Should You Avoid Fermented Foods If You Have Problems with Recurring Intestinal Yeast? – "Ask the Doc"

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Jonathan Hunsaker: On today’s episode of “Ask the Doc,” we’re talking about intestinal yeast and fermented food.
Jonathan Hunsaker here with Organixx. Thanks for tuning in to another installment of “Ask the Doc.” Today’s question is, “If you have problems with recurring intestinal yeast, should you avoid fermented foods?” 
Dr. Daniel Nuzum: Okay, the question is “If you have recurring intestinal yeast issues, should you avoid fermented foods?” 
The answer is no. No, you shouldn’t. You should be consuming fermented foods. 
I’ll tell you why. Fermented foods, especially if you’re consuming them with extra probiotics, fermented foods are perfect prebiotic substances.
So, these are foods that not only set the stage for good digestive health via pH and things like that, they also provide some probiotics themselves, but they are excellent prebiotics for your lactobacilli, your Bifida, your thermophilic, all these other microbes that consume candida as a food source. 
So you want to propagate them. You’ve got to feed them, and you’ve got to take care of them, cultivate those good microbes if they’re going to be able to mount an attack against the fungal yeasts that are growing in your gut.  
You can’t fix an intestinal yeast problem without probiotics. You can kill the yeast, and kill the yeast, and kill the yeast, and kill the yeast, and you’ll keep killing the yeast until you die. It will never go away. I don’t care what antifungal you take, whether it’s natural or pharmaceutical, the fungal infection will always come back. Always, always, always, always. It’s because if you have it to begin with,  it’s because you have the right environment for it to grow in the first place. 
Until you change the internal environment of the body, the fungal forms will always grow in the body. It’s kind of like this. Think of a basement with mold growing in it. Mold needs a wet, cool, dark place to live. Until you put lights in the basement, until you dry up the basement, until you warm up the basement’ it doesn’t matter how many times you bleach the walls, the mold will come back. 
When it comes to fermented foods and yeast, fermented foods are a prebiotic substance. That’s very, very important for the probiotics that you need to be consuming that will oppose the yeast that’s in the gut. 
So, I hope that answers the question here. 

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  1. Ask the Doc. What is a reliable supplier of Moringa capsules? (Organixx doesn’t sell them. They were my first choice.)

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