How to Detox Your Body the Right Way

Video Transcript:

Today, I’m really excited to share with you how to detox your body. Specific tips, how-to’s, some pitfalls, and also ways to maximize a good detox to support your overall health and wellness.

So, specifically, when you are looking at detoxing your body, I just want you to know that your body is automatically detoxing whether you choose a certain cleanse or detox program, but just know we have certain organs and systems within the body that are considered your detoxification organs and systems.

Detoxification Organs & Systems

Specifically, any detox is going to target several of these organs and systems. The most important of all of these systems is your lymphatic system. That is part of both your immune system and it is responsible for removing toxic waste, debris, pathogens, fat cells – even cancer cells exit the body through the lymphatic system. So, that’s one super important system. Another organ that is really critical is your liver.

Then we also have your digestive process, primarily your lower GI. The liver corresponds to that process, but that is definitely one that is really, really important to zero in on. Especially getting food moving and really supporting your bowel process. Then we also have your kidneys and your bladder, and even your lungs, so breathing, and your skin. And those all, collectively, comprise and make up your detox process.

6 Core Detox Tips


So, anytime we’re thinking about how do we support and detoxify the system, there’s really six core tips that I recommend. So first, you want to hydrate your body really well. The act of hydrating supports both the kidneys and the bladder, it supports the digestive process. So, we’re moving the bowel contents out of the small and large intestine, and it also supports the lymphatic process, especially when we’re looking at sweating and getting toxins out via the lymphatic process. We have to hydrate our body optimally for all of the detox organs and systems to function at their best.

Eat Clean Food

The second is what you’re intaking via food. You want to eat clean, healthy, organic, pesticide-free, herbicide- and insecticide-free foods. You want to, if you’re consuming animal protein, you want to really be aware of what your animal protein is eating. So, you want to limit the exposure to all of the toxins that can be entered or can get into our body via the food that we eat.

So, sometimes you might want to look at sourcing a CSA community farm or even consume your eggs or animal proteins and even your veggies through local farmers that you can see how they’re growing, you know their growing practices, and really limit that exposure to toxins that way.

Use Non-Toxic Personal Care Products

The third is to eliminate toxin exposure via not just food, but also your environment. Primarily, a lot of our toxin exposure is going to come in via the skin. So, this affects the lymphatic system because the lymphatic system sits superficially.

There’s two levels of the lymphatics. So, the top level sits right under your skin. It connects up with the skin and sweating, but it also is part of that whole absorption process. So, overloading your skin with chemicals from skincare products, the products you use to clean your teeth and use on your hair. So, just be aware of your everyday skincare products – the use items there can very much help support your detox program and minimize the need for your body to be overburdened and have those lymphatics, the lymphatic system, and your lungs, and your skin, and your digestive process, and kidneys, and bladder be overwhelmed.

Limit Environmental Toxins

Similarly, toxins in the environment that are really common that I see with my patients are things like the plugins, the air fresheners, those are just spewing all sorts of fragrances and phthalates that are highly toxic. So, you want to be aware of things that you’re using to clean your house and what you might be using to make your house smell fresh. From candles to scented plugins, even perfumes that we use on our body. These are all things to be aware of. Same thing in the car.

I love to recommend that folks clean up their air via air filtration processes and include that in the car, because a lot of times you spend driving in the car, and if you’ve got a plugin or one of those things hanging, the air fresheners, hanging from the window, it just overwhelms the body.

Get Your Sweat On

Now, the other aspect to supporting a detox is getting out and being physical. So, the act of being physical and sweating invigorates your lymphatic system. This is what gets the process moving where we are detoxing and ridding the body and aiding the process of the lymphatic system to get rid of toxins.

So, sweat is powerful in any type of detox program, and often we will see folks accelerate the whole sweat process through infrared saunas or sauna and heat therapy. But being physical is a great way to invigorate that whole process. That also, being physical, will get the bowels moving. So, that’s very positive. And you will also increase the excretion via a void, which we consider a urination. So, physical activity is great for that.

Make Deep Sleep a Priority

And then one that a lot of folks don’t consider to be part of a detox process is to get ample adequate amount of sleep every night. Ideally, seven to nine hours is the kind of sweet spot for sleep, depending on each person and your schedule. But you want deep, long-term, uninterrupted sleep. And the reason here is that more recently in the last seven years, we discovered that there is a lymphatic process in the head and in the brain.

That lymphatic process is called the glymphatic system. And we have little cells, brain cells, that are kind of the housekeepers of our brain. They’re called the glial cells. And we know through research and study of this whole process, the glial cells only operate when we sleep and we sleep optimally.

And the glial cells remove toxic debris from our brain. They get rid of brain-based inflammation. They help clear out toxicity in our brain. And that’s really powerful because one of the most important things we want to do is keep our brain healthy, and supple, and optimized, and functional, and sleep helps the brain detoxify itself.

Consider a Cleanse

And then, last and final, is to consider doing a cleanse. This is a more targeted, more specific approach to detoxing your body. Sometimes there are kits and packages where you can have a detox for two weeks or four weeks. So, others will do certain extended fastings for detoxing. But I recommend our detox kit here. And this is comprised of two different elements that are going to target all of the detox organs and systems.

So, we have our Cleanse and our Detoxx product, and they together work to function and power up all of your detox organs. And this is really important because you want to support and cleanse the kidneys and the bladder. You want to support and detox the digestive process, your colon. You want to support and detox your lymphatic system. And through our Cleanse and Detoxx product, those two together are really gentle but super powerful, full comprehensive product and plan for you to detox your body.

So, I really want to highlight… This is the other thing, a lot of times people think detoxes mean they’re going to be stuck or attached to the bathroom because there’s a major evacuation happening. That is not an ideal detox. And in fact, those tend to be what get people into, they get them into trouble where they either get dehydrated or they’re losing minerals and really key micronutrients too quickly.

Organixx’s Cleanse & Detoxx Kit

I’m really excited to share with you our Detox and our Cleanse products because they’re gentle. You can take them every day, you can take them long-term, but every day and every way you do want to make sure you’re hydrating well, you’re eating clean food, you eliminate your toxin exposure, you really get physical, you enhance your sleep, and then add in our Cleanse and Detoxx on a daily basis and you will be humming with a low-tox lifestyle and really supporting your body in helping minimize all these things that are bombarding it and lowering and weakening your immune system and just aging your process, aging your body process. So, I’m really excited to share with you our Cleanse and Detoxx products and some tips on how you can detox your body in the most healthy and gentle ways.

Organixx Cleanse & Detoxx is a two-step formula that provides a gentle yet powerful full-body detox using organic botanical ingredients. Naturally purge your body of toxins, chemicals, free radicals, heavy metals, waste, as well as bacteria, and pesticides. Easily cleanse your colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, and lymphatic system resulting in increased energy, and better digestion with more nutrient absorption, in addition to improved immunity, mental clarity, and overall health and wellbeing.

Organixx Cleanse & Detoxx
Are You Supporting Your Key Detox Organs for Optimal Results?

Video Transcript:

So friends, I have a question for you. Are you supporting your key detox organs on a daily basis? And if you’re wondering, what are those detox organs, I’m going to break them down. But I just want to highlight one of the most important things. And actually, this is one of the core reasons I got into my work as a naturopathic physician, is to really help patients promote and open up the detoxification process that keeps us healthy, that keeps our immune system stabilized, and helps minimize the inflammatory state in the body that tends to be an underlying current, underlying precursor to illness and disease.

What Are Our Detox Organs?

So, there are five, kind of, categories of detox organs, and the last one is the most important one, I’m very excited to share with you. Probably you might not know about the system, but let’s start off with the most obvious.

Digestive Process: Lower and Upper GI

Number one is our digestive process. And that really begins in the mouth and ends in the anus and everything in between – from the mouth, the chewing of food, the stomach, the process of reaching pH level to digest our food in the stomach to the transition of food into the duodenum and transitioning into both the small intestine having influence with the liver – so, the liver’s a part of that whole process in producing bile and getting rid of toxins and debris – to the large intestine, or what we call the colon, and then out the rectum.

So, bowel movements are going to often be a discussion, and I actually get very specific with patients, because if this core detox process, these detox organs – liver, small intestine, and large intestine – are not functioning optimally… (and in that grouping, we also include the pancreas and the gallbladder. They all go in that space)… if they’re not processing properly or working to optimal state, then we’re going to be experiencing constipation, gas, bloating, digestive irritability, sometimes IBS, food sensitivities. So, there’s a whole array of folks that are going to experience signs of a poorly functioning detox process within that digestive process.

Now, upper GI as well, sometimes that process is limited because there’s GERD or there’s gastric issues or slow gastric emptying, meaning the stomach is holding contents for too long and it’s not emptying well. And that sets up the whole ladder chain to be a digestive mess. All of those areas of process need to be addressed.

And in general, before we begin any type of detox – when I say “detox,” because we’re detoxing every day, and so a lot of times people will say, “I want to do a detox” and we think that means you’re going to take a pill and all of a sudden you’re going to be glued to the toilet and clear your schedule and it’s chaos. But really, all of these organs are functioning every day, every minute, every second in detoxing out an assortment of toxins.

Elimination Routes Need to Be Open and Clear

So, it becomes really important that we look at elimination routes, meaning this digestive process, making sure we’re not constipated is the beginning of opening up those routes and really important to zero in on. You should be at least eliminating… If we’re going to do any type of significant detox, you want to have these routes of elimination open and clear, meaning you want to have at least one or two bowel movements a day for us, then, to go deeper. And a lot of people don’t do that and they have problems. And so that’s really important. So number one, your digestive process.

Kidneys and Bladder Clear Out Liquid Waste

Number two, coinciding with that are going to be two key organs. Your kidneys and your bladder. The kidneys, we have two. In some patients, they actually only have one. It’s totally okay. You can function on one, but the kidneys and the bladder collectively are detoxing out liquid waste. And there’s certain chemicals and toxins that are only going to be eliminated and excreted through the kidneys and out the bladder.

So, individuals that maybe have a history of cysts on their kidneys, kidney stones – that’s a big one – or even frequent bladder infections, UTIs, are going to be a sign that that detox process, those detox organs, kidneys and bladder, are not at their optimal state. And even individuals that get diagnosed with interstitial cystitis, that’s a unique term for, basically, the internal and external mucosal lining of the bladder, it’s inflamed. And in many cases, when it’s cultured, there’s even evidence of E. coli and other bacteria that are not supposed to be in that bladder that we get that exposure and the body’s reacting to them. So, kidney and bladder, those are also detox organs that need to be optimized.

Skin is a (Large) Secondary Detox Organ

Now the third that we sometimes understand via sweat, it’s skin. Skin is a detox organ. And when we are registering skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, rashes, hives, and irritations of the skin, sometimes acne, that is a sign that those first two detox organ processes – the digestive process and the kidney bladder connection – those organs, those routes of elimination are not optimized, they’re not open.

So, skin is a secondary detox organ, but a really key one because it covers our whole entire body. So, skin conditions can really, really benefit from detoxing and focusing in on system one, your detox process, your digestive process, and two, the kidneys and the bladder.

Lungs Are a Secondary Detox Organ

Now the fourth area, fourth organ, that’s in that secondary elimination process, are your lungs. So, individuals that have COPD or asthma or emphysema, maybe there’s been damage from chemical exposure or toxins like mold exposure or repeated infant in early-childhood or adult-based pneumonia or bronchitis. We have scarring and things like that. Mucosal lining might be disrupted. Or we might be dealing with candida that is up in… All sorts of things. Candida, I’ve even had patients that get diagnosed with MRSA, but there can be re-inoculation from the sinus cavity into the bronchial and the lung passageway.

When lungs are going to be compromised, that will be often a situation of asthma, COPD, emphysema, or extensive allergies. Allergic reactions where there’s a lot of sneezing, coughing. Or you’re more prone to bronchitis or the development of sinus infections with a cold or flu. And the lungs, again, when we want to clear the lungs and we want to look at going back to the first three – the whole entire digestive process, clearing that out, opening that up, liver, small intestine and the large intestine, the colon, kidney, and bladder. So, kidneys and bladder have to be open and clear. Similarly, skin. We want the skin to be open and clear as well.

The Under-Acknowledged Detox Organ

And the fifth most important system, to be honest with you, friends, is a really, really under-assessed, undereducated, and under-acknowledged body system. And it’s called your lymphatic system. And this is one of my core areas of expertise. I have extensive training, post-doctoral training. I have credentialing in supporting lymphatic patients as well as disorders that are related to lymphatic impairment, and a whole assortment of post-surgical work because the lymphatics, when we have organ or glandular, what I call “amputation,” we’re removing those, there are lymph nodes and lymphatic elements that get involved in that.

Your lymphatic system is one of your largest detox organs and it’s responsible for detoxing every organ, every gland, every soft tissue, every part of your body. It is connected to helping clear out cellular debris, toxin debris, pathogenic debris, cancer cells, fat cells, protein excess. It is detoxing out a lot of things.

And one of the most critical things to understand about the size of this system is it is as… The biggest part of the system is as thick as my little pen tip. Pen tip. That is not a big system. And so, if you frequently find that you swell, you maybe are holding excess fluid, meaning kind of gain water weight and it could be hormonal for some women. It can be also related to food. You might be more sensitive to alcohol or salty foods or even sugary foods.

Your lymphatic system is a really important system to zero in on daily support. And I’ve highlighted this a little bit here with Organixx. I also have masterclasses and a whole… I think there’s a 50- or 55-video playlist on YouTube where I really do deep dives into how to support your lymphatic system. But overall, if you want to detox your body, the key detox organs that you need to zero in on, there’s five core systems.

Importance of Daily Support for Detox Organs

You want to zero in on digestive process, particularly the stomach, the liver, the pancreas, the gallbladder, your small intestine, your large intestine, your kidneys, your bladder, your skin, your lungs, and your lymphatics. I know that probably sounds like a lot, but it is so critical that you understand what it really means to detox and that every day in every way, your body systems are actively supporting the detoxification process.

And I will be breaking down in additional videos here more ways to understand what type of toxins we’re dealing with and how to eliminate that burden. But just know one of the amazing things we have here that we offer all of our customers and our consumers of our amazing products here at Organixx is we have a whole sequence of amazing daily detox, lymphatic-supportive kidney, liver, and bladder-supportive supplementation.

So, our Colon and Lymphatic detox and our Liver and Kidney cleanse are so amazing to pair up, to really enhance all of those systems. There’s so many different benefits in the ingredients in these, but really importantly, that’s the question I have for you today. Are you supporting your key detox organs? And if you’re potentially asking yourself, “Hmmm… am I supporting these?” Then it’s definitely important to consider a daily supportive to really help move all of those systems.

Your body will have a life-changing experience where you feel better, your body’s moving better, your lymphatic system’s moving better. You’re really eliminating a lot of the toxins and the debris from active, everyday life. We have cellular toxicity and it helps to minimize inflammatory response. And consider adding our supportive supplements to your daily regimen in helping your body detox and promote those detoxification pathways.

Organixx Cleanse & Detoxx is a two-step formula that provides a gentle yet powerful full-body detox using organic botanical ingredients. Naturally purge your body of toxins, chemicals, free radicals, heavy metals, waste, as well as bacteria, and pesticides. Easily cleanse your colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, and lymphatic system resulting in increased energy, and better digestion with more nutrient absorption, in addition to improved immunity, mental clarity, and overall health and wellbeing.

Organixx Cleanse & Detoxx
Is the Itching & Peeling of My Toes an Allergy or Infection?

Video Transcript:

Today’s question comes from Marty H. Marty asks, “I have a question about my feet. Recently, my feet have been itching between the toes on just one foot. And I’ve noticed peeling on the backside of the toes. And there’s redness on top of my toes. What is it? Is it eczema? I’m curious what I can do.”

All right. All right, Marty, thanks for this question. And it is definitely interesting that you’re experiencing this on one foot and not both of them. So, I want to dig into potentially what we might be dealing with, but definitely there is a sign of skin irritation and potentially a skin-oriented infection.

Rule Out an Allergic Response First

Some patients will experience allergic reactions to food or medication, or even environmental factors like new shoes, maybe new laundry detergents and you’re wearing socks. So, rule out the allergic responses. That’s number one. Secondly, the potential option is it could be bacteria or it could be fungal in its orientation. So, that is a variable when we’re dealing with toes, especially the back of the toes and the peeling.

What I find is there’s a deep connection between the toes and our sinuses. And so if you might be dealing with seasonal allergies, which is really common throughout the year and not just spring and fall, but seasonal allergies may play a role, especially if you’re noticing also more gunkiness of the eyes and the nose during the seasonal changes. And also, if you feel like you have puffiness in your eyes. So, there may be that connection where your toes are presenting with that type of infection or allergic reaction.

Eradicate the Bacterial or Fungal Environment Inside Your Shoes

Now, when it comes to skin-related bacterial infections, there could be a number and an assortment of different reasons. Most commonly, we will have folks that are wearing close-toed shoes, and their feet are in moist, damper environment because of the nature of wearing socks and close-toed shoes. That tends to be a bacterial playground, if you will, that can build up.

So, I actually recommend a few things in that case, and I really, really love our Magi-Complexx. This oil is extremely powerful for helping eradicate any type of bacterial or fungal environment inside your shoes. And so I actually recommend putting several drops, 10 to 20 drops in a small little spritzer bottle that’s either combined with a little apple cider vinegar, or maybe just white table vinegar. And you’re just spraying, spritzing your shoes after you take them off.

Balance Your Gut Health

Now, if you are experiencing the peeling, that can sometimes be associated with candida, a candida overgrowth, and that will be gut-related. So, dealing with healing your digestive process, maybe a little leaky gut might be present. And we’re now seeing that erupting in and around the toes.

And really, a diet change might be something you might want to consider. Eliminating dairy, gluten, and sugar out of your diet can often tip the scales of those bacterial imbalances that are presenting on the skin because your skin is a secondary elimination route. And what we say in naturopathic medicine is that if we’re seeing symptoms of secondary routes of elimination, meaning we have involvement of the skin – it’s red, irritated, peeling – that is a sign that your primary route of elimination, primarily your gut, could be kidneys and bladder, it could be lungs and respiratory, that we are now dealing with a candida or overgrowth of bacteria in that primary source.

So, I hope that is helpful. And I just love the Magi-Complexx for assortment of antifungal, antibacterial benefits. And I hope you find that helpful, too.

The powerhouse trio of herbs in Magi-Complexx Essential Oil provides the strongest, most synergistic healing effect, helping sufferers of arthritis pain, constant muscle aches and pains, neuropathy, systemic inflammation, slowed wound healing, circulatory challenges, as well as skin irritations like eczema, psoriasis, and acne.

Magi-complexx Essential Oils
7 Steps to Cleanse & Detox Your Body Daily

The pace of life makes most of us feel stressed, frazzled, and just plain exhausted at the best of times. Then, whether it’s tackling major life changes, the busy holiday season, providing care for others, or simply getting through everyday life, this all can lead to unhealthy habits and the feeling that a detox might be just the thing.

But how do you cleanse and detox your body without spending hours doing research or breaking the bank? Detoxing doesn’t have to be complicated. One clever way to help your body’s own natural detoxification systems is to add some simple detox practices into your life on a daily basis.

What Does Detox Mean?

Detoxification refers to helping your body “clean out” your internal organs to rid them of bad bacteria, poisons, pollutants, and especially food waste.

Granted, your body is detoxifying itself all of the time. After all, that is part of the job description for the colon, lungs, kidneys, lymph glands, skin, and especially the liver.

However, with everything toxic that’s in our environment, combined with what we’re slathering on ourselves and ingesting, it’s a good idea to give your organs a helping hand periodically.

Focus on These 7 Key Areas for the Best Detox Cleanse

If you want to cleanse and detox your body the easy way, start small and take tiny steps in each of the seven broad categories listed below. If you’re consistent, over time you will establish healthy detoxification habits that will stay with (and benefit) you for a lifetime.


Let’s start with the basics. Your diet can either add to your toxic load or help you detoxify from it. Whole foods are what you are aiming for to help your body eliminate toxins. Greens like celery, spinach, parsley, kale, and  cilantro contain fiber, phytonutrients, and chlorophyll (the substance that makes plants green).

Chlorophyll is especially great for detoxification since it cleanses the blood, is a super anti-inflammatory [1], and can bind with heavy metals. It also protects against DNA damage caused by Aflatoxin-B1 (AFB1) [2], which has been linked to liver cancer. [Note: Aflotoxins are cancer-causing substances produced by certain types of mold and are commonly found in peanuts, grains, corn, and cottonseed meal.]

And don’t forget fiber! Getting enough soluble and insoluble fiber in your diet every day is essential for pulling toxins out of the assortment of healthy foodsgut and cleaning the colon.

A 2015 study [3] published in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that people who simply ate 30 grams of fiber every day lost more weight and stabilized their blood pressure more than those who engaged in complicated dietary changes.

What You Can Do Now: Crowd out junk food slowly by focusing on your main meal of the day. Whether you consider this breakfast, lunch, or dinner, make sure you add a healthy amount of green vegetables to your plate.

If you don’t like salads, try steamed veggies sprinkled with a little sea salt and some extra virgin olive oil. Another option is to replace a meal with a nutrient-dense smoothie that includes healthy ingredients such as wild blueberries and broccoli sprouts.


Besides eating healthy foods, drinking enough fresh, filtered water is absolutely vital for detoxification. Think of your bloodstream and intestines as a plumbing system. It takes water to flush all that bad stuff out of your body and down the drain.

Water is especially helpful for the kidneys since these glands need it to get rid of certain waste products. Make sure you drink only fresh, filtered, fluoride-free [4] water.

A good tip if plain water isn’t your thing is to add healthy substances to your water glass and turn them into detox waters. A very basic detox water is a little lemon juice added to 8 ounces of water first thing in the morning, which can help with alkalinity.

Plop some cucumber or a few watermelon slices in your water glass for a refreshing and hydrating treat.

To go for the big guns when it comes to health, try some apple cider vinegar (ACV) diluted in water first thing in the morning. Besides its amazing detox effects, ACV is chock full of vitamins and minerals [5], helps balance gut bacteria, and is amazingly immune-supportive. It also has antimicrobial and antifungal effects [6].

What You Can Do Now: For the next week, try drinking a tall glass of water first thing in the morning. If you want a real health boost, add a little bit of ACV to it. Start with a teaspoon and work up to a tablespoon or two in 8 ounces of water upon rising. Take note of the difference this one change can make in your overall energy levels throughout the day.


Going organic as much as possible in what you eat and drink can be a huge step towards living a low-toxin life.

A general rule of thumb for clean eating is to steer clear of commercially-raised meats and dairy.

According to the advocate organization Consumer Reports [7], a whopping 80% of antibiotics sold in the U.S. are used for livestock. In addition, commercial dairy may contain high levels of cancer-causing dioxins, since they are mostly stored in animal fat.

The World Health Organization found that the majority of human exposure to dangerous dioxins comes from animal products [8]. If you eat meat and dairy, make sure you get pasture-raised, hormone-free, and organically raised and non-GMO-fed products only.

When it comes to fruits and vegetables, be aware of the “Dirty Dozen.” A current list is provided annually by the consumer safety organization, the Environmental Working Group (EWG).

What You Can Do Now: Go online and check out EWG’s current “Dirty Dozen” list [9] now (some of the foods on the listing can change from year to year). Then, make a point the next time you shop to go only organic for these particular fruits and vegetables.


Wise individuals through the ages have recommended eating less and going on fasts to clean out the body and boost both physical and mental energy. Nowadays, research continues to pour in about the benefits of calorie restriction as well as routinely spending some time not eating at all.

The connection between fasting and detoxification is clear. Fasting kicks in “autophagy,” the process of cellular self-digestion. empty plate on table with knife, fork, and alarm clockWhen the cells starve, they begin to eat themselves. This is a way of breaking down and getting rid of damaged cells, which are then used as recycled energy.

Studies show that fasting can rid the body of unwanted pathogens, improve brain health, and regulate metabolism.

Fasting is a great way for your body to “clean house”… and the best part is it’s free!

As it turns out, you don’t need to spend days sucking on ice cubes to gain the health benefits associated with fasting. “Intermittent Fasting” (IF) also stimulates autophagy. Intermittent fasting refers to alternating times for eating and not eating. Many individuals adopt the 16/8 rule. They fast for sixteen hours, including sleep time, and eat only during an eight-hour window (noon to 8 pm, for example).

A 2017 study conducted by the University of California, San Diego, found that intermittent fasting improved

“(a) circadian biology, (b) the gut microbiome, and (c) modifiable lifestyle behaviors, such as sleep.”

As far back as the early 1980s, researchers at City Hospital in Baltimore found that IF increases lifespan [10].

What You Can Do Now:  Start with a food journal. Write down what you eat for one day, then reflect on it. Were there times that you ate even though you weren’t hungry? Perhaps you reached for that bag of chips because you were stressed or just bored?

Being aware of our eating patterns as they are right now is the first step in changing them. After a few days of observing what you eat, experiment with extending your non-eating time a little.

If you have hypothyroidism or adrenal fatigue, take it slow and monitor your energy. Be sure to seek the advice of your healthcare provider before you start if you have either one of these conditions.

woman on exercise machine at gym wiping away perspiration with towel

Besides what you eat, getting enough physical activity is probably THE BEST thing you can do to keep your body detoxifying naturally every day. It may be hard to see the connection at first. Take a look at the links between exercise and detox, however, and you’ll be convinced:

What Can You Do Now: Haven’t exercised in a while? Start slowly by committing to take a brisk walk around the block at least two times this week. Even a 15-minute jaunt on your lunch break can do wonders to get you moving again. Note the difference this little bit of movement may have on your overall energy level for the rest of the day.


Being consistently stressed out can take a major toxic toll on your body. This is because chronic stress produces extra cortisol, which can lead to inflammation and sluggish systems that just get sluggish over time as they build up with waste.

Cortisol is surging through the body night and day and also has the ability to shut down key immune system cells involved in hunting stressed out man sitting at desk at workout and destroying viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens.

Stress can also change DNA, and those changes may be passed on to our children. Researchers at the University of Alabama found that traumatic and stressful events that happened early in life affect the BDNF gene [14]. BDNF is responsible for making certain proteins found in the brain and spinal cord.

The bottom line regarding stress is if it gets out of hand, it can absolutely lead to more toxic sludge in your body and a weakened immune system that will not be able to handle it.

What You Can Do Now: The opposite of the “stress response” for your body is the “relaxation response.” That is the sweet spot for detoxing since in this zone all of your metabolic energy is focused on healing the major organs, including your liver and kidneys.

The good news is that there are tons of ways you can employ to go from stressed to smiling. Exercise, hydrating, and eating healthy can help in this regard. So can meditation. You don’t have to spend hours at it to get results, either.

A 2014 study published in the journal Psychoneuroendocrinology found had healthy individuals who practiced mindfulness meditation for just 25 minutes 3 days in a row experienced a lessening of psychological stress activity in the brain [15].

Again, start out slow with 5 to 10 minutes of observing the breath every day and go from there. When it comes to all the benefits meditation can have on the brain and body, consistency is key.


Last but not least is the issue of supplements. Many experts feel that taking key quality supplements is a necessary part of leading a healthy life in our pollutant-riddled world.

We tend to agree. Luckily, we can now marry the wisdom of nature with advanced delivery systems. When it comes to detoxification, take supplements that support your body’s own natural detox mechanisms.

What Can You Do Now: How do you know what supplement is right for you and your detox pathways? For best results over time, we recommend high-quality, organic, multi-nutrient supplements that are easy to take every day and gentle on the system.

Organixx Cleanse & Detoxx is a two-step formula that provides a gentle yet powerful full-body detox using organic botanical ingredients. Naturally purge your body of toxins, chemicals, free radicals, heavy metals, waste, as well as bacteria, and pesticides. Easily cleanse your colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, and lymphatic system resulting in increased energy, and better digestion with more nutrient absorption, in addition to improved immunity, mental clarity, and overall health and wellbeing.

Organixx Cleanse & Detoxx

Detoxing with Caroline

Detoxing with Caroline #1 – My Story – How I Got into Detoxing

Meet our Director of Human Resources, Caroline, as she shares the emotional journey that led her to the power of proper detoxing.

Detoxing with Caroline #2 – Looking at “Detox” in a Different Way

Are detoxes more than “magic” mixtures designed to help remove harmful chemicals and toxins from your body? Is there more you need to know before choosing a detox that’s safe for you? Join Caroline to find out these answers and discover what toxic ingredients might be hiding in your cosmetics drawer…

Detoxing with Caroline #3 – Toxins in Foods & Your Environment

Pesticides… chemicals… toxins… It seems like harmful substances are everywhere! Join Caroline as she discusses the potential toxins lurking in your environment and even your food!

Detoxing with Caroline #4 – 10 Best Green Cleaning Alternatives

Tune into our final installment of “Detoxing with Caroline” to uncover which toxins are hiding in your home and discover the 10 best green cleaning alternatives.

Organixx Cleanse & Detoxx is a two-step formula that provides a gentle yet powerful full-body detox using organic botanical ingredients. Naturally purge your body of toxins, chemicals, free radicals, heavy metals, waste, as well as bacteria, and pesticides. Easily cleanse your colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, and lymphatic system resulting in increased energy, and better digestion with more nutrient absorption, in addition to improved immunity, mental clarity, and overall health and wellbeing.

Organixx Cleanse & Detoxx