Overcoming Malnutrition in Nicaragua: Organixx Bone Broth Supplement Donation

By Jonathan Hunsaker

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This article discusses emerging/ongoing science and research. It is intended for general informational purposes only. This content is unrelated to products offered by Organixx and does not contain any representations about the performance of such products.

Here at Organixx, we are 100% focused on our mission to help every single person on the planet get as healthy as they can possibly be. When you buy our products, you help us with that mission as we donate one (1) bottle of our products to charity for every 10 that are sold.

A few months ago we made a donation of Organixx Bone Broth to International Aid who distributed where they felt it was most needed. Here is a heartwarming story sent to us from that donation.

Seven-year-old Alfredo Alvendaño came to a clinic in a poor barrio in Managua, Nicaragua with his mother, Reina Santa Maria, and two of his three siblings. Reina is a single mom of four, and struggles to provide a living for her family. She irons clothes for people to earn a living. Little Alfredo is a bright cheerful little fellow, but at his checkup today, Doctor Bayardo says he is underweight.

Fortunately, a shipment of medicine, including Bone Broth Protein had just arrived at the clinic a few days ago. This is a great product to help him gain weight and to help him get the nutrition that he needs for proper development.
bone broth donation photos
Somer Garcia, 44, works in general construction. His job is strenuous, and he has been struggling with pain in his bones and joints. Dr. Bayardo feels like the Bone Broth Protein would be a good fit for him to help provide help with his joint pain and to provide additional energy for him.

It’s a blessing to offer Bone Broth Protein to the folks in this poor, unstable third world country thanks to the generosity of Organixx.
bone broth donation somer garcia
Malnutrition is a problem that still affects segments of the Nicaraguan population. An unhealthy, imbalanced diet, poor nutritional education, and lack of economic resources contribute to this problem. Those most at risk are the aged, the sick, and the young children. A typical Nicaraguan diet consists of rice and beans with little meat or vegetables and little variety. This does not provide sufficient nutrition for those in high-risk groups.

The clinics donate these items free of charge to their patients. Many people in this poor country struggle to put food on the table for their families, and then when health needs arise there are few options. The country’s healthcare system is government operated, but offers very little assistance.
Many times, people have to buy their meds at private pharmacies because the health department lacks sufficient resources. People often need to wait for extended periods for urgent surgeries.

There are several good private healthcare options in Nicaragua, but the common folk simply cannot afford to access the private sector. Nutritional products like Bone Broth Protein are very expensive, often costing several days’ wages for a single container.

Thank you for your generosity and partnership to help those in need! Watch the video below to hear more about our supplement donation program.

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