What is Your Lymphatic System, What Does it Do, and Why Supporting it is Critical

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Today, I’m going to share with you a very broad overview of your lymphatic system and all of the different tissue, organs, and elements involved in keeping this really, really important immune and detox process working optimally.

So, your lymphatic system is a network of vessels and organs that help balance your fluid. They help defend and support your body against an infection – so, any type of foreign invader, be it a pathogen or a virus or a bacteria – and the lymphatic system actually helps transport fat from your digestive process.

And I’m going to share with you, I’m a lymphatic specialist. That’s really a core part of my practice, working with individuals who have dysfunctions and disorders of the lymphatic system. So, this is a very, very broad view. I usually deep dive into this, but I’m really trying to keep it in a way that it’s going to give you a broad overview of all the different organs and ways the lymphatics support you. And then I’m going to share with you some tips on how to support it.

Your Lymphatic System Helps Your Immune System Fight Invaders

The lymphatic system also is a huge part of your immune system. And what it does is it actually helps to notify your system, notify your body, that there’s a foreign invader, and then it triggers this whole process to fight off the foreign invader. And it does this through the structure of the lymphatic system.

So, the lymphatic system has lymph vessels, very similar to your capillaries or your vascular vessels, but the lymphatic system is a lot thinner and it’s even more fragile, and there’s no pumping mechanism to the lymphatic system.

So, the heart pumps the cardiovascular system, but there’s no internal pump, specifically, to the lymphatic system. The arterial pressure from your vascular system, there’s a webbing, a connection, and that is the only thing that really forces things into the lymphatic system from a pumping mechanism. But externally, that’s one of the reasons why a lot of folks’ lymphatic systems get sluggish and get bogged down. We actually have to do things to motivate that system. They also, these little vessels, they are transporting white blood cells.

Swollen Lymph Nodes & Healthy vs. Unhealthy Lymph Fluid

They are also responsible for transporting the fluid of the lymphatic system, and we call it “lymph fluid.” And that lymph fluid, healthy fluid is going to be a kind of white, milky substance, very similar to like a watered-down yogurt. A congested lymph fluid is going to be thick and dense like cottage cheese. And when we’re talking about the lymphatic system… like the biggest vessel is as thick as a pen tip, you’ve got a cottage cheese consistency, it’s hard to get that moving.

So, those vessels connect into lymph nodes, these are lymph filters, so they filter lymphatic fluids. So, sometimes we’ll have swollen lymph nodes, because we’ve got thick lymph. And we also will get swollen lymph nodes because the white blood cells get powered up and we have lymphocytes. And we have certain lymph cells that respond to an invader that the lymph has notified the body is in existence.

The Role of the Spleen, Thymus Gland, and Bone Marrow

Then an organ that is connected to this whole process is your spleen. The spleen is a blood filter, but it also houses a lot of your lymphatic vasculature[1], meaning you have the lymph will notify, via foreign invader, and then the spleen starts to get engaged where the spleen removes damaged red blood cells. It also is going to try to remove foreign substances. So, I’ve had patients, and even myself, where you have a foreign invader and your spleen gets enlarged because the spleen is getting activated. So, part of that enlargement is an immune response, and it’s a lymphatic response mechanism.

And then we also have the thymus gland. So, that sits right here in between your chest, right at your breastbone. And the thymus is responsible for producing T-cells.[2] So, these are a particular form of white blood cells that fight infection. So, when the lymph notifies the body that there’s this foreign invader, things start to happen. The lymph nodes start to expand. We get white blood cell count that increases, spleen starts to get engaged, and then the thymus starts sending out the attack cells. So, that gets involved in the fight of an infection, or a bacterial exposure, or a viral invasion.

And then we have your bone marrow. So, the bone marrow sits inside your bone. It’s this kind of spongy tissue, and it creates new blood cells. And part of the new kind of cells it creates are lymphocytes. And these lymphocytes are a particular type of white blood cell and, specifically, are responsive to this immune state of an invasion, an infection, and they are going to be invigorated. So, it’s not uncommon when people get really sick that they do a bone marrow tap, and that’s to assess what’s going on with the lymphocytes, what’s going on with new blood cells.

And so overall, your lymphatic system is part of your capacity, your body’s own innate system to identify foreign invaders, and it will identify foreign bacteria or a harmful substance – maybe a yeast, a fungus, a Lyme-carrying bacteria, whatever it is, it gets invigorated. And so that’s one part of the lymphatic system.

Transporting Fat & Fat-Soluble Vitamins

The other part that is less noteworthy is that it transports fat, and it also picks up fat from the digestive process. And it does this through this whole transport mechanism. And it also carries fat-soluble vitamins from the digestive system to the blood.

And this is really important because a lot of times when I’m working with patients that have reduction or a deficiency in fat-soluble vitamins, we need to address their lymphatic system. And it’s kind of a thought process or counterproductive to thinking that the lymphatic system is going to be a transport mechanism for vitamins, but it is.

How to Encourage Lymphatic Flow in Your Body

And it becomes really important that you look at doing things to move the flow. You can move and support your lymphatic flow by dry skin body brushing, by jumping on a rebounder, and gentle exercise, and getting your body sweating. Those are all powerful ways to support your lymphatic system gently.

And I have a whole bunch of great resources here in our catalog of blog articles where you can find out certain foods to eat, and even we have a great cleanse product that supports your lymphatic system. So, I really hope you check that out and think about everyday assorted ways of motivating your lymphatic system, because it is so important.

So, I’m excited to share with you just a broad overview of your lymphatics 101 and hope you understand a little bit more about this really important, often neglected, system. So, that’s my tip for you today. Just really love on your lymphatics and do things to motivate that flow, to support your fluid balance, enhance your immune state, and help you detox your body.

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6 Healthy Tips for a Low-Tox Lifestyle

Video Transcript:

Today, I’m going to share with you six very powerful ways to live a lymphatic healthy lifestyle. If you wondered why this is important, really choosing what we consider low-tox lifestyle is going to help reduce your exposure to an assortment of toxins, pathogens, chemicals, and pollutants that overload your body and can lead to disease. These tips are meant to keep you healthy, and they’re meant to help support your very powerfully working lymphatic system, which keeps you healthy and well.

#1 – Eat Clean

Tip number one is to eat organic clean foods, clean veggies, and clean fruits, and even clean animal proteins, choosing grass-fed, grass-fed that has no pesticides, herbicides, or insecticides, and foods that are not GMO, as well as foods that do not have an assortment of toxins and chemicals inside that fruit or vegetable.

A lot of our veggies and fruit are very susceptible to the skin to absorbing toxins. When there’s certain sprays happening at the very large conventional farms, they’re spraying fruits and veggies with toxins. And then it doesn’t matter how much you clean the outside of that fruit or vegetable, it is going to impact and create toxicity within your body.

Same with the protein. Be aware of what type of protein you’re consuming, how it’s being fed, and particularly minimizing the amount of toxins that that animal has been exposed to or had injected inside of it is going to be really key.

#2 – Use Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

Now, number two, I recommend choosing natural cleaning products. So many of us spend a lot of time every day, every week, every month, and every year cleaning – cleaning our homes, our school, work environment. We clean our cars and even our animals and our homes outside. A lot of the cleaning products are very, very toxin dense. There’s a lot of toxic chemicals and assorted really hard-to-pronounce chemicals that you do not want to be exposed to.

You don’t want the exposure inhalation. You don’t want the exposure on your hands or skin, and we definitely don’t want to have that be consumed by your body in any way, because the chemicals in a lot of natural cleaning products can overload our body, can create excess estrogens, and it can create a situation where we have a sluggish lymphatic system, which then bogs down our natural immune response mechanism and our detox process. Making sure you’re reaching for green, clean products are really key.

I actually recommend checking out an app that you can download by EWG (Environmental Working Group). As you’re shopping, you can use your phone and scan the barcode of certain cleaning products – actually, you can scan foods, too – and it’ll give you a scale of what type of toxins are in it. Green is good. You want to be scanning things that are green. You might even want to do an analysis of what is in your cleaning cabinet and see there might be a lot of those items that are overwhelmingly toxic and you’re not even aware of. Be aware of the label of “natural.” There’s no regulation over that label. Even if you’re choosing things that are natural, do still check it and review the ingredients for toxicity factors.

#3 – Use Non-Toxic Personal Care Products

Number three is going to be reassessing your personal care products. Very similar to the cleaning products, personal care products like makeup, skincare, body care, hair care, perfumes, assorted things that you’re using every day or you’re using to brush your teeth, and really anything that you’re putting on your skin or on your body, even nail polish, can have an assortment of exposure points in terms of toxic chemicals and pollutants. The chemicals that really are going to be very common here are things called phthalates and perfumes or parfums, fragrance. Those are two key elements that you want to be aware of and really eliminate from your daily lifestyle.

We know that the phthalates and perfumes and even certain dyes, they are linked to cancer and they cause cancer. Those toxins overburden an assortment of your detox organs, particularly, most notably are your lymphatic system – the lymphatic vessels and the vasculature of your lymphatic system. Being aware of that, choosing more clean products, choosing healthier, more environmentally friendly, and things that are notable in terms of the EWG. You can scan your beauty care products as well.

#4 – Limit EMF Exposure

Now, another thing that might not be considered is to really limit your EMFs (electric and magnetic fields)[1]. This is your exposure to cell phone use, Wi-Fi, laptop, any of the electronics that are in the home, and even microwaves fall in this category. There’s a certain amount of radiation exposure that we have. Some of it’s milder than others, but just being aware of that can affect the way your body is moving the lymphatic process.

#5 – Drink Clean Water

Also, number five on our list is filtering your water. We drink water every day. Water is an essential requirement for us to live, and a lot of us are having an exorbitant amount of chemical exposure in our water.

If you are consuming water from the tap – so your city, county water source, guaranteed there are going to be things like chlorine, chloramines, fluoride, even birth control pill and statin drugs have been found in water. You want to really filter your water in a robust way.

In our household, we use the Berkey water filtration system. It’s very simple. It’s this big kind of tub that I fill up basically every day. We water ourselves, so we consume water, and we also give this water to our animals. We have dogs and we have these cute little Chilean degus that my son has, and all of them are consuming healthier water.

Water is really key because all of the chlorine and the fluoride that is put in the pipes and tubes of your county, city, municipality water sources, they offset the iodine receptivity in your body. A lot of thyroid imbalances can be offset by filtering your water, but also that helps minimize the burden on your lymphatic system.

#6 – Breathe Clean Air

And last and final is choosing cleaner air. Clean air is really critical. If you live in a city like we do, we actually have clean air warnings. They’ll be orange and red, depending on how hot it is and the amount of smog that’s in the air and you can see it, but also we need clean air in our home environment, our work environment, and for our kids and our school environment.

Consider investing in a good air filtration process. HEPA filters, there are charcoal filters, and we also can see UV filtration process really help minimize the pollutants and toxic chemicals that are in your home environment. One of the things folks don’t realize is a lot of our everyday use items like our couches and our cabinets and our furniture, even our beds off-gas. The off-gassing of toxic chemicals is extremely harmful. If you are sleeping in your bedroom and you’re absorbing all of this from your bed that’s oozing the toxic chemical debris, filtering your air minimizes that. It just lowers the toxicity points throughout your whole entire day.

Reduce Toxins & Support Your Natural Detoxification Processes

All of these, collectively, will help lower your toxic burden. Ultimately, we want to really eliminate that exposure to toxic chemicals and pollutants and really power up your body’s natural detox process, not burden it. The key here is it’s just lifting off some of the really important things that can unburden your body and I know you’re going to feel a lot better. When you practice all six of these in full utility, you’re going to notice a big difference in how you breathe, how your body processes, and how you feel. I’m excited to share these six tips for you.

Organixx Cleanse & Detoxx is a two-step formula that provides a gentle yet powerful full-body detox using organic botanical ingredients. Naturally purge your body of toxins, chemicals, free radicals, heavy metals, waste, as well as bacteria, and pesticides. Easily cleanse your colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, and lymphatic system resulting in increased energy, and better digestion with more nutrient absorption, in addition to improved immunity, mental clarity, and overall health and wellbeing.

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How to Improve Your Memory & Stave Off Cognitive Decline

Video Transcript:

I’m so excited to share with you an amazing memory and brain supportive kit that we have available for you, that combines two of our most powerful and potent brain health and neuro-supportive supplementation, all in one kit – and it combines Brain Health 8 [formerly Ageless Brain] with 7 Mushrooms.

These individually are very powerful for supporting your brain health. Collectively, they are a dynamic duo to help enhance your mental acuity, help you recall and have better memory, especially if you find you can’t remember where you put your keys or even sometimes how you got home driving because of the brain distraction and brain fog. What I love about blending the Brain Health 8, plus 7 Mushrooms, is we are going to be targeting several different things collectively.

Increase Antioxidant Levels by Crossing the Blood-Brain Barrier

One, we’re going to be focusing on increasing antioxidant levels to your brain. The supplementation, the actual ingredients in here, are capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier, which is very powerful and unique in that this is how we appropriately support our brain’s health with supplementation. Not all supplements have that capacity. So in combination, we’re going to be delivering good nutritional support, both by Brain Health 8 and 7 Mushrooms.

Add Neuro Anti-Inflammatories

The other thing that we’re going to be doing is we’re going to be adding a lot of good, healthy neuro anti-inflammatories. So we have a focus on antioxidants, but also conversely, are going to be lowering the inflammatory levels within the brain.

And one of the things that we see is a lot of brain health challenges, the root of imbalance is both gut-related and inflammation-related. So, these have the capacity to help support your gut, but also specifically are going to support your brain health.

And I love that because we are going to enhance blood flow to the brain. We’re going to support your neurons and the actual communication pathways in our brain. The synapses and the assorted cells that need to be charged up and enhanced, they will greatly be supported by this supplementation. There is maximum bioavailability with our supplementation, and it helps us to deliver your brain the right nutrition to support brain cell rejuvenation.

Support Brain Health with Supplementation

So, I’m going to share with you a few things that I love, specifically about Brain Health 8. So, Brain Health 8 has an assortment of supplementation that are known and researched for supporting brain health and enhancing neuron functionality.

Camu camu is a very powerful supplement that you’re going to find here in Brain Health 8, as well as cat’s claw and Pau D’Arco. I love these for enhancing memory. Really, they’re great at supporting when we have memory loss or failures of recall. Now that can classify as brain fog, and it can also help support folks that have had maybe loss of blood flow or oxygen flow to the brain – this could be from a cardiac event, or it could be a stress or trauma, a traumatic brain injury. Small falls, minor injuries can lead to brain trauma.

And what we see as enhanced blood flow, we can get that cellular turnover. And that’s one of the powerful things here at Organixx is Brain Health 8 has the capacity all on its own to support your brain health and help enhance acuity.

Pair with Functional Mushrooms to Improve Sleep

Now, when we couple it up with 7 Mushrooms, this is our powerful mushroom blend, our functional mushrooms all combined in one that are going to add in co-factors like B6 and manganese and other micronutrients that our brain needs for power. These collectively will help decrease stress and anxiety. They help to balance our neurotransmitter health and will encourage restful sleep, which in turn, nourishes the brain and helps the glymphatics flow appropriately. And if you’re curious about what the glymphatics are, actually I have a YouTube video that you can delve way more deeply into this process of rejuvenation and cellular detoxification that occurs at night only when we’re sleeping. So, enhancing restful sleep helps your brain detoxify.

Literally, we have this process and we know that supplementation like Brain Health 8 and 7 Mushrooms are going to be helpful in enhancing not just sleep function and the glymphatic function, but also will power-up and energize your brain, your body, and supports your nerve function. And I really love that because certain mushrooms like cordyceps and reishi are very brain-focused, and we see a lot of clinical data that supports that enhancement of our brain function.

Counter Cognitive Decline as You Age

And as a Naturopathic Physician in my clinical practice, it’s not uncommon for me to see patients in their 40s and 50s with declining memory and declining brain function. And that might register simply as brain fog or a loss of sense of taste and smell. It may even be presenting as neuropathy or imbalances in our muscular functionality, but all of it’s centered in our brain. And even hormonal imbalance is brain-oriented.

So, if you have any family history, like myself, where we have family members who’ve had dementia or Alzheimer’s, and you’re really, really cognizant and wanting to support your brain health, this Memory and Focus Kit with 7 Mushrooms and Brain Health 8 will greatly help you prevent any type of brain-related inflammation, helps enhance brain cell turnover, and ultimately is going to help you power-up and bolster-up your brain.

So, I’m really excited to share this kit with you. This is such a great way to have these two things together. You can sign up and subscribe and automatically have these shipped to you every month. So, you don’t even have to remember or recall as these supplements are starting to take effect. You can auto-ship it, and you’ll be getting your brain supportive, your Focus & Memory Kit, in the mail every month.

So, I hope you click on the link down below. And I’m excited to hear all about how well your brain function and neurons are firing up and powering your body and your life.

Brain Health 8 and 7 Mushrooms from Organixx: When you combine these two powerful supplements together, you get a synergistic effect that gives your brain the nutrients needed to support optimum memory, focus, and clarity.

Memory & Focus Kit