Are There Contraindications When Taking Calcium & Magnesium Together?

By Dr. Melissa Gallagher, Naturopathic Physician

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Video Transcript:

Today’s question comes from one of our viewers who wrote in saying this, “I am older and I have osteoporosis. I have 1200 milligrams of calcium that I take at night. When should I take Mag 7?” (The Magnesium 7 that we have here at Organixx.) They also write, “I’ve been told too much magnesium is contraindicated to take with calcium.”

So, this is a great question. And I first want to clarify that calcium and magnesium are very powerful when taken together.

Understanding Calcification of the Cardiovascular System

Particularly, calcium that is not matched with magnesium can actually be harmful. So, I’m not quite clear on who maybe highlighted that they shouldn’t be taken together or there’s contraindications in taking calcium with magnesium. But the reality is that if you do not have a calcium that accompanies, or you take an additional supplement like Magnesium 7, what’s happening is you are just delivering calcium into your body. And if you are in a deficient state, which about 95-98% of us are deficient in magnesium, you now have no blocking mechanism for calcium in its delivery and transport into the vascular channel.

So, you can actually be causing more calcification of your cardiovascular system. Meaning that the calcium, when it enters, because it’s not blocked by magnesium. Magnesium is like the bodyguard. If the nightclub is your vascular channel, magnesium is the blocker, the night guard, and it makes sure that calcium is articulated in the right place, the right location, (i.e., bone and teeth). And when that doesn’t occur, calcium can get into your vascular channel, and implant along the walls of your vascular system.

So, meaning the walls of your veins, your arteries, and even sometimes in your heart. So that can be problematic when we’re looking at an exorbitant amount of calcium, 1200 milligrams, I’m not quite clear on what type or form of calcium you’re taking. That’s a lot. And because it’s unchecked, meaning we don’t have the balancer blocking it from being articulated into the vascular channel, you’d want to take magnesium with that dose. And because we’re looking at a high dose of calcium, I would probably do two or three doses of Magnesium 7. And again, it depends on the form of calcium. Some calciums are going to be more caustic to the vascular channel than others.

Plant-Based Calcium Is Best

So, always read your labels and you want to try and go as plant based as you can with calcium. There’s a likelihood of it being absorbed properly and articulated because a lot of times plant-based calciums will have a natural accompaniment of magnesium. But Magnesium 7, here at Organixx, is powerful at minimizing any type of further-down-the-road risk of arterial sclerosis, which is the leading cause of heart disease, heart attacks, and stroke. And it all comes back to the fact that we are overloading our bodies with calcium and we’re in a deficient state of magnesium and it’s not matched.

So, I hope that’s helpful. Just know magnesium is an absolutely essential mineral and it is necessary in over 600 different body reactions. And because of that, we need to get that into your body. And this is definitely one where you can microdose – take magnesium in the morning, take it in the evening. And that helps keep your digestive process flowing and helps to minimize any calcium from building up in places where it does not need to be, like your arteries and your veins. So, I hope that’s helpful. Let us know if you have any more questions and we appreciate you for being a valued customer here at Organixx. Have a great day.

Magnesium deficiency is linked to stress, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, anxiety, trouble sleeping, sore muscles, migraines, and many more debilitating health conditions.

If your body needs magnesium, you want the most beneficial kind your body can actually absorb. Organixx Magnesium 7 gives you seven (7) of the very best, most bioavailable types of elemental magnesium available.

Magnesium Supplement
Dr. Melissa Gallagher, Naturopathic Physician
Dr. Melissa Gallagher, Naturopathic Physician, holds a Masters in Holistic Nutrition and a Doctorate of Naturopathy. In addition to providing expert guidance to Organixx, Dr. Melissa maintains a busy private practice in Texas. Her primary focus is working with individuals addressing digestive disorders, hormone balance, detoxification therapies, and primary and secondary lymphedema cases through lymphatic decongestive treatments.


  1. can you take magnesium without taking calcium? I would think that to be safe you should get your calcium from eating the proper foods.

    • Hi Richard, Thank you for your question. Generally speaking yes, most people can be safe taking a magnesium supplement and getting their calcium via their diet. However, each person has different needs and tolerance levels. With that said we definitely recommend speaking with your doctor before starting a magnesium supplement or any other supplement. We want you to be safe and healthy. Have an awesome day! :)

  2. I live in Bulgaria and I'm taking CaMgZn once a day in the morning after breakfast. Is that safe and beneficial?

    • Hi Catherine, Unfortunately, because we have not done any research and are unfamiliar with the product we are unable to make any kind of recommendation for it or against it. We definitely suggest speaking with your trusted doctor to determine what supplements are beneficial for your specific needs. Everyone has different needs and tolerance levels. I am sorry that I could not be more helpful in this situation. Wishing you a happy and healthy day! :)

  3. I do not take supplemental Calcium. I have needed extra Mg for years. Are you saying those fighting to keep their Mg levels up should also take Ca? I just received my order of Mg7 from you. Please advise.

    • Hi C Chapman,

      Thank you for your question. The doctor is recommending that anyone who takes calcium should also take magnesium. She mentions that calcium not paired with magnesium can be harmful not the reverse. I hope this helps. Wishing you a happy and healthy day! :)

  4. Great article, thanks.

    Question; why are the amounts of the various forms of magnesium listed on the label? Anyone who follows the supplement industry knows that the supplement business is cut-throat and it’s important to be competitive. Organix has a ‘catch’ with the combined forms, and is thus able to charge more than competitors. This SHOULD mean that thy do not need to cut corners on cost, and actually offer a top quality product.

    But we consumers cannot know if it is a top quality product because Organix hides behind ‘proprietary’, much like the low-quality supplement companies.

    In other words; is this product loaded with cheap magnesium, with just a sprinkling of the more important and expensive forms?

    If yes, shame on you!

    If not, why would you not want to boast about that, and shout it from the rooftops?

    I used to be a customer. But until you print on your label that which is in the bottle, I will continue to buy different magnesium supplements from your competitors.

    Knowledge ks power, EMPOWER YOUR CUSTOMERS!!

    • Hi Joe, Thank you for sharing your point of view. We do understand your concerns. We agree that knowledge is power. We try to provide enough information for the customer to make an informed decision. However, when it comes to the actual breakdown we understand that it is our special blended recipe that makes the product stand out above others. As an example we can all search the internet for the 11 spices a popular restaurant uses to fry their chicken. But, if we tried to make it at home, more than likely it would not come out the tasting the same. This is due to the special recipe. The same holds true for our blended supplements. This is why we consider that information proprietary. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality, most effective supplement blends available. We started this company because of the huge demand for quality supplements at affordable prices. We keep our markups extremely low, because we’re a mission-based company with hopes of healing the world. You can view our 3rd party testing purity results here: I hope you find this information helpful. Thank you for your understanding. Have a blessed day. :)

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