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How to Intermittent Fast (+ 5 Ways Fasting Reduces Inflammation)

Reading Time: 13 minutes Have you heard the health benefits of fasting and want to learn how to intermittent fast? Get practical steps and the best intermittent fasting schedule.

The Surprising Link Between Your Emotions and Inflammation Levels & a mature happy woman on swing

The Surprising Link Between Your Emotions and Inflammation Levels

Reading Time: 6 minutes Can having a wide range of positive emotions actually help diminish inflammation? What about negative emotions? Get the scoop plus 9 tips to being positive.

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Chicken Broth vs. Bone Broth vs. Stock_ What’s the Difference

Chicken Broth vs. Bone Broth vs. Stock: What’s the Difference?

Reading Time: 7 minutes Confused by the terms stock, broth, and bone broth? Here’s what you need to know about bone broth vs stock and the answer to “is broth and stock the same”?


Keto Diet vs. Alkaline Diet (Is a Keto-Alkaline Diet the Best of Both Worlds?)

Reading Time: 7 minutes When it comes to the keto diet vs. alkaline diet, which method is best? And is it possible to blend the two eating approaches into a keto alkaline diet?

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Maitake Mushroom: 10 Ways This Mighty “Hen of the Woods” Can Bolster Health & Healing

Reading Time: 9 minutes Grifola frondosa, maitake mushroom, and hen of the woods… 3 names for an edible & medicinal mushroom that’s a treasure trove for your health. Here’s why.


Essential Oils for Pets: What Works and What to Avoid

Reading Time: 13 minutes Get the scoop on how to use essential oils for pets to enhance the health and well-being of your four-legged family members. What to do and what to avoid.

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Got Pain? The Natural Chronic Pain Relief Option You May Be Avoiding

Got Pain? The Natural Chronic Pain Relief Option You May Be Avoiding

Reading Time: 8 minutes Do you suffer from chronic pain? Discover a natural chronic pain relief solution that can both lessen the pain and help heal its underlying conditions.


Yoga for Menopause (+ The Best Poses for Symptom Relief)

Reading Time: 18 minutes Yoga for menopause? Yes! Discover the best poses for menopause symptoms and why yoga is so beneficial for women during perimenopause and beyond.

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Are You Too Clean? The “Hygiene Hypothesis” and Why Not All Bacteria Is Bad

Reading Time: 6 minutes Have you heard about the “hygiene hypothesis”? Discover why being a “germaphobe” may actually make you sicker instead of healthier in the long term.

Marijuana as Medicine: "Health Talks" with John Malanca

Marijuana As Medicine with John Malanca "Health Talks"

Reading Time: 4 minutes Uncover SOME of the many benefits of medical marijuana & learn from a revolutionary who’s changing the stigma on nature’s most versatile plant.

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Ultradian Rhythm: What It Is & How to Use It to Optimize Your Performance

Reading Time: 10 minutes Want to be more effective, focused, and capable of completing any task at hand? Discover the power of ultradian rhythm and how to make it work for you.

Sleep & Weight Loss 7 Ways Sleep Can Impact Your Weight

Sleep & Weight Loss: 7 Ways Sleep Can Impact Your Weight

Reading Time: 8 minutes Can a lack of quality sleep actually cause you to put on pounds? Read on to discover the surprising connection between sleep and weight loss.

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Moving Meditation_ A Meditation Practice for Those Who Just Can't Slow Down

Moving Meditation: A Meditation Practice for Those Who Just Can’t Slow Down

Reading Time: 9 minutes Want the health benefits of meditation… but can’t sit still long enough to actually meditate? Moving meditation might be just what the doctor ordered.

Want to Boost Your Brain Power_ Become a “Wonder Junkie” 

Want to Boost Your Brain Power? Become a “Wonder Junkie”

Reading Time: 5 minutes Alzheimer’s and dementia is on the rise! Pay attention to your brain health and discover how to boost your brain health here…

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Pique's INSPIRED Health Journey Vlog

Pique's INSPIRED Health Journey Vlog

Reading Time: 2 minutes Join Pique’s INSPIRED Health Journey and discover basic tips and suggestions for starting an all-natural lifestyle from scratch!

Pique's DIY All-Natural Cleaning Products | Journey to Wellness

Pique's DIY Cleaning Products | Journey to Wellness

Reading Time: 1 minute Say goodbye to dangerous toxins & discover how to make your own natural cleaning products using the refreshing power of organic essential oils!