Is Magnesium Your Health MVP? – Episode 126

Posted on February 24, 2021Length 26:54

Antioxidants may get all the headlines, but magnesium may just be your health MVP. Learn more about the benefits of this mineral.

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Is Magnesium Your Health MVP? – Episode 126

Antioxidants may get all the headlines, but magnesium may just be your health MVP. Learn more about the benefits of this mineral.

Immunity 3 – Essential Nutrients for Fighting Viruses – Episode 122

Join us this week as we talk about a proactive approach to supporting our immunity naturally. Learn about the three powerhouses in our new Immunity 3 blend; camu camu, zinc, and elderberry.

Enzymes! The Micro Miracles You’re Missing – Episode 119

Join Jonathan and Wade Lightheart today as he helps us understand enzymes. What they do, why they’re considered micro miracles, and how your health depends on them. Plus, Wade helps us understand what we want to look for in a supplement. You don’t want to miss this one!

Angie Corogin: Mindfulness for All – Episode 112

Angie Corogin is back this week to help us unlock the power of Mindfulness. Angie shares the difference between Formal and Informal Mindfulness, she gives us practical exercises to use, and shares a story that will resonate deeply with all of us! Relaxation here you come…

Ruth Cummings: Letting Go of Emotional Pain – Part 2 – Episode 111

Emotions we don’t release get trapped in our bodies. Or as today’s guest, Ruth Cummings, puts it “Our bodies are a trash can for all the emotions we didn’t process”. Tune in for Part 2 to learn how we can better manage the connection between emotions and disease. 

Unlocking the Power of the Sacred Plant – Episode 110

The sacred plant has been used for 5,000+ years to prevent, treat, and even beat hundreds of debilitating conditions and diseases. Up until 80 years ago, the sacred plant was readily available and used for countless ailments and chronic pain. But then, during the rise of the modern medical system, the sacred plant was unjustly […]

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