The Best Magnesium Supplement For You + Your Body

By Jonathan Hunsaker

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This article discusses emerging/ongoing science and research. It is intended for general informational purposes only. This content is unrelated to products offered by Organixx and does not contain any representations about the performance of such products.

Whether you need an extra boost of energy, or the mineral balance to keep all systems humming, the right magnesium supplement can be the difference between feeling your best and feeling exhausted.

While there are many different forms and types of magnesium available as supplements, it’s important to find the best magnesium supplement that’s the perfect fit for your body and lifestyle.

This article will give insight into the variety of forms and types to help you decide which ones might be the perfect choice to target your health goals.

So, if you’re looking for the best magnesium supplement for your specific needs, read on!

Why is Magnesium Important?

Magnesium is a key mineral playing an important role in keeping us healthy and functioning optimally. It impacts a wide range of processes from the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats to muscle and nerve function and more.

Adding the best magnesium supplement of the highest quality to your daily regime can help combat a magnesium deficiency, providing a number of benefits including better sleep, improved mood, and cognitive capacity.

With magnesium playing such a pivotal role in our health and well-being, taking magnesium supplements can be a great way to give your body the support it needs.

Can We Naturally Acquire More Magnesium?

Although there are multiple forms and types of magnesium supplements readily available that can help boost our magnesium intake, there are also plenty of natural ways to complement your magnesium supplementation to achieve optimal levels!

There are a great number of magnesium-rich foods readily available to us (list provided later). Being sure to increase our intake of magnesium through such foods enhances the quality of our diet which means we are in fact eating healthier.

Did you know that soaking in a relaxing bath can also help you absorb more magnesium? By adding a quality Epsom salt bath product to your bath you can increase your magnesium intake via your skin.

What to Consider Before Using Magnesium

There are a number of factors to consider when taking magnesium supplements.

The kind of supplement you choose may depend on any specific concerns you are addressing and your individual health goals.

It’s beneficial to consider potential side effects with whatever form you choose, as different forms may cause different side effects.

Some forms may cause an upset stomach or nausea if taken on an empty stomach. It’s important to check the individual product label for the best way to use it.

We recommend you consult your doctor before considering any supplement to discuss any possible interactions with other medications or supplements. 

How to Choose a Magnesium Supplement

When selecting the best magnesium supplement, it’s important to consider how much you need and what type is best for you.

Different forms of magnesium supplements all contain varying amounts of magnesium and have different absorption rates in the body.

Some forms are more easily absorbed than others, making them the preferred choice.

Checking the label to determine the amount of magnesium helps ensure you’re getting enough for your needs. While you’re reading that label, look for any hidden additives or fillers. When taking any supplement you want to be sure you’re getting quality!

Another consideration is the delivery method. Some people prefer capsules, while others like powders or even topical applications. 

Magnesium supplements provide an array of benefits such as calming nerves, boosting energy levels, decreasing stress, and reducing muscle cramps.

With careful consideration and a bit of research, finding the best magnesium supplement for your body can make achieving your good health goals easier than ever!

Form of Magnesium

When it comes to your health and well-being, magnesium is a magical mineral. This multi-tasking mineral comes in various forms to support many functions throughout your body.

Each form of magnesium offers its own set of distinct qualities and benefits so it’s important to consider which form is right for your individual situation.

With so many forms of magnesium, you are sure to find the one that best suits your needs! 

Magnesium Oxide

Magnesium oxide is an important mineral supplement, containing both magnesium and oxygen in its molecular structure.

Magnesium oxide has been used for centuries and is known for aiding digestion, reducing inflammation, increasing immunity, improving heart health, and helping the body absorb other vitamins and minerals.

Magnesium oxide also helps to rid the body of toxins and ions that can cause fatigue and reduced performance, making it ideal for athletes or those with an active lifestyle. 

Magnesium oxide has a rather high concentration of magnesium. It’s available in many forms, depending on your own preference or needs.

Whether you prefer to take a powder, tablet, or liquid supplement, you’ll be able to find the one that’s right for you. 

Despite the health benefits, there are some drawbacks. Some users find that taking a large dose of magnesium oxide can cause bloating or gas due to its effects on gut health. 

Taking into consideration these pros and cons, when taken responsibly under medical supervision as well as following consumption guidelines carefully, magnesium oxide can prove to be highly effective! 

Magnesium Citrate

Magnesium citrate is a form of magnesium supplement that is combined with citric acid.

It has many health benefits such as aiding digestion and increasing energy levels, aiding detoxification processes, helping muscle relaxation, bone health, and calming the nervous system.

One of its biggest health advantages lies in its capability to enhance nutrient absorption and hence a greater uptake of the other minerals that are necessary for optimal body functioning.

Magnesium citrate comes in various forms like capsules, tablets, and powder. Its higher absorption rate than other forms of magnesium supplements makes it a popular choice.

Like any supplement, caution must be taken when taking magnesium citrate, especially when combined with certain medications and minerals like calcium or iron which could interfere with its efficacy.

Nevertheless, if taken wisely, magnesium citrate can provide you with much-needed health benefits.

Magnesium Chloride

Magnesium chloride is an interesting compound composed of magnesium and chlorine atoms. It’s often used to treat conditions such as fibromyalgia, depression, epilepsy, and migraines, but it also comes with a wide range of benefits for everyday health.

From improved bone density and reduced inflammation to increased energy levels and improved cognitive performance, magnesium chloride can help regulate the body in remarkable ways.

It’s easily digested and its benefits may include improved sleep quality, muscle relaxation, stronger immunity, balanced electrolytes, and better cognitive performance. 

This form of magnesium supplement is available in different forms like tablets, capsules, liquid, and even topical creams or lotions.

Topical forms of magnesium chloride have been known to reduce symptoms related to inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. 

Magnesium chloride is typically safe and relatively inexpensive when compared to some forms of magnesium supplementing.

Consult with your healthcare provider before taking this form of magnesium as higher doses of magnesium chloride may cause diarrhea or stomach upset.

Magnesium Glycinate

Magnesium glycinate is composed of magnesium and glycine. It’s an effective form of magnesium supplement to take for those who want to address the symptoms associated with magnesium deficiency or simply for overall well-being.

You will find magnesium glycinate in either powdered or capsule form. It’s typically easy to absorb and tolerated, making it a convenient option for most people.

The pros are that it provides great bioavailability as it binds with proteins and doesn’t cause digestive issues such as diarrhea or cramps. 

This form of supplementation costs slightly higher than other forms of magnesium supplements, which can be a factor to consider when budgeting your nutrition plan.

Appropriate Dosage

When considering adding them to your wellness regime, it’s important to know the appropriate dosage to satisfy your magnesium intake. Doses can vary depending on age, as magnesium requirements change over time. 

Some specific health issues may also require higher doses of magnesium than what’s recommended for general health and wellness.

A healthcare provider can help you assess how much your body needs for optimal well-being and can answer any questions about side effects or possible interactions.

Too little magnesium can fail to have an effect, while too much could cause unpleasant side effects such as diarrhea or nausea but generally speaking, the standard amount of magnesium supplementation recommended for adults is 350 mg per day for men and 300mg per day for women. 

Supplement Quality

When researching the best magnesium supplement it’s important to look for several key features that demonstrate the product being of the highest quality.

Make sure you always select supplements that are third-party tested, especially for their strength or potency—this is assurance that what you purchase matches what is stated on the label.

Only buy from companies who manufacture in an FDA-certified facility with GMP (Good Manufacture Practices) as this ensures even higher standards have been met to produce quality products.

Check for reputable certifications, such as USP or NSF certification which provides assurance that products meet strict guidelines and ingredients meet specified standards in regards to identity, strength, and purity.

Types of Magnesium Supplements

With so many people seeing the value in supplementing with magnesium, it’s no surprise that there are different types available to meet different lifestyle needs and preferences.

Let’s take a closer look at the three most popular types of magnesium supplements: powders, capsules, and liquid form. 


When choosing a form of magnesium supplement, the powder offers many advantages—dosage flexibility, quick absorption, and variety as to which drinks or foods to add it to.

Magnesium powders are generally taken by adding the powder to drinks like water or juice, although they can also be sprinkled on top of food or mixed into recipes like smoothies or oatmeal.


Magnesium capsules are an excellent and convenient way to supplement with magnesium. Easy to take, you can swallow them whole or open them up and add them to smoothies and other foods for a boost of minerals without any strange tastes or gritty texture. 


Magnesium liquid supplements are an easy and effective way to reap the benefits of this important mineral!

With just one tablespoon of this supplement, you can get 100mg of magnesium with no unpleasant pills or capsules to swallow.

It can be taken directly or mixed into a favorite drink and provides quick relief from magnesium deficiency symptoms such as cramps, headaches, poor sleep quality, and low energy levels. Highly absorbable, your body can take advantage of this particular form right away.

Magnesium-Rich Foods

It’s easy to incorporate magnesium into your diet in many flavorful and delicious ways! This essential mineral can be found in plenty of different foods. Some of the best sources are:

  • whole grains such as oats, quinoa, and brown rice
  • dark green vegetables like spinach and swiss chard
  • legumes such as edamame, soybeans, black beans, kidney beans, and lentils
  • nuts and seeds like almonds, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, and cashews
  • certain types of seafood like tuna or salmon
  • avocados

Adding just one serving of these flavorful magnesium-rich choices into your diet can make a big impact!

Should I Take Magnesium Supplements?

Magnesium is vital to the overall health and functionality of the human body. With the added stresses, demands, and lifestyle choices of society today, magnesium deficiency is steadily on the rise.

If you’re looking for a way to help with fatigue, muscle aches and pains, or even strengthen bones, magnesium could be the key.

Taking magnesium supplements may also lead to better sleep patterns, mental health, and improved cognitive functioning.

The best way to find out if magnesium supplements are right for you is to have a conversation with your doctor. The best magnesium supplement for you is a well-researched one!

Are There Side Effects of Taking Magnesium Supplements?

Taking a magnesium supplement could be a great way to ensure that your body has enough magnesium to stay healthy and perform at its best!

However, there can be some possible side effects you should be aware of at the onset of supplementation such as mild digestive issues, low blood pressure, and headaches. This is usually due to taking too much at the start.

Make sure you check with your doctor before beginning any supplement regimen so that they can advise you on the best type and how much magnesium is appropriate for your individual needs.

With proper guidance and monitoring, taking magnesium supplements is a safe and effective way to increase your magnesium.

The Bottom Line

We’ve provided you with lots of information to help you confidently select the best magnesium supplement for you and your body. That being said there’s a lot more about magnesium to be explored.

You’ll find more great tips and resources on our Health and Nutrition BLOG to add to what you’ve read here. Want to be as confident about the actual supplements? Then, head on over to our magnesium product page where you’re guaranteed every product is a quality one! 

Magnesium deficiency is linked to stress, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, anxiety, trouble sleeping, sore muscles, migraines, and many more debilitating health conditions.

If your body needs magnesium, you want the most beneficial kind your body can actually absorb. Organixx Magnesium 7 gives you seven (7) of the very best, most bioavailable types of elemental magnesium available.

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