3 Proven, Powerful Ways to Reduce Heart Issues in Men

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Today, I want to talk to you about heart health for men, specifically any of the fathers, grandfathers, uncles, or gentlemen seeking to support their heart health. I’m going to share with you three really powerful supplements to add to your daily regimen that have a ton of clinical research and are proven to be helpful in minimizing the inflammation of heart disease. They are great at supporting the heart tissue and will also target the reduction in the overall accumulation of calcium, which calcium is one of the leading reasons for heart disease and heart attack and arteriosclerosis. But calcium that is not blocked appropriately in the body can go rogue. And so I’m going to share with you a supplement we have here at Organixx that’s going to be extremely powerful for reducing that. So, make sure you stay with me through this whole video.

Address Systemic Inflammation: The Leading Cause of Heart Disease

So, number one, let’s talk about inflammation. Inflammation. Systemic inflammation is a leading source of the cause of heart disease. This ranges from high blood pressure and blood sugar, metabolic imbalances, and all the way through to arteriosclerosis and strokes and heart attack. So, targeting inflammation and the inflammatory markers, cytokines – these are certain cells that are inflammatory producing and trigger a whole bunch of other inflammation in the body – targeting that is going to be really critical in reducing your propensity or likelihood to develop heart disease, have a stroke, or have a widowmaker heart attack.

So, Magi-Complexx is my favorite go-to. It’s a three-herbal blend that has the most potent forms of anti-inflammatory herbals in them. The combination of turmeric and frankincense and myrrh – these are the gifts of the Magi, that’s why we call it Magi-Complexx. It is so wonderful for reducing inflammation in the body. Turmeric is amazing at not only reducing inflammation, it supports the lymphatic system. So, this helps support the detox process of not only the heart tissue, the overall body, and the glymphatics, that’s a lymphatic system of our brain.

The Magi-Complexx is something that you can use for pain. It can be used for inflammation of the joints. But also deeper, systemically, it can target inflammation in the cardiovascular system. And free radical damage tends to be this leading source of the body’s creation of cholesterol, and reducing inflammation targets those free radicals. So we can reduce free radical damage by reducing inflammation in the body, thereby limiting the amount of cholesterol your body’s having to produce to heal open wounds in the vascular channel.

Repair Damaged Heart Tissue with Coenzymes

Now, the second thing that I love to recommend is a supplement that is a more recent modern find. This was back in the 1970s, the Japanese discovered the amazing potency of ubiquinol. And now we have the mitoquinols, an even more potent form of a coenzyme our body naturally produces.

It’s been discovered that our heart and our gum tissue is primarily comprised of coenzyme Q10. And quinols and the mitoquinols, that category of enzymes, coenzymes, are known to directly target the turnover and the restoration of our heart cells and ultimately our gum cell, gum tissue.

So, if you may have had a heart attack or maybe have had a stint or CABG procedure or any type of heart-disease-related surgery, maybe from a heart attack or arterial blockage, and maybe the heart is also dealing with congestive heart failure, CoQ10 or a mitoquinol, a very potent form of CoQ10, is extremely powerful at adding this into your daily regimen. I use it with my patients. There’s massive amounts of research. Particularly in Japan, they use the quinols to reverse heart disease and recover and repair damaged heart tissue.

I promise you, I’ve seen it in my own practice. I have had gentlemen who’ve had near widowmakers and have been awaiting surgery. And we put them on massive doses of coenzyme Q10 or mitoquinol. And we actually see their heart tissue repair, where cardiovascular doctors have said, “There’s no way we’re going to see change in the heart damage and the heart tissue. It’s impossible for it to repair.” Within a year, sometimes as little as six to nine months, we see a reinvigoration and a change in that cellular tissue.

And the reality is, is that our cells are constantly evolving and changing. By adding a mitoquinol, which you can find in my supplement store, actually. This is a more potent form of coenzyme Q10, and you can only get it through licensed professionals. We have mitoquinol that you can use on a daily basis. And it’s as small as 10 milligrams or 20 milligrams, but it gives you a massive potency to heal the heart and also any periodontal disease or gingivitis. It’s great for gum tissue. And gum tissue is very… it mirrors the heart tissue. So, if you’re dealing with any type of gum dental issues, likelihood, we might be also seeing some heart imbalances or heart tissue imbalances. So, mitoquinols are great for heart and gum tissue.

Manage Your Body’s Calcium Production

Now the last and final, let’s talk about calcium production in the body. There is a very special mineral, a very important mineral that is needed in over 600 different enzymatic body reactions. This mineral is often going to be in a deficient state with all of us. We calculate about 85% to 90% of the population globally has a deficiency in magnesium.

And magnesium in the body is like a bouncer for the nightclub. So, if the nightclub is our heart or a vascular channel, magnesium functions to keep calcium out. Calcium’s like a firecracker inside the vascular channel. So it is bouncing, it’s keeping the magnesium out or calcium blocker. And it’ll help push the calcium to the bones instead of getting into the vascular channel. And ultimately, arteriosclerosis is a disease where our body is putting bone matter, calcium, into the vascular channel. And we see a hardening, an actual calcification, a “bony” vascular channel. That is something we need to avoid for improved… and for our longevity, we need to see better balanced vascular health that is deficient in calcium accumulation.

And the way to minimize calcium accumulation is to add Magnesium 7. This is our multi-blend magnesium. This is wonderful. Adding it as a powder into smoothies. You can even add it into a tea or a coffee in the morning. So, we have capsules you can break open that are really great to add into your daily regimen. But magnesium functions as a natural calcium blocker. And a lot of individuals, particularly men that might be on calcium-blockers or beta-blockers, calcium is a factor for enhancing the state of our blood pressure. It can also lead to conditions like congestive heart failure, arterial blockage, and can ultimately lead to the need for surgeries and additional medications and therapeutics. So, adding Magnesium 7 right now to your daily regimen is going to be something that will help support your overall vascular health.

So, I’m excited to share these three items with you. Because overall, this is a powerful way to enhance your heart health. And this is not just for men, but for women. But for men, we see a lot of heart attacks being a leading source of fatalities. And so we can avoid and lower inflammation, power up the heart cells, lower the exposure of the vascular channel to calcium, then we can create a more supple, flexible, dynamic vascular channel that helps support you through the aging process.

Magnesium deficiency is linked to stress, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, anxiety, trouble sleeping, sore muscles, migraines, and many more debilitating health conditions.

If your body needs magnesium, you want the most beneficial kind your body can actually absorb. Organixx Magnesium 7 gives you seven (7) of the very best, most bioavailable types of elemental magnesium available.

Magnesium Supplement
How to Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease with this “Elixir of Life”

Video Transcript:

I’m so excited to share with you a naturally-producing antioxidant that is in your body currently, that you can tap into and invigorate to support your heart health. CoQ10, the elixir of life is an amazing, powerful antioxidant and mitochondrial enhancer that your body naturally produces. Now, one of the things that happens, by the age of 30, 35 we start to see our CoQ10 levels naturally start to decline. And with the use of a lot of medications – a lot of times our statin drugs, our blood pressure medicine, our blood sugar medication, and even our anti-anxiety pills for depression, these can also influence and decrease our CoQ10 levels.

So, if you’re over the age of 30 and maybe you’re taking one or more medications, investing in supplemental CoQ10 is going to greatly enhance your heart health.

CoQ10 & Heart Disease

Now, Coenzyme Q10, CoQ10, that is a compound, an enzyme, that was discovered by the Japanese in the 1970s, and they continue their research even to today. Remarkably, the Japanese use CoQ10 to combat and even reverse assortments of heart disease or heart health conditions. And we see that utilized here in the States very gently, so I want to share with you some other benefits of incorporating CoQ10 into your life, because this is one amazing powerhouse energizer and supportive to your overall wellness, and will support your heart health.

Heart disease, often when we’re testing individuals with their Coenzyme Q10 levels, they have subpar, sub-optimal levels of CoQ10. And we often see CoQ10, the particle, the enzyme existing in the cells of our heart and the cells of our gum tissue. For patients that maybe have heart disease or patients who have gum disease, it’s indicative that they have CoQ10 that has decreased a bit. It might be something for you to invest in, checking your CoQ10 levels. But this elixir of life is amazing. It provides our mitochondria, the heart of our cells, it provides this rejuvenation where it powers up the energy output of our cells. It actually is what we call a free radical scavenger. It minimizes oxidative stress on our bodies, but particularly our cells.

CoQ10 Supports Heart & Gum Tissue

When our cells are influenced by stress, environmental toxins, bad food choices, medications, and internal biochemistry imbalances, we find that oxidative stress shrinks and reduces the vitality of our cells. And the elixir of life, CoQ10, can revitalize our cells, supporting the mitochondria, the energy source, heart of our cells. That will improve fatigue, it will help support mental acuity. We will see enhances in performance, physical performance. And this is all highly documented, highly researched, where we see, in its relation to heart health, we notice that an increase in CoQ10 can actually support supple heart tissue.

And I can speak specifically to my clinical experience with CoQ10. I’ve put a ton of my patients who’ve either had heart damage, surgeries, they’ve had blockages, or even dysfunction between the left and right side of the heart, when I put them on very therapeutic doses of CoQ10, within three to six months, when we re-scan their heart, they have massive improvements in the actual tissue strength and the vitality of their heart tissue.

We see the same thing with a lot of my patients that have gingivitis or any type of gum disease, periodontal disease. CoQ10 can really help support the gum tissue.

CoQ10 Helps Reduce LDL Levels and Free Radical Damage

And this is something that’s also lesser-known about CoQ10, but when you consume CoQ10 and you really support and optimize your levels, it will actually help your body reduce the LDL levels, particularly because it’s reducing free radical damage. Free radicals and free radical damage to the oxidation of our cells is the number-one leading cause for our body to produce LDL. LDL is basically a Band-Aid that your liver calls up when there’s free radical damage inside the vessels, your heart vessels, your vascular channel.

It can be in a microvessel, it can be in our arteries, and that can cause the body to call up LDL as a Band-Aid and then HDL is the source that removes that Band-Aid. If you think about cholesterol in a different format, the LDL is simply a response to free radical damage and oxidative stress. The way to combat free radical damage and oxidative stress is to introduce CoQ10, more of it, into your diet and more of it into your body.

Ways to Enhance Your CoQ10

I’m going to share some ways for you to enhance your CoQ10. You can take supplemental CoQ10. That is very powerful as a resource. There are newer, more potent forms of CoQ10 on the market, and those are easily able to be found by a quick research.

But importantly, eating meat, fish, and nuts are three powerful resources where you can daily consume CoQ10, to help power up your CoQ10 levels. And another thing, if you are trying to manage or balance your blood pressure levels, particularly for those who have high levels, there have been extensive research studies that show CoQ10 supplementation, in a therapeutic dose, so high levels of CoQ10, can actually decrease the blood pressure levels.

Now, I do want to give a little warning here, because things have to come with a warning.

CoQ10 can cause blood thinning. If you’re taking Warfarin or another blood thinner, or maybe you’re consuming turmeric or ginger, you might want to space out that dosage. And definitely, if you are taking Warfarin, talk to your clinician before you start supplementing with CoQ10.

But if you want to make a drastic change in the state of your heart tissue and support your body and really power up your cells from a systemic focus, then adding a Coenzyme Q10 to your daily regimen would be something I recommend. Not just surrounding heart health, but overall supporting your cells. It’s one of the best anti-aging supportive supplements on the market. And again, eating meat and fish and nuts are also ways for you to increase your CoQ10 levels.

7M+ from Organixx contains 7 of nature’s most powerful mushrooms for anti-aging, longevity, and immune support. Using centuries-old knowledge of the power of nutritional mushrooms and our breakthrough new formulation process we’ve unleashed the power of mushrooms in a way never before done.