6 Simple Tips for Your Spring Detox

Video Transcript:

It’s springtime and I’m so excited to talk to you about six tips to help you kick off a spring detox. I love detoxing and this is one of the things that I think is really important to consider during the springtime.

1. Clean Up Your Diet

So, tip number one is to clean up your diet. Your diet has a big role to play in terms of your detoxification organs and systems humming and being optimized, so eliminating things that are not organic that might be dense in nitrites and nitrates. You’re going to find that a lot of packaged meats and a lot of bacon and assorted foods that are going to be preserved. You’re going to find a lot of nitrates. Eliminate those, eliminate the dyes, eliminate a lot of the chemicals and the additives that are not serving your body and bogging down your detox organs. Cleaning up your diet also includes switching more to steamed veggies, adding more fruits, getting more fiber and enzymatic activity, and really eating a rainbow is what I recommend.

2. Get Optimal Hydration

The second part for our spring detox is to really power up the detoxification pathways by hydrating optimally. So, bump up your hydration, start the morning off with a good amount of liquid, end your day with a good amount of liquid, and carry on drinking water that’s mineralized and enhanced with assorted electrolytes and enhancers throughout the day. That will help keep you optimized hydration-wise.

Don’t delay on getting your half a liter before noon, and you want to kind of go slow and steady. Maybe we have a kind of a max absorption point with liquid in that hydration process. You don’t want to strain your kidneys, so you want to constantly kind of keep water at your desk. They now have marker bottles and you can kind of monitor. You can even tap into some of the phone apps that help you keep track of your hydration. And it becomes habitual, so you track your hydration. You notate how much you’re drinking several days. You start to get in a habit and your body actually starts to crave hydration more than it did when it was in a dehydrated state.

3. Break a Sweat

Now the third thing is to move your body, get sweating, get active, get your muscles pumping, get those lymphatics moving through muscle movement, and also consider reaching for things like a rebounder, reaching for a far infrared sauna, some sort of sweat therapy that gets things moving physically. So, moving those muscles and motivating that lymphatic system are great for detoxing the body, and that also helps you feel better. Your muscles get invigorated. We detox all of the cells in our body by moving our muscles and moving our lymphatic process.

4. Ensure to Get Ample Sleep

Number four is to focus on rest. I know a lot of you are not resting or sleeping well. Ideally, seven to eight full hours of continuous sleep, uninterrupted, is powerful at rejuvenating your body, allowing some of your detox organs like your liver and your digestive process to go into hibernative state where they rejuvenate. When you sleep better, you detox better. Just remember that motto.

5. Support with Supplementation

Number five is to reach for supplements like our Organixx detox and cleanse products that are gentle detoxifying agents that contain turmeric and dandelion and other herbals in blends that are going to help support your lung detox, your kidney detox, your lymphatic detox, your digestive process, liver detox – so powerful at just kicking off that spring detox.

This is a category, detoxing is a category that I always kind of caveat with telling folks, every day, we detox. Your body and your system is naturally taking care of the detox process. We are naturally, every day, every second, eliminating junkie, gunky cells, white blood cells, cells that no longer serve us. Cancer cells we’re eliminating. We’re eliminating excess fats. So much is being excreted and eliminated by the body.

We can use the power of certain herbals and supplementation blends that help the body detox, and that’s always a part of a spring detox process, but it’s not one of those detoxes that is going to leave you hanging out in the bathroom all day or you’re going to have to schedule it and not go to work.

I’m excited to share with you our newer line of our detox and our cleanse products because they’re gentle and you can take them every day, but definitely consider taking a course of 30 or 60 days of the detox and cleanse. In combination, you’re going to have a really powerful supplement blend that helps invigorate and enhance your natural detox pathways.

6. Mindfully Mentally Detox

And last and final, I love to recommend mindfulness. We need a mental mind detox and sometimes it might be giving up checking your email after a certain period of time, or checking out of social media for a little bit, or not watching the news, or just being really mindful of what you’re absorbing mentally and emotionally and detoxing out some of the things that are not serving you.

Being aware of activities, relationships, things you’ve said yes to that you really want to say no to, being mindful of your social environment, your emotional environment, and your mental state. And mindfulness, you can practice guided meditation, yoga. I love Kundalini yoga for just invigorating all of our energy reserves. And just really consider going inward and getting silent and practicing the mindfulness that is very calming and stress-reducing.

That’s a very powerful way to kind of sum up the whole spring detox process from A to Z. Clean up your diet, clean up your mind, and everything in between to really power up your body to get it out of the winter mode and ready for the awesome spring and summer that lays ahead.

I hope you enjoy these tips. Let me know if you have any specific detox questions. And yeah, Ask The Doctor and I will answer them in future videos.


Dr. Melissa’s Natural Allergy Relief Tips

Video Transcript:

I’m going to share with you natural allergy relief tips. So, with allergies, a lot of what you’re experiencing is a reaction in your body where your immune cells are releasing histamines. So, histamines tend to be the root of allergic responses or allergies when you’re getting the itchy scratchy experience up in the eyes, the sinus pressure and congestion, the sore, itchy throat, or even hives.

So, allergies can take a broad kind of effect on the body based on how histamines often affect you. But this protocol is really going to delve into reducing the histamine reaction in your body. Not necessarily so much like removing you from the allergen sources, because a lot of times, seasonal allergies, you just can’t really get away from the allergens. But this protocol will be extremely helpful with the internal part of allergy season.

DAO Lowers Histamine Levels

So, number one, there is a supplement I recommend called DAO, D-A-O, and it’s diamine oxidase. And this is a powerhouse histamine Pac-Man gobbling supplement. And when we consume DAO on a daily basis – but also sometimes twice a day during the height of allergy season – DAO can help reduce the histamines.

And histamines cause the inflammation [1], they cause the puffiness, they cause the headaches, they cause the gunkiness in your eyes when you’re waking up in the morning. They cause the dry throat and soreness that sometimes happens when you have allergies. So, DAO can really target the root cause of allergy responses in your body and lowers histamine levels. So, that’s tip number one.

Turmeric Lowers Inflammatory State

Number two, I recommend you grab T3D. That’s a supplement we have here that really taps into the amazing power of curcumin or turmeric. Turmeric, or turmeric, is a powerful anti-inflammatory, and it can be extremely effective in lowering the inflammatory state of your respiratory and mucus tissue [2].

So, when we’re dealing with sinus congestion and gunkiness in our throat and coughing and even skin-related allergies like hives and puffiness, the properties in T3D, because it’s fermented, we have a more bioavailable, more potent form of turmeric that will target the symptoms. So, I love to add T3D on a daily basis during an allergic response or allergy season.

N-Acetylcysteine Clears Respiratory Passages

Now, the third recommendation here is to reach for NAC. We call it “nack.” It’s an abbreviated name for the N-acetylcysteine supplement that allows you to really clear up the histamine reaction and the mast cell activation in the respiratory passageways [3].

So, if you tend to have allergies that causes you sinus grief and headaches where you’re feeling puffy up here in this upper sinus cavity, your ears are plugged and clogged and you’ve got a lot of mucus, NAC will really help that, especially if your allergies then turns into a sinus infection or a bronchitis, which is very common. You’ll have secondary infections from the histamine overwhelm and the mucus now overproducing and becoming a harboring point for bacteria.

So, I love NAC in a microdosing. So, taking 500 milligrams of NAC in the morning, afternoon, and right before bed is extremely powerful and works consecutively, the tag teams with DAO. So, NAC and DAO are really powerful in this combination.

Spirulina Modulates Histamine & Immune Response

And then, another powerful resource is to reach for our OrganiGreens. This is our newly formulated powerhouse of modulating immune regulation in green potency. So, the green powder and the whole assortment of greens, particularly spirulina being our core ingredient, you are going to find that when you take OrganiGreens daily – so, make a nice green smoothie with some pineapple because of the bromelain, and add in maybe a little ginger, and add in a whole bunch of really powerful antioxidants like blueberries and some bananas, the combination of spirulina with some pineapples – you’re going to get the capacity, your body’s going to be reducing inflammation levels, and the spirulina will target immune regulation.

So, instead of having your immune cells releasing all these histamines, spirulina comes in and kind of caps that responsiveness. So, it helps downgrade an overwhelmed response of histamines. And that’s exactly what we need.

Allergy Season Can Be Tolerable

We need to address this from multiple levels. And this protocol does that. It cleans up the histamines, it blocks the histamines, and it really helps to balance and modulate your immune response so that you have less inflammatory state in the sinuses and the upper respiratory passageway, and you have less histamines roaming through the body, causing you grief during allergy season.

So, I’m excited to share this protocol with you, and I hope you find it helpful, and I can’t wait to hear how you find this protocol works in your life.

The latest formula of Organic OrganiGreens is our best yet. In just one simple scoop, add 17 sprouted and fermented superfoods and botanicals, plus probiotics and enzymes, to your daily diet to fill nutritional gaps and support healthy immune function, increased energy and mental clarity, as well as digestion and detoxification processes. Easily mixes in water, smoothies, juices, and recipes, and it also tastes great – even without any added sugars.

The Top 5 Energy Drains To Avoid

Video Transcript:

Today, I want to share with you the top five energy drains to avoid, to help keep your energy and improve your energy and vitality.

1. Inconsistent Sleep

Number one is not sleeping well or getting inconsistent in non-restorative sleep. So, if you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night, or maybe you’re staying up too late, or having a hard time actually waking up in the morning.

Not sleeping well and not getting restorative seven to eight solid consistent hours of sleep is not only detrimental to your health, it’s also detrimental to your mental health, your mental focus, your mental energy. And can kick off a cascade of health imbalances, and can even cause stress on your body that then manifests as fatigue.

Add Magnesium Every Day

So, one of the best and most powerful ways to improve your sleep is to add magnesium to your everyday diet. I recommend our Magnesium 7, our Mag 7, in the morning and in the evening.

I like to bookmark the day with magnesium because magnesium is needed in over 600 body enzymatic functions. [1] And when we take it in the morning, it helps support those functions throughout the day. When we take it at night, it helps support those functions of sleep, and restoration, and recalibration that we need in the evening.

Optimize Your Melatonin

Now, the other thing that can help with sleep is melatonin. A lot of times as individuals age or if they have hormonal imbalances, melatonin can be imbalanced, especially if you find you’re on this imbalanced sleep cycle. So, calibrating and optimizing your melatonin levels can be helpful for improving your sleep.

2. Too Much Phone/Screen Time

Now, my second major energy drain is to put the phone down and stop searching social media, or doing any type of gaming, or any type of activity on your computer that’s looking at an app like LinkedIn, or Facebook, or Instagram, or TikTok, or X.

The dopamine impact is significant when we are involving ourselves in social media. Now, there’s a time and place, but what we find is that now phones can report how much time you spend on the phone, and the average American is spending anywhere between four and eight hours a day on their phone in social media. That creates information overload, it creates FOMO – fear of missing out. It creates the comparisons. We’ve even seen cyberbullying, not just with young kids and teens, but we see that with adults. And it can create a situation where you are feeling overwhelmed and anxious about your world, or your life, and it affects your self-esteem as well.

So, social media and the dopamine hit there… is something I always recommend a social media detox. [2] And this is really key where maybe it’s not throughout the month, but maybe it’s for four or five days throughout the month. Maybe it’s a weekend where you go without social media or even aim for 30 days without and see how it goes. But that is really, really a huge energy drain. It’s a time drain, it’s an energy drain, it’s a mental drain, and it’s an emotional drain. So, definitely be aware of your time on social media.

3. Unmanaged Stress

My third major energy drain to avoid is stress. Now, stress unfortunately is a part of life, and sometimes stress is what our body needs to overcome and help us heal. But long-term adrenal impact, the adrenal impact of stress [3] the hit to our body, our immune system, our sleep cycle, our emotional health, and just overall our immune function can be overwhelmed and restricted. We even see stress impacting our hormones. It impacts our metabolism.

Stress really can be at the root of so many illness and disease patterns and symptoms that patients see. And some of the most powerful ways to address stress is to sleep well, to minimize your social media exposure, but also to reach for adaptogenic supplements like our 7 Mushrooms that has rhodiola, and lion’s mane, and chaga, and reishi, and other particular mushrooms that can help offset the adrenal impact.

I also recommend consuming Tulsi or holy basil tea. There’s a lot of really great lines with holy basil and sometimes like ginger or turmeric or rose, but tulsi is another stress adaptogen that’s more of an herbal that you can add in as a tea, but definitely reach for our 7 Mushrooms for managing and supporting stress.

4. Insufficient Nutrition

Now, number four, this is really important. One of the things that we see is that the combination of an unhealthy diet and a nutrient-deficient lifestyle can be significant energy drains, not just in your energy output, but also from a cellular energy perspective. If you’re reaching for things like caffeine and sugar as energy crutches to boost your energy, then you’re in that kind of energy drain cycle.

Similarly, if you’re not consuming the right micronutrients, then you’re not supporting your body with the right iron and mineral density like magnesium, as well as key nutrients like vitamin B, and vitamin D, and vitamin C.

Supplement with Clean Micronutrient Powders

It’s really important that you supplement with good, clean, just really powerful, substantial, comprehensive micronutrient powders. I really love to recommend our OrganiGreens because that becomes a foundational nutritional source where if you’re missing several things, like there’s gaps in your micronutrient density, the OrganiGreens can really help fill that gap.

And if you do choose an unhealthy diet, let’s say around the holiday season or maybe you’re going on a trip, make sure you’re consuming OrganiGreens during that because it functions as what I call the magic carpet. It gets you through that period of time, and makes sure your body is getting the right nourishment and nutrition.

5. Dehydration

Now last and final number five. I really think so many of us fall in this category and it is the biggest energy drain, which is dehydration. Being dehydrated means that you’re going to have less energy. You’re not going to have the right function with your red blood cells, and the blood volume, and the blood flow. It strains our organs and our glands. It dehydrates our skin and makes us look aged, and it also minimizes our brain function. Our brain is part water and part fat, and we need hydration – water – to help support our brain function and improve our energy.

The key here is that you want to reach for hydration – water – that is mineral dense. Most of the time you’re going to need to add some liquid ionic minerals to your water, whether it’s reverse osmosis, or you’re distilling, or you’re going for tap or refrigerated, or filtered water. We have water sources that are deficient, and we need to rehydrate our body with mineral-dense water. That’s how nature delivers water. It’s minerally balanced and it has a lot of key minerals and nutrients that we need. The water that comes out of our tap generally is deficient in so many of those.

So, it’s really important also on the hydration front to start your day off with a 20-ounce glass of water. You can add the liquid minerals, a few drops of either apple cider vinegar, or some lemon juice. But start your day off hydrating well. End your day hydrating well, and that’s really key. You do want to have a glass of water before you go to bed. Have it by your nightstand. Drink your water before you brush your teeth and make sure you’re hydrating.

Now, I know a lot of people will often abstain from drinking in the evening because they don’t want to get up at night to urinate, especially a lot of men or individuals as they get older. That urination at night… the role there, your adrenal glands, your cortisol level plays a bigger function than the actual hydration. So, if you are targeting sleeping better and you’re balancing your stress, you can forego the concern about waking up at night to urinate. So, trust in your key organs of detoxification that won’t wake you up at night to urinate. But it’s really important that you hydrate.

Hydrate, hydrate well. A dehydrated body is a deficient body [4], so make sure you’re hydrating optimally. And if you feel parched, or dehydrated, or even thirsty, that’s a sign that we need to keep you hydrated and you’ve already gone past that threshold of optimal hydration.

So, those are five energy drains to avoid and some tips to address those. I hope that was helpful and I hope you have an awesome day.

The latest formula of Organic OrganiGreens is our best yet. In just one simple scoop, add 17 sprouted and fermented superfoods and botanicals, plus probiotics and enzymes, to your daily diet to fill nutritional gaps and support healthy immune function, increased energy and mental clarity, as well as digestion and detoxification processes. Easily mixes in water, smoothies, juices, and recipes, and it also tastes great – even without any added sugars.

5 Tips to Maximize Your Energy & Boost Vitality

Video Transcript:

If you are looking to maximize your energy and boost your vitality, today I’m going to share with you a few tips and recommendations that I share with my patients who find that their energy has dipped, sometimes their mental focus has gone down, and they’ve just noticed that they don’t have that kind of zesty life energy. So, here are some recommendations.

1. Support Your Brain

Number one, I really, really love to support our brain with one of the most powerful nootropic herbals called bacopa. [1] Bacopa is something that we have in our brain-supportive supplement that I really, really love. So, our Brain Health 8 has eight assorted herbals that are good for brain health, but bacopa is the winner here in improving your mental energy and overall energy in your body. Bacopa is one of those powerhouse herbals that will help you feel more energized. It’s almost like a natural caffeine, but there’s no caffeine and you’re just going to feel the lift.

So, if you felt like a slump in the mid part of the day, or at 2:00 or 3:00 PM you’re feeling kind of a lull in your energy, bacopa can help support that by supporting your brain energy.

2. Support Your Adrenal Glands

The second kind of blend of powerhouses here for supporting energy and vitality is to reach for functional mushrooms. Our 7 Mushrooms is going to support your adrenals, it’s going to help balance sleep, and it is going to help lower and recalibrate your cortisol levels.

Your adrenal glands are the glands that are responding to everyday stressors, and the fight-or-flight mode you might be stuck in that’s a stress loop may be impacting not just only your sleep but your overall energy.

And, basically, when the adrenals are imbalanced and we’re producing more cortisol, basically, your transmission is revving. And so, functional mushrooms like cordyceps and lion’s mane and reishi and even chaga can really help improve your energy, help manage both physical and mental resilience, and can help boost up the power reserves of your body by addressing your adrenal health and helping manage cortisol.

Functional mushrooms, the whole cascade of 7 Mushrooms in our seven-mushroom blend, these are what we call adaptogenic mushrooms. They help your body adapt every day, every minute, every hour to stressors that are going to bombard your body. And so, if you find that you’re stressed out, you’re maxed and taxed, you’re just overwhelmed, and that stress is draining your energy and decreasing your vitality, 7 Mushrooms can be helpful.

3. Boost Core Nutrition

Now, the other recommendation is to boost up your core nutrition, meaning all your micronutrients, microminerals, and really give your body all the power in nutrition to support your body on a cellular level.

I love to recommend, one of the easiest ways to support your vitality, I recommend reaching for our newer blend of our OrganiGreens. This is a green powerhouse powder that mixes really easily in smoothies. I even use it in our baked goods, and I will sprinkle sometimes this into sauces and soups, so you can really be creative in how you use it.

But this, OrganiGreens is going to give you a baseline, a foundational layer of nutrition that maybe you might be missing. Some B vitamins, you might be missing some minerals. Our combination of fermented greens as well as some probiotics and other good plant-based nutrition, that’s going to fill in the gaps where maybe there are some missing pieces.

And honestly, it’s not uncommon if you’re taking supplements, particularly not so much supplements. But if you’re taking medicine, you might have scripts that you’re taking. They can deplete mineral reserves and even some of your B vitamin levels. Stress all on its own is going to be depleting to your micronutrients. So, I love our OrganiGreens powder.

4. Optimize Your Vitamin D3 Level

The other recommendation is to make sure that you are optimizing your vitamin D3. If you haven’t tested your vitamin D3, do get that tested. You want to be above 85 on the scale when you’re getting that testing. Usually 85 to about 110, we’ve seen some incremental changes in increasing what the “optimized” level is. So, definitely reach for optimization there.

5. Boost Energy With Vitamin B Complex

And then last and final, one of my favorite go-tos for just boosting your energy is to reach for a liquid B complex, a methylated B complex that you can kind of do a pump in your mouth and then that just really helps support your stress levels. [2]

B vitamins are often the most difficult for our body to maintain those levels because they’re water-soluble. And if you have any methylation challenges, if you’re not getting the right form of B vitamin, then you might not be able to actually integrate that. So, reach for a good methylated B complex.

And these are powerful tips to support your brain and overall energy inside your body for optimized vitality.

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What Can I Do About Blood Clots in My Lungs?

Video Transcript:

Today’s Ask Dr. Melissa question comes from Darcy. Darcy asks, “What can I do about blood clots in my lungs?”

Pulmonary Embolism

So, Darcy, this is often known as a pulmonary embolism [1]. And I’ve actually worked with a lot of patients who have pulmonary embolism – or embolisms because usually there’s multiple clots – for an assortment of reasons. Sometimes it’s post-surgical, or after an accident, or after a virus, or a situation where a blood clot moves from another part of the body.

Most notably, I’ve worked with Serena Williams [2] in the early 2010s, when she had her own pulmonary embolism, the first of a few. And so I want to share with you what I’ve shared with her that you might find helpful.

First of all, if you’re aware of a pulmonary embolism, you should be under the care of a pulmonologist and a cardiologist. And often they’re going to be prescribing medication, that is to help break up the clots or thin your blood. This is really important to know, that some medication may be prohibitive of certain herbs and certain natural supplements that I ordinarily recommend.

Test Your Vitamin K Levels

But I can tell you one really important lab value to have tested, actually two lab values, but one is going to be a nutrient, a micronutrient that we call vitamin K.

Understanding where are your vitamin K levels will help you understand if you have low K, then you might be at risk for greater clotting. When we have low vitamin K levels, we have low clotting factor in the blood.

And vitamin K is often given to kids, infants early on, because it helps with the clotting mechanisms. There can be influences that lower your vitamin K levels [3]. Maybe you’re not eating enough food, vitamin K-based foods, maybe there might be medication that’s lowering that level.

Genetic Testing for Clotting Factors

And then another factor that you can test for is genetic kind of testing, to identify your clotting factors, or if you have any type of genetic history or predisposition that leads you to having a blood clotting disorder. Which is really common, and most people aren’t aware of it until unfortunately they have a blood clot that pops up, thrombosis or pulmonary embolism.

Compression Therapy Helps Lower Blood Clot Risk

Now, the second thing that I recommend is actually using compression socks and compression therapy to be more preventive in lowering the risk of more blood clots forming, and then traveling up into the lungs and possibly to the heart. It’s not uncommon, also, that you might have a surgery where they put in a little cage, if you will, that helps prevent a blood clot from getting into your heart, which can be often fatal.

Turmeric & Ginger As Natural Blood Thinners

And the third recommendation here is to look at natural foods that might thin your blood gently, but also being aware that if you are on blood thinners, which is going to be common for blood clots in the lungs, that these might be contraindicated and counterproductive to that medication. But generally, natural blood thinners are going to look like herbs that we know as ginger and turmeric.

Our T3D has the fermented form of turmeric that I love to recommend for a lot of folks that might be trying to be preventive, or maybe they’re looking to lower their blood clot risk, or may have some mild blood clotting, or thrombosis, or even fibrin density in their blood. This can be noted in CDC labs, and folks might be diagnosed with thicker blood. That can be quite helpful.

Consult With Your Doctor to Prevent Contraindications

But again, be very cognizant of the medication you’re taking. You don’t want to thin your blood too much, that can be a risk factor. But also know that over time and dedication and monitoring, that these are less of a risk when they… unfortunately, when many go unchecked.

Make sure, if you aren’t being monitored by a medical team, that you do so and that you routinely check-in. And we’ve seen many cases resolve in three to six months. But definitely check your genetics, because that can tell you if you need to consume ginger and turmeric on the daily after this resolves to help with the blood clotting.

And often, blood clots, depending on the type and the form, can be related to fibrin density in your bloodstream, so making sure you are enhancing your vitamin K intake. And also consuming proteolytic enzymes, like serrapeptase and nattokinase, can be really helpful in breaking up those dense fibrins that are clotting in their activity.

I hope that’s helpful, Darcy. And any of you folks out there who might have other pulmonary or cardiovascular questions, feel free to ask here, and I will answer in future Ask The Doctor replies.

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How Can I Improve My Energy Levels?

Video Transcript:

Today’s Ask The Doctor question comes from Mike who says, “I want to improve my energy. Please help.”

Well, Mike, you are not alone in feeling like you are maybe slightly fatigued or just dealing with low energy.

Test Key Lab Values First

So, I first want to start with making sure that you’ve had an assortment of lab values analyzed that can be very influential in your energy levels. So, first and foremost, I want to make sure you’ve had your iron, full iron assessed. So, this includes your folate, so your levels of B12, folic acid, your iron, total iron, and also ferritin. So, let’s make sure your blood cells are being energized and getting all the oxygen and all the energy and nutrition they need.

Then the other lab value that’s really important to analyze is your D3 level. So, those are kind of two big lab values that if I have a patient that says, “I want to improve my energy,” I start there first.

Are Your Adrenals or Blood Sugar Imbalanced?

The other thing that I also assess are your adrenal glands. It’s not uncommon that you might be dealing with a little stress or maybe the residual effect of a stressful episode or event or time period in your life, and your adrenal glands are part of your body’s natural stress response mechanism [1]. So, they are constantly in a state of responding to fight-or-flight stressful scenarios.

Over time, your adrenals can create a scenario or situation in your body where your circadian rhythm, your day and night cycle, gets imbalanced. And that tends to be where I see a lot of people kind of riding a rollercoaster of energy. And that rollercoaster of energy also includes high cortisol, increases your insulin levels, and so it’s a blood sugar. So, that’s something also to monitor and to just analyze where your blood sugar levels are. Want to make sure you aren’t dealing with any dips in blood sugar that might be indicative of insulin.

Is Your Sleep Cycle Optimized?

So, last and final, Mike, the other thing that can really greatly improve your energy is your sleep cycle and improving your sleep state. I call this sleep hygiene, and I actually have a whole masterclass about how to optimize your sleep.

But speaking about your adrenals, it’s not uncommon that the imbalance in your circadian rhythm or the overwhelm of your body’s fight-or-flight response mechanism can offset your natural sleep cycle. So, if you find that you are feeling wired and tired, your brain’s racing and your body’s fatigued, or you wake up multiple times throughout the night, which is really common for a lot of my male patients, then we need to zero in on improving your sleep cycle.

And sometimes that might be reaching for an herbal. I do recommend folks grab Magnesium 7 here because magnesium is great for helping to recalibrate that energy process and helps with the sleep cycle, taking it during the day and at night. You can take it any time, but magnesium is really important for helping optimize your sleep.

The other thing that might be helpful is adding like a valerian or a kava kava. These are powerful, central nervous system-soothing, calming herbals that will aid in helping you sleep better.

So, I hope those recommendations are helpful. I hope you do see your energy improve, and let me know if you have any other questions.

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