• Cool as Cucumber Soup

    Wouldn’t you love to close out summer with our Cool as a Cucumber Soup? Join Organixx for another installment of Recipes with Katrina.

  • Vitamin Rich Breakfast Smoothie

    Worried your family may not be getting their essential vitamins and minerals? Uncover how to achieve 21 fermented vitamins and enzyme activated minerals.

  • A Reenergizing Creamy Eggnog Chia Pudding

    Want to achieve the energy and endurance of an Aztec warrior? Discover what superfood Aztec warriors would eat to attain maximum energy for 24 hours!

  • Kefir Chicken Salad Recipe

    Did you know celery is an excellent source of fiber and vitamin K? Watch to uncover more as you learn how to make a salad great for proper digestion.

  • Fresh & Tangy Peach Probiotic Smoothie

    Join Organixx as we combine the healing strength of bone broth with the stomach support of kefir in a refreshing peach smoothie.

  • Heart-Healthy Power Smoothie

    Looking for a smoothie that tastes great AND offers tremendous health benefits? This heart-healthy smoothie is perfect for you!