The Amazing Benefits of Aloe Vera: From Antiquity to Today

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The succulent perennial Aloe vera, of the Aloaceae family, has a tremendously long history as a healing plant and there is an extensive list of recorded benefits of Aloe vera. There is also a growing body of research into aloe’s modern day potential health benefits.

Indigenous to Eastern and Southern Africa, records of Aloe vera’s use date back as far as 1750 BC. Ayurvedic medicine (Ayurveda is the ancient healing system of India) has long revered aloe, and there is rumor that Cleopatra’s soft skin was due to aloe.

Aloe is also reputed to be the reason Alexander the Great sought to conquer Madagascar – he wanted to acquire the abundant Aloe vera plants for treating the wounds of his soldiers. Even the ancient Greeks are on record as using this healing plant [1]. According to a study published in the Indian Journal of Dermatology, Aloe vera has also been used for hundreds of years in China, Mexico, and Japan [2].

Nowadays Aloe vera grows around the world, usually in hotter climates, such as the Caribbean, some Southern states, as well as Central and South America. You may know aloe as a common house plant, or even keep one on hand yourself for minor burns and other skin irritations. Indeed it is for this purpose that Aloe vera is most well-known in the Western world.

Aloe Vera for Burns

Aloe vera’s strong reputation in the West as a burn remedy began in the mid 1930s when a woman undergoing x-ray treatments developed severe dermatitis that would not go away. Aloe healed this chronic condition, which instigated informal trials on patients with radiation burns.

Then in 1953, a study on rats by Lushbaugh and Hale noted results that were supported by science, rather than mainly anecdotal observations [3].

More recently in a review of four studies, when compared to conventional treatments, Aloe vera was noted to reduce the healing time of topical burn by approximately nine days [4].
Aloe Vera’s Amazing Benefits

Aloe Vera Benefits: Much More than Just a Home Remedy for Burns

If you’ve personally ever applied aloe to a sunburn, you know the cool relief it offers. However, Aloe vera has far more health-supporting benefits than merely being the go-to remedy for small burns and sunburn relief.

As one 2013 study published in the journal Organic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters put it, “Due to its phytochemical composition,” aloe has shown promise in “alleviating symptoms associated with/or prevention of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, neurodegeneration, and diabetes [5].”

According to, one of the most important phytochemicals (plant chemicals) found in Aloe vera is the polysaccharide acemannan (also known as acetylated mannose). The 2013 journal article mentioned above states that acemannan has been found to be:

“a highly effective immune stimulant, with activity against the viruses causing the flu, measles, and early stages of AIDS. It has been used effectively against some veterinary cancers, most notably sarcoma, and is being investigated as an agent to be used to treat cancer in humans [6].”

What’s in Aloe Vera Gel?

Whether you’ve favored the store-bought preparations, or cracked open a chunk of home-grown Aloe vera and scooped out the slightly sticky gel yourself, it is the slimy inner tissue that works its magic on the skin and body. This water-heavy gel is the part of the plant that holds the most bioactive compounds (phytochemicals).

According to researchers, the powerful active compounds in Aloe vera include [7,8]:

  • Vitamins – including A, B (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B12, C, E, folate, and niacin
  • Minerals – including zinc, chromium, copper, calcium, magnesium, manganese, selenium, potassium, iron, and sodium
  • Antioxidants
  • Anthraquinones – including aloin, lsobarbaloin, Barbaloin, and aloe-emodin, emodin, aloetic acid, anthrone-C-glycosides and chromones
  • Polysaccharides – including glucomannans
  • Saccharides – including acemannan, arabinose, cellulose, galactose, mannose, and xylose
  • Prostaglandins – believed to play a significant role in wound healing
  • Fatty acids – including linoleic acid (LA) and alpha-linoleic acid (LNA), beta-sisosterol cholesterol, campesterol, and lupeol
  • Enzymes – including catalase, lipase, carboxypeptidase, acid phosphatase, alkaline phosphatase, lactic dehydrogenase, aliiase, amylase, bradykinase, cellulase, peroxidase, and lipase
  • Amino acids – it provides 20 of the 22 human-required amino acids and 7 of the 8 essential amino acids

The Benefits of Aloe Vera for Digestion & Skin

With the volume of bioactive compounds and properties available in Aloe vera, it should come as no surprise that studies into this gift of nature demonstrate this medicinal plant has other benefits to health. In fact there is a plethora of research to be found in PubMed, with close to 3,500 studies being listed that include investigation into Aloe vera [9].

Some other benefits of Aloe vera of note include:


Apart from burns, Aloe vera may be most famous as a digestive aid. This is mainly due to the latex (the yellow liquid just below the skin that surrounds the gel). It’s a known laxative that was used for many years in the United States [10].

Due to its potency and concerns over toxicity it was banned from over-the-counter use in 2002 [11]. However, the FDA does state the following about Aloe vera toxicity in a March 2016 briefing document for the Pharmacy Compounding Advisory Committee (PCAC).

“Reports of previous human experience as a food, dietary supplement, and herbal medicine in the U.S. and other parts of the world, with data reported online in the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database and other sources (e.g., USP, WHO monographs, PubMed), suggests that Aloe vera products are generally well tolerated. Moderate and infrequent oral consumption of Aloe vera gel preparations (containing no anthraquinone derivatives) as food/beverages appears reasonably safe based on the marketed use of various products [12].”

In large amounts the anthraquinones in aloe do have a powerful purgative effect. (Purgative refers to a substance that loosens stools and increases bowel movements). According to research published in the Internet Journal of Microbiology, in smaller amounts anthraquinones aid the microbiome by increasing absorption, and acting as potent antimicrobials (killing less desirable bacteria) [13]. In addition, aloe has been noted to improve the bioavailability of vitamins in humans [14].

There is some controversy surrounding the benefits of aloe for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), with some claiming there is no definitive evidence. However, one 2013 study found that 33 patients consuming aloe twice daily had decreased discomfort [15]. It’s important to note, however, that this study found no notable difference in urgency or consistency.

There is also evidence from a 2014 animal study that ingesting aloe may assist with digestive issues involving imbalanced levels of stomach acid [16].


Aloe vera doesn’t just help your skin with burns; topical application has been found to offer some skin protection by absorbing ultraviolet light, reducing both melanin formation and hyper-pigmentation [17].

According to 2013 research published in the journal Phytotherapy Research there is also evidence that the baby shoots of Aloe vera support healthy skin by offering protection from the aging effects of sunlight [18]. A compound known as lignin in aloe assists aloe with its skin-nourishing abilities by aiding the penetration of active compounds [19].

Aloe vera has also been reported to have potent antibiotic, antivirus, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory effects on the skin, including the ability to help rid wounds of necrotic (dead) tissue [20-23].

Other studies have demonstrated that aloe may aid in maintaining younger looking skin by helping to increase collagen production and improve collagen elasticity, as well as reduce redness of the skin [24,25].

Tips for Using & Consuming Aloe Vera

When using aloe at home for skin applications, don’t simply squeeze out the gel from a cut leaf. This will also give you the yellow latex, which can cause irritation. Instead, scoop out the gel, leaving behind the lower layer between the skin and inner gel.

The main problem with consuming aloe is the bitter taste of the yellow latex. For this reason many people like to use it in a smoothie with other ingredients. Another important consideration is that it’s generally way too strong to eat large quantities due to its laxative properties. Separating the gel from the latex and the prickly skin is no easy feat, either. This is likely why many consumers resort to either a liquid form – either the juice or an extract in supplement form.

In the case of aloe juice, it’s important to remember the juice is likely to contain only the gel, mixed with a great deal of water, and thus will not provide several of the active compounds that are present in the green of the outer leaf.

In order to get all the health-supporting benefits of this amazing plant, look for an extract of superior quality, that is harvested and processed responsibly, from a manufacturer you trust.

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Article Summary

  • Aloe vera has a long history as a healing plant and there is an extensive list of recorded benefits – both past and present.

  • Records of Aloe vera’s use date back as far as 1750 BC. Cleopatra reportedly used it for her famous soft skin.

  • Aloe vera grows around the world in hotter climates, and is a favorite houseplant for use on minor burns and other skin irritations.

  • Aloe vera has many other reported benefits due to the numerous phytochemicals (plant chemicals) it contains.

  • According to researchers, the powerful active compounds in Aloe vera include:

    • Vitamins
    • Minerals
    • Antioxidants
    • Anthraquinones
    • Polysaccharides
    • Saccharides
    • Prostaglandins
    • Fatty acids
    • Enzymes
    • Amino acids
  • Two of the most significant areas of research around Aloe vera’s health-supporting benefits are digestion and skin.

  • Aloe vera (inner leaf) is just one of 71 antioxidant-rich fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, mushrooms, and seeds in Organixx OrganiGreens green juice powder.

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    • This plant is a miracle, whilst I was living in the States I had a mishap with a pressure cooker and burned my face…my friends daughter Linda, quickly rubbed Aloe vera on it and it healed overnight….I thank the plant and Linda’s quick reaction. ..

  1. Thanks for the information. I did have to look beyond the article on what are essential (the body can’t produce) amino acids. There is quite a discrepancy between several sources that say either 8 or 9 with 20 being the total, and your 20 with 22 being the total, which behooves your clarification.

  2. I have used aloe vera gel to treat vasculitis in my lower back and got rid of it successfully. The brand I used was Lily of the Desert aloe vera gel. I also use aloe vera to treat stomach discomfort from heart burn. Works wonders. Lily of the desert also makes a stomach formula for this problem.

    • Hi Andrew! Most interested in hearing a bit more about your vasculitis treatment of the low back – where are the results from just ingesting only or was there a topical usage in your relief found? And a bit of information on the dosing would be very much appreciated.

  3. Aloe vera is a plant we all should have at home. My grandson came for a visit and got sunburned playing in the yard last week.
    I cut a leave of my plant and rubbed it on his legs and withing no time he felt better and the next day it was all gone.
    Great product and I will orders some to make sure I benefit from all the other amazing health benefits of this plant.

  4. I save your article for future references. I can’t copy the sources into my Word sheet, if I do, it will copy the text and not the links. The only way to copy 24 links is doing it one by one by copying the link address which is too lengthy to do that.
    I have wrote you about this before and also mentioned when these articles were under Epigenetics Lab I had no problems copying the sources. I hope you can correct this. Thanks

  5. How can we use aloe Vera to treat cancer that has spread to the liver or how can it work for the lump in the breast? Thank you

    • Hi Modupe, I specialize in Self Care Remedies. If you’re in the Los Angeles area (El Segundo), a Self Care Remedies workshop is being presented this Sunday 11/12/17, from 1-4pm, on powerful remedies I’ve collected over the past 20+ years as an alternative health practitioner. One of the remedies (created to heal humans) melted 2 tumors off my dog’s head in 7 DAYS – vanished as if they never existed – and that’s just one of the remedies that will be presented that heals so many dis-eases. My mission here is to empower others with natural (inexpensive) remedies to heal themselves, their families – and their animals. Whether you can make it to the workshop or not – let me know if I can be of help – no one should be left in the dark as to how they can heal themselves. Wishing you perfection in your healing.
      Malibu Kim

      • Not sure this is still valid but if so can you sent me your contact info or even your web-site if you don’t mind?

        Thank you for your help.

      • To Ms. Malibu Kim:

        I lost my beloved dog 6 months ago from possible stroke and spreen tumor or growth according to the emergency cliinic vet. I have not recovered from her loss yet, but I plan to adopt (rescue) one again as soon as I become ready to get another one emotionally.
        I’d like to provide the best health care next time, especially because I’ll have to adopt a senior dog considering my senior age. I’d like to have information about Aloe for a dog health care. How can I give it ? Thanks

  6. Yes, I fondly believe in aloe vera as a “miracle plant” because their is a well know pried in Brazil that had cured many people using aloe vera in his formula..

  7. And there are people who are allergic to aloe. So by manufacturers putting in into most all cleaning and beauty products including tooth paste, dish soap, bath soap, etc, we have to be really careful of what we can use,.

  8. i find it works well on my stomach take one gel cap. after my pills and the hurt goes away used it many times one soft jell

  9. When I lived in South Africa, our neighbour grew Aloe in the garden and used it, inter alia, on her husband’s bald head to treat pre-cancer outbreaks. (Here in the UK, my husband has cryotherapy to freeze off the pre-cancer outbreaks.)
    However, the gel was brown in colour because the the plant was ALOE FEROX which. I was told, was far more efficacious than the Aloe Vera Barbadensis.

    • Drink 4 oz per day. It will make u regular and change your life! I put in my smoothies. If you don’t do smoothies, just add it to whatever juice you drink. I buy by the gallon at WalMart, then pour it into 4 1 qt. glass bottles… you must have room in your frig for this … but is the most convenient. When my Mom died she left 4 gallons of Aloe Vera Juice. My sister did not want to even want try it, I took it all home and by the time I finished al 4 gallons, my gray hair was turning dark again. Yes! I was raised in my Mom’s beauty salon so I certainly would not lie about this phenomena. I love to see the look on faces when I tell about it. I am 80 y/o and my hair is salt & pepper now, but I am convinced that I would be white headed like my Aunt Jenny Mae if I quit drinking Aloe Vera Juice. OK I’ll quit now. Love yourself and take care of your body, it is self healing.

  10. The Masai of East Africa grow it for its medicinal properties. It is excellent protection against less-than-clean water for drinking, and is often used by families for digestive upset. Put slices into a water bottle and drink that all day. It helps against “tummy bugs” if flu is cycling through your community.

  11. I blend the whole aloe leaf with orange juice and lemon juice. I drink this concoction every other day. It keeps my system clean and working efficiently. So great to learn of its numerous benefits. Thanks for the great work you are doing. God bless.

  12. Aloe Vera does not pass the food test. If you can’t make a mono meal from it, it’s not a food for us. Additionally it contains allantoin, which is quite toxic. And finally, healing is strictly a biological process. It’s done by the body for the body and to the body and is not done by exterior agents or substances. When this substance is applied to a cut, the body seals itself off as fast as possible to prevent this toxic substance from getting inside its domain. People are easily fooled by the appearance of “faster healing.”

    • Dr Jack I don’t care what the science is behind this, the proof of the pudding is in the tasting. I burnt my hand in the oven which formed a blister, I used a small amount of the Aloe from the peel/ skin and in no time the blister dried up and healed. I’m a living testimony. Sorry if It didn’t work for you.

      • I agree, used aloe many times to stop effects of sunburn and kitchen burns, keep a container in kitchen for emergency use.

      • I am agree, Doctors don’t. want to see people healthy, they make money from sick people. Aloe is the best, I put in my green juice every day and Thanks to God first because al plants are created by God, I am very healthy.

    • Yes the body does heal itself-nothing outside the body heals the body per se, as you say…however our cells also require the nutrients from plants in order to make things happen-to make and replace old cells with new ones for example…as well as utilizing polysaccharides as are found in aloe, to contribute to making healthy cell membranes that can communicate with each other so the body can facilitate healing wherever it is needed
      Our cells recognize the naturally occurring compounds from plants
      They do not recognize the synthetic chemical compounds from drugs-therefore drugs are toxic to us
      I have seen the amazing wound healing effects when a patient was applying aloe to his wound….however
      When the same patient was started on prednisone, his wound began looking “cheesy”it had this white educate coning out of it, and it looked terrible-in one day
      According to your reasoning, the patient, and another nurse and I were all easily fooled-initially by the appearance of faster healing with the aloe, then by the appearance of slower, actually non-healing when he began taking 5 mg of prednisone

    • All I can say is that my aunt got real sick, at the age of about 44 years, it was because she was a hard liquor drinker for many years. and her tummy got so messed up, I’m sure that her liver was affected by it. It turned out that she was diagnosed with hepatitis. Her hair got so thin that you could see her scalp. She was in bad shape.. She started drinking aloe Vera faithfully. She is now in her late 80’s, or early 90’s. I am a firm believer in aloe Vera. It’s awesome for burns, as mentioned in some of these testimonials. I think that many plants are able to heal. we have to know which ones tho. God given plants are better than a man made and patented medications, which end up hurting one thing or another in given to heal one thing. most of them are killers, Some are needed. I’ve never heard of anyone dying from applying or drinking aloe Vera.

      • What an amazing success story Julie! Thank you for sharing this with us and our community.

  13. I like this article very much. Please send me the original research article if possible that contains the references.
    Thank you!

    • The references are listed at the bottom of the page under the tab named Sources. It’s directly above the article summary.

  14. Hi there, my good friends in both Good Health, and I know as well, there are Biblical Christians among you, of whom I have been this year, for 43 years, receiving Yahushua Messiah that long ago, and too daily thereafter, for those long years, HalleluYah!
    I have had trouble within the digestive tract for awhile although when one goes after a change and a cure as relentlessly as did I, often, the body will change much about the intensely active investigator. The body was made to be a lovely whole, so long as we feed it appropriately, and this we have gotten away from, due to much error on the part of those who love money more than they love others of humanity.
    I have used Aloe Vera over 25 years ago having spent much money on ulcers over a period of a year or so, and the 99% Aloe Vera Gel I drank – one-third of a glass three times a day for a week – took the ulcers away, the pain and suffering of over a year along with them! Due to this truth, I would highly agree with you, as to the efficacy of Aloe Vera treatment to the body. I would personally use it anywhere within or without the body due to this single experience. The body has been made by the Creator, and as we are the only sentient creation on the Earth, it was created to remain healthy and strong for a lifetime, so long as the “dust of the Earth – SOIL” we were made with, is constantly being replenished by vegetables and fruits which as well, are coming forth from this same enriched dust of the Earth! THE SOIL must be as it has been for a great deal of the life of humanity, and because this has begun decades ago to be changed by money-madness leading to riches both personal and corporate, in 2017 we are all ill, unless we are of the top 1% economically, and can be certain to afford proper sustainment that we might live to 120 or more. The richest people see this quite clearly, approaching 100 years now, and so should all who eat and now supplement to the very best of our abilities. Strife for more of the riches of the world, will bring this Earth to a close soon; this having been prophesied in Scripture. Eternity awaits all who will love the appearance of the Saviour, Yahushua Messiah!

  15. Thank you very much for educating the public about the benefits of this amazing plant.
    Personally, I have been drinking Aloe Vera for the past 23 years and I have never stopped as It has helped me tremendously with various medical challenges. Part of my being on this earth today it chiefly due to the power of Aloe Vera.
    My family both nuclear and extended ones in various parts of the globe are consuming Aloe Vera for general wellness being a health tonic.
    As you suggested It is important to look for an extract of superior quality, that is harvested and processed responsibly, from a manufacturer you trust. Luckily for me, I was introduced to stabilized Aloe Vera Gel from a highly reputable company.

      • Yes I will be glad to tell you where you can order superior Aloe Vera Juice and other skin products. The company continues to grow and develop new products due to the superior manufacturing of the product. I have been taking Aloe for 25 years daily, and I have never had any digestive or stomach problem. Other benefits include energy, I actually lost weight when I started using it and I have very soft skin. I used it initially for headaches which helped. The company I buy Aloe Vera Juice from is Forever Living Products.!!!!!!! Highly recommend this manufacturer.

  16. I thank you so much for all that you have written about aloe vera. It was so educative to me. Can a person taking A.R.V. drink aloe vera juice? I am Florence Atimango Lanek.

  17. Thank you so much this is one of the best stories that I have ever seen on the Aloe Vera plant. I have been using it for years and feel that it has improved my health tremendously. I personally know the research scientist who discovered acemannan, Dr. Bill McAnalley phd.

  18. In the 12th century someone found a long forgotten recipy for making the capillarys functioning optimal.
    Take 1 big leaf from a matured mother plant, (about 300 gram),
    Cut only the thorns away.
    Cut the whole leaf in pieces snd put it in a blender together with 3 spoons of an efible alcohol like sugarcane rum and 500 gram wild raw honey.
    Drink 150 ml ( half glass full) as a starter and store the rest in a cool and dark place.
    Then take every day 1 spoon full It will last for a cure of about 14 days.

    • The Aloe Vera has to be a motherplan, about 4 years and older, to have al the beneficial components.
      The recipy went lost again and hapyly found again after centuries.

    • Akoo, recipients sounds good. Specially da rum. What model 12th century blender do recommend? Stomping with our feet( good that the thorns are removed) or mortar and pedestal?

  19. Checking on my August 22 order for Magi-complex. Due to Houston flood s , I realize it could be delayed. But i am receiving daily mail so I wanted to check if you held back mailing it out, or is it sitting in a hot warehouse? And I also want to know before I buy more supplement s if you put ice packs with the orders to hotter parts of the country. Can the oil based ones turn rancid on non air conditioned mail trucks, etc.

    • Hi Kitty,
      Please reach out to our customer support team for more information about where your package is. Here is a link to contact them:
      We hope you and your loved ones are doing well amidst the hurricane!

  20. Thank you as always for helping us learn about yet another very helpful aspect of the overall health picture. Several years ago I had a severe reaction to an antibiotic which resulted in my not being able to swallow. I took allow vera juice to help me recover and have continued to add it to my daily green smoothie. Bless your generous work!

  21. great article. Just started using fresh aloe in drinks and on my skin. I love to mix aloe with Vitamin E and put on skin and leave on over night. I also made a drink with fresh Aloe , fresh ginger root and the juice of 1 lemon and Raw honey to taste, Blend in blender, of course peel Aloe and wash twice to remove latex from Aloe. Strain then mix in honey pour over ice add water and serve. Tastes great!

  22. Very interesting and informative article. Thank you. I will be circulating this to all those in my mailing list for their information.

  23. Aloe Vera is a medicinal plant full of nutrients. The saccharides in Aloe provides cell to cell communication.
    The above article is a must read. The aloe gel, added to vegetables and fruits juices will be a natural healing remedy for lifestyle diseases by enhancing our immune system.

  24. I have some Aloe Vera growing in a pot outside and I will treat this amazing plant with much more respect now. Thank you for the information about using the gel on the skin.
    B;essings to you and your team

  25. Aloe Vera is just one type of aloe. There are hundreds of others. Here’s a list of just a few others.
    Aloe Arborescens. …
    Aloe Ferox. …
    Aloe Striata. …
    Aloe Aristata. …
    Aloe Marlothii. …
    Aloe Polyphylla. …
    Aloe Plicatilis. …
    Aloe Dichotoma.

  26. I always knew the benefits of Aloe Vera but never to the extent of what I read today. I shall always use it both for my skin and health benefits. Thank you for such explicit information. Linette Carr

    • Health food store sells Aloe vera gel …I drink 2 oz a day with 2 oz of Black Cherry juice as I do not like the taste of the Aloe Vera Gel ….Black Cherry is good for inflammation also

  27. My gorgeous mum introduced me to Aloe vera in the late 70s, I have been using it on my skin as a base under my moisturiser since then, using an organic brand, and sometimes from the actual plant, I am very happy to say that I have very few wrinkles at the age of 63, and use it for any skin problems and internally for tummy problems. One of the great blessings that have been given to us to use on this amazing planet.

  28. Hello. I have been drinking Aloe Vera GEL every single day for at least 4 years. I drink it especially when I have a heartburn attack….it relieves the pain almost INSTANTLY! I basically don’t leave home without it, because I never know when the heartburn pain will hit! I have definitely noticed that my skin is softer, seems more supple, and I get comments on my skin quite often. It also helps me to keep regular bowel movements, which is nice! My age is 63. The gel works best for me – it coats my esophagus and stomach. My daily intake is 6 to 8 ounces per day.

  29. Aloe, ow are u? This, miracle of nature has saved me on countless occasions. But I have only recently become aware of the benefits of ingestion. I have already shared this with my slice of the world.

  30. Historically, the aloe that was used to treat the burns of the survivors at Hiroshima and Nagasaki was not Aloe Vera, but Aloe Arboresence, from the eastern province of South Africa (“Krans Aloe”). The effect of this, however, pales against the proven efficacy of Aloe Ferox (also from South Africa), which might only be lagging Vera, due to poor marketing. If you are looking for the best in the world and a ripe global marketing opportunity, I suggest you investigate Aloe Ferox, as the current Aloe Vera market (which is large) is a ready made market waiting to be taken over by a superior product.

  31. I had a fibroid growth years back and got rid of it with prayer and aloe Vera gel- so this plant was a provision of God to us I believe- I thank God for what he is doing for others! Thank You for all the replies here and the opportunity to share!
    I was wondering if anyone has taken the aloe Vera straight from the plant and eaten it for benefits of health?

  32. Thank you so much for this great article and reminder of how good Aloe is for our health. My Aunt Sara drank aloe juice every day for a couple of decades (back in the 1980s and 90s) and she lived to be over a 100 years old. Considering the rest of her processed food diet, it is really the only thing of consumption that I can think of that could have contributed to her long life, besides her great life attitude and happiness factor.

    • You’re welcome Martha! That is amazing that your Aunt lived for so long. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  33. This plant is excellent for burns, cuts and grazes. Not only does it help healing but it takes the pain away in a very short time, so great when you have young children. Also good for eczema. Have used it for many years.

  34. I love this article, and as usual promoters claim all these things for all kinds of plants, fruits and vegies. But is this not in the ideal soil? With depleted soil and people growing things in organic soil from Walmart, do you really think all these wonderful properties are present? This always troubles me, going thru great effort using mediocre or burned out soil, which is most soil in the U.S. which hasn’t been enhanced and enhanced and compost added, etc. What are we actually getting in reality if normal conditions prevail?

  35. Great article. I started with one Aloe plant 6 years ago. My husband who has brain tumors decided to start eating my Aloe. Well, now I have 81,yes 81 Aloe plants in my home. We make smoothies with them and sometimes eat the gel by itself. It has helped with his digestion and he feels so much better. Not a cure for what he has ,but helps with his energy levels. We grow them completely organically ,so it is free of all pesticides or harmful chemicals . I was wondering if you can make a tea drink out of the tips of the leaves or the skin.?

  36. I kept several plants in the UK but had to leave them behind when I left to come to Portugal where I now live. I have two large ones in my garden. However, I use a high concentrate aloe gel made by an American Company and it is great for bites, stings, sunburn and rashes. Brilliant stuff and I would not be without it. Kath from Portugal

  37. Cutting a lemon one day I cut through my thumb instead and while everyone was screaming for me to go to the hospital for stitches I was already preparing a branch of my aloe plant. I placed it on the cut and wrapped it with gauze. I changed this everyday for 3 days at which time it had already closed and left me with not even a scar. I was sure this would work because I had already had an experience with sun poison and within twenty four hours of applying aloe I had no fever and no burn.

  38. I use Aloe Vera toothpaste and I am very pleased with it. Apart from being effective it also has a pleasant aroma and taste as it is being used.
    Thank you for all the information you are sending me.
    Valentine Anastassiou

  39. My husband fell while running in the park in Mexico last year. He fell directly on his face and suffered numerous facial cuts; he looked terrible! He applied the gel from the plant (which grew on the temple grounds in Tijuana) three times a day. In one week ALL his cuts had healed completely

  40. Thank-you for this information! In January ’17, I found one ‘Shingles’ rash & after researching, applied a one inch cut of aloe vera leaf, cut along one edge & opened up, over the rash! Noticed improvement after each application!!

  41. Thank you for this article -aloe is a marvelous plant! In regards to getting rid of the yellow latex . . . after cutting the leaf from the plant, you place it cut side down (vertically) in a cup (I place a paper towel in the bottom of the cup) and let it “drain” for an hour or so. I don’t see any yellow remaining when I later cut. Give it a try!

  42. I found out about aloe vera and its use for healing cuts and scratches some years ago. and I try to keep some of that gel (or any lotion or cream containing that) at hand.

  43. I would love to grow Aloe Vera plants in my home. Where can I purchase an organic plant? Do you have any reputable sources that you would recommend?

  44. I was hoping that this article would give more useful practical advice on ways to prepare home grown aloe for consumption. I have lots of plants and would rather use them than purchase a commercial product.

    • Do you know there are about 300 different varieties of Aloe Vera out of which only 5 are known to have medicinal properties and benefits. The 5 varieties are :
      1. Aloe Barbedensis Millar
      2. Aloe Perryi Baker
      3. Aloe Ferox
      4. Aloe Arborescens
      5. Aloe Saponaria.

  45. I’ve read all about the benefits of aloe vera but unfortunately it hasn’t worked for me. I have had severe itch on my arms and legs for months and have tried everything—coconut oil, coconut oil and various essential oils and even Lily of the Valley aloe vera gel and nothing has helped. I’m waiting for warm spring weather to arrive so hopefully the sun and vitamin D may help.
    Talking about burns— I have found coconut oil to be miraculous. I severely burned my hand by grabbing the handle of a frying pan right out of the oven. Applied CO several times a day for 4-5 days and no pain, no blisters and no scars.

    • Try placing the inside of banana skins directly on to your skin. PreSS on skin and hold it down. Do as often as you need and the itching will subside and go away. Had severe itching on legs and this is the only thing that worked. Hopen this helps.

  46. Aloe vera is my family’s go-to for cuts, burns, even skin care at one point. I recently discovered another sub species of aloe called aloe arborescens. It has a ton of health benefits packed into it. I bought a liquid formula of it from and after drinking some everyday, I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my immune system. I think it’s worth looking into for anyone that loves aloe vera.

  47. I use aloevera for my hair, it’s results very great. And your article provides me lot of information regarding its uses.Thanks for sharing such a great post with us.

    • We are so glad that our articles are helping you! What is the most helpful thing you have learned thus far?

  48. I buy Aloe leaf from Whole Foods then wrap it in Tin Foil. And store it in the refrigerator. This way it lasts well and I use as much as I need for a treatment or remedy.
    A thumbs up for Orgixx , Organic Greens a wonderful addition to my daily shake. I highly recommend it. Aloe is one of the ingredients I love.

    • That’s a nifty trick, Marika. Thanks for sharing and for recommending our product!

  49. One of the big problems with the “research” is the failure of the research documents to specify which part of the aloe vera was used… was it “whole leaf, inner filet, or outer leaf”? The study that showed large amounts to be dangerous used an “aloe vera extract”… which seems to imply the sap from the outer leaf… consuming the irritant without the inner leaf gel to balance it. I tried to locate the details, but the company and address that the extract came from appears to be a private home. But it was likely anthroquinones from using an aloe vera tapping technique (cut the end off and capture the yellow stuff that bleeds out).

  50. This is the very rare and unique info for all peoples because its benefits is its find on google so easy and i have share this info with friends because its really so educational info and its help me in my education thanks and keep writing.

  51. I was working in the yard and got into a bed of fire ants. One hand was covered with bites, I covered it in Aloe and I was shocked that there was no pain immediately or after.

    • That’s horrible, Doris! We’re glad to hear that the ever reliable Aloe Vera was able to soothe your bites. Stay safe and healthy!

  52. Adena Trevor says:

    All the letters and comments have been very helpful and I have learned a lot. For a week or more I have had an annoying itchy rash on my back, so having an Aloe plant I cut off a small leaf and used the inner juicy part and rubbed it onto the itchy area. It was amazing, the itch stopped immediately and a few hours later, has not returned. Another time, years ago, I had an operation, the incision would not heal so I used Aloe Vera on the incision and it healed quickly soon after. We are fortunate when we find natural healing using Nature’s Pharmacy.

    • We’re glad to hear that aloe vera was able to help you with your skin problems, Adena. We appreciate you sharing your story with us.

      Indeed, nature is the best pharmacy, and we’re happy it was proven correct in your experience.

      Have a great day!