Overall Health

When it comes to overall health, there is a lot to consider. Many factors can impact your general health, from alternative medicine to health and well-being, productivity, exercise, and habits. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of articles on the topic. Whether you’re looking for tips on how to improve your overall health or want to learn more about the subject, this list has something for everyone.

44 Anti-Aging Recipes that Work

44 Anti-Aging Recipes that Work

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Recent Articles and Videos

  • 5 Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer

    5 Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer

    Reading Time: 8 minutes From implementing self-care to eliminating environmental toxins, these everyday suggestions from Dr. Melissa are things to take into consideration if you're interested in optimizing your health and well-being, giving yourself the best prevention for disease.

  • Building Healthy Habits With The Live It Challenge

    Unlike a diet, Organixx Live It implies positive action.  A diet is restrictive; it requires a person to limit the things that they eat or drink in order to be successful. Organixx Live It is the opposite. It is unlimited and inspiring. Organixx Live It is a path to wellness that allows you to take action, […]

  • Take The Live It Challenge

    Our first Organixx Core Value is, We Are Passionate About Our Mission – Empowering YOU Organically. This doesn’t just apply to our customers, but to our team as well. We’ve just finished the second round of our Organixx LIVE IT challenge internally with just our team, and now we’re inviting you, and the rest of the world, to join us for round three… for free. 

  • How To Do Detox Effectively

    Your body is designed to remove toxins and waste on its own. But do you know how to support it? Tune in this week to learn how! We all have a Natural Detox Response. When we activate this response in our bodies we: increase our ability to protect your immune system naturally, and clear out […]

  • The Art of Loving Yourself Better

    Is it selfish to consider your needs first? Listen in as Jonathan and TeriAnn explore selfishness as it relates to self-love. Also, TeriAnn shares the top 3 things that helped her find more trust and self-love for herself in the last year. You don’t want to miss this! Get ready to fall in love with, […]

  • Professional Athlete Shares Secrets for Optimal Health

    Most of us enjoy a good drumbeat, but did you ever stop to think about the athleticism required to bring us the beat? The pounding beat takes a toll on the joints and ligaments. Inflammation is a drummer’s nemesis. Tune in today as Frank and Lauren Zummo share the routines that keep Frank in top […]

  • Your Closet Needs a Detox

    Your closet needs a detox! Listen in as Brendan Synnott shares his passion for organic clothing. It’s not just for the cuddle factor either. Did you know that conventional cotton is widely known as the world’s dirtiest crop? Brendan is now taking on the $3 trillion apparel industry, the world’s second-largest polluter, as CEO of […]

  • 7 Steps to Cleanse & Detox Your Post-Holiday Body

    The pace of life these days makes most of us feel stressed, frazzled, and just plain exhausted at the best of times. Add party treats, holiday feasts, and one too many libations to the mix… and a lot of us get the feeling right about now that doing a post-holiday detox would be a good […]

  • Unlocking the Full Potential of Your Mind

    As you might already know, mindfulness is a way to be in the present and only the present. You focus on what you are doing or thinking at this moment, without worrying about the future or dwelling on the past. Mindfulness can be used for so many things, from helping you to lose weight, to […]

  • Health Care vs Sick Care: A Radical New Approach

    Today we hear from Jude Samson of RFMx. His company is breaking barriers to offer true health care tools for doctors and patients. You, Your Doctor, Your Coach, and your Nutritionist are teaming up on a shared platform to make you the best and healthiest person you can be. Tune in to find out the […]

  • Holiday Hacks – 27 Tips for Staying Healthy During the Holidays

    In this episode of the Empowering You Organically Podcast, we are bringing you a special HOLIDAY EDITION, where you will learn helpful tips for heading into the holidays, before a holiday party, while you are at the party, the morning after the party, and to deal with holiday stress…….all to help you stay happy as […]

  • Inspired Health Journey: TeriAnn Trevenen

    TeriAnn shares her Inspired Health Journey with us today. From literally dragging herself throughout the day to feeling better than she has in 10 years. What was her secret? Tune in to find out how severe mono and irate lymph nodes had TeriAnn fearing a cancer diagnosis and how she turned it all around. You […]

  • Inspired Health Journey: Julia Chiappetta

    We have a treat for you this week. Julia Chiappetta has appeared on: Fox News, NBC, CBS and several radio broadcasts. She has been interviewed by Vogue, Shape, Self, Natural Health, Breast Cancer Magazine & Nature and Health Australia to name a few. Julia is a visionary, writer and problem solver whose life took a […]

  • Getting to Know Jonathan

    We’re all on a health journey. We don’t travel alone in this! Join us as we learn more about our founder, Jonathan Hunsaker! He’s openly sharing about his childhood and how he came to start Organixx. Jonathan shares inspiration and motivation by sharing his struggles and successes along his health journey.

  • Coping With The Holiday Food Hangover

    In this episode, we talk to Dr. Susan Peirce-Thompson as she explains how to cope with the holiday food hangover with topics like the term bright-line, exercise bulimia, states of food addiction, the importance of self-compassion, how she got to her ideal body weight and has kept it there for 15 years, and much more!

  • Making Your Resolutions a Reality

    In this episode, Jonathan and TeriAnn dig deep into setting goals and your New Year Resolution by discussing the difference between goals, rituals, and schedules, benefits of goals, statistics around the world, their #1 tip for setting yourself up for success in attaining your goals, and much much more!

  • 10 Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care

    We’re continuing our L.O.V.E. theme! Listen as we deep dive into self-care. Once you understand why it matters you will view self-care in a new light. What is self-care exactly? It’s not just a trip to the spa! Learn how to slow down and really connect with yourself is a healthy way and tap into […]

  • Detoxing with Caroline

    Detoxing with Caroline

    Reading Time: < 1 minute Get practical tips on how to detox with our Director of Human Resources, Caroline, who was led to the importance of detoxing after a family crisis.