Inflammation Symptoms and Causes: "Doc Talks" with Dr. Daniel Nuzum

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Jonathan Hunsaker: Quick question. Are you in pain? How do you know if that pain is caused by inflammation? Stay tuned to find out.
Thanks for watching. Jonathan Hunsaker again here with Organixx, and today we’re going to talk about inflammation. How do you know if you have inflammation? Is inflammation the cause of your pain? Let’s go to Doc Nuzum right now and find out.
Dr. Daniel Nuzum: How can you tell whether you have inflammation? First off, do you have pain anywhere? Second, does that pain stay in one place or does it move around? Do you wake up one morning with your shoulder hurting, the next morning your back hurts, the next morning your feet hurt? That’s roaming inflammation.
Inflammation is swelling. So, when an area of your body starts to swell, the pressure gets put on the nerve endings that are monitoring that area. When that happens, you experience pain.
Pain is one sign of inflammation. From inflammation is normally an ache. It can be sometimes, but it isn’t always a sharp, stabbing type pain. Inflammation causes achy pain. You feel like “oh, you’ve just got to stretch and get moving around.” And then as you stretch and get moving around, it kind of gets better—it’s still there a little bit. That is a pain due to inflammation.
Another thing is if you bloat after you eat, that’s an inflammatory response. Are you having headaches? Do you notice stiffness anywhere? Stiffness is another sign of inflammation or a symptom of inflammation. So, if someone’s really stiff, that’s because the tissue is swollen, and you only have x amount of space in there. So, if it’s swelling with extra fluid, it makes movement stiff.
Think about this: If you want to know whether you have or are experiencing inflammation, do you have anything that hurts? Does it hurt consistently? Does it hurt after doing activities? If it hurts for quite a while after doing an activity, it means it’s probably got a pretty good amount of inflammation in that area. If you’re down and do some gardening and your knees just ache for two or three days, it’s probably some inflammatory process going on in those knees.
Remember, when tissue swells up due to an inflammatory response, that swelling causes the tissue to push on nerves, and you have a pain perception there, like with exercise, if intense exercise causes an inflammatory response. You get on the treadmill and you run really hard on the treadmill, and your knees hurt. Well, if that happens but you can go do other exercises and your knees don’t hurt, that means you need to do some things to mitigate inflammation, number one. Meaning you need to do something to help promote a healthy inflammatory response.
In Organixx, what we use is Turmeric 3D and our Enzymes. The other thing you could do is choose activities that don’t provoke that response.
So, we have bloating in the gut, we have swelling in joints, muscles, and tissues, causing stiffness and pain and achiness. Those are all symptoms of inflammation.
Jonathan Hunsaker: Thanks, Doc. As always, he’s such a wealth of information. I love learning from Doc. I hope that you do as well. If you want to see more of our videos about inflammation, if you want to learn more from Doc Nuzum, make sure you subscribe to our channel. As always, please give us a thumbs up below, and share this video. Help us get this information out to the world, help us make the world a little bit healthier. And as always, leave us your comments below. Let us know how we’re doing. Thanks again for watching.

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