10 Ways To Make Your Life Easier in 2022

By Dr. Melissa Gallagher, Naturopathic Physician

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Video Transcript:

Today, I’m going to share with you 10 easy, easy ways to make your life simpler in the new year. This is really critical because we’re going to talk about how to automate your life and put it on autopilot. A lot of those daily, weekly, and monthly tasks that take time sometimes end up costing you more money and take up a lot of energetic space. One of the interesting things when I have started researching about automations for my own personal need to automate my life more, it is really crazy that, every day, the average individual makes 35,000 decisions. That’s a lot. And so if you can take off many of those really important decisions, like paying your bills and feeding your body and cleaning your home and all these other really key things, it will actually save you a ton of time and release a lot of the everyday stress that you experience in running your household and managing your life. So let’s dig into our 10 tips.

Number 1: Automate Your Banking

Number one is to set up autopay. This is auto banking. It can be auto payments with your bills. Really, really focus on all the bills and people you’re paying on a weekly, monthly basis, automate it as much as you can, because those automations also come with the ability to check off and get an e-bill. So you have less mail, less paper, and less chance or risk of losing a bill. Particularly medical bills fall into that category. Many clinics, you can have an auto bill set up where you pay your co-pay and even on the back end, they’ll charge you so that you don’t have to worry about a random bill coming in and getting lost in the mail. But that automation and mail actually takes up a lot mental clutter. So eliminating that will not only be great for your credit score and keep finances above board, but it just eases a lot of the financial stress that we all experience from time to time.

Number 2: Automate Your Home

Number two is to automate your home. This is where a lot of the Alexa and the auto set pre-settings that you can create with Wi-Fi and electronics in your home, security, all the different features like your coffee makers and your washing machines and your dishwashers, your lawn maintenance, all of the things that can be automated – look at making a list and either investing in time to set that up or plan on buying some of those more upgraded automation technology pieces to add to your air conditioner so you can preset. This is where I’m really excited because this is stuff I’ve researched a lot in the past, is there are amazing ways for you to save money by simply automating your thermostat.

So the temperature thermometer, the little piece that goes on your air conditioner and your heaters, if you guys have air conditioners, some folks live in climates where they still don’t have air conditioning. But if you have that, if you set up that smart home smart thermostat, you can actually change the settings throughout the day. You can change your setting when you are at home and when you’re away and when you’re back at home. You can have different settings for weekends. It’s really amazing. And the new home that we moved into here in Texas, while it’s not new, it’s very automated. And we’ve spent a lot of time learning these features. And I have found it saves us a lot time. And again, mind space is really critical. Just easing the stress, knowing things are automatically working and functioning without you having to take action which, again, leads to those 35,000 decisions that we make every day.

Number 3: Automate Your Grocery Shopping

Number three has to do with automating your groceries, your food shopping, the consumables that you are usually buying on a monthly basis, or sometimes many folks are buying every two weeks or weekly. I want to share with you the automation of grocery shopping is amazing when it comes down to time and money savings. One of the benefits, if you will, of the changes with the pandemic is that a lot of people switched to automating their grocery shopping. So that allows you to make sure that you’re consuming a lot of your staples. You can have preset lists that you just click on, stores like Target and all of the major grocery stores, and even some of the smaller natural stores, where you’re going to find more of your organic, healthier, fair, have grocery delivery services, grocery pickup services. And there are also online vendors where you can have set lists, grocery lists, grocery items that will be automatically created and either shipped to you or delivered to you.

The automation of the grocery list, I want to share with you an amazing tool and it’s an app on your phone and it is called Instacart. And Instacart is amazing. And I’ve seen this go from two or three grocery stores in the last three years to now even pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens are online. Sam’s and Costco are on here. This will save you massive amounts of time. And time is really critical. Time allows you to invest in yourself, in your family, you can even have a side hustle. Time to me is not just money, it is an infinite value that is often hard for people to gain more of. And automating your grocery list also will save you money because, if you’re like me, I love to go to the grocery store and find new things. And especially like a Target or, God forbid, I go to an Aldi or a Trader Joe’s, which I’m notorious on my YouTube channel, I do Aldi hauls and Trader Joe’s hauls.

But since I’ve been online shopping and doing my “Instacarting,” I have greatly reduced the amount of impulse buys, which is really critical. And I want to share with you just in this year alone, I have saved on Instacart $539.80. Now you might ask, “How does that happen?” Because they also calculate how many hours you’ve saved in shopping, which is amazing. But one of the great things that I find with Instacart is you can also add in-store sales, store coupons, and manufacturing coupons are often accessible. That is a great way for you to save, but also stays zeroed-in on those items on your everyday, weekly, monthly grocery list. So that’s a really, really important tip.

Number 4: Try an Automated Meal Kit Service

Number four is very similar and synonymous with the automation of your grocery list. But to also look at automated meal kit delivery services. HelloFresh, Plated are really great services where they give you all of the items with a recipe and you are ready to go. It’s a really good way to also add in variety. You can pick and choose the different types of meals and kits that you want to have, there are steam kits and things like that. But that is a really wonderful way to you add in vegetables and good wholesome items while also introducing you and your family to different food groups.

I have found that the average patient that I work with is only consuming between 20 and 30 varieties of foods. For our digestive health, we need greater. We want to have 70, 100 different foods that we’re consuming on a weekly basis to add to the variety of nutritional, nutritional properties – nutrients, vitamins, enzymes – but also from a prebiotic and probiotic perspective, the variety of our food, eating a rainbow and eating all different types of foods, like different types of mushrooms and different varieties of vegetables and greens will help to support our gut health.

Number 5: Look for Subscribe & Save Programs

All right, so number five. I want to share with you one of my amazing money and time savers. And it is looking at subscription services. This is a really broad category and really suits all different types of folks that are buying daily, weekly, and monthly staples. These subscription services are often called subscribe and save (S&S), and they essentially allow you to one, never run out, which saves you time having to run last minute to the store, which often if you haven’t eaten food, you’re more likely to buy more items that are going to not necessarily be things that you traditionally consume, you’re deviating from your grocery list, and it allows you to constantly stock the core essentials. So basic necessities like toilet paper, bath soap, batteries, all sorts of everyday items, cotton swabs, Q-tips, we’ll find pantry items, staples like organic and gluten-free pastas are beneficial.

And it also will cover batteries, diapers, baby formula of all different types. We find pet food items can be shipped, like by Chewy. So think about assessing where in the catalog of subscription services that can cater to reducing the time you need to be buying and taking time to gather those items. Now, this also applies to supplements. And I’m a huge fan of the subscribe and save programs when it comes to supplements because I’m a practitioner, I really encourage my patients to have compliance. Meaning I want them to follow my protocols and sometimes I’ll have supplements in those protocols. And generally, a protocol for me will be a three- to six-month process. And if I’m trying to set up my patient to succeed and to help them be successful in the transition or supporting their body and the nutritional deficiencies or whatever it is that we’re trying to zero in on and resolve, I need them to be consistent.

And so subscribe and save programs, when it comes to supplementation, is really amazing. [Note: Offer has expired. Learn how to save here.] And I am very excited to share with you that – today only – we’re running here at Organixx a really amazing subscribe and save special. So a subscribe and save sale is today. And it is a boost to our normal subscribe and save program. So essentially, our S&S program, our subscribe and save program, you are going to automatically receive a 15% discount on all your items that you purchase. That includes our oils, skincare and the entire supplement program, as well as powders like the collagen, which I always recommend. So make sure you add that to your automated list. But really importantly, there’s always free shipping and you get priority stock. So essentially, if we are running low on inventory, you’re going to have priority shipment of that. That also helps us as a manufacturer and a distributor of our products make sure that we’re keeping the right inventory levels. So we never run out nor will you.

So, today only, if you initiate your first subscribe and save order, we’re adding an extra 10% off today’s order.

Avoid Progress Setbacks by Subscribing

So, I hope you’ll add that to your list because, again, when it comes to you being successful in the new year, part of it is maintaining the routine of supplementation and implementing a lot of these recommendations here on this video I’m providing for you. But critically, it allows you to never deviate. And what I find is, if patients run out, the likelihood of them reinvigorating that product, that space and time, either they’ve got to run out to the store… which, by the way, you run out to the store, you’re going to buy more than the supplement, I know for sure, that’s just human nature.

And the other part of it is you’ve got a gap that is going to cause a dip in your progress. So we want a momentum of progress that is compounding. If you have a space or a gap in between, we’re going to see a setback. And I do not want any of you who are receiving all the amazing benefits of our Organixx product line to have setbacks. So make sure you take advantage of this awesome sale.

But also, I want you to make a note, think about all the different items that you stock in your house that you need, maybe even for work. I got into this whole automation first with my profession, and it’s a long story, but essentially, I had some patients that were really great “couponers” and really savvy individuals that were using credit card points and all these other things. And subscribe and save programs were just kicking off. This is before Instacart, before a lot of the meal delivery services. That’s how long it’s been.

But it really got me thinking about, “How can I maximize my time? How can I save money and ensure we don’t run out of toilet paper or the basics that end up driving you to the store?” And as an owner of three dogs, we used to run out of dog food all the time. And Brian, my husband, would never tell me we’re running low and I would be at the store out and about, I could have gotten dog food. So it just saves you that stress and it saves you that time. And so you’re not having to run out and spend more money and save. So that’s really critical. Saving is amazing when we are looking at subscription services.

Number 6: Automate Your Pet Care

Okay. So number six segues into the whole fiasco we had found ourselves in with dog food, but you can automate your dog or your pet care. So dogs, cats, we have some rodents in our family, any of the animals, and even big animals. So I have friends that own livestock, birds, and geese, and chickens. There are automatic feeders that you can set up. You can automate your feeding, you can automate your water dispensers and all those things that are actively going to take your time on a daily basis. But also you can automate the purchasing of the food and the supplies. Chewy is a really great one for dogs. But even our vet, when we are looking at sometimes in the summer we’ll add some medication for them. One of our dogs has an issue with the environment and I don’t want it to be every month throughout the year, but I pepper it in. Well, I automate my prescription. And it also limits me having to take them to the vet. So if it’s automatic, it saves time and saves money, and will ensure that you guys are not running out grabbing dog food at the last minute.

Number 7: Automate Your Plant Care

Now, number seven, also, for the things that we care for, you can automate your plant care. And again, there are some subscription services here when it comes to plant services, but I want to really zero in on plant watering. We have multiple green thumbs in our family. And so we don’t have a problem with a lot of our plants not being watered or having challenges. But a lot of friends, and I’ve had family, that chronically will forget to feed and water their plant. You can set up the little auto feeders, it’s like a little bulb, they call them watering bulbs. They’re really pretty. They look like glass, fill them up and stick it in and that’ll distribute water to your plant and the roots very evenly over several weeks. So if you have a black thumb or feel like you can’t have an assortment of green plants in your house, think about that automation as a way for you to allow plants in to help clean your air and to oxygenate and filter your air in your home. I love that.

Number 8: Put Cleaning on Autopilot

Okay. So number eight, this is a game-changer and it’s an automatic vacuum cleaner, like the iRobot or any type of robotic vacuum cleaner. Now, they’re even the vacuum cleaners that they communicate with each other and there’s even these new automations where they’ll have these like vacuum suction type of things. This is really amazing. The “set it and forget it” mentality, that’s the name of my game. I want to be able to automate everything. And again I mentioned we have three dogs, we have a lot of fur. We have a lot of pet dander. And clean air, the quality of our air is really critical.

And so if you live in an area where you maybe don’t have a lot of good ventilation or your air quality is poor, or you find that you hate vacuuming, like I do, set up an iRobot. You can have it in multiple rooms. You can have it in multiple floors. The automation of the iRobot is amazing, and it is so smart. All you have to do is set it up, plug it in, and the first kind of sweep, it sets that whole perimeter. It knows your whole house with the whole setting. If you change furniture, it’ll figure that out. And then it goes bleep-bleep-bleep and then it knows it’s run out of battery. And it goes back into the dock and charges itself. It’s seriously amazing. Game-changer. And we never have to deal with fur all over our house. It’s always running and has saved us, me, a lot of time.

Number 9: Automate Your Life Further with Apps

Okay. So number nine. I want to share with you something that’s really amazing on your phone. So you can use automation apps on your phone that will help you automate your life further. One of my favorite ones is called Tasker and another is called Workflow. And this segues into the business of our house and our household. And you can even use this in your work life. But these are really great apps on your phone that you can access that will trigger reminders and things like that.

Number 10: Use Your Calendar to Remind You

And my last and final is to actually prompt yourself with calendar reminders on your phone. So I’m still old school. I still like a paper calendar. I have several. I have a pocket one. I have one up here in my office. So the act of writing it down for me zeros it in and it locks it in my head.

But I also am running around a lot and need reminders on my phone. So I will pair up when I sit down to write out when Gabriel’s off on school and different days that I might be traveling for work or whoever’s birthdays and anniversaries, there’s just too many dates. Sometimes I forget things. Automating it will help you feel less stressed about, “Did I forget Mom’s birthday, or my parents’ anniversary, or doctor’s appointments?” Or even follow-up doctor’s appointments, meaning, “Oh, you need to set up that appointment.” Well, put a timer that maybe you need to call your doctor’s office two months ahead of schedule to get the appointment when you need it.

This also qualifies for labs. I know a lot of patients that are on medications that need to be monitored. Don’t rely on your doctor’s office to automate their appointments or ensure… Basically, what I’m saying is make sure that you are taking the onus on that follow-up. And so that lab visit or that schedule that you need to set up with your accountant or whomever that sets up as an auto reminder for the task to call and set up that appointment. So that’s an even deeper way to automate your life.

But these 10 tips will save you lots and lots of time and money and create more open brain, emotional space that allows you to live a healthier, easier, happier life this coming year.

So, I’m curious to see which of these do you automatically have set, what have you automated, what are you thinking about automating? Or maybe you’re inspired to follow any one of these tips. So, let us know. I’d love to hear from you. And thanks. Happy New Year!

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Dr. Melissa Gallagher, Naturopathic Physician
Dr. Melissa Gallagher, Naturopathic Physician, holds a Masters in Holistic Nutrition and a Doctorate of Naturopathy. In addition to providing expert guidance to Organixx, Dr. Melissa maintains a busy private practice in Texas. Her primary focus is working with individuals addressing digestive disorders, hormone balance, detoxification therapies, and primary and secondary lymphedema cases through lymphatic decongestive treatments.


  1. I agree with Barbara & George. I especially agree abt EMF's. Even if some people prefer automation, I've read more often that EMF's are bad for our health. This is only going to expand but I am going to try to protect myself from it as much as possible. I am surprised that you advocate automation since you are in the health field. What about proof that EMF's are safe--or not.

    • Hi Shirley, I agree with you, unnatural EMF pollution is not good for us. Please read more about it in our blog article here. https://bit.ly/3fkkFvH However, we do understand that while most people are aware of the dangers/risks they still use automation in their day to day lives to some extent. Especially via cell phones. Hopefully, this article by Dr. Melissa will be helpful to that demographic. In the article I posted above we do go over some ways to "break free" from the digital cell phone addiction which is one of the biggest ways that we are being exposed to unnatural EMF's. I am happy to hear that you are doing all you can to protect yourself from unnatural EMF exposure. As we all should try to fit protection into our everyday routines as well. We would love to hear some of the ways that you are doing this. I am sure it would be helpful to our readers as well. Thank you for taking the time to have this conversation. Learning through research and conversations like this is beneficial to all. :) Enjoy your day!

  2. What percent of referral money are you getting from each of these companies - you know if you’re legitimately “licensed” in any way this conflict of interest could delicense you pretty quickly… not just from natural organic farmers market community but as a mail order racketeer!!!

    • Hi, Surveyor Monitor. Thank you for your comments. As you may know, Organixx is a privately owned company and does not generally share financial information or business agreements with the public. However, in this situation, Dr. Melissa thought it would be helpful to share some of her favorites with the readers. It was a very kind gesture to provide another way in which to help people through their challenging life journey. We appreciate you being part of this event. We wish you the best in good health! :)

    • Hi George, We agree that taking care of business and our environment keeps us sharp as well. Some people find taking care of these things can be done via automation while others find taking care of them manually is a better fit for their lifestyle. Thank you for sharing your point of view. Have a great day!

  3. I'm afraid I disagree with so much of this content. Automating equals lack of human connection in So many ways. We have already lost so much face time, and this is just encouraging more of that. AND the effects of wireless EMF's in the home-all these suggestions just make that worse! And then there's the cost of all that automation. Not all of us have that kind of cash to spend. I feel that if you actually physically pay things regularly, you feel it more. You're more connected to what is actually going on. There's a considerable lack of presence being suggested here.

    • Hi Barbara, We totally understand your point of view. Many people live a stressful/busy lifestyle and we are trying to providing tips for those people. However, we do understand that a lot of these functions are not stressful for many people and that some people actually enjoy and connect better when performing them. I totally agree about the EMF issue. Please check out our blog article on that subject here. https://bit.ly/3fkkFvH We appreciate you sharing your point of view. I am sure many people feel the same way. Wishing you an awesome week ahead!

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