Hormonal Problems?
The culprit might be these 3 common
“curses” most women secretly suffer from.

Here’s what to do about it.

If you've wasted time and money trying to recapture or preserve even a sliver of lost youth, you must read this important news.

If you’ve ever worried about thyroid disorders, adrenal burnout, or hormonal deficiency, this may be the most important thing you ever read – because what you’ve been told about these conditions could very likely NOT be true for your body.

New medical research is now proving:
the passing of time alone may NOT be responsible for the aging damage we hate most.

Something else altogether is likely the culprit. And it’s causing us to age faster, sooner in life, and more dramatically than any of our ancestors.

If you’re like most, your body has probably been impacted already.

Thankfully, the problem is fixable, preventable, and reversible. But there is only one solution for it, which you’re going to learn about in just a few moments.

Have you noticed any of these changes in your body?








If you’ve experienced any of these seven symptoms — even in small amounts — you are ignoring tell-tale signs that your body is aging and deteriorating far more rapidly than it should, most likely due to the modern aging “curses” we’re about to discuss in a moment.

And you can count on more serious conditions and aging symptoms coming just around the corner...

Why are those warnings signs so significant? You’ll get a better explanation in just a second, but first I want to share some VERY good news with you:

No matter how old you are, addressing one simple problem could swiftly halt and reverse the effects of aging all women dread most... and change your life permanently for the better!

I’m about to tell you how to fix that one problem. First, you must understand…

Is Safe From This Silent Epidemic

The female body has always changed naturally throughout the various stages of life. But over the past century, women both young and old have begun to age differently.

Millions upon millions of women are experiencing changes in the natural aging process that our mothers and grandmothers never even dreamed of.

And these changes are getting stronger and more pronounced. Over the past century, a very troubling trend has emerged in regard to how our bodies are changing with time…

Skyrocketing Infertility

We’re struggling to become pregnant more than ever. According to a medical report from 2015, the rate of use for in-vitro fertilization — an exceedingly costly procedure used as a last resort for couples who can’t conceive — increased by 65% between 2003 and 2015.

Increased Pregnancy Complications & Birth Defects

Not only are we becoming infertile at alarming rates, but we’re having worse complications during our pregnancies as well. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine writes:

“While some types of birth defects have decreased, mainly through preventive methods, many have increased. According to a CDC study of 38 types of birth defects occurring over the period 1979-89, 27 had increased, including several cardiac defects, chromosomal defects such as trisomy 18, and fetal alcohol syndrome; 9 had remained the same; and only 2 had decreased.”

Declining Reproductive Health

Finally, we’re having far more conditions related to the reproductive system than any generation of women before us.

Research from 2014 published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism states that an increasing number of women are now suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) – as many as 12% of the female population today. The condition wasn’t even documented a hundred years ago…

A similar phenomenon can be observed with uterine fibroids, which are small, non-cancerous – but severely problematic – tumors in the uterus. The only 100% effective treatment for them is hysterectomy. And the number of hysterectomies performed in the U.S. ballooned from 543,812 to 681,234 in just three short years between 1998 and 2002. And it’s the second most common surgical procedure performed on reproductive-aged women today.

These are just a few of the many issues women are being forced to face... issues our ancestors couldn’t dream of, even in old age!

You DO NOT have to be a doctor to see there is something very wrong with this picture.

Women are losing their feminine strength, youth, and vitality in ways we’ve never witnessed before.

feminine strength

But there’s one big clue pointing us to the source of this dangerous “silent epidemic”.

Here it is...

All of these problems have one major risk factor in common: hormonal imbalance.

Medical scientists discovered decades ago that production and regulation of female hormones is the biological secret to how women keep and maintain their youth and beauty.

We are not just talking about estrogen here, though… Actually, we’re not talking about any single part of the endocrine system at all – this isn’t about just the thyroid, or only the adrenals.

A multitude of organs in the hormonal system work together to create health and balance; they produce and regulate dozens of unique hormones and hormonal precursors as well. Rarely is a single piece of the system responsible for an individual’s entire list of issues.

The entire system must be in proper working order for optimal youth and wellbeing. Then, and only then, can our bodies rebuild and “lock in” peak physical and mental health.

When that delicate ecosystem of hormonal activity is running as it should, some pretty amazing things can happen…

It’s how women in their 20s can have a baby and be back to normal (physically and mentally) in a matter of weeks after leaving the delivery room.
It’s why a lucky few women — call them “ageless beauties” — seem to look and feel like their 30-year-old selves well into their 40s, 50s, and sometimes even 60s. (We’ve all known and envied at least one).

The miracle of the body’s built-in hormonal system – and how it balances and regenerates itself – makes it all possible.

But here’s the flip side…

Even the slightest disruption in our hormonal balance can send us spiraling into a vicious cycle of physical and mental degeneration. And there’s not a single “anti-aging” product on the market that can fix it.

The really scary part? More of us are finding ourselves getting knocked into that vicious cycle than ever before.

If you’re one of those women, it’s imperative that you find out...

“Modern Aging Curses”
Stealing Your Youth, Beauty & Health

Conventional medical wisdom is telling us our aging problems are just a “fact of life.” But research proves that simply isn’t true!

Science has just struck the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding our bodies – only the tip of a glacier when it comes to the female hormonal system.

But thankfully, doctors are finally starting to grasp the role hormones play in keeping us young, fit, and physically attractive.

Product with razor

And what they’re finding is incredible.

The fact of the matter is this:

Even into the later years of life, your body is capable of producing and regulating ALL of the essential female hormones it needs to stay youthful, fresh, and full of life.


Your environment and daily life in today’s toxic world are getting in the way.

Along with all the convenience and technology the modern age has brought, it has also brought a whole host of toxic side-effects.

To keep things simple, we’ll just call them “modern aging curses.”

In a perfect world, your body has nothing standing in its way from reviving itself and maintaining the joys of youth.

Unfortunately, our world today is far from perfect, and your body needs additional support to do what it’s intended to do naturally.

Don’t worry, though… giving your body that support isn’t as hard as it sounds.  

But before I tell you how to give your body what it needs to restore hormonal balance and reap all the amazing benefits that come with it, you need to understand what your body is up against.

That said, let’s look at the three biggest “curses” responsible for today’s epidemic of vanishing feminine wellbeing.

“Curse” #1: Aromatase Enzymes

If you’ve ever watched your midsection “pooch out” with belly fat — even though your lifestyle habits have remained the same — you’ve felt the effects of this first modern aging “curse” first-hand.

It’s called aromatase.

Aromatase is a unique enzymatic compound. It occurs naturally in the body, but should only be present in small amounts. But for a variety of reasons — the way our foods are processed, our environment, our daily habits — women today have far more aromatase than they should.

What does aromatase do, exactly?

Well, the intended purpose of aromatase is actually a positive one. It’s supposed to act as a hormonal regulator by converting female androgens (hormone precursors) into estrogen.

But here’s the big problem when aromatase becomes even slightly too high...

It erupts to excessive levels and starts converting far too many androgens into estrogen. That results in two things:

By depleting your body’s supply of androgens, production of other crucial hormones becomes strongly impaired. Deficiency of progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, and other important hormones becomes a major risk.

An excess supply of free estrogen opens you up to a multitude of other health issues, plus negative hormonal imbalance symptoms.

To make matters worse, women are uniquely vulnerable to aromatase overload for one simple reason: stress.

All women – especially those working full-time and/or caring for children – bear an extremely heavy burden of physical and mental stress. And when our bodies undergo stress, they produce something that sends aromatase through the roof… cortisol.

Cortisol is the body’s natural stress hormone. And multiple studies have now proven it to increase aromatase activity.

Your body is constantly struggling to keep aromatase in-check, but every bit of stress you’re forced to handle puts your body in an increasingly uphill battle. And one of the primary side effects of excess aromatase is… weight gain, especially around your midsection.

So if you’re carrying extra weight around your midsection, there’s a good chance you’ve got elevated aromatase levels.

The worst part is once aromatase gets out of balance, getting it back under control can be next to impossible – unless you address the imbalance at the source, which you’ll learn more about in just a few moments.

“Curse” #2: Endocrine Disruptors

When we talk about our hormonal system, we’re actually referring to what’s called the endocrine system. It’s spread throughout the entire body – composed of many different parts and organs – and it’s responsible for any and all hormonal activity.


The easiest way to think about your endocrine system is like a giant switchboard filled with telephone operators.

When an operator gets a call, what do they do?

First, they listen to the person on the other end. Then they figure out the appropriate way to patch the caller through. Finally, the call gets sent out, and the caller gets to deliver their message.

Your endocrine system works much the same way.

Your body detects when a hormone needs to be released, just like an operator picking up a new call. Then your body must decide which hormone needs to be made, the same way an operator listens to a caller and finds the right connection. Lastly, your body sends the hormone out, so it can do its work in the body – the call is complete!

But what if an operator could never get a clear connection? They’d risk sending callers to the wrong place because they wouldn’t be able to hear.

Or what if somebody started monkeying with the wires? Most of the incoming calls would get misdirected, and nobody would know why!

That is what endocrine disruptors do to your hormonal system. And our world is absolutely packed with them…

Endocrine disruptors mimic and block the hormones your body naturally produces, and they cause serious confusion and imbalance as a result.  

What’s more, thousands of new potential endocrine disruptor chemicals are synthesized and introduced to our environment each and every year.

According to the CAS Chemical Registry System, the number of new chemicals on file for consumer and industrial use rose from 211,934 in 1965 to a whopping 88,758,285 in 2006.

Some of those new chemicals end up in products you buy every day. Others get used for commercial purposes. But all of them end up in the environment eventually, where they quietly sneak into our bodies one way or another.

Is it any wonder so many women are suffering from hormonal imbalances??

And if you think Big Brother is looking out for you, think again.

The New York Times reports that many individuals in the U.S. believe their cosmetics products are tested for safety issues.  

However, this belief is wrong.

Industrial chemicals do not require safety testing before being put on the market. And manufacturers are only rarely required to give the government the information necessary to determine whether the chemical is safe or not.

What does all this mean?

In essence, it means there is an endless barrage of hormone disrupting toxins threatening your feminine health every day. And it’s only getting worse with time…

“Curse” #3: Genetic Corruption

Your chronological age (the number of years you’ve been alive) and your biological age (how your body looks and feels) are two completely separate things. And the condition of your hormonal system is one of the biggest factors in keeping your biological age low, regardless of how high your chronological age becomes!

If you don’t believe that, think back to the “ageless beauties” we talked about a few minutes ago.

Clearly they have something the rest of us don’t, something helping them manage to hold onto the best parts of their 30s and 40s well into their 50s and 60s.

Like we said before, hormonal health is the secret to their baffling longevity. But there’s one big underlying factor that contributes to their above-average hormonal health, and it’s their healthy genetics.

Those women were born with two important things:

  1. Strong, superior DNA
  2. A natural resilience to genetic damage

See, DNA is the set of instructions your body follows to perform all its standard functions, including hormone production and regulation.

But if your DNA is compromised or corrupted, things can go awry pretty quick.

Unfortunately, millions of women carry an inescapable hereditary risk for hormonal imbalance. That means many of us could be predisposed to suffer from it before we even take our first breath!

On top of that, there are countless DNA-damaging threats called “genotoxins” women come in contact with every day.  For example:

Cooked Foods

Research from the journal Environmental Health Perspectives states any food “exposed to drying, frying, roasting, baking, and broiling conditions” will contain DNA-damaging substances.

Radiation Exposure

Medical X-rays, airport security scanners, and even passive ultraviolet radiation from sunlight can cause dangerous mutations.

Drinking Water

Fluoride is added to most public water supplies in the United States, but a 2001 study found the chemical could wreak havoc on our DNA.

And those are just a few of the big ones. Our day-to-day environment is hopelessly riddled with gene-altering toxins.

Most Women Are
Already Damaged
by These "Curses"...
Without Even Knowing It!

Sadly, these modern aging “curses” have been working against each and every one of us from the day we were born.

By the time we reach our 40s, our hormonal system has already been mercilessly abused and broken down… Resulting in all the frustrating, painful, and unsightly problems we asked you about at the beginning of this letter.

Here they are to refresh your memory:








Each of these troubling issues has a clinically proven relationship with imbalances in the female hormonal system.

Again, we’re talking about the whole system here. These things ARE NOT caused by estrogen levels, thyroid problems, or adrenal fatigue alone. No, in fact, these problems are more likely signs of broad hormonal imbalance lurking beneath the surface.

And the result of that imbalance is accelerated aging and an overall drop in quality of life.

However, I need to remind you of some VERY good news: there is a way to halt and reverse the hormonal destruction millions of women are going through today — plus reap the amazing outward and inward benefits of a healthy endocrine system.

And it doesn’t rely a bit on how old you are now or how damaged your hormonal system already is.

That said, there is only one way to approach this problem safely and naturally. And you’re going to learn every last detail about it in just a few more moments.

But before we talk about how to start repairing and reclaiming the youth and vitality that comes with a healthy hormonal system, you must know why…

Puts Every “Anti-Aging” Product on the Shelf to Shame

How much money have you spent on serums, creams, treatments, and other “anti-aging” products that claim to rejuvenate your appearance?

Even if you’ve only tried them a few times, chances are you’ve invested a significant sum.

There’s just one big problem…

The only way to really fight aging – and even possibly repair its visible damage – is to revive your body from the inside out. And supporting a healthy, fully functional hormonal system is the first and biggest step.

Did you know hormonal imbalance and/or androgen deficiency can be responsible for a variety of undesirable issues with your appearance, like the ones listed below?

If you’ve fought any of these issues, resolving any underlying hormonal disturbances might be the closest thing to a real “fountain of youth” you’ll ever get!

I've Got Some Good News!

If you’re feeling a little discouraged after everything you’ve read so far, I don’t blame you. With all the things working against our ability to hold onto youth and remain healthy today, it’s easy to feel hopeless.

However, there is a way to reverse the three biggest modern aging “curses,” repair your body, and give it the power to create and regulate healthy, natural, sustainable levels of vital hormones... permanently.

But here’s the exciting part…

Once the healing process begins, your body will be fully equipped to keep you looking and feeling far younger than your true age for years to come.



1 Formula Found Nowhere Else... to Erase Every Modern Aging "Curse" and Reactivate Your Body's Instinctive Ability to Beautify itself, Fight Aging, and Restore Vitality

E-Plexx is a completely new breakthrough answer to the “silent epidemic” of female hormonal imbalance – with an ingredient complex designed to safely and naturally support your body to do exactly what it did during its prime: produce and regulate each and every crucial hormonal component to repair, preserve, and build feminine beauty and strength.

E-Plexx is a cutting-edge formula built through years of private research and development. Plus, it incorporates today’s latest discoveries and clinical studies of the female hormonal system.

As a result, there is quite literally no other product like E-Plexx on the market today. Nothing like it has ever existed before, and you won’t find it anywhere else but through Organixx.

So what is it that makes E-Plexx so special? Let’s start by looking at its individual ingredients, and how they’re designed to restore and support your hormonal system – your personal reserve of youth and beauty – so it can reach its maximum potential.

The star, or lead performer if you will, when it comes to the E-Plexx formula is a carefully blended collection of 8 “hormone helper” botanicals.

Each of these gentle, earth-sourced, clean and pure ingredients has its own unique qualities. And together, they make for a potent endocrine-supporting force.

“Hormone Helper” #1: Reishi Mushroom

Reishi is part of a very special class of natural ingredients called “adaptogens.”

What does it mean for something to be an adaptogen?

Essentially, adaptogens contain compounds that elevate and revive the body’s built-in support systems. They don’t seek to cover up any problems or distract the body from its symptoms. Instead, they actually work to increase the body’s own ability to heal and restore itself.

Adaptogens naturally assist your body to “adapt” to stress and environmental damage. They help to support the immune system, nervous system, circulatory system, and most importantly for us, the endocrine/hormonal system – your own personal supply of youth and vitality.

That said, it’s no wonder that Reishi has such incredible, wide-reaching benefits.

In multiple studies, Reishi has been shown to regulate hormonal androgens. This helps support healthy cell growth in your body.

Further research demonstrates the effective compounds in Reishi to likely decrease fatigue, resolve overall hormonal imbalance, and simultaneously encourage better fertility and reproductive health.

Most recently, a 2017 study published in Molecular Medicine Reports showed amazing results in a test on skin aging with Reishi. The researchers found human skin cell samples treated with effective compounds from Reishi to have “...increased cell viability, decreased aged cells, increased CICP protein expression, decreased MMP-1 protein expression, and decreased cellular ROS levels.”

In plain English, that means skin cells given Reishi simply aged less and maintained themselves better, even under stress!

Reishi is also a potent cellular antioxidant, meaning it fights the effects of age on a microscopic level.

A 2016 study found an extract of Reishi to enhance cellular defense against oxidative stress (a major source of aging damage), and a second study from 2011 demonstrated Reishi’s potential ability to actually extend cell lifespan.

“Hormone Helper” #2: Milk Thistle Seed

In your body’s complex inner workings, no single part can live independent from the whole. Each and every organ relies on the rest of your body to stay healthy and operate correctly. And your endocrine system is a perfect example.

While your endocrine system is entirely responsible for producing and regulating hormones, it depends on several other organs to do its job, most importantly the liver.

We all know the liver is your body’s first line of defense in expelling toxins. But the liver has another big job most people aren’t aware of: to break down and dispose of excess hormones.

In addition to breaking down excess hormones, the liver also helps metabolize fat!

But if the liver isn’t healthy, it can’t do any of those wonderful things.

And you don’t have to be an alcohol drinker to have a suppressed liver either; pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter pain medications, environmental toxins, and a whole host of liver-damaging toxins are abundant in our day-to-day lives.

That’s where Milk Thistle comes in.  

Milk Thistle is widely known for its ability to protect and support the liver, and the easiest way to get large amounts of its effective compound – known as silymarin – is through its seeds.

Clinical research shows the silymarin found in Milk Thistle seed to promote liver health and also enhance liver regeneration.

As a primary constituent of the E-Plexx formula, Milk Thistle seed gives your hormonal system the natural liver support it desperately needs.

“Hormone Helper” #3: Holy Basil (Tulsi)

Native to India, Holy Basil – also known as Tulsi – is another potent natural adaptogen. And its supportive properties act on very important hormonal structure: the stress response pathway.

As we discussed earlier, when your body undergoes stress, either physical or mental, it produces a hormone called cortisol. And elevated levels of cortisol can directly contribute to ongoing hormonal imbalance.

When properly balanced, cortisol plays an important role in the body. But unfortunately, most women have a damaging excess of it. Whether it’s from work, our kids, or just the baseline stress we’ve come to accept as part of our daily lives, most of us have far more cortisol pumping through our veins than we should.

Thankfully, Holy Basil acts as an amazing, natural, and totally safe cortisol-balancing agent.

Findings in a 2016 study confirmed Holy Basil to inhibit the release of cortisol.

But that’s not all…

Holy Basil shows promise for its ability to balance blood sugar levels that are already within a normal range too, the result of which is fewer cravings and weight management support.

“Hormone Helper” #4: Flax Seed

Flax has been cultivated for centuries, not just as a plant healer but as a nourishing food also. And when you dig deeper into what makes Flax so beneficial, it becomes clear why it’s been treasured by one generation after another.

Here are just a few of the ways Flax offers such strong support to the body:

  • Healthy skin and nails from nutritious essential fatty acids.
  • Promoting a healthy body weight from nourishing ALA and fiber.
  • Age-fighting antioxidants that studies show may also help support your body’s ability to maintain a healthy balance of good gut bacteria.

“Hormone Helper” #5: Maca Root

Maca is a traditional food and vitality tonic from South America. In its native country of Peru, Maca is known as both a healthy superfood (it’s a cruciferous vegetable like broccoli, cabbage, and kale) and a potent source of energy, stamina, and reproductive health.

A multitude of research confirms what the Peruvians have known about Maca for centuries…

Maca Root is a powerful way to support your sexual health.

By enhancing energy levels and stamina, both men and women can benefit from this remarkable root…

“Hormone Helper” #6: Dong Quai

Known as “female ginseng,” Dong Quai has a rich history in traditional Chinese medicine as a tonic for women.

Dong Quai is often used in response to symptoms from PMS and menopause. But studies suggest the reason for its action in so many different female conditions could be a result of its ability to support a healthy inflammation response, improve blood flow, and promote a healthy hormonal balance.

In conjunction with the accompanying ingredients of E-Plexx, Dong Quai serves as a potent empowering agent of female vitality and strength.

“Hormone Helper” #7: Ashwagandha Extract

Like Reishi and Holy Basil, Ashwagandha is a powerful adaptogen.

Ashwagandha originates from the Far East, and it’s been used in traditional Ayurvedic Indian medicine for centuries. But the reason why it’s so amazing isn’t the herb itself. It’s the way our bodies interact with it.

Dozens of studies have focused on how Ashwagandha works alongside the body to restore natural balance – how it cooperates with each person’s unique physiology to make changes where they’re needed most.

That means Ashwagandha doesn’t just recklessly raise or reduce one hormone or another for everyone who consumes it. Depending on each person’s unique excesses or shortcomings, it helps the body know exactly how to restore harmony on its own.

With that in mind, it’s no wonder why the benefits of Ashwagandha are so numerous.

For example, in a 2012 clinical case study of a 57-year-old woman with chronic adrenal problems, administration of Ashwagandha extract over six months stimulated marked improvement in four major adrenal hormone markers, including corticosterone and 11-deoxycortisol, which fell by 69 percent and 55 percent respectively – an amazing change.

Then in 1999, researchers found Ashwagandha to stimulate and regulate thyroid hormones in female mice as well.

Ashwagandha has a powerful ability to bring about a calm and relaxed feeling and support mental health as well. In 2012, a 12-week, double-blind, placebo-controlled study showed Ashwagandha extract to dramatically reduce stress and cortisol levels with zero negative side-effects.

Finally, in addition to the dozens of documented benefits of Ashwagandha, a 2015 study showed Ashwagandha extract to be a strong supporter of female sexual health – improving vaginal lubrication, likelihood of orgasm, arousal, and more.

“Hormone Helper” #8: Amla Berry Extract

Last, but most certainly not least, a pure extract of Amla Berry rounds out the “hormone helper” blend. Amla is native to the highest mountains of China and the Himalayas, where it’s been treasured for centuries.

Although Amla Berry has been used for thousands of years, modern science is just beginning to document its incredible qualities. Studies are showing benefits of Amla Berry across the body, including the hormonal system, skin, liver, and more.

In a 2011 study testing the defensive properties of Amla Berry extract for skin and collagen, researchers found the extract to reduce the signs of photoaging as well as preserve an important precursor for healthy skin known as pro-collagen 1.

And the skin benefits of Amla Berry are just the beginning…

Remember the dangers of genetic corruption we discussed a few minutes ago? The third modern aging “curse”?

Well, research shows Amla Berry may be an effective natural protector against the DNA-damaging agents we encounter on a daily basis!

In a 2009 study published in the journal Integrative Cancer Therapies, researchers found Amla Berry extract to exhibit a remarkable protective effect against radiation-induced DNA damage in mice – suggesting Amla Berry could have breakthrough potential for genetic defense and repair.

Extraordinary Benefits

from 2 “Bonus” Ingredients

While most hormone replacement therapies come with risky side-effects, E-Plexx actually brings some impressive side-benefits … and they come from two valuable supporting ingredients that are in every E-Plexx capsule.

  • Organic Sprouted Purple Maize - Brimming with fiber and vital nutrients, purple maize is a natural source of antioxidants, phytonutrients, and flavonoids. It is also high in anthocyanin, which is a potent antioxidant that has been studied extensively for its ability to stimulate tissue regeneration, encourage blood flow, and support a healthy inflammation response. Even better, sprouting multiplies the nutritional value of this amazing grain many times over.
  • Organic Apple Cider Vinegar - Used daily as a food and vitality tonic by millions, apple cider vinegar is a health-building powerhouse. Studies have shown it to maintain blood sugar levels already within a normal range and even help burn belly fat!

We’ve already covered many reasons why you’ll want to start taking E-Plexx as soon as you possibly can… to support the restoration of your life-saving endocrine system, rebalance your vital female hormones, and fight the effects of aging at the source.

Ultimately, this could be the most urgent news of our generation, and it means...

Any Woman Wishing to
Avoid or Undo
the Lost Youth, Aging Damage &
Discomfort of Hormonal Imbalance
Needs This Now...

Now that you’ve learned about the grave nature of today’s hormonal “silent epidemic”, the things causing it, and what’s necessary to get your body back on-track…

And after reading about the extensive body of scientific research behind each of the components in this revolutionary 8-ingredient “hormone helper” blend…

You can easily see there is really nothing else like E-Plexx on the market today.  

It’s an original Organixx product – representing a breakthrough natural response to the crushing hormonal imbalance plaguing millions of women today.

Since many of the ingredients in E-Plexx are rare, exotic, and rather difficult to source – and because of the stringent, labor-intensive methods we use to make this blend so special – we’ve chosen to produce E-Plexx in just one small batch at a time.

To us, it’s just common sense…

Making sure you get only the strongest, purest, and most effective product humanly possible is our top priority here at Organixx.

And producing E-Plexx in micro batches is the only way to guarantee that happens.

Plus, processing these powerful ingredients and getting them into your hands while they’re still fresh is crucial for maximum effectiveness. So keeping each batch of E-Plexx small ensures your product – and everything in it – makes the journey from harvest to your hand quickly, never sitting in a warehouse losing potency and getting stale.

Now, stop for a moment and consider that E-Plexx contains:

Ancient Far East Treasure Organic Reishi, a unique ingredient shown to work alongside the body to fight the effects of aging and balance multiple physiological systems, including the hormonal system.

Ayurvedic Stress Tonic Organic Holy Basil to support a balancing of excess cortisol and reduction in anxiety.

Adaptogenic Powerhouse Organic Ashwagandha Extract used for millennia as a traditional healer of India, and shown to support multiple positive benefits by promoting hormonal and overall vitality.

Balancing & Detoxifying Organic Milk Thistle Seed for hormonal regulation support through a healthy liver.

“Peruvian Gold” Organic Maca, a clinically proven ingredient to support sexual and reproductive health, as well as libido.

Protective & Age-Fighting Organic Amla Berry Extract with researched benefits for collagen (supports hair, skin, and nails) and defense against oxidative aging damage.

Potent “Female Ginseng” Organic Dong Quai, a botanical wonder used for years in response to female conditions, and thought to promote a healthy inflammation response, maintain healthy blood flow, and support optimal hormone balance.

A Generous Dose of Magnesium, giving your body one of the most important hormonal building blocks, while supporting whole body health.

Organic Sprouted Purple Maize and Apple Cider Vinegar combine to maintain healthy blood flow, balance blood sugar levels that are already within a normal range (which fights cravings), burn belly fat, and more.

And it isn’t just the fact that E-Plexx contains all these incredible ingredients that’s so special…

On top of that, E-Plexx is formulated using a stringent set of standards and guidelines, making sure each ingredient is perfectly balanced with the others — always just enough of what your body needs, no more and no less.

Taking all that into consideration… you may be wondering how much all this is going to cost.

Well, think of it this way…

What amount would you be willing to pay for something that could potentially not just stop the unsightly and unpleasant effects of aging, but actually give you the possible chance to reverse them as well?

That alone is probably enough to warrant a notable investment. But that’s not all E-Plexx has the potential to offer…

What would you pay for something that can also provide powerful support for your healthy immune system? Again, that prospect alone is attractive, to say the least.

Finally, take a second and think about the things you loved the most about your younger years… What did your body feel like? Were you as stressed as you are today? What about your skin, your body weight, and your energy levels?

What would you pay to have something that could give you constant support to start getting those things back?

E-Plexx is offering you the opportunity to potentially:

Defy your age like the lucky few women who seem to look and feel the same as they did 20, 30, even 40 years ago.

Reclaim youth using your body’s natural support structure.

Fight and undo signs of aging by nurturing and balancing from within.

Empower metabolic health to maintain a healthy body weight.

Relive carefree mental tranquility from your younger days.

And those are just a few of the incredible changes a revitalized hormonal system could bring.

For something like that, I’m willing to bet you’d pay quite a bit… maybe $100 a month… $200 a month… perhaps even more depending on the severity of your situation.

You don’t need to worry about that though. While we realize we could charge premium prices that match the quality of this premium hormonal repair product, we’d never feel right about it.

After all, our ultimate goal with E-Plexx is to bring health and wellbeing to as many women as we can… to end their frustration, enhance their lives, and make hormonal imbalance – and all the terrible effects that come with it – a thing of the past.

And to do that, we know our products have to be as affordable as we can make them without sacrificing on exceptional quality.

With that in mind, you won’t pay anywhere near $100.00 for a 30-day supply of E-Plexx. As you’ll see in just a moment, we’ve prepared a very special introductory bundle offer we know you’re going to love.

And when you request your supply of E-Plexx today, you’ll be protected by our…

1 YEAR “No Questions Asked” 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re so convinced that you’re going to love E-Plexx that we’re giving you a full year to experience how much it can really help you. We’re happy to extend our guarantee this far because we are 100% certain you’re going to be amazed and delighted with how effective E-Plexx really is!

So if, within a full year after your order today, you decide that E-Plexx isn't right for you, just send back your bottles (even if they're EMPTY) and we'll give you an immediate refund of the price you paid for them. No ifs... ands... or buts about it.

*Spend $99 or more - Free Shipping to US;
spend $149 or more - Free Shipping to Canada;
spend $199 or more - Free Shipping Worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is E-Plexx for me?  

E-Plexx is designed to encourage overall hormonal health and balance, including support for the thyroid.

How is E-Plexx taken?

E-Plexx is administered in convenient capsule form, with no artificial fillers or binders.

How much should I take daily?

Suggested use is 2 capsules daily, with or without food. There are 60 capsules in each bottle, so one bottle can last for 30 days.

Advanced use is 4 capsules daily. If you follow this advanced dosing, one bottle will last for 15 days; two bottles will last for one month.

What benefits will I experience while taking E-Plexx?

Since the ingredients in E-Plexx are designed to help maintain your body’s own systems and support production and regulation of crucial hormones naturally, there is a whole host of benefits you may experience. They vary from user to user depending on each person’s unique physiology.

The most common benefits of repairing your body to replenish and regulate its hormones are:

  • Improved mood and sense of wellbeing
  • Increased sexual desire and function
  • Support to maintain a healthy weight
  • Reversal of body abnormalities caused by hormonal imbalance, e.g. low muscle mass, stubborn belly fat, misshapen breasts
  • Regulation of sleeping patterns
  • Fewer cravings
  • More energy

What if I buy multiple bottles and change my mind?

P.S. Remember, you have a FULL YEAR – to try E-Plexx and experience the age-defying benefits it can offer. If, for any reason, you’re not 100% satisfied with your results… just send us back the bottle (even if it’s EMPTY) and you’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund.