5 Healthy Recipe Alternatives for Super Bowl Sunday

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Football has become a pillar in American culture – one that thousands of people look forward to all year around. Unfortunately, many people spend the day snacking on foods that won’t make them feel so great the next day. Check out these five healthy Super Bowl recipes. They’re the perfect way to snack AND stay fueled through all the excitement of this Sunday’s “Big Game!”

Tropical Guacamole

A “guac” recipe with a tropical twist! This fresh, healthy guacamole recipe contains pineapples and mangoes that are rich in vitamins and antioxidants that support immune function, bone strength, and eye health. Go here for ingredients and directions.

Dairy & Gluten Free Pizza

Do you love the taste of pizza, but hate the feeling of indigestion and heartburn? We have just the recipe for you! This healthy pizza recipe actually reduces inflammation so you don’t miss a second of the game! Go here for ingredients and directions.

Low-Carb Cauliflower Hummus

Watch this video to discover how to make a spicy, creamy homemade cauliflower hummus recipe that detoxifies the body and is absolutely perfect for sharing. Go here for recipes and ingredients.

Turkey & Black Turtle Bean Chili

There’s just something about a warm pot of chili that screams FOOTBALL! Both hearty and VERY nutritious, this Turkey & Turtle Bean Chili recipe is PERFECT for the “Big Game.” Go here for ingredients and directions.

Low-Carb Seed Crackers

These salty and crunchy flax seed crackers are delicious, easy to make, and even help lower cholesterol, manage blood sugar, and support cardiovascular health. Discover how to make this great bread alternative perfect for scooping spreads and dips. Go here for ingredients and directions.

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  1. l so enjoyed your recipes, l have been using the Organixx green drink for 3 years l am now used to the new flavour. Just love your videos Katrina.

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