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Jonathan Hunsaker: Are you on a ketogenic diet? Should you be taking a collagen supplement with it? Let’s go ask Doc to find out. 
Jonathan Hunsaker here with Organixx. Thanks again for watching. Listen, the ketogenic diet is very popular right now. We’ve been getting a lot of questions asking, “Is it okay to take a collagen supplement while on the ketogenic diet?” Let’s go ask Doc for the answer. 
Dr. Daniel Nuzum: Okay, so collagen and the ketogenic diet. 
In the ketogenic diet, you’re looking at—your target should be around 60-70 percent of your calories coming from fats, so we get that ketosis going. We want to get into that fat-burning metabolism. That’s the point of the ketogenic diet. 
Collagen is a protein. And so if you start consuming collagen, you need to slow down your consumption of other protein sources while you’re on the ketogenic diet. Protein can be converted into carbohydrates. If the body is not getting a lot of carbohydrates from any source, it can take protein and convert it into carbohydrates. It can break down the amino acids and turn those amino acids into sugars. 
And so if you’re on the ketogenic diet, the last thing you want to have is more sugar, because the sugar will take you out of ketosis. Carbohydrates will pull you out of that ketosis, that fat-burning metabolism. 
So, adding too much protein into your system, getting too many calories from protein, could cause them to be converted into sugar. So, if you add collagen or a collagen supplement into your diet, you need to slow down your consumption of other protein sources. You need to keep those fat calories real high, those carbohydrate calories really low, and those protein calories at a very moderate level. 
So, collagen being such a pure source of protein is really easy to work that into the ketogenic diet, because you don’t have to factor in other things that would be in the protein. So, like if you’re eating beef, or chicken, or fish, or those types of things, you also have to factor in the amount of fat that’s in those meats.
And with eggs, you wouldn’t have to worry about the yolks versus the whites and those types of things. 
If you have the pure protein from collagen, it’s straight protein. It’s nothing else. There’s no fat; there’s no carbohydrate in it. And so it’s pretty easy to calculate your amount of protein that you’re consuming if you’re using collagen. 
Jonathan Hunsaker:  Thank you, Doc, as always.  
Listen, I myself follow the ketogenic diet from time to time because my body really responds well to it. And I love taking collagen when I’m on the keto diet. If you’re looking for a good, clean, effective collagen, consider checking out Organixx’s collagen. Just click the link here to learn more about it. 
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