5 Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer

By Dr. Melissa Gallagher, Naturopathic Physician

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Video Transcript:

Today I want to share with you five ways to prevent breast cancer. First, it’s very important that we focus on healing and wellness and optimization and the capacity for our own healing, self-healing capacity within our body. Let’s focus on that versus a lot of the fear, the angst, and the concern that a lot of us have if you feel a lump, a bump or a mass or maybe have a family history.

I work specifically with a lot of breast cancer patients and an underlying theme of concern and fear is very normal, very traditional, but it also can cause undue stress. So, today I want to share with you these five tips that will help you harness your own natural power and give you the assorted resources to help you live your healthiest life, as well as address cancer prevention and to keep your breast cells as healthy as they can be.

Practice Self-Care & Advocacy

Number one, my most important tip, is to practice self-care and advocacy. This is kind of a two-parter. Self-care is really doing everything in this list and exercising and doing things that are taking care of yourself.

One of the things I’m going to talk about today is the role that the lack of self-care plays, actually, on your breast health. So, there’s some emotional connections. But self-care involves making healthcare, and prioritizing your wellness every day, making it a priority. Putting yourself first in many cases and not necessarily taking a back seat and taking care of everybody else and neglecting yourself.

Also, advocating for your health and wellness with your clinician, with your OB/GYN, with your breast health expert, as well as seeking resources that might not necessarily be mainstream or conventional, but we know are supportive of breast health. For instance, utilizing certain techniques that promote your lymphatic system, as well as taking and consuming supplements and oils topically to support your breast health. Most importantly, practicing or conducting self-breast exams.

I am going to tell you a quick story about a call I had yesterday with one of my patients. I do a lot of virtual appointments. One of my patients told me that she was absolutely frightened to touch her breast tissue because she didn’t want to find anything, and that fear is a driver and a blocker. It’s literally blocking her capacity to be her best and most optimized self. It also is blocking her self-care because we need to feel what’s going on and we need to get connected to our body. Self-care is going to be the way through the fear, the angst, and the concern that you might have around annual screenings and monthly, weekly, daily breast exams. 

I say daily, weekly, and monthly breast exams because it’s not just a month we celebrate breast health awareness. It’s not necessarily every month or every week that you want to be examining your breast tissue. Every day, you want to do a quick assessment of your breast health and target underneath your lymph nodes. Feel the side of your breasts, feel in between your breasts because every day, and especially if you’re cycling certain periods of the month, your breast cells are going to be different and they’re going to change. So, if you only do a breast exam on the first day of the month, well that might not be a point where you can feel certain tissue in your breast because you might be getting ready to have a cycle or maybe you’re in mid-cycle. So, it’s very important that we practice self-care, as well as advocate for yourself. 

If you have a concern, don’t delay. If you have a clinician that won’t perform a test or is telling you to do X, Y, and Z and it doesn’t sit well with you, you can find another one. I want to really encourage you to harness your own empowerment for yourself and advocate. If you are concerned about anything, don’t delay. Time is critical and it also can calm your concerns by identifying via diagnostics if there’s anything that should be of concern. 

Practice a Healthy Lifestyle

Number two is practice as healthy of a lifestyle as you can. Lifestyle is really a critical piece to cancer prevention, especially when we know epigenetics, our environment that influences our genes. That can be the point where either you are minimizing your cancer risk or you’re turning on genes that can then influence cancer development or progression of cancer cells.

Harnessing a good healthy lifestyle where you’re reducing stress, you’re eating clean foods, you’re exercising, and you’re doing all of the things that are necessary for your optimal wellness, but also are going to be supportive of enhancing your breast health.

The lifestyle component here also includes eliminating assorted estrogenic-enhancing items that are in your life. For instance, alcohol and caffeine are not pro-breast health. I know that’s a big subject for folks. I always recommend moving from coffee to green tea. And then also limiting your consumption of estrogenic foods like non-organic, non-grass-fed chicken or meat as well as eliminating things that might be in your environment. 

Assess Your Emotional State and Relationships

Now, number three, this is a really, really critical factor and I delve deeply into this with a lot of my breast cancer patients, as well as patients that might be dealing with denser fibrotic breast cells or have a condition or staging of fibrosis within their breasts. Our relationship with ourself and others close to us – our parents, our partners, and our children – can actually influence the state of our breast health.

I dig into this in one of the multiple modules in my breast health course. I have created a multi-module extensive breast health focus course. It’s called The Ultimate Guide to Optimal Breast Health. In one of the modules, I dig into our emotional state and how we have one side, the left versus the right side, and how that affects our relationships. The relationship influence with our fathers or the male in our life, as well as the influence of our females in our life can affect certain sides of the breast tissue. So, that is really important as well as the relationship you have with yourself. 

Again, going back to my number-one tip here is to practice self-care. And that’s really critical because a lot of times the emotions of let’s say the left breast where it might be more enlarged, might be denser, or problematic, where we might see calcifications or fibroids. That comes to back to the emotions where a lot of women are neglecting themselves and not putting themselves first in terms of healthcare. 

Choose High-Quality Supplements that Support Your Immune System

Now, number four, you’re in luck here at Organixx, and it is reaching for powerful supplementation that can enhance your immune system, modulate your immune system, supports the bolstering of your immune health as well as bolstering of your cells like vitamin D3, as well as tapping into assorted adaptogens and functional mushrooms.

A trio of resources here that I love to recommend for women, I love 7M+ because of the assorted functional mushrooms that are highly antioxidant dense as well as have extensive research in the assorted cancer cell apoptosis that can occur with reishi and the influences of maitake. And even women with tamoxifen, we find that reishi specifically has been found to make the tamoxifen, post-cancer, and that’s that interim where we’re trying to keep you away from another diagnosis of cancer. Tamoxifen is more effective when you take reishi. 

Now, another supplement that I love to recommend is magnesium. Magnesium 7, particularly because a lot of women will have a diagnosis of a calcification, and that simply means there is bone matter in the vascular channel of your breast cells and that tends to trigger a response within your breast tissue. The breast cells themselves will change.

That calcification tends to be a precursory state that is going to be a watch-and-see for a lot of women. There are ways to reduce calcifications. I go into that further in my course, but knowing that magnesium is one of the most powerful calcium blockers in our vascular channel, you can tap into the power of magnesium to promote the restoration of good, healthy breast cells, as well as prevent the actual calcification of that tissue. So, that’s really important to take advantage of.

Then I also love Turmeric 3D. This is a very powerful resource that we have here that you can tap into the antioxidant, as well as the lymphatic promotive power of turmeric and frankincense is an awesome resource. We’ve seen a lot of research where frankincense oil can create cell apoptosis.

And then a bonus is our Joint & Muscle Care. This is a very, very powerful resource that contains the frankincense, so I’m really excited to share it. Those are four supplements that I recommend highly for any woman who is looking to support their breast cells and be in a more strategic, preventative way.

Eliminate Negative Environmental Factors: Xenoestrogens

But also number five, my last and final tip, is to eliminate environmental factors that can contribute to cancer cell development. One of the biggest offenders for breast cells or the change of breast cell tissue are going to be estrogens. There are things, estrogen types, called xenoestrogens. These are foreign estrogens. We’re going to find these very prolific in a lot of the chemical products that are in our cleaning and household goods

Inside the house, making sure you eliminate a lot of the Clorox and a lot of the really offensive perfume-dense products that you might be using to clean. Throw away your Glade Plug-ins because those are just spewing a lot of xenoestrogens into your air and are actually causing more burden for your body to eliminate those estrogens, and that also, those excess estrogens, change the density and change the tissue of your breast cells.

The other thing I’m really, really a big proponent of is getting rid of any of the Round-up or what we call the Monsanto products. These are going to be pesticides, herbicides, insecticides that you might be spraying in your backyard. Sometimes that leeches into your pools or even we see traces of that in our water, which leads me to recommend filtering your water using a really good filtration process that can eliminate out a lot of those toxins – chloramines, fluoride, as well as things like statins. We see statins and birth control in drinking water. Being aware of our environment is also going to put less strain and burden on your body.

I’ll tell you a big, big tip here. One of the most offensive environmental factors is using deodorants and perspirants underneath the arms. That actually can be really, really overwhelming to your system in that an antiperspirant shrinks your lymph nodes. We want our lymphatic system to be clearing our breast cells and clearing out and eliminating cancer cells, which is one of its functions. The other function is the support of our immune system. Eliminating those are going to be highly impactful in your prevention of breast cancer and helping you optimize your wellness overall. 

I hope you take these tips every day and every month and we look at really, really fortifying your system throughout the year in helping prevent breast cancer as well as any other inflammatory diseases and disorders with these five tips. 

7 Mushrooms from Organixx contains 7 of nature’s most powerful mushrooms for anti-aging, longevity, and immune support. Using centuries-old knowledge of the power of nutritional mushrooms and our breakthrough new formulation process we’ve unleashed the power of mushrooms in a way never before done.

Dr. Melissa Gallagher, Naturopathic Physician
Dr. Melissa Gallagher, Naturopathic Physician, holds a Masters in Holistic Nutrition and a Doctorate of Naturopathy. In addition to providing expert guidance to Organixx, Dr. Melissa maintains a busy private practice in Texas. Her primary focus is working with individuals addressing digestive disorders, hormone balance, detoxification therapies, and primary and secondary lymphedema cases through lymphatic decongestive treatments.


  1. Great tips. What exactly would you recommend for patients that have lung cancer? I’m already taking 7+.

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