Angie Corogin: Mindfulness for Stress Management – Episode 109

The Live It Challenge continues with Angie Corogin. 2020 has been a stressful year for the world. Today is all about stress and mindfulness. Angie shares how the practice of mindfulness may help you meet challenge and stress differently. And you will enjoy the exercises Angie walks us through as she explains. Relaxation here you come…

Ruth Cummings: Letting Go of Emotional Pain – Episode 108

Emotions we don’t release get trapped in our bodies. Or as today’s guest, Ruth Cummings, puts it “Our bodies are a trash can for all the emotions we didn’t process”. Tune in to learn how we can better manage the connection between emotions and disease. 

Love Your Liver – Episode 107

Like a city’s infrastructure, the liver has hundreds of different functions and is a connected with every part of the body.  Tune in to learn how to support your liver for vibrant health!

Building Healthy Habits With The Live It Challenge – Episode 106

Unlike a diet, Organixx Live It implies positive action.  A diet is restrictive; it requires a person to limit the things that they eat or drink in order to be successful. Organixx Live It is the opposite. It is unlimited and inspiring. Organixx Live It is a path to wellness that allows you to take action, […]

Take The Live It Challenge – Episode 105

Our first Organixx Core Value is, We Are Passionate About Our Mission – Empowering YOU Organically. This doesn’t just apply to our customers, but to our team as well. We’ve just finished the second round of our Organixx LIVE IT challenge internally with just our team, and now we’re inviting you, and the rest of the world, to join us for round three… for free. 

Why Your Digestive System Needs Prebiotics – Episode 104

Experts and other medical specialists provide evidence showing that prebiotics and probiotics are partners in improving our digestive health. Although probiotics and prebiotics both promote better digestive health, there are some differences between the two like how they work and their specific role in the digestive system. Tune in to learn more…

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