Milan's 21 Day Smartphone Detox Challenge: "Journey to Wellness"

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Why Milan Ditched Her Smartphone for a “DUMB” Phone21 days…

No smartphone… No tablet… Could you do it? Find out why Milan, our Organixx freelance copywriter (and mom of four), decided to ditch her smartphone – for a basic flip phone – for a full three weeks…

Update #1: Struggles During Milan’s Smartphone Detox

Could you imagine surviving without a GPS? If you’re like us then you probably wouldn’t leave the house much… but for Milan, that’s life for the next few weeks! In this most recent update discover how a smartphone detox is making Milan realize how challenging this detox is and the unexpected emotions she’s experiencing.

Update #2: Milan’s FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat. They all have the power to bring us together with the ones we love, but what happens when you can’t be where the fun is happening? The fear of missing out or “FOMO” can often be the cause of stress and anxiety. Discover how Milan is overcoming these feelings during her smartphone detox challenge.

Update #3: Five Shocking Things That Happened When Milan Quit Using Her Smartphone

It takes only seconds to send a text over a smartphone, so discover how the lack of texting is annoying Milan and her family during her smartphone detox. Discover why Milan feels embarrassed to go out in public without her smartphone and what’s causing her latest insecurities.

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