How to Dissolve Kidney Stones Naturally

By Dr. Melissa Gallagher, Naturopathic Physician

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Video Transcript:

John asks, “I would like more instruction on how I can dissolve a kidney stone stuck in my bladder. It’s making my life miserable now.”

Well, John, this is a frequent occurrence for a lot of my patients, and I can totally understand that it is not just frustrating, but it’s extremely painful. Some of the kidney stone patients have described passing a kidney stone to be even more painful than natural childbirth. So, I want to recommend five different steps for you to help resolve and dissolve the kidney stones.

Not All Kidney Stones Are the Same

First, I want to kind of lay down some foundational aspects about kidney stones. Not all kidney stones are the same. 80% are going to be a particular type of stone that’s easily dissolvable, and then others might be crystallizations or mineralizations that we can address by changing diet and lifestyle, and even some medication influences as well. So knowing that I don’t know anything about your history, I’m just going to give you a broad kind of scope of how I recommend for a lot of my patients to resolve their kidney stones.

Drink Lemon-Infused Water

First of all, one of the most important things, apart from what you probably hear about consuming a ton of cranberry juice, I recommend not doing that. I recommend consuming a lemon-infused water. And when I say lemon-infused water, you want to make a daily batch of about 64 ounces of water infused with three to four lemons, juice of lemons. Some of my patients will brew that up. They’ll release the properties from the rind or they might use a juicer and add in water. However you do that, but you just want to consume lemon juice water throughout the whole day.

Now being mindful of your dental health, you want to make sure that after you consume six or eight ounces that you rinse your mouth out because it’s highly acidic to our enamel. Lemon and water has been proven to be highly potent at dissolving some of the early stages of the formation of kidney stones. Now, again, it depends on what type of form, but we also see this as a preventative aspect. So lemon water in your diet, and even consuming lemon water in the morning, can be highly potent.

Take the Herb Chanca Piedra

My second recommendation is a very unknown but amazing herb called Chanca Piedra, and this is a fantastic herb. We know it as “stone breaker.” So, this herb actually grows all over the world, but it has the amazing capacity to help dissolve some of the different stones depending on their formation. And even for the really tough crystallized stones, it’ll smooth the edges. So, literally, I have patients that have scans and they’ll have a one- to three-millimeter stone, sometimes they have even larger stones. It’s painful for me to think about it because passing a large stone is going to be extremely problem some to the whole entire urinary tract. But it also not only is painful, but really is limiting in terms of your capacity to live your life freely.

And one of the things that we see is Chanca Piedra, it’s been heavily researched in its capacity to dissolve and break up stones. Sometimes it can break up anywhere from 25% to 95% of the stone. And what it does in that dissolving process, it makes it like the sediment. So when the urine flow is happening, instead of passing a stone it might be a little bit of sediment that is pain-free in its flushing.

Take an Anti-Inflammatory

Now my third recommendation, because usually there’s more than one, so the likelihood if you have had one kidney stone and you’re in the process of passing it, the likelihood is you probably have a few more in there, or you will develop them within a year to three years after the first occurrence. So once the cycle begins, it becomes hard to break.

One of the things that occurs because of the stone’s presence is a great amount of inflammation to the kidney itself, and then the whole entire urine… the urethra, the bladder, the whole entire urinary tract, gets inflamed because the stone is jagged, and when we scope these stones, they look horrifying. They look like natural crystals that people mine for. We don’t want that in our kidney.

So, what we’re dealing with when they’re are passing through, they cause inflammation and they can even cause scarring, especially if it’s a repeated process. So, reducing inflammation’s really critical. One of my favorite products here at Organixx is the Turmeric 3D.  This is a super anti-inflammatory and it also can aid in sometimes reducing the pain that you’re experiencing.

Collect a Passed Stone for Further Analysis and Prevention

Now, my other recommendation, if you haven’t done this before, and a lot of people don’t, and it’s crazy, I hear sometimes urologists don’t make this recommendation. When you pass the stone, make sure you retrieve it and we collect it. I know that sounds kind of icky, but it’s really important for us to analyze, to have your urologist pathology the type of the stone that you are passing, that your body’s creating. If we can determine what type of stone is being formed by your body, then we are more equipped with knowledge to be able to maybe make a dietary change or to maybe look at a medication change or to add in Chanca Piedra and lemon water to your daily mix to absolutely prevent these from happening moving forward.

Get a Micronutrient Panel to Test Mineral Levels

And my last and final, my fifth recommendation, is to add in a micronutrient panel into the mix. Maybe it’s with your urologist or a functional medicine provider like myself, where we can look at your mineral intake, where we can look at your body’s mineralization practices, but also look at your mineral levels. It’s not uncommon where individuals’ bodies are re-articulating excess calcium into the kidneys. And so it might be a situation where maybe we need a little vitamin K2 to offset and enhance the absorption of calcium. Sometimes it might be we have not enough zinc, or maybe we have too much magnesium, or whatever the imbalance might be. We need to determine that and test that.

But my recommendation, John, is hang in there, do know that there are things that you can do right now to help resolve and dissolve the stone. When a stone is in the bladder, the passing, it could be anywhere from a day to months. I have some of my patients, they’re in kind of monitoring zone, and we’ve been able to reduce the size of those stones. So even their passing, they’re like, “I think I passed what used to be a really large stone,” and sure enough, completely resolved.

So, I look forward to hearing some positive results and I’m hoping that you’ll stay in touch with us and let us know how these recommendations turn out for you.

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Dr. Melissa Gallagher, Naturopathic Physician
Dr. Melissa Gallagher, Naturopathic Physician, holds a Masters in Holistic Nutrition and a Doctorate of Naturopathy. In addition to providing expert guidance to Organixx, Dr. Melissa maintains a busy private practice in Texas. Her primary focus is working with individuals addressing digestive disorders, hormone balance, detoxification therapies, and primary and secondary lymphedema cases through lymphatic decongestive treatments.


  1. Dr. Gallagher, I have recently read Vit. C is bad for the kidneys. I have only one remaining stage 3 Kidney D. I have bought powdered Vit. C. Because I know how Healthy it is. Can you please tell me is Powdered dangerous to the kidney in stage 3?

    Blessings, Donna

    • Hi Donna, thanks for your question.

      Please know, that due to the number of entries received, we cannot guarantee your specific question will be selected to be answered. However, we will be providing frequent video responses from Dr. Melissa to respond to the many inquiries and topics that are important to so many of us. Please be on the lookout for emails that will announce when we release a new video from Dr. Melissa.

      Thanks so much. Hope you have yourself a wonderful day!

  2. Firstly, let me say that I like your products, in general. I enjoy and have gotten some really good information through your emails, and I am appreciative.

    This particular article is pertinent today. I'm going to forward it to my friend with this recurring problem, but I will have to send a caveat with it that the syntax, grammar and word alignment are not indicative of the quality of the information. I've noticed this previously, but is particularly off in this article.

    In an effort to present your information in the best light, please have someone edit the material prior to publishing.

    • Thanks for your feedback, Victoria.

      Please know, that what you see here is basically a transcript of the video listed above of Dr. Melissa answering the question at hand. With that said, the article is always checked for spelling/grammatical errors before publishing. Thanks so much for being here with us. We appreciate your support. Wishing you a lovely day!

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