Nightshade Allergy & Ashwagandha – "Ask the Doc"

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Dr. Daniel Nuzum: Okay, for those of you that have nightshade issues, that have bad responses to nightshades; ashwagandha is a type of potato, yes. It is a nightshade.
The fruit isn’t what we’re using. We’re using the root. But in our extracts the root has been fermented, or we’re using specific extracts – the withanolides – that we’re pulling out of the ashwagandha plant.
So, what you’re getting in our extracts isn’t exactly like a normal ashwagandha extract. You’re not getting an ashwagandha concentrate or something like that. And it’s not just encapsulated ashwagandha, either.
So, we have specific compounds that we’re extracting for our ashwagandha extract, and then we also have fermented ashwagandha root that we’re using in our formulas.
So, it is very different. I haven’t clinically had any patients that have had issues with this. So, I hope that helps.

Ashwagandha is a powerful adaptogenic herb with many researched benefits. It is an ingredient in several Organixx products including T-Plexx which supports healthy testosterone production.
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