Marine Collagen: What is it & Why you need it!

Medically Reviewed by Shane Mouser, RPh, Pharm.D. Shane Mouser, RPh, Pharm.D.

Shane Mouser is a Nashville-based registered pharmacist specializing in wellness and chronic disease management through medication therapy management

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By Jonathan Hunsaker

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” Studies on humans have also shown that marine collagen can reduce wrinkles, improve skin elasticity, and enhance the overall structure and appearance of skin.”

Marine Collagen: A Promising Biomaterial for Wound Healing, Skin Anti-Aging, and Bone Regeneration

Hey ladies, tired of trying out new skincare products with no results? Marine collagen might just be what you need!

This new supplement trend is all the rage and for good reason. If you’re looking to up your beauty game, marine collagen has got you covered.

From fighting fine lines to giving you a radiant glow, we’re breaking down all the marine collagen benefits of this magic ingredient.

Trust us, your skin will thank you. So why not give it a shot and see the difference for yourself? Let’s dive into the world of marine collagen!

What Is Marine Collagen?

A lot of people think that collagen is made from fish skin, but this isn’t true. Fish skin contains a different type of collagen than human skin does. To get the right kind of collagen, you need to eat fish. 

There are two kinds of collagen in fish; one is called marine collagen and the other is called fish collagen. Both types of collagen can be found in the same foods so if you want to get the right kind of fish collagen, you should eat more seafood. You can also buy collagen supplements that come from fish skin. These supplements will contain both types of collagen.

Fish collagen is used to help people who want to get rid of wrinkles, it does this by promoting the production of new skin cells. This makes the skin look younger and smoother. In addition to its anti-aging effects, fish collagen has also been shown to be effective in treating joint pain, osteoporosis, and other degenerative diseases.

The second type of fish collagen is marine collagen. Marine collagen is used to help people who want to get rid of scars. It can also help people who have burns. Marine collagen is also effective in treating skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema.

Both types of collagen are also good for your hair. Fish collagen can help make your hair stronger and less likely to break. Marine collagen can help make your hair grow faster and look healthier.

Is Marine Collagen Safe?

Yes, marine collagen is safe. Marine collagen is a natural protein that is found in fish skin. It’s not made from fish bones or scales. Marine collagen is also not made from any other animal products.

As with most supplemental products, it’s all about taking it correctly. If you take too much, you may experience some side effects such as an upset stomach. However, if you take the recommended dosage, you shouldn’t have any problems. When you begin a new supplement journey, it’s always best to start out small. If, after several weeks, you’re not seeing the results you were expecting, you can always slowly increase your dosage.

How is Marine Collagen Different From Bovine Collagen?

First of all, they are both types of collagen, but they come from different animals; bovine collagen is made from cow skin while marine collagen is made from fish skin. 

Bovine collagen is the most common type of collagen and it can be found in many different types of supplements. Bovine collagen has been found to be effective in treating joint pain, osteoporosis, and other degenerative diseases.

Marine collagen is not as common as bovine collagen, but it is gaining popularity due to its unique benefits. Marine collagen has been shown to be effective in treating scars, burns, and skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema.

Both types of collagen are perfectly safe and offer great benefits to an aging body. It’s really up to your personal preference which type of supplement you want to take.

What Are the Health Benefits of Marine Collagen?

The greatest advantage of marine collagen is that it’s the most bioavailable form of all other collagens. This indicates that it helps to digest food faster and more easily, at a rate of 1.5 times greater than other collagens. Another benefit is that, when wild-caught, it’s the cleanest type of collagen available.

It’s crucial to research for the cleanest and best supplement available because it will be absorbed directly by your body. Wild-caught marine collagen is commonly regarded as the safest and finest kind. Some businesses don’t make the highest-quality goods, so do your homework and know what you’re buying. Always read the labels and if you’re still unsure, ask a medical or nutritional professional for some advice. 

Marine collagen is used as a treatment for wrinkles, but it doesn’t work very well for them. Common over-the-counter collagen is too big to penetrate the skin. Collagen peptides are smaller than collagen, and they do their best to help with wrinkles.

Collagen peptides help protect skin from harmful free radicals and inflammation. Marine collagen powders improve wrinkles, reduce them by 35%, and increase skin elasticity, hydrate, and firmness. Because of this, marine collagen is a popular ingredient in anti-aging products.

In addition to its benefits for the skin, marine collagen has been shown to improve joint health, increase muscle mass, and help with weight loss.

As a side note, it’s good to know that there’s no ‘fishy’ taste or odor as you might expect of a fish-based product, and it mixes in with beverages, water, coffee, and pretty much everything else.

Here are some other great benefits from taking marine collagen:

1. Supports the effect of your workout

Collagen is a concentrated source for the amino acid glycine. Glycine helps your body make creatine, which helps you perform better during workouts. Proline is an antioxidant that protects cells from damage. This in turn helps keep your muscles healthy, allowing you to achieve the best results from your workout.

In addition, marine collagen has been shown to improve joint function and reduce inflammation, meaning you’ll suffer less from DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) after a strenuous session at the gym. So if you’re looking for an extra edge in your fitness, you may consider marine collagen!

2. Promotes bone strength

Marine collagen benefits for the bone quote.
Image Source: Marine Collagen: A Promising Biomaterial for Wound Healing, Skin Anti-Aging, and Bone Regeneration

The importance of bone strength can not be understated. As we age, our bones become more brittle and break more easily. Marine collagen can help prevent this by keeping bones healthy and strong.

Marine collagen contains many nutrients, including vitamin K2, magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese, iron, and selenium. These nutrients are used by the body to make healthy bones. Collagen also helps the body absorb other important vitamins and minerals.

3. May reduce inflammation and fight bacteria!

Fish collagen also has a more pleasing sound to it, doesn’t it? Here’s another advantage! Bioactive peptides are present in hydrolyzed fish collagen, which have antioxidant activity.

Fish collagen has the ability to reduce reactive oxygen species, which are unstable molecules containing oxygen that contribute to tissue aging and elevate cancer risks. Fish collagen can provide antioxidants, which may help combat the formation of reactive oxygen species by boosting the immune system and reducing inflammatory responses throughout the body.

Bioactive peptides contained in fish collagen also have antibacterial effects. These polypeptides, especially the collagen found in, may help to prevent the formation of infections and disease-causing bacteria.

4. May stabilize your blood sugar!

Fish collagen, in particular, has higher levels of glycine than any other kind of collagen. The glycine in fish collagen may aid blood sugar control.

Low levels of glycine in the body have been linked to insulin resistance, which can lead to diabetes. Indeed, according to a 2016 research by the Alberta Diabetes Institute, people with type 2 diabetes had low amounts of glycine in their bodies.

Therefore, supplementing with glycine-rich fish collagen may help stabilize your blood sugar levels and prevent insulin resistance.

What to look for when you’re choosing your marine collagen supplement

Collagen is found in bones, tendons, muscles, cartilage, ligaments, and other connective tissues. Marine collagen helps keep these tissues strong and flexible.

But when on the hunt for it in supplement form, keep in mind not all marine collagen is created equal. You must find a product that has been tested by a certified third-party organization. Quality is what you are looking for here. To get the best results, you’re going to want to make sure you’re taking the best product. 

What’s the Bottom Line for Marine Collagen?

Here are a few key takeaways when it comes to marine collagen: 

  • Marine collagen contains mostly types I collagen and has been studied and used for cosmetic purposes. 
  • Marine collagen is as environmentally sustainable as land-animal collagen, it’s typically more costly, and is not suitable for people who have allergies to seafood or shellfish. 
  • Marine collagen is great for skin, hair, and nails but it may also have other benefits like reducing inflammation and fighting bacteria. 

There are plenty of collagen options on the market today as the protein supplement has become increasingly popular. When looking to begin taking these supplements, ensure you do your research and find the product that’s going to work best for you and help you achieve what you’re looking for. 

Supplementing with marine collagen has a number of potential health benefits. It can help improve joint function, reduce inflammation, promote bone strength, and stabilize blood sugar levels. It’s important to choose a quality product that has been certified by a third-party organization. Doing so will ensure you’re getting the most out of your marine collagen supplement!

Organixx Clean Sourced Collagens blend contains five types of collagen from four sources. What’s more, it’s combined with targeted nutrients such as zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin B6 which specifically enhance the bioavailability and potency of collagen. Clean Sourced Collagens is formulated from the ground up to enhance and support your body’s natural ability to heal and rebuild itself from the INSIDE out.

Organixx Clean Sourced Collagens


    • Hi Debra, thanks for your question.

      Our Clean Sourced Collagens is not certified kosher. It does contain Clean Marine Wild Caught Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen Peptides. Our marine collagen comes from wild-harvested Alaskan pollock and is an excellent source of type I collagen. Type I collagen is beneficial for overall health as well as being the “go-to” type for hair, skin, nails, and gut health.

      For more details, feel free to check out the following page:

      Thanks so much. Hope you have yourself a wonderful day!!

  1. I've never liked having to mix a powder in anything. I've been getting capsules for a long time of types I, II, III, V, X of collagen peptides-Non-GMO, Gluten-free, Dairy Free Grass-fed, Pasture-raised, & Clean-sourced Wild-caught Fish.

    • Hi Linda, We understand that everyone has a preference. We are happy to know that you found a supplement that fits your needs. Thank you for being here with us. Have a wonderful day!

  2. I’ve used Your collagen for years and still have wrinkles forming during that time and scars from recent injuries.

    Am I just not Absorbing these collagens in your product?

    • Hi Bev, Thank you for your feedback. Please note that results can and do vary depending on your specific needs and tolerances. Most people see and feel results within 1-3 months of consistent usage. I am so sorry to hear that the product was not a good fit for you at this time. We do offer a world class 1 year return policy. Please review it to see if you qualify for a refund. We appreciate you giving it a try. Have a wonderful day!

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