Signs & Symptoms of Iodine Deficiency: "Doc Talks" with Dr. Nuzum


Signs and Symptoms of Iodine Deficiency

Signs & Symptoms of Iodine Deficiency: “Doc Talks” with Dr. Nuzum

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Jonathan Hunsaker: Are you iodine deficient? 

Jonathan Hunsaker here with Organixx. Thanks for watching. Today we’re talking about how to tell if you’re iodine deficient or not. And Doc Nuzum is going to tell us about some tests that you can take, and also some symptoms and things that you might be feeling in your body to determine if you’re iodine deficient. Let’s go to Doc right now to find out more.

Dr. Daniel Nuzum: “So, Doc, how can you tell if you’re iodine deficient?”

Let’s take a step back; we’re going to talk a little bit about the things that compete with iodine in your body.

Look at the periodic table. There’s a group of chemicals on the periodic table called halogens. At the top, you have fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine. Of those, iodine is actually physically the largest of the elements. Then you have chlorine’s the next smallest, bromine’s the next smallest, and then fluorine.

So, the receptor sites are all big receptor sites that fit iodine, but all these smaller elements also fit into those receptor sites. And so, if you get exposed to a bunch of bromine, which is a cancer-causing chemical, by the way, and it wedges itself into those iodine receptor sites, iodine can’t plug into that receptor site.

Where do you get bromine? You get it from—it’s an industrial chemical. You’ll find it in a lot of preservatives.

Our water supply, municipal water supplies, they put chlorine and fluorine into the water supply. So, if you’re drinking unfiltered water, you’re getting chlorine and fluorine in your water day in, day out.

In the US, we have upwards of 93 percent of the US population is deficient in iodine. When your system is latent with these other halogens and doesn’t have enough iodine, you’ll have joint pain. A lot of times you’ll even end up with bone spurs, thyroid issues. Your body has to have iodine in order to make thyroid hormones. If it doesn’t have iodine it can’t produce those thyroid hormones.

There are other signs like fibrocystic breast disease, estrogen dominance in men and women, prostate issues in men, reproductive issues in both men and women, developmental issues in children. If they’re deficient in iodine, you can affect their cognitive abilities by not supplying them with enough iodine.

So, there’s a lot of different symptoms that can arise from iodine deficiency.

There are some basic tests you can get. What’s called Lugol’s Iodine Solution. You paint a little square on your forearm, and you see how long it takes for that to absorb into your system. If it takes less than a couple hours, four hours or so, you’re massively deficient in iodine.

Jonathan Hunsaker: Thanks, Doc. Powerful information, as usual.

So, if you want to test your iodine level, get Lugol’s Solution, put it on your arm, and see how long it takes to disappear to really find if you’re iodine deficient or not.

If you’re looking for a good iodine supplement, consider getting a bottle of our iodine. It’s one of, if not the only, USDA certified organic iodine on the market today. I take it myself; Ty takes it, our families take it. I even give a drop to my daughter a couple of times a week, just to help keep her detoxed from the fluoride and the chlorine and the other toxins in our environment.

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  1. Hi, how do you take iodine supplement? Is it best to take with food or on any empty stomach? Does time of day matter? Thank you.

    • Thank you for these questions, Magda! We suggest three drops of Organixx Iodine, placed directly under the tongue and followed by a few ounces of purified water. You may also mix it with water, juice or your favorite smoothie. Organixx Idione can help to deliver a boost of energy, and for that reason, we suggest taking it earlier in the day, either in the morning or early afternoon (or whenever best fits your active-hours schedule). For best results, take Organixx Iodine at least 30 to 60 minutes apart from any meals. Please feel free to check out our FAQ page here ( if you have more questions in mind.

  2. can you take iodine if you are hyperthyroid or mild graves..I have thyroiditis ..but often more overactive than hypo….This condition originated from food poisoning(shell fish) and severe stress together at the time..Working on getting back to normal..Thankyou

    • Hello Cheryl! We suggest working with your primary care physician to help you determine whether this would be appropriate for your personal needs, and if so, what serving recommendation would be best suited for you. We wish you the best in your journey towards a better health!

  3. I am on Synthroid. I have a nodule on my thyroid that the doctor keeps checking to make sure it doesn’t turn cancerous. Would it be safe for me to take iodine?

    • Hi Kathy! It’s best to speak with your doctor about using iodine while on Synthroid. You should always consult your healthcare practitioner prior to taking any new dietary supplement. Hope you have a happy and healthy week!

  4. Why are the products that I’m ordering to prevent cancer, now come with stickers that say they are made with cancer causing ingredients?

    • Hello Gigi. Thank you for your inquiry regarding the new Prop 65 sticker on our products.  We, like all other companies that sell products in California, are required to provide consumers with warnings about exposures to chemicals in our products that are on the Proposition 65 list of chemicals.

      The California Proposition 65 requires a warning label on any product containing a single chemical from their list. Prop 65 sets a “Safe Harbor” exposure level for a lot of the listed chemicals and amounts less than the Safe Harbor level require no warning label. Yet, Safe Harbor levels are frequently around 1,000 times lower than levels set by the FDA, EPA and WHO.

      If you would like to know more California Prop 65 please refer to this website

        • Hi Stephen.

          While we are mandated to provide this Prop 65 warning label on our products, Organixx ensures that our ingredients are natural, pure, and non-toxic. In fact, some of the ingredients in our nutritional supplements are by-products of accepted fruits and vegetables, which naturally absorb minerals in their growth process to give them their healthy characteristics. Prop 65 provides a warning-label exception for these naturally grown foods. However, Prop 65 lacks clear guidelines on providing warning-label exceptions for these nutritional supplements that are derived from these naturally evolved foods. Organixx believes that our products should be exempt from providing the Prop 65 warning labels as the correlation between our ingredients and the items listed by Prop 65 should be waived as part of the “naturally occurring allowance”.

          Nevertheless, as partners in your decision-making for good health, Organixx is providing the following web links for you to research additional information regarding this California Prop 65 mandate. Please refer to these websites for more information:

    • Hi Gloria! That is correct. According to Doc Nuzum, if your skin absorbs the patch in “less than a couple hours, four hours or so, you’re massively deficient in iodine.”

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