Marijuana As Medicine with John Malanca "Health Talks"

By Jonathan Hunsaker

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Video Transcript

John: I want people to realize that this is medicine. It doesn’t work for everybody. I don’t want everyone to think that this is the golden pill, the golden ticket, the golden everything.

Jonathan: Like anything out there, right. No [one] diet works for everybody: no prescription med or health supplement.

TeriAnn: We talk about that a lot [crosstalk 00:08:42.]

Jonathan: Everybody’s different.

TeriAnn: Everyone has a different body, different makeup-

Jonathan: Different metabolism.

TeriAnn: Everything works differently for everyone, but this could be something that impacts you in a positive way.

John: It can. The majority of the events that we go to, 99% of them that we speak to are not in the cannabis industry. It’s all integrative oncology, epileptic, pediatric, seniors, geriatric. And I always do this one slide when I speak it, and it’s my favorite slide, it’s a big roll of duct tape, and I said, “People always ask me, does this work?” And I said, “I have the duct tape up here because I don’t want to say it’s like duct tape with a million and one uses, but it truly is.” I’ve seen it with arthritis — the elderly with sleeping. Depression, cancer, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, aids, the list goes on, and on and on, and you can Google these. You can go to Google Scholar. There are more studies done on medical cannabis and the benefits than I think on other topics like this.

Jonathan: Absolutely.

John: So, it’s not something that just popped up three years ago. The CBD phase came into effect, and so it’s been around. It was banned in 1937. Our government banned it. I think just because of the different laws. [I’m not going to go into all of the politics,] I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but they said it was the minorities who used it, and it’s bad, and it’ll have these hoodlums come and take your white daughters away from you.

Jonathan: What I’ve read all about, right, where they gave it the street name marijuana.

John: Totally, right. Marijuana.

TeriAnn: Yup.

Jonathan: Changed it from cannabis to marijuana, and they were able to get laws passed, because people didn’t realize that they were talking about cannabis, right. They thought it was marijuana [crosstalk 00:10:37]

TeriAnn: People are afraid of what they don’t know and understand, and it wasn’t understood.

John: We were those people.

TeriAnn: Yeah.

John: We were those people. And so, I never use the word marijuana. I never use the word cure. I use cannabis. I use it to heal. [I use it because cannabis] kills cancer cells; it’s been proven. You can search it, Google it. Everything’s Google nowadays. Go to Google Scholar. But you will show that THC kills cancer cells while CBD stops the spread, and CBD and THC are cannabinoids. Just like the different varieties in wine, there are a bunch of different varieties in cannabis, with all different. There are 113 different cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, and still, people are discovering more each and every day.

John: The most popular one is THC, which gives a psychoactive effect. Also, right behind there is CBD, which is a non-psychoactive, which you’re hearing a lot of patients using for seizure disorders for children and adults. But if my father-in-law was on a straight CBD regiment, I know for a fact he wouldn’t be here today. THC was needed.

John: Same thing with epileptic children. A lot of these states have CBD only laws, which they’re designed specifically for pediatric children. CBD works for epileptic children, epilepsy. With just straight CBD, it’ll work about 12-15%. Add a minute amount of THC, that number will go up to about 70%. So, THC is needed. I don’t want people to be afraid of thinking that CBD’s the medical portion of the cannabis plant, and THC’s the recreational portion of the cannabis plant.

Jonathan: Well, and let’s just talk about that, because most of us, or at least I’ll speak for myself, right, in my teenage years, the early 20s, right. What I know about cannabis is rolling it up in a joint, smoking it, sticking it in a bowl, smoking it. Nobody was using it for medical stuff then. Now, I mean, all of that’s different. Let’s talk about the difference between medical and recreational use because you don’t have to smoke it, right. You don’t have to roll it up in a joint; you don’t have to smoke it, you don’t have to sit around somewhere and be lazy all day just smoking weed. We’re talking about a totally different thing here.

John: A totally different thing. So, we speak at a lot of retirement communities around the country, and I always ask the seniors how many people have used medical cannabis? And at first, you’d have 8-12% of the room. Now, when I ask that question, it’s like 90% of the room. But I ask the question, how many people think the only way of consuming medical cannabis is via smoking it? And the same thing used to be at 12%. Now, they look at me like, come on, throw us a harder softball question than that one.

John: So, you don’t have to smoke it. There are tinctures under the tongue. There’s topical, great for arthritis. Vaporization, which is another form of ingesting, but not lighting up your bowl, lighting up the flower material. Some people use it for suppositories. Now, they have patches, transdermal patches that you can put on your wrist, or your ankle, or your neck that will bring in the different types of cannabinoids. There’s a lot of different companies that have different types of … just like with your Organixx products, you have a line. So, they have a different line of different cannabis products.

Jonathan: Different delivery systems.

John: Delivery systems, but also different cannabinoids in those delivery systems.

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