6 Simple Tips for Your Spring Detox

By Jonathan Hunsaker

Reading Time: 5 minutes

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Video Transcript:

It’s springtime and I’m so excited to talk to you about six tips to help you kick off a spring detox. I love detoxing and this is one of the things that I think is really important to consider during the springtime.

1. Clean Up Your Diet

So, tip number one is to clean up your diet. Your diet has a big role to play in terms of your detoxification organs and systems humming and being optimized, so eliminating things that are not organic that might be dense in nitrites and nitrates. You’re going to find that a lot of packaged meats and a lot of bacon and assorted foods that are going to be preserved. You’re going to find a lot of nitrates. Eliminate those, eliminate the dyes, eliminate a lot of the chemicals and the additives that are not serving your body and bogging down your detox organs. Cleaning up your diet also includes switching more to steamed veggies, adding more fruits, getting more fiber and enzymatic activity, and really eating a rainbow is what I recommend.

2. Get Optimal Hydration

The second part for our spring detox is to really power up the detoxification pathways by hydrating optimally. So, bump up your hydration, start the morning off with a good amount of liquid, end your day with a good amount of liquid, and carry on drinking water that’s mineralized and enhanced with assorted electrolytes and enhancers throughout the day. That will help keep you optimized hydration-wise.

Don’t delay on getting your half a liter before noon, and you want to kind of go slow and steady. Maybe we have a kind of a max absorption point with liquid in that hydration process. You don’t want to strain your kidneys, so you want to constantly kind of keep water at your desk. They now have marker bottles and you can kind of monitor. You can even tap into some of the phone apps that help you keep track of your hydration. And it becomes habitual, so you track your hydration. You notate how much you’re drinking several days. You start to get in a habit and your body actually starts to crave hydration more than it did when it was in a dehydrated state.

3. Break a Sweat

Now the third thing is to move your body, get sweating, get active, get your muscles pumping, get those lymphatics moving through muscle movement, and also consider reaching for things like a rebounder, reaching for a far infrared sauna, some sort of sweat therapy that gets things moving physically. So, moving those muscles and motivating that lymphatic system are great for detoxing the body, and that also helps you feel better. Your muscles get invigorated. We detox all of the cells in our body by moving our muscles and moving our lymphatic process.

4. Ensure to Get Ample Sleep

Number four is to focus on rest. I know a lot of you are not resting or sleeping well. Ideally, seven to eight full hours of continuous sleep, uninterrupted, is powerful at rejuvenating your body, allowing some of your detox organs like your liver and your digestive process to go into hibernative state where they rejuvenate. When you sleep better, you detox better. Just remember that motto.

5. Support with Supplementation

Number five is to reach for supplements like our Organixx detox and cleanse products that are gentle detoxifying agents that contain turmeric and dandelion and other herbals in blends that are going to help support your lung detox, your kidney detox, your lymphatic detox, your digestive process, liver detox – so powerful at just kicking off that spring detox.

This is a category, detoxing is a category that I always kind of caveat with telling folks, every day, we detox. Your body and your system is naturally taking care of the detox process. We are naturally, every day, every second, eliminating junkie, gunky cells, white blood cells, cells that no longer serve us. Cancer cells we’re eliminating. We’re eliminating excess fats. So much is being excreted and eliminated by the body.

We can use the power of certain herbals and supplementation blends that help the body detox, and that’s always a part of a spring detox process, but it’s not one of those detoxes that is going to leave you hanging out in the bathroom all day or you’re going to have to schedule it and not go to work.

I’m excited to share with you our newer line of our detox and our cleanse products because they’re gentle and you can take them every day, but definitely consider taking a course of 30 or 60 days of the detox and cleanse. In combination, you’re going to have a really powerful supplement blend that helps invigorate and enhance your natural detox pathways.

6. Mindfully Mentally Detox

And last and final, I love to recommend mindfulness. We need a mental mind detox and sometimes it might be giving up checking your email after a certain period of time, or checking out of social media for a little bit, or not watching the news, or just being really mindful of what you’re absorbing mentally and emotionally and detoxing out some of the things that are not serving you.

Being aware of activities, relationships, things you’ve said yes to that you really want to say no to, being mindful of your social environment, your emotional environment, and your mental state. And mindfulness, you can practice guided meditation, yoga. I love Kundalini yoga for just invigorating all of our energy reserves. And just really consider going inward and getting silent and practicing the mindfulness that is very calming and stress-reducing.

That’s a very powerful way to kind of sum up the whole spring detox process from A to Z. Clean up your diet, clean up your mind, and everything in between to really power up your body to get it out of the winter mode and ready for the awesome spring and summer that lays ahead.

I hope you enjoy these tips. Let me know if you have any specific detox questions. And yeah, Ask The Doctor and I will answer them in future videos.



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