Can Detoxing Be Dangerous? "Doc Talks" with Dr. Daniel Nuzum

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Jonathan Hunsaker: Can detoxing be dangerous? 
We get asked questions all the time about detoxing, and one of those questions is, “Is detoxing dangerous, and should everybody be detoxing?” Let’s go to Doc Nuzum right now for the answer.
Dr. Daniel Nuzum: The question is, “Is detoxing dangerous?
Well, my question would be in return, is brushing your teeth dangerous? Is going to the bathroom dangerous? Of course not.
Why would you brush your teeth? You’re getting rid of waste that’s building up on your teeth. What happens if the waste accumulates in your teeth? It starts to grow microorganisms, and they eat away at your teeth causing cavities, correct?
Guess what happens with the rest of your digestive tract? The rest of your system—if the rest of your system accumulates waste, microbes grow on that waste also.
But is detoxifying dangerous? No. Can everyone detoxify? No. [Some people are] in such a debilitated state that detoxifying may push them too hard. And so, those folks need to do things to build up their systems, so they should take enzymes, take multivitamins, get green foods in their systems. And when they have some strength, and they’ve regained some of their vitality, then those folks will do very well as they detoxify. As they detoxify, then we get the waste out of the way, and they can absorb the nutrients better. It’s important for them.
Another thing to consider when you’re doing a detox is the order at which you’re doing your detoxification. A lot of times, and I find this amongst the naturopathic community and the chiropractic community, people will do a “liver cleanse” or a “liver flu” first before they do anything else.
The problem with that is, anatomically, your liver flushes into your intestines, and if your intestines haven’t been cleansed, that’s kind of like taking all the garbage—all the garbage cans in your house and emptying them into a full garbage can in your kitchen. And so, what happens is when they purge the liver and cleanse and detoxify the liver, all that waste leaves, goes down to the intestines and gets picked up again and goes right back into the bloodstream.
There’s a sequence, and we’ll be covering sequencing in another video here.
Detoxing is perfectly safe for 99% of the population. But one of the things you need to consider is the intensity of the detox that you’re doing. If you’re doing a laxative-based colon cleanse with coffee enemas and everything all at once, and you’ve never detoxed in your life before this, you’re going to have—you’re going to feel worse before you feel better. And that’s not how it should work.
There need to be grades of detoxification. Gentle detoxing first, and then once you’ve done that once or twice, you can graduate to something a little more intensive. I equate it to going to the gym and trying to keep up with some fitness professional if you’ve never exercised. The results would be similar.
So, I hope that answers your question.
Jonathan Hunsaker: I love Doc’s analogy of is brushing your teeth dangerous? And it’s the same that goes with detoxing. Now, start slowly, do it gently, see how your body reacts, especially if you’ve never done a detox before.
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  1. Thank you for this short video on detoxing. It was very helpful and I’m so glad you are doing these question and answer sessions. Very Helpful!!

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