Do You Need To Take Hyaluronic Acid With Collagen? What Science Says

By Jonathan Hunsaker

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Hyaluronic acid and collagen—two big words, but what are these supplements, and why are they important?

Studies suggest that hyaluronic acid and collagen can help improve skin elasticity and hydration, as well as strengthen hair and nails, and even more. But do you need to take hyaluronic acid with collagen?

Keep reading for the answer plus great information about how hyaluronic acid and collagen can play a role in getting you feeling your best.

What Does Hyaluronic Acid Do For You?

Hyaluronic acid is taking the beauty world by storm, and for good reason! In fact, it might just be nature’s best-kept secret when it comes to looking and feeling your best. 

On a chemical level, hyaluronic acid has the ability to retain up to 1,000 times its weight in water, making it an excellent hydration agent for your skin. It ensures that your skin maintains moisture, resulting in a glowing complexion.

Not only does hyaluronic acid help hydrate the skin, but it also creates a protective barrier that locks in moisture. It plumps up fine lines and wrinkles by creating volume beneath your skin layers.

Hyaluronic acid helps stimulate collagen production, which leads to improved firmness and skin elasticity.

Whether you’ve got dry skin or wrinkles that need smoothing out, adding hyaluronic acid to your skincare routine is a game changer!

How is Hyaluronic Acid Made?

Hyaluronic acid’s lubricating properties make it beneficial for joint health, too! But how is this wonder ingredient made? 

Hyaluronic acid production takes place in a laboratory setting, where fermentation tanks are used to create a strain of microbial cells and stimulate their growth. This process encourages the microbial cells to excrete the hyaluronic acid as they multiply, giving us access to high concentrations of hyaluronic acid for skincare products.

Is Hyaluronic Acid Safe?

Hyaluronic acid is one ingredient that has caught many people’s attention due to its incredible properties.

Great for all types of skin, this key ingredient helps plump up the look of our skin and keeps it hydrated all day long.

But, is this potent product safe to use? Hyaluronic acid is widely considered safe for most people and can easily be incorporated into any skincare regime.

Living up to its hype as an anti-aging agent, hyaluronic acid works its magic through a process called glycosaminoglycan, which maintains collagen levels that make our skin appear smooth and firm.

With a plethora of hydrating benefits, this superstar product can have you walking around with glowing, picture-perfect skin!

How Does Hyaluronic Acid Interact With Other Products?

Hyaluronic acid has become increasingly popular among beauty and skincare products in recent years. What might not be so widely known is how it interacts with other commonly used products.

The great thing about hyaluronic acid is that it’s incredibly nourishing to the skin and can also pair perfectly with other ingredients on the shelf.

It combines quite nicely with antioxidants like vitamin C to form a powerful duo of hydration and protection from environmental damage. Pair it with a light moisturizer for an added layer of hydration.

Overall, hyaluronic acid positively interacts with a wide range of ingredients in your bathroom cabinet, boosting their active ingredients for even better results. 

How Can I Take Hyaluronic Acid?

There are numerous ways to take hyaluronic acid and experience all the incredible benefits. One of the easiest ways is by taking hyaluronic acid supplements.

These supplements come in tablet, capsule, or liquid form and are easy to find online or at many pharmacies.

Adding hyaluronic acid supplements to your morning routine can easily help promote healthier skin and reduce visible fine lines over time.

Another great option is by using a hyaluronic acid serum or face oil. All you need to do is apply the product directly on your clean, damp skin after showering in the morning or at night, spreading it evenly across your entire face.

There are lots of topical options for adding hyaluronic acid to your skincare routine such as lotions, creams, and gels. Make sure to choose one that fits your skin type. If you have particularly dry skin, opt for a rich cream or ointment. 

3 Reasons Why You Should Take Hyaluronic Acid With Collagen

If you’ve ever wanted to keep your skin hydrated and reduce wrinkles while also improving your joint health, then look no further than taking hyaluronic acid with collagen. This dynamic duo offers a variety of benefits to help keep you looking and feeling your best!

Let’s explore why these two powerhouse ingredients are such an invaluable combination by looking into the top three main reasons why you should take hyaluronic acid with collagen.

1. Hyaluronic Acid Binds Moisture to Collagen

Combining hyaluronic acid and collagen offers a powerful solution for anti-aging, skin hydration, and improved overall health.

Taking collagen alone can be beneficial for improving the health of your skin and joints, but when you pair it with hyaluronic acid, the benefits are even greater.

Hyaluronic acid binds moisture to collagen fibers and creates an additional protective layer around existing collagen to help keep it hydrated. This combination helps make sure that moisture remains within the body so that collagen can continue to remain at optimal levels within the body’s system. 

Combining collagen and hyaluronic acid helps maintain your body’s natural ability to produce collagen as you age, preventing wrinkles and fine lines from appearing. Taking these two together also improves gut health and reduces inflammation. With all of these benefits, why not supplement with both? 

2. Hyaluronic Acid Reduces Wrinkles On its Own

When it comes to fighting the signs of aging and reducing wrinkles, hyaluronic acid is often a top choice, which is why it can be found in many skin care products.

Are you aware that taking collagen and hyaluronic acid together can give you even better results?

Collagen plays an essential role in keeping skin looking firm and young, while hyaluronic acid helps to replenish the moisture that our skin loses naturally over time. Together, they make an unbeatable combination that will help reduce wrinkles and boost your skin’s luminescence!

3. Hyaluronic Acid Lubricates Joints & Reduces Joint Pain

Taking hyaluronic acid in combination with collagen supplements is a great way to keep your joints healthy and mobile.

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that acts like a lubricant in the body, coating the ends of the joints and providing stabilization while decreasing joint pain.

Studies have suggested that adding collagen to your daily routine can further reduce joint pain because it helps hydrate articular tissues and protect cartilage from degrading.

By consuming hyaluronic acid supplements with a collagen supplement, you are giving yourself much-needed support for improved joint mobility and lowered pain levels—in addition to a host of other potential health benefits!

Other Benefits Of Hyaluronic Acid & Collagen

Besides improving your skin health, taking a daily hyaluronic acid supplement as well as collagen can also offer many other benefits for promoting overall health.

We’ve looked at the benefits for skin health such as skin elasticity, hydrated skin, keeping skin plump, and combating skin aging as well as joint health.

We mentioned improved gut health and reduced inflammation, let’s see what else the experts have to say about the benefits of taking hyaluronic acid with a collagen supplement.

Promotes Healthier, More Supple Skin

Taking both hyaluronic acid supplements and collagen supplements can have countless skin health benefits. Natural hyaluronic acid levels are important to the hydration of your skin.

Hyaluronic supplements help the body maintain moisture, which leads to smoother, supple, hydrated skin.

Collagen provides structure to the skin and increases skin elasticity so you can look younger for longer. Together they help combat dull, dry skin and create a more even tone and texture.

Supplementation with hyaluronic acid and collagen helps protect against UV damage and other environmental toxins, leaving your skin looking healthier for longer. 

Can Speed Wound Healing

Another overlooked benefit of hyaluronic acid products and collagen supplements is that they can help speed wound healing.

Studies have shown that taking these two together can help accelerate the healing process after an injury, both externally and internally.

Collagen is essential for the necessary building blocks in tissue repair, while hyaluronic acid plays a significant role in aiding fast wound closure. Both of these compounds play crucial roles in aiding your body’s natural ability to heal.

Soothe Acid Reflux Symptoms

Taking hyaluronic acid and collagen has many benefits, including the ability to help soothe acid reflux symptoms. The naturally occurring proteins offer protection to the delicate linings of the stomach and intestines. They protect against inflammation and irritation, both of which are common complaints associated with acid reflux.

Taking these supplements can help ease any discomforts associated with other digestive issues, such as gas or bloating. Considering how well tolerated these supplements are, in most cases they present an attractive option to help ward off those annoying acid reflux symptoms.

Relieve Dry Eye and Discomfort

Collagen is a key structural element of the eyes. Taking it can help improve the lubrication of your eyes and provide you with relief from bothersome dry eye syndrome. Beyond that, collagen helps to reduce discomfort in the eye area with its skin-healing properties and acts as a protective barrier against irritants.

Studies show that regular supplementation of hyaluronic acid can relieve dry eye syndrome, caused by inadequate production of tears in the eyes, providing comforting relief while also improving circulation. 

Whether you suffer from a chronically dry eye or would simply like to maintain comfortable eyes, these two supplements combined can offer the necessary relief!

The Bottom Line

Do you need to take hyaluronic acid and collagen together? It’s not necessary, but why wouldn’t you combine these two remarkable supplements and reap the amazing health advantages? 

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