What Is Inflammation? "Doc Talks" with Dr. Daniel Nuzum

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Jonathan Hunsaker: What is inflammation?
Hey there, Jonathan Hunsaker here again with Organixx. Thank you for watching. So, do you know what inflammation is? Do you have inflammation, maybe in your lower back, your upper back, your knee, from an old injury? A lot of people wonder “What is it?” Let’s go to Doc Nuzum right now and find out. 
 Dr. Daniel Nuzum: Inflammation in our system is swelling. The body’s response to an injury is to swell up, to become inflamed. If you get a mosquito bite, the toxin of the saliva of the mosquito, your body reacts to that toxin, and it swells up, and you get this little itchy bump. 
You eat bad food; it goes down into your gut. It irritates your gut. Your gut becomes inflamed, and you start having cramps, you have gas, you have diarrhea, different things like that. All of the swelling is always the body’s response to irritation. Irritation is the cause of inflammation. Inflammation never just happens. It’s a response the body has to being irritated. 
Let’s talk about like the flu. You get a virus; the virus gets in the system, and it starts triggering the release of a chemical called cytokines. When cytokines are released into the system, they start producing an inflammatory response in the body.  
And so, we get a headache because things are swelling in our head. We get a stomachache because things are swelling in our stomach. We get joint aches and pains because things are swelling, membranes and different tissues are swelling in our joints. Our muscles ache because there’s swelling in the muscle. 
As things swell, it puts pressure on the nerves, and you experience pain. 
Irritation leads to inflammation, which opens you to infection. 
I hope that clears up the question, “What is inflammation?” 
Jonathan Hunsaker: I loved learning about the three Is, how irritation leads to inflammation, inflammation leads to infection. I just love learning from Doc. I hope that you do as well.  It’s such a big subject, and there’s so much to talk about. We’ve shot many videos. So, make sure you subscribe to our channel, so you don’t miss any of them. 
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