Should You Take Supplements While Detoxing? "Ask the Doc"

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Jonathan Hunsaker: Welcome, everyone. In today’s episode of Ask the Doc, we’re going to talk about taking a multivitamin while you’re detoxing. Should you do it or shouldn’t you do it?
Welcome, everyone. Jonathan Hunsaker here with Organixx, and I’m joined by my good friend, master formulator, and phenomenal doctor, Dr. Daniel Nuzum. Thanks for joining us today.
Dr. Daniel Nuzum: Glad to be here. Oh, man.
Jonathan Hunsaker: I love this series that we’re doing with you. The feedback we’re getting from home is amazing.
Dr. Daniel Nuzum: Great.
Jonathan Hunsaker: So, today’s question comes from Brock, and he says, “Should I take a multivitamin or other supplement while doing a detox?”
Dr. Daniel Nuzum: Typically, yes. While you’re cleansing and purging, it’s good to replenish. Remember that you need those vitamins and minerals to keep the processes going. You need the machinery to operate properly, right? You want the metabolism operating properly so you can detox efficiently. So yes, you would want to use—replace the nutrients while you’re detoxing. That is important, yes.
Jonathan Hunsaker: Now, we’ve done several other videos on it, but for those that are only watching this video of ours, will you talk for 30 seconds about the quality of the multivitamin and how that matters as well?
Dr. Daniel Nuzum: Absolutely, absolutely. I mean you can get synthetic vitamins that are made from things like petroleum byproducts and cold tar, those types of things that are really cheap. They cost—they literally take waste and extract, synthesize nutrients out of them, and they’re not things that your body can—
Jonathan Hunsaker: They’re just that, they’re waste?
Dr. Daniel Nuzum: They’re waste, exactly, exactly. Or you have something that’s a whole-food, organic, sprouted, fermented with the delivery system and prebiotic, probiotic matrixes and things, all put together as a—one full ticket.
Jonathan Hunsaker: Absolutely. Yeah, thank you for that clarity. It absolutely makes a difference in the quality, not just of the multivitamin, but all supplements. I mean you really get what you pay for.
Dr. Daniel Nuzum: Right.
Jonathan Hunsaker: And that’s a key takeaway. Let’s talk about—because this question, even though I asked it differently, was specifically about our, Organixx’s Detoxx 1 and 2, and taking a multivitamin with that.
Dr. Daniel Nuzum: Correct. Well, when I put Detoxx 1 and 2 together, when we designed that, we actually designed it to work in conjunction with Multi-Vita-Maxx and the OrganiGreens. So, while you were detoxing, you would be fortifying the system with all these nutrients, so you get the garbage out and put the nutrients in, take the waste out, put the good stuff in. that was how we originally designed this.
So yes, by all means, the Multi-Vita-Maxx, the OrganiGreens with Detoxx 1 and 2, they work very, very well together. They’re actually designed to play well together.
Jonathan Hunsaker: Absolutely, perfect. Thank you so much for taking the time.
Listen, the big takeaway here is if you are detoxing, yes, you need to replenish your body with nutrients. And whatever multivitamin you choose, just choose a higher quality one, not the low-end synthetics that are just going to end up in the toilet, they’re not going to do anything for you.
And as always, feel free to check out our Detoxx 1 and 2 and our multivitamin. Everything that Doc has formulated for us, we’ve taken into account all of our supplements to make sure that if you’re taking this, does it work better with that?
Now obviously, I don’t expect you to take every supplement that we create, but they all are designed to work together and play off of each other. And our Detoxx 1 and 2 work really well with our Multi-Vita-Maxx, our Liquid Multi-Vita-Maxx, and our organic OrganiGreens.
So, thank you for watching. Doc, thanks as always for taking the time with us today.
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