3 Essential Types of Enzymes Our Bodies Need to Function Well

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Your body is equipped in many ways to handle the foods you put into it. But your body also relies on food itself to meet it halfway in furnishing certain conversion elements.

These elements pre-digest that food and extract its nutrients. They also deliver these nutrients to areas throughout the body where they’re needed.  These conversion elements are known as enzymes, and they’re the foundation upon which human life exists.

The reason why these enzyme reserves are so important is that every biochemical process that takes place inside the body only occurs because of enzymes. Enzymes ensure that each piece of the vast molecular puzzle that makes up our bodies is functioning as it should, as well as interacting with all the other pieces in sustained congruence.

You can think of enzymes as a type of “micro miracle” that necessitates life as we see it animated in the human form.

The Good News/Bad News About Enzymes

The Good NewsThe good news is that the human body is designed to produce its own enzymes to aid in the food digestion process. It also has the ability to compensate for whatever enzymes are lacking in processed or otherwise enzyme-deficient foods – at least for a time.  This is where the bad news comes into play…

The fact of the matter is that the body is limited in the quantity and types of enzymes that it can produce for supplemental purposes beyond what it was originally designed to handle.

When the foods a person eats are persistently lacking in native enzymes, in other words, the body will eventually exhaust its own enzyme reserves.

What Happens When Food Lacks Essential Enzymes?

Enzymes are important for digestion – the primary way that our bodies obtain vital nutrients from the foods we eat. Enzymes are absolutely crucial if you want to live a long and healthy life, in fact, which is why you need to make sure that you’re getting enough of them.

Let’s take a closer look at the three primary types of enzymes that your body needs:

  1. Food enzymes – occur naturally in raw food. Their job is to begin pre-digesting food in the upper stomach; a process that takes between 30-45 minutes after eating.
  2. Digestive enzymes – are manufactured by the body to further break down this pre-digested food and deliver its nutrients through the gut wall and into the bloodstream.
  3. Metabolic enzymes – are also produced by the body, and perform various other important functions throughout the body such as cell tissue repair, waste cleanup, and even destruction of harmful cells.

Each class of enzyme is designed to perform its own unique set of functions to keep your body going strong. Together, this enzymatic trio is what sustains overall health and well-being – serving as the basis of life itself.

But what happens when one piece of this enzyme mosaic is thrown out of balance, such as when otherwise enzymatically-dense foods are cooked or processed?

Many people don’t know this, but enzymes are extremely delicate and volatile, despite their incredible importance and amazing abilities. When exposed to heat, even at extremely low temperatures of as little as 118 degrees Fahrenheit (48 degrees Celcius), enzymes in food quickly begin to die off in very high numbers.

Enzymes are also unable to withstand the types of processing that lands food in shelf-stable packages, boxes, and cartons. For many people, this is a very large percentage of what they eat on a daily basis.

Such heated and processed food, stripped of its What Happens When Food Lacks Essential Enzymesenzymes, is categorically speaking: dead. This means that the body has to offset the problem by producing extra enzymes to help digest this dead food before attempting to send its nutrient components into the small intestine for absorption.

This is a difficult process that puts immense strain on vital organs like the pancreas that already have the responsibility of manufacturing enzymes for other purposes such as cellular tissue repair, toxin elimination, and waste removal.

While your body is equipped to adapt to problems like this in order to offset them, it can only do so for a limited time. The fact of the matter is that enzyme production potential and stores gradually diminish the longer the body has to overcompensate for enzyme deficiency in food.

This creates a situation where either food is no longer being fully and properly digested, or the rest of the body isn’t getting the enzymes it needs to repair tissue and clean up waste.

In some cases, both scenarios occur at the same, creating the ultimate recipe for a health disaster.

One of the most obvious symptoms of enzyme deficiency in your diet is poor digestion. If you often feel bloated or gassy after eating a meal, for instance, or experience abdominal discomfort on a regular basis, chances are you aren’t getting enough enzymes.

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Article Summary

  • The body is limited in the quantity and types of enzymes that it can produce for supplemental purposes.

  • Enzymes are important for digestion.

  • Food enzymes occur naturally in raw food. Their job is to begin pre-digesting food in the upper stomach; a process that takes between 30-45 minutes after eating.

  • Digestive enzymes are manufactured by the body to further break down this pre-digested food and deliver its nutrients through the gut wall and into the bloodstream.

  • Metabolic enzymes are also produced by the body and perform various other important functions throughout the body such as cell tissue repair, waste cleanup, and even destruction of harmful cells.

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  1. I do not have a colon & lack energy. I am Hungary a lot , but my wright is not compromised anymore. I feel like I don’t get my energy out of my food

    • Gayle, I also don’t have a colon (well I have a rectum and a little of the sigmoid, so no bag.) I am interested in this topic, how to get healthy.

  2. I ordered Epigreens when I opened it it was only half full of the powder. Can you send me the other half of the powder I paid for.
    Thanks, Tony

  3. Excellent post, thank you, the 3 types of enzymes are interesting. A good probiotic helps with the production of each type of enzyme as well correct?

  4. Wow, this explains so much of what has been going on for years. When I started to clean up my processed diet to whole foods in July 2010 it made a huge difference. You just explained the “why” it is important and that your body can only handle so much dead food abuse. Thank you for this eye opening article! Allison C. Bayer, Plano, Texas USA

  5. Yes I believe all that you say but I am in the UK and as my funds are limited it is very difficult for me to afford anything of this nature.

    • Eat raw fruit, raw salad, and steamed crunchy vegetables/ stir fry vegetables (crunchy) and it will help greatly, and eat probiotic food, bananas, rolled oats, almonds, leeks 🙂

    • I live in U.K. too. Eat a good mixed salad daily and eat some raw food (organic if possible) before eating cooked food. I usually have a few sticks of celery and anything else to chomp on raw while preparing my cooked food.

    • I would suggest you start doing two things that are healthy, easy and cheap.
      1. Make kombucha drink, full of probiotics.
      2. Make sprouts, loaded with nutrients. My favorites: broccoli, alfalfa, red clover, lentils, peas. But there are many more. Eat them raw with some vinegar, olive oil and white tahine.
      Plenty of info on the web (incl. youtube) about the how to.

  6. Hi Jonathan
    before I orde anything from your copany, I like you to
    let me know what happened with the 4 essential oils I did not reeive, although I paid for 12 bottles I only received , the 4not received were tea tree geranum rose, oregano and grapefruit.
    I have mentioned this to you several ine, I expect an answer.
    I like your products but not until I have treceived the 4 missing oils.thanks. paula overakkes

  7. Jonathan, this article came at a perfect time. I know I have very severe enzyme deficiency and in fact my body is starving. I have an extreme immune breakdown and parasites even in my spleen and pancreas. Very unfortunately for me I am in South Africa and have only managed to find one systemic enzyme and am doing ny best with taking eighteen a day between meals. I would give my back teeth for your enzymes but I guess this is how things are. I trust others will benefit greatly. Thanks. Colleen

    • Hi Coleen, I also live in South Africa, and can find most tnings I need at Dischem. There are digestive enzymes galore on the shelves. You also need to address your parasite problem, by by asking your pharmasist to recomend a an anti parasite product . Good luck Lucyvan Rooyen

  8. Will you be selling a new batch of the fermented powder you just ran out of. Please please let me know when I can order it. Thank you very much

    • Always best to lead by example and eat salads, raw fruit and even having veggies available to dip in things like hummus, honey or organic peanut butter. Great stuff!

    • You can make your own from any bones. Chicken and cows. Just best to use grass fed and pasture fed animals.

      • Christi.. You know that loads of people are vegetarien or vegan,..and most are not vege or vegan because of a …”diet”….but principally because..of the fact that they don’t want to kill animals to be able to live themselves…and ..i regret very much that most web sites, and most post on facebook are not answering correctly what the vegetarien or vegan wants to hear for them….i understand that it is mostly a commercial reaction ..about bone broth…and am not saying….that the bone broth isn’t good ..but in order to interest all people with their health. It has to be mentionned what to do with vege and vegan….I must say thou that because these people do not eat meat have rarely some of these deseases which is due to the fact of eating meat..
        Yes some vege or veagn have some desease like others….not saying that they are all together healthy but surely less.if they know how to replace the meat proteïne with vegetbles and other things too long to write…..

  9. Excellent, & worth reading!
    I’ve been eating 2 kiwifruits every morning for more than 18 years now. I am a health conscious person since my forties. I did a lot of research just to get ideas on how to make plans for my daily diet. It’s a year now I am on a gluten free diet and I feel really good. But, I believe I still need this EpiZymes. Soon I would love to include it in my daily diet.

  10. Thank you for this most valuable information, really useful for everyone. Step by step we are getting the big picture and we honor our lifestyle in a positive way.

  11. Do you know if I take fermented plant enzymes could i have side effects if i have cardiac problem?

  12. Hi ,
    Need info about ingredients in epizyme.I am vegetarian can not eat animal derived ingredients.

  13. Carefully consider the cost vs. benefit aspect of purchasing the enzyme product. At age 86, I held onto the unopened package for 5 days having ordered 6 bottles. Deciding my budget couldn’t month after month pay for the product, I carefully returned the unopened package via fedex to insure its safe return only to be emailed by SW (an agent?)a notice that only one bottle was in their possession. I give up – no way I can resolve this situation.

  14. Hi. Aren’t digestive enzymes supposed to be taken either right before or with meals, while pancreatic enzymes need to be taken on an empty stomach at least 45 minutes prior to a meal?

  15. Hi, thank you for the information on enzymes.
    I just started taking the Fulvi Max Vitamins & Minerals and after reading your information on enzymes, I wondered if there’s enzymes in the Fulvi Max Vitamins. Also if I need to continue with the enzymes I’ve been previously taking or not? I have been using Gamma-Zyme as a dietary enzyme supplement. Should I be mixing these and the Fulvi Max Vitamins together?
    Thank you and waiting to hear from you,

  16. Hi! I forgot to ask you another question the last time I posted my comment. I was told I had high cholesterol. I refuse to take any medication. So I was told to stay away from foods like eggs, butter, shrimp, dairy foods like milk and hard cheese! An article from the American Heart Association simply stated, without inflammation being present in the body, there is no way that cholesterol would accumulate in the wall of the blood vessel and cause heart disease and strokes. Without inflammation, cholesterol would move freely throughout the body as nature intended. That it is inflammation that causes cholesterol to become trapped. The article goes on to say that foods loaded with sugars and simple carbohydrates, or processed with omega-6 oils for long shelf life have been the mainstay of the American diet for decades and that these foods have been slowly poisoning everyone. They found that this repeated injury to blood vessels creates chronic inflammation leading to heart disease, stroke, diabetes and obesity. With that said, how does our body make its’ own good cholesterol? Does this mean that our good cholesterol can turn into bad cholesterol? What do you say causes cholesterol? Once again thank you, Claudette

    • You can do a cardio class about 3 times a week ( check with your doctor if you are healthy enough) and you can address this issue easily.

  17. I actually have a question Can you list those necessary enzymes, the part they play and from where we get them? Thank youl

  18. Please consider an enzyme blend suitable for vegans! I have contacted your customer service team in regards to this item and they told me it is vegetarian, but not vegan. I was bummed because I ordered the Best Wellness Kit and I had to give a few items away because I can’t take the products that aren’t vegan. Just a thought so you can help more people! 🙂

    • Thank you for your meaningful suggestion, Jess! Our team is always open to developing products that are inclusive to all of our customers with unique dietary requirements and health conditions, so we truly appreciate your feedback.

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