Introducing INSPIRED Health Journeys with Jonathan

By Jonathan Hunsaker

Reading Time: 6 minutes

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Jonathan Hunsaker: Thank you for watching. Jonathan here with Organixx, with some very exciting news. We’re about to launch a brand-new initiative called Inspired Health Journeys. Now this is going to be a video series, where yes, I’m going to share a little bit more about my health journey. More importantly, I’m going to share about my team’s health journey. We have a lot of people on our team that have overcome some great feats to just get healthier.

More importantly, though, I want to interview you. I want to hear your health stories. What have you overcome? What have you accomplished? Have you beat cancer? Have you reversed diabetes? Have you lost an extra 10 pounds that you’ve been fighting to get off? Have you switched to eating fully organic, non-GMO? Are you meditating more? Are you exercising more? Like what can you share about your health journey that’s going to help somebody else?

You see, we live in a world right now, where you’ve got a lot of news media that just gives a bunch of doom and gloom, and “The world’s ending,” and there’s problems here, and there’s problems there. When really, the world is getting better. We’re just not hearing more about it. And I want to do my part in sharing inspirational stories.

The other thing is, not everything that works for me is going to work for you. Not everything that works for certain people on my team is going to work for you. But I can guarantee there’s things that others are doing in the world that will work for you. And the best way for me to help you get healthier is to bring you their stories, to share their secrets on what’s worked with them. And hopefully, it can work with you.

So, with that said, I want to hear your story. Just email me at [email protected]. Just send me an email, and you don’t need to send a long, 10-page report. Just tell me a little bit about your story. Tell me who you are, tell me where you are health-wise, or where you were health-wise at the beginning of your journey, and tell me where you are now, or tell me how you got to where you are in just a few paragraphs.

I really actually don’t want to read too much, because what I’d like to do is then schedule you to do an interview, and we can just do it right from your home or do it right here from my house as well. We’ll get on a Skype video interview, or a Zoom video interview, something very easy. And we’ll just have a conversation for 10-15-20 minutes.

I’ll ask you some questions, you’ll share your story, and then I’m going to share it with our 200,000+ listeners. I’m going to share it with the people that come and visit our site and put it on our YouTube channel and on Facebook, to hopefully inspire others through your story, through your triumphs, to get healthier themselves.

Now listen, don’t feel like you have to have had a great feat, either. Like you didn’t have to beat cancer, or reverse diabetes. You didn’t—you don’t even have to be at your final “goal.” Just share your story on what you’ve been through and what you’ve learned.

And like all of us, we’re still on our journeys to health. I’m still on my journey to health. I don’t know that I’ve met anybody who’s achieved optimum, perfect health. Anybody that I’ve met, no matter how fit, no matter how much they exercise, no matter how clean they eat, are still trying to do better and trying to do more.

So, please don’t get caught in the trap that you’re not far enough along, or that you haven’t done enough yet, or that you need to just do a little bit more before you can share your story.

Also, don’t feel like your story has to include any of our supplements, or anything that we’ve ever talked about, because it’s not about our supplements, it’s not about any information that we’ve given; it’s just you and your story.

And it doesn’t have to have been in the last six months. You may have had an amazing feat 20 years ago that you want to share about today, that you know would help somebody.

Maybe you broke free from an addiction, maybe you found a way to really meditate more, or to have a better spiritual balance in your life. What can you share on how you achieved that? Maybe you found a way to have exercise be easier, found a way to exercise that’s more fulfilling for you, or more enjoyable, or less painful on your joints. Maybe you found some tips and tricks on how to eat organic, or how to feed your family organic. Maybe you have some tricks on how to feed kids organic or eat more of their vegetables. I’d love to hear those ones.

Any story is a good story.

What I want to do is I want to get to the journey. I want to hear about the mountain that you were trying to climb, and then I want to hear about your climb up the mountain, even if you’re not at the top yet. Because it’s that journey, it’s that climb, it’s that—it’s that drive that’s inspiring for others.
What we need more in this world, in my opinion, is more inspiration, more hero journeys, and things that can really uplift us, to put us in a better place, put us in a better mood, give us energy, give us inspiration so that we can be more and so that we can achieve more.

Life isn’t easy, right? There’s challenges that we face all the time. And in the mornings, I like to get on YouTube and search for some inspirational videos. Sometimes it’s Anthony Robbins, or David Goggins, or some other Navy SEAL, or somebody else who’s achieved some other feat. Because I like that 10 or 15 minutes in the morning to just get inspired, get my head in a different place, get me ready for the day and the challenges that are coming.

And I’d like to provide more of that with you. I want to interview everyday heroes like you. I want to hear your stories, and hear your inspiration, and I just want to share your story with the world. I think that the world wants to hear it and they need to hear it.

So, if you’re sitting there thinking, “I’ve got something to say,” say it. Send an email, [email protected]. Tell me briefly your story, because I want to save a lot of it for just a raw, real interview. I want to ask you questions and I want to go down that journey with you, and I want to just have it be very real and authentic, and not pre-planned or pre-set.

So, just share a little bit with your story. Tell me some of the things that you’ve overcome. And let’s get an interview scheduled.

And for those of you listening who aren’t ready to share your story, tune in. I want to share these every week, maybe multiple times per week. It will be the Inspired Health Journeys is the title of this initiative. I hope you love it. I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve been thinking about this for a few months, and finally have the time and space to bring this into reality.

So, thank you for watching. [email protected]. Send me an email. Tell me your story, and I would love to interview you. Thanks for watching.


  1. As a cancer survivor I have been using several of your products. I started with Turmeric several years ago and have had no pain since. It is also a cancer fighter. My other favorite is your medicinal mushroom blend which is another cancer fighter.

    • That's wonderful to hear, Wilma! Glad our products have been working so well for you. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

  2. Hi - I'm not too computer literate, but I feel my story would be helpful to someone. I'm 84 yrs old and still going strong - I'm an active Real Estate Broker - just sending out my Newsletter - and still interested in helping others locate their homes. I had endomitrial cancer in 2002 which matastized in 2017 to colectoral cancer - had tumor surgery and I'm doing fine - took alittle longer to recoop this time after only one month of chemo meds. Both times I recovered with diet, supplements and prayer. Now my husband (85) was just advised of cancer again - he had prostate cancr in 1998 and now matastised into his spine. He's agreeing to Xcheva, Lupron, Zitega and Prednezone, much to my disappointmnt - but it is his body. He's also slowly changing diet with pleanty of supplements including your OrganniGreens ( he soesn't take to vegies, so I feel he's getting them with this). Our story in a nutshell.

    • That's wonderful, Ali!! Thank you for sharing your AMAZING story with us. Wishing you and your husband all the best on your wellness journey!

    • So happy for you, Ali . My husband and I are in our 80s. too, still going strong, thanks to God, good food, supplements and exercise.

  3. I am 82 (eighty two) years old. Have been a cigarettes' smoker since the age of 21. I​ don't like alcohol. I do NOT take any medicines. I do not exercise! I walk only when I have to go to the market. My diet is what you call Mediterranean. Rarely eat meat. I have been taking vitamins. before it was popular..:) My conclusion is that I am not of interest for you.

    Be well!

    Dafna Ronn-Oxley

  4. I bought your Collagen mainly for my nails.

    It made them worse. My husband tried it too, he has always had great nails, so for him it was about the wrinkles. But his nails messed up too.

    That is why we asked for our money back.

    • We are sorry to hear the product wasn't a good fit for you and your husband, Lois. Glad you were able to return it for a refund.

  5. I kicked the cigarette habit and haven't gone back to it. I went through 2 periods of stopping and going back before I kicked it for good. I feel much better now.

    • That's wonderful, Sylvia! Thank you for sharing your positive experience with us. It is much appreciated.

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