OrganiGreens 3.0: Powerful Nutrients for Optimal Health & Energy

By Jonathan Hunsaker

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Video Transcript:

Friends, I am so excited to introduce you to our third version of the OrganiGreens here at Organixx. This is by far my favorite and best-on-the-market green powder that is USDA Certified Organic. But more importantly, a power punch to support all of your assorted health needs, your desire to live a healthy lifestyle, your desire to be preventative and address any inflammation or oxidative stress, and just overall support your body from a deep, deep immune, gut, and cellular level.

Powerful Nutritional Profile

Let me share with you some of the amazing things that we have in the OrganiGreens. First of all, it is a very, very powerful vegan and vegetarian option for many of you who are looking for a protein blend, but do not want to have any type of animal-based product. So, just know, that you are going to get very, very powerful combination of proteins that also are aligned with amino acids so that you can absorb, assimilate, and utilize those proteins.

Support for MTHFR Gene Mutation

The other thing that’s really great is we also have added assorted nutrients like methylfolate and methyl B-12. For many of you who are aware of your assorted MTHFR gene mutation [1], that can be preventative in your detoxification process. And the lack of methylation in Bs are often what leads to a lot of illnesses and diseases. So, when you’re reaching for a good B nutrient, you want it to be in a methyl form. And so we’re going to get that in OrganiGreens.

So yay, I’m super excited about that because it allows your body to use and harness the power of Bs to re-energize your cells and to help balance your central nervous system and support your adrenal glands.

Added Enzyme Support

The other thing that I love is that we have a very robust, powerful enzyme blend, and the enzyme blend here is such that is going to help not only your body digest and assimilate all the powerful plant-based nutrients that we deliver in the greens, but it’s also going to help support your digestive process.

So, for instance, if you have GERD or indigestion, or notice that you don’t digest food well or your transit time of digestion is slowed, the enzyme blend here is so robust that it will help you and support that whole process. So, I really love that.

No Hidden or Added Sweeteners

And there’s no added sweetener. We use natural plant-based powders in the ingredients, juices – a pomegranate and raspberry – to deliver natural sweetening sweetener. So often, why I put on back on the shelf certain ingredients or certain green powders is that they have stevia or they have that weird sugar finish that tastes kind of odd and it doesn’t taste like a really good healthy smoothie.

Greens & Mushrooms Enhance the Potency

You don’t have to worry about that here with our OrganiGreens, but let’s talk about the greens that are in it. We have a robust blend of spirulina and alfalfa and purple maize, and we also have barley greens in our green powder, but we just don’t stop with the greens. We also add in the functional mushrooms. So, we go a step further by even further enhancing the potency, the nutritional power, and the healing power of the green powder.

So, you’re going to find turkey tail, you’re going to find reishi and shiitake in a fermented form, which makes it more bioavailable. And then we also add in a little licorice and some slippery elm. Which I love for digestive challenges. It’s very soothing, very coating, it’s very supportive of the mucosal lining. And then we finish with kelp and a raspberry juice powder.

Great Way to Start the Day & Avoid Energy Lulls

This is so fantastic, and what you’re going to find is if you start your day with… let’s just say you make an OrganiGreens super protein shake, you could simply add the greens to any of your nut milks or whatever you’re using like a kefir. But if you added in your regular mix of chia seeds and some flax seeds and even add in our collagen, I would recommend adding in our collagen powder, too. Throw in a banana and maybe some berries. That is a power punch of nutrition, and you’re going to feel so great.

You’re not going to have a mid-morning or mid-afternoon lull, and you can rest assured that all the nutrients are supporting your wellness desires. Meaning you’re reducing your antioxidant levels, you are supporting your liver and your detox function. You are enhancing your body’s nutrient intake via enzymes and amino acids and a very powerful and clean protein. So, you’re supporting all aspects of your body in this amazing powder pack.

So, I’m excited to introduce this to you in version 3.0. It is by far the best powder that you are going to find on the market in the green powder space, and I hope you grab your powder today, and I can’t wait to hear all about the assorted smoothies and mixes that you use and even bake with this.

So, make sure you grab one of our powder packs. Just one scoop is all you need a day, and I cannot wait to hear all your success stories and how much you love it. We love it here at Organixx, and I’m so excited to introduce this for our Organixx team.

The latest formula of Organic OrganiGreens is our best yet. In just one simple scoop, add 17 sprouted and fermented superfoods and botanicals, plus probiotics and enzymes, to your daily diet to fill nutritional gaps and support healthy immune function, increased energy and mental clarity, as well as digestion and detoxification processes. Easily mixes in water, smoothies, juices, and recipes, and it also tastes great – even without any added sugars.



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