of the powerful things here at Organixx is Brain Health 8 has the capacity all on its own to support your brain health and help enhance acuity.

Pair with Functional Mushrooms to Improve Sleep

Now, when we couple it up with 7 Mushrooms, this is our powerful mushroom blend, our functional mushrooms all combined in one that are going to add in co-factors like B6 and manganese and other micronutrients that our brain needs for power. These collectively will help decrease stress and anxiety. They help to balance our neurotransmitter health and will encourage restful sleep, which in turn, nourishes the brain and helps the glymphatics flow appropriately. And if you’re curious about what the glymphatics are, actually I have a YouTube video that you can delve way more deeply into this process of rejuvenation and cellular detoxification that occurs at night only when we’re sleeping. So, enhancing restful sleep helps your brain detoxify.

Literally, we have this process and we know that supplementation like Brain Health 8 and 7 Mushrooms are going to be helpful in enhancing not just sleep function and the glymphatic function, but also will power-up and energize your brain, your body, and supports your nerve function. And I really love that because certain mushrooms like cordyceps and reishi are very brain-focused, and we see a lot of clinical data that supports that enhancement of our brain function.

Counter Cognitive Decline as You Age

And as a Naturopathic Physician in my clinical practice, it’s not uncommon for me to see patients in their 40s and 50s with declining memory and declining brain function. And that might register simply as brain fog or a loss of sense of taste and smell. It may even be presenting as neuropathy or imbalances in our muscular functionality, but all of it’s centered in our brain. And even hormonal imbalance is brain-oriented.

So, if you have any family history, like myself, where we have family members who’ve had dementia or Alzheimer’s, and you’re really, really cognizant and wanting to support your brain health, this Memory and Focus Kit with 7 Mushrooms and Brain Health 8 will greatly help you prevent any type of brain-related inflammation, helps enhance brain cell turnover, and ultimately is going to help you power-up and bolster-up your brain.

So, I’m really excited to share this kit with you. This is such a great way to have these two things together. You can sign up and subscribe and automatically have these shipped to you every month. So, you don’t even have to remember or recall as these supplements are starting to take effect. You can auto-ship it, and you’ll be getting your brain supportive, your Focus & Memory Kit, in the mail every month.

So, I hope you click on the link down below. And I’m excited to hear all about how well your brain function and neurons are firing up and powering your body and your life.

Brain Health 8 and 7 Mushrooms from Organixx: When you combine these two powerful supplements together, you get a synergistic effect that gives your brain the nutrients needed to support optimum memory, focus, and clarity.

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5 Easy Steps to Prevent Heart Disease Daily

Video Transcript:

If you are looking to prevent heart disease, I’m going to share with you five easy ways to maximize your cardiovascular health.

Cut The Sugar

So number one, this is the least discussed topic with many cardiologists and their patients, but it is at the core root of heart disease. And that is – cutting out sugar. Sugar is actually the number one leading cause of heart disease because sugar causes metabolic syndrome. It increases our insulin levels, it can increase our blood sugar, and it has a direct relation to the increases patients see with their blood pressure levels. When individuals curb the sugar intake in their diets, research shows it decreases the risk for heart disease.

Eat More Fats and Less Carbs   

Number two is reach for more fats and less carbs. And this is piggybacking on keto diet focus, where individuals are utilizing more fats for energy than they are carbs. So, a lot of people don’t realize that carbohydrates – even more complex carbohydrates – ultimately end up turning into sugar in the body. And that leads to, again, an increase in insulin, increase in your blood sugar levels. And ultimately, carbs and sugar-dense diets create a situation where individuals present with insulin resistance and glucose intolerance.

The reason why we recommend eating more fat is, fat is an energy. So, consuming healthy fats like coconut oil, and ghee, and even flaxseed oil are going to be healthier than consuming carbs. And carbs actually are the… I’m going to take that back. Carbs can lead to subcutaneous fat increases as well, as visceral fat increases – that’s fat around your organ matter. So, it’s really critical that you look at making some subtle switches and adding healthier fat to your diet. The other thing that adding fat does to support your body is it will help balance out hormone levels. And we often see healthy fats will actually increase your HDL levels.

Increase Antioxidant Levels

Number three is increasing your antioxidant levels. Antioxidants are really important for lowering free radical damage and offsetting oxidative stress. We find that individuals who have heart disease or an assortment of cardiovascular impairments, when we test them, they have low antioxidant levels and high inflammatory markers. So antioxidants and inflammation go hand in hand – we have low antioxidants, we’ll have high inflammatory markers. So, the best way to address inflammation is to level up your antioxidants.

I’m going to share with you some amazing resources that we have here at Organixx. My favorite antioxidant blend is our Turmeric 3D. This is so wonderful because turmeric is a very powerful antioxidant, and this is in a fermented form that makes it way more bioavailable, so you’re getting the max dose of antioxidants in this supplement.

The other thing that we find is that functional mushrooms can also deliver antioxidants. One of my favorite mushrooms is chaga. And the 7 Mushrooms, this is listed as an antioxidant support because of chaga and some of the other mushrooms in the supplement. Chaga is the most naturally occurring antioxidant on what we call the org scale. It is the number-one natural organism on the antioxidant scale.

And so, adding Turmeric 3D and 7 Mushrooms to your diet is a really good way to power up your antioxidant. And another recommendation I have is to add CoQ10. That’s a powerful antioxidant. And if you follow along here this month, because it’s heart disease month, I’ll be talking a little bit more in-depth about CoQ10. So look for that email.

Consume More Magnesium

Now, my fourth recommendation is to consume more magnesium. And I like to recommend a complete magnesium blend, a comprehensive assortment of magnesium forms. And here at Organixx, we have Magnesium 7. This is so fantastic because magnesium is an amazing mineral that directly impacts our heart health.

And in fact, a lot of studies showcase that individuals with heart disease, or folks that have heart arrhythmias, heart attacks, or vascular impairment; they have lower magnesium levels. And my recommendation, if you are dealing with any diagnosed heart disease, is to take Magnesium 7 two times daily. And that would give you a good, broad, continuous level of magnesium supplementation. And make sure you ask your doctors to test your magnesium because unfortunately, that is not considered or evaluated in our normal chem panels, so it’s important to evaluate those levels. And I’ll be talking more about magnesium as well in future content here this month.

Manage Stress Levels   

And last and final, number five is to manage your stress levels. Stress can cause heart disease. Stress is the root of a lot of inflammatory disorders and it can stress our cardiovascular system. So, there are some recommendations here:

Exercising obviously is a good one for reducing stress, but exercising 30 minutes or less is really ideal. The other thing I recommend is to meditate or reach for some sort of breathing, lowering-of-your-stress-level activity. It can be transcendental meditation, it can be Kundalini yoga, but incorporating breathing and stress management are very powerful at reducing and preventing heart disease. And then the last and final in stress management is to reach for adaptogens, which you’re going to find in the 7 Mushrooms here. This mushroom blend is rich in adaptogens that help your body adapt to and manage stress every day.

So, those are my five tips for preventing heart disease daily. I’m so excited for you to try these out in your lives.

Turmeric 3D from Organixx provides you one of the most “bioavailable” forms of turmeric due to its unique fermentation process. This means your body experiences the maximum benefits of the purest, most potent turmeric available!

Turmeric 3D - Healthy Inflammation Support
The Power of Functional Mushrooms in our Daily Life: Immune Support and Anti-Aging

Video Transcript:

Today, I am so excited to share with you the healing power of mushrooms. This is one of life’s greatest little secrets of healing that you can tap into to harness the impact of the healing benefits of medicinal mushrooms.

I can’t wait to share with you the benefits here because many times, most of us are going to be consuming mushrooms, maybe on your pizzas or in your salads, but there is a greater quantity of mushrooms in what we call the mushroom kingdom. This is a potent class of compounds that have massive mineral density. Some of the most nutrient-dense foods are mushrooms, and this is across all different continents. We see a multitude of mushrooms that always register as the top 10 food sources with their nutrient density.

Anatomy of a Mushroom

One of the things I want to share with you, there’s definitely different parts of the mushroom that are going to be more potent and powerful for their medicinal properties. Often, you will see the fruiting body, that’s the head of the mushroom. That is what might be on the ground or growing out of a tree or on a log. That is what we call the fruiting body. And sometimes some of these mushrooms are going to have a fruiting body once a year. Other fruiting bodies take 20 to 30 years to fully develop. So you’re going to harness some of the mushrooms – for instance, like chaga – you’re going to harness the years of development and growth of the density and the nutrient properties inside this mushroom.

Mushrooms also have the root system. So if you consider a mushroom in whole as an apple tree, the actual trunk of the tree and the root system are the mycelium. That tends to be underground or not exactly visible by the human eye. This is really, really critical because a lot of times the root system will be not visible, but also feeding on the dirt and the earth.

What Makes Mushrooms So Medicinally Potent

And one of the things that we find that makes mushrooms so medicinally potent is that we, as humans, are actually closer in nature to mushrooms than we are to plants. I know that probably sounds really crazy – the DNA and everything’s totally different – but the plants are very different from mushrooms and mushrooms are in their own category. In the mushroom kingdom, we will find 1.5 million types of fungi. That’s what mushrooms are, they’re a type of fungus. These fungi need food sources, like us. And often the food sources that they feed on is going to be dirt, different types of soil, as well as trees. Sometimes living trees, sometimes dead tree stumps or logs, but it’s part of the ecosystem. And it’s really critical that with mushrooms, their survival is built on their capacity to expel carbon dioxide. So very similar to humans, we have a kind of pairing, if you will, to our capacity to intake these medicinal properties of mushrooms.

One of the things that I like to tell a lot of my patients is, folks that are like, “Oh, I’m not sure if I want to consume a mushroom tea or take a mushroom liquid tincture or an herbal capsule,” like the 7 Mushrooms, one of the things that I tell everybody is that mushrooms really are nature’s true, natural, original medicine cabinet. And there’s no coincidence that over 50% of the pharmaceuticals that are used on the market, their origin comes from mushrooms. So mushrooms are actually in the origin of the formulations of pharmaceuticals that we use and, in fact, top 10 pharmaceuticals used routinely. High blood pressure pills, cholesterol-lowering medications, blood sugar-balancing medications, those are all rooted in mushrooms. So I’m hoping you see a trend here, you can tap into the natural medicinal properties.

Key Benefits of Consuming Functional Mushrooms

So I want to list for you some of the key benefits that you’ll find by consuming mushrooms, functional medicinal mushrooms, on a daily basis. The benefits will include increasing your vitality, your vigor, your energy, your zest for life. Your mood and mental outlook increases. We will see overall that using certain medicinal mushrooms like chaga, reishi, maitake, lion’s mane, turkey tail, those are all also ingredients here in 7 Mushrooms, you will find a great bolstering to your immune health, and this is really critical.

There’s been a ton of research where we’ve seen the mushrooms, when studied, they help to improve cell turnover. So they help to enhance the capacity for your organs and your tissue to be more youthful, to have more capacity to handle stress internally, as well as externally. And ultimately, mushrooms fall into an adaptogenic category, meaning they are non-addictive, they’re natural in their orientation, and every day they’re utilized by your body differently to focus solely on normalizing your body’s systems to create homeostasis.

Homeostasis is a fancy term for body balance. So if you are watching this video and you’re thinking, “Oh my gosh, I feel tired. I feel fatigued. I have imbalanced blood sugar. Maybe I have high cholesterol. I have high blood pressure,” or maybe you feel stressed out, burnt out, brain foggy – mushrooms, medicinal mushrooms, can highly, highly benefit and turn around those often experiences that people have from stress or from imbalances within their body. So these mushrooms help to create balance and homeostasis.

They also energize our body, so they boost up our energy. They get our body better operating. We have vascular benefits that we see, a reduction in the blood pressure so that we have greater oxygenation, in many cases to the heart. That’s improved by some of the mushrooms.

We also see, because of the way mushrooms grow and how they get their source of food and energy, we find that the mushrooms directly positively impact our microbiota – our digestive gut microbiome. That’s a fancy term for the gut health. Your gut and the bacteria in your gut actually is greatly enhanced and balanced by consuming mushrooms. There’s been a lot of research here where we know that individuals who consume foods that are eating dirt and trees, tree bark, they have a greater optimization of their digestive flora, the gut bacteria levels balance and as a result, that improves our immune state.

Research on Brain Health and Mushrooms

Now, I also want to share with you some really amazing research, as well as details about the benefits mushrooms can have on our brain health. This is really critical for all ages, young children, who, like I have a six-year-old who’s in kindergarten, he’s using his brain a lot, we have him consuming functional mushrooms every day. And we have elder parents and they’re consuming functional mushrooms. So the whole broad spectrum of individuals who want positive, enhanced cognitive health really benefit by consuming mushrooms. Particularly lion’s mane is one of my favorite mushrooms that has an amazing amount of research showing that the mushroom itself, the properties of lion’s mane, can actually rejuvenate nerve tissue. Nerve cells rejuvenate, it restores functionality and vascularity to our brain and can limit brain fog and actually turn around depression.

It’s pretty phenomenal when you think about where we’re shooting this video right now, we’ve just gone through the time change, so if you find you have seasonal depression, if you live in the northern hemisphere or the southern hemisphere, these mushrooms can also help balance your central nervous system. So that’s really critical for individuals who have gone through a lot of stress and individuals that need adaptogenic support.

Let’s Talk Adaptogens

So I want to talk to you a little bit about adaptogens because this is really what I feel, as a naturopath, the true harnessing potency of mushrooms, where this lies. Simply put, adaptogens, in the mushroom kingdom, allow the body to use the multiple multitude of benefits, the multitude of properties – there are polysaccharides, there’s all sorts of cell-enhancing properties, there are massive amounts of minerals. Sometimes we will see, in some cases, certain mushrooms will have an increase in selenium, like shiitake, or we will see turkey tail will enhance liver production of bile. We will see certain polysaccharide peptides, again, in a turkey tail, that are highly, highly beneficial for supporting healthy cell turnover. And that may vary. Your need one day may vary from another day. If you are a fitness enthusiast, if you are exercising and training for a competition, or you’re planning to do a half-marathon or an Iron Man, this is where all of these mushrooms, particularly a blend like this, would be beneficial in consuming because you are going to get a multitude of benefits. You’re going to have your body recover faster.

Cordyceps: An Energy Booster

One of the most amazing athletic beneficial mushrooms is cordyceps. This is an energy booster. I use this for folks that have chronic fatigue, that are dealing with post-COVID long haulers. It enhances your stamina, it increases and boosts your physical recovery so you have better performance and you maintain the performance level longer. This particular mushroom, cordyceps, has been greatly, greatly studied, and it’s a really crazy mushroom. It doesn’t grow in the dirt and it doesn’t even grow on an actual tree. You won’t find it on a log unless it has fully grown in its full capacity.

So let me tell you a little bit about cordyceps. Cordyceps is actually known as a caterpillar fungus, and it starts its life on the back of a particular type of caterpillar. And over time, as it grows, it ends up consuming its own host. It is the craziest mushroom ever. But in part of that whole host consumption, it harnesses this energy, and the cellular energy helps slow down the aging process. We also will see it can help control autoimmune diseases. So for many of my patients that are dealing with rheumatoid arthritis, maybe Sjogren’s disease, they might be dealing with thyroiditis or Hashimoto’s, they might also be dealing with a multitude, cascade, MS, even they’ll have multiple diagnoses where there are multiple autoimmune disorders, sometimes we’ll see Crohn’s and colitis cases correspond to a rheumatoid arthritis or even a lupus case. This particular mushroom, cordyceps, would be greatly beneficial in helping to calm the immune health.

So there’s a bolstering of immune health in some cases that we will find where the mushrooms bring benefit. Then we will also see a calming of the immune state. For instance, in cordyceps with autoimmunity.

Turkey Tail: Stave Off Tumor Cell Growth

So turkey tail, I’ve mentioned a little bit about that particular mushroom, that actually has the ability to stave off and starve off tumor cell growth. So this is really critical for folks that might have precancerous cells or early stages of cancer diagnosis. We will also use this in a cancer protocol and post-recovery. Really, really beneficial. And the polysaccharides, these peptides are really, really critical for enhancing the benefits and harnessing the power of that particular mushroom.

A Personal Use Case You May Relate To

Now, I want to share with you another big benefit. We talked a little bit about stress and adaptogens, but we often will find that when the body is in a state of stress, and this could be not just the, “Oh, I’m stressed out,” but literally we have physiological internal stressors – you have a tear, you’ve had an injury, you might be dealing with just chronic joint inflammation, you have had a stressful work environment, you might have a situation like what we’re dealing with right now in my household. We just moved to Texas. Three weeks into moving into our house, we discovered we have a mold situation. Now that, friends, is what we call an external stressor, and it is quite overwhelming. We’ve had two mold tests now. I’m happy to report we have eradicated the really unhealthy black mold. And mold is a fungus, so there are healing fungi and there are unhealthy, toxic fungi. So there’s a balance in the mushroom kingdom as well.

But I want to share with you the whole aspect of the adaptogens are really critical here. So in my family, with our mold outbreak in our house, and we also discovered a lovely situation where the air vent was right alongside, and it was completely exposed to the mold spores. They were active, we had an active leak. And guess what? It got sucked up into our air and now we’re dealing with a bigger air quality issue. In that case, we and my family are using an assortment of functional medicinal mushrooms, and that’s where 7 Mushrooms comes in really, really handy for us and our family.

My six-year-old, while he doesn’t swallow the capsules, I break them open and I sprinkle about a half a capsule for him in the morning in his nut yogurt. So he’s able to consume the powder form of this assortment. There’s turkey tail, there’s chaga, there’s cordyceps, there’s shiitake, there’s reishi, maitake, and lion’s mane. All really, really beneficial.

Reishi: Calm The Central Nervous System

And what we’ve seen is, all of us, Brian, my husband, Gabriel, my son, and myself, we’re all dealing with an assortment of environmental stressors taxing our system. The nature of having mold remediation in our house while we’re trying to live here and work here has been challenging and highly stressful. So we are getting the benefits of reishi, for instance, will calm our body down. Reishi’s awesome to take at night. So if you are like us, we’re kind of having sleep imbalances because of the kick-up of the spores, we find that the central nervous system is soothed by a mushroom like reishi.

Lion’s Mane: Fights The Fatigue

And then for me, my main symptom is really massive fatigue. I feel like this mold is kicking up my chronic fatigue syndrome that I’ve had throughout my 20 years of dealing with my own health crisis, that’s what got me into this field, but lion’s mane is what I really am feeling highly beneficial in terms of me being able to keep my mind in the daily work mode and also helps me to support the fatigue I’m experiencing.

Shiitake: Bolster Immunity

Same with shiitake, I’m enhancing my white blood cell count there to enhance my cell response, the mechanisms of my immune system, to respond to the invader of any mold spores that I’m inhaling.

How to Use Mushrooms in Your Daily Diet for Health Support

So there are a lot of different ways that you can use mushrooms and incorporate these into your daily diet. I do recommend that you alternate how you’re consuming them, meaning if you need more central nervous system support because you have insomnia, maybe you need to take it at night. But then also if you’re feeling fatigued, like I feel fatigued and run down and I’m sleeping nine hours a night and I’m still tired, I take it in the morning as well. So there’s a lot of different ways for you to incorporate these into your diet. I also drink teas and I will also mix in the powders into some of my smoothies and things like that. So you can think outside the box in terms of using these mushrooms. But ultimately, if you are seeking to really, really tap into nature’s medicinal cabinet, if you will, all of the different things that we want to harness – vitality, energy, youthfulness, minimizing free radical damage, and that comes from us living in our world, it’s consuming our water sources and just really the aging process, that can be really, really beneficial.

And then for really serious chronic conditions, we can see turnover of cells. For instance, we can get a really good turnover of our liver cells specifically when we are going to consume reishi. Reishi has an amazing capacity to help the liver rejuvenate itself, so sclerosis of the liver, a non-alcoholic fatty liver, which is really common if you have high cortisol and high insulin levels.

But overall, these mushrooms will help address all of your body’s systems. We will see a reduction in the stress-response mechanism, so we will see a better capacity for your body to cope with and adapt to stress. We see a vascular benefit or cardiovascular health benefit. It has a direct benefit. We also see our pancreas be benefited by these mushroom properties, as well as their mineral density. The mineral density of these mushrooms allow our body to take in the key minerals to help minimize insulin resistance and glucose intolerance. The list goes on. I could go on seriously for hours about how many benefits and how many health conditions or concerns you might be dealing with that can have a benefit from consuming mushrooms.

But in the totality of my healing power of mushrooms talk with you today is I just want you to know you can harness the powerhouse of adaptogenic, antioxidant, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, balancing multi-system homeostasis that mushrooms can bring to your life. They are fantastic. They’re so amazing. And I hope you’ll check out a link down below where I detail some of the different recommendations for 7 Mushrooms and also some additional supplements that can also max out the potency of those nutrients that are going to find in this supplement.

So I’m excited for you to try mushrooms today. Keep us posted. Let me know what symptoms you find positively benefited by consuming the 7 Mushrooms.

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