Healthy Holiday Survival: Critical Dos & Don’ts for Optimal Immune Health

Happy holidays, everybody! I’m sure so many of you are trying to get yourselves ready, get your body and your health in alignment so you can maximize your joy and the season of the holidays. Today I want to share with you a few dos and don’ts that will help you increase your immunity and stave off the normal winter icks and illnesses.

Do: Eat Before Attending a Party

The first do is to make sure you eat a snack or a small meal before you go to a holiday party. This will help you minimize the excess calories and some of the yummy goodies that you might be consuming that might tip the scales in terms of your increase in sugar and unhealthy carbohydrates. And just really also helps give you the energy boost you might need, depending on the time of the holiday.

Don’t: Overdo the Alcohol

Now on the don’t side, I recommend limiting your alcohol consumption to one glass of wine or champagne or one cocktail that has at a maximum one ounce of alcohol and no more than that. And my “do” that couples with this is do make sure that before and after holiday party, where you might be consuming a little alcohol for this festive occasion, that you also add in some dandelion tea to the mix to help support your liver’s detoxification process and the breakdown of the excess estrogen that will come from the alcohol consumption.

Do: Supplement with High-Quality Vitamin D3

Now, I also recommend that you do reach for a really high-quality vitamin D3 supplement. And I love to recommend my Turmeric 3D here at Organixx. This is really great because in the supplement, not only are you getting 5,000 IUs of vitamin D3, you’re also getting some anti-inflammatories by way of turmeric that will help calm the body’s natural inflammatory response, which will enhance your immune response when you need to fight any illness, bugs, or viruses you might come into contact with during the holiday season.

Do: Pair Vitamin D3 with Light Therapy

Another do that I recommend is to reach for your light therapy sources. So these are full-spectrum light boxes that will enhance and balance your circadian rhythm, especially during the winter months. If you live above the Mason-Dixon line, this is really critical. These light boxes actually pair up with taking vitamin D3 supplementation as well because they can help increase your dopamine levels, thereby decreasing winter blues and winter depression. So if you are looking to keep your body balanced in not just your immune state, but also your mood balanced, they’re all interconnected. Vitamin D and light boxes are highly, highly beneficial.

Don’t: Indulge in Sugary Items

Now, on the don’ts, is to avoid reaching for a lot of the sugary items. The holiday season is basically sandwiched between October where we kick off Halloween with lots of sugar and we usually end that whole winter season with Easter and everything in between is filled with lots of excesses of sugar. So I recommend to very, very much restrict and limit your sugar consumption because sugar is one of the most challenging ingredients in a lot of foods that will decrease and reduce your immune response.

So if you’re looking to stay balanced and to keep your immune system healthy, loading up first on your plate with veggies and fresh items, fruits, and whole grains are going to be much healthier for you and your immune system in the long run.

Do: Get Outdoors

Now, other things I recommend because it’s the season of being festive and there’s a lot of great outdoor activities, I recommend getting outside and harnessing your inner child and enjoying some of the winter sports that maybe you haven’t done in a long time, like getting outdoors and skiing or taking up snowshoeing or ice skating. Just being outside in the morning time particularly because that will help balance your circadian rhythm.

Do: Ensure You’re Getting Enough Sleep

I also recommend that you maximize your sleep. So do choose to go to bed close to the time that the sun is setting. Now, in some cases, you can’t go to bed at 4:30 PM, but if you move up your bedtime, that will maximize your immune health. It’ll help you stay balanced. It will lower your cortisol levels. And will enhance your overall mood and immunity.

Don’t: Stop Exercising

Do not avoid exercising. This is really critical. One of the things that we find is a lot of times, during the winter months, people stop exercising outside. They stop running. They stop doing some of the things that they enjoy doing outside because it’s sometimes too cold or they have to bundle up and wear extra gear. So look at alternative choices and exercise routines that can get you outside enjoying this season.

Do: Avoid Wearing Only Comfort Clothing

And what I recommend, my last and final, is to stave off wearing some of the stretchy pants and comfort clothes of the holiday season. This is really tricky because we’re all kind of in that phase where a lot of us have been wearing a lot of comfy clothes and stretchy pants are really quite trendy. But one of the things that I find is if we are wearing clothing that’s not as tight-fitting or that is not our normal wear, that we tend to be less mindful of our fitness routine as well as exercising.

So those are some tips for you to help improve your immune system, maximize the benefits of the holidays, as well as enhance some of the micronutrients like vitamin D that are going to be in deficiency during the winter months.

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