Holiday Green Goddess Salad

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This article discusses emerging/ongoing science and research. It is intended for general informational purposes only. This content is unrelated to products offered by Organixx and does not contain any representations about the performance of such products.


1 cup plain yogurt (use dairy-free for vegan dressing)
¼ cup green onions
¾ cup fresh parsley
2 cups fresh spinach
1 small garlic clove
Juice of ½ of a lemon (2 Tablespoons)
⅛ – ¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper
1 teaspoon pink Himalayan/sea salt
1 scoop Organixx OrganiGreens (optional)

Large head of romaine lettuce chopped (about 6 cups)
3 cups shredded green or red cabbage
1 cup shredded carrots

Optional add-ins:
1/3 cup pomegranate seeds/dried cranberries
Chopped walnuts
Pumpkin seeds
Additional green onions
Your favorite protein (i.e., tofu, chicken)


  1. Place dressing ingredients into food processor and blend up until you reach a creamy consistency.
  2. Place salad ingredients into a large bowl and toss with dressing.
  3. Add desired additions, serve, and enjoy!


Serves 6. Per serving (using Organixx OrganiGreens):

Calories: 51
Total Fat: 1g
Total Carbohydrate: 9g
Dietary Fiber: 3g
Sugar: 3g
Protein: 3g

Ingredients Highlights

Cabbage is an excellent source of vitamins K, C, and B6. It’s also a good source of fiber, manganese, potassium, vitamin B1, folate, and copper.

Carrot is one of the richest natural sources of vitamin A and beta-carotene, which is an essential nutrient for eye health, immune function, and much more.

Cayenne Pepper has several surprising benefits, including helping to support circulatory health.

Garlic is a member of the allium family (which also includes onion, scallion, shallot, leek, and chives) and is clinically shown to support the immune system.

Lemon is believed to support a healthy metabolism and help maintain the immune system.

Organixx OrganiGreens is a revolutionary organic green juice powder made with 17 sprouted & fermented organic superfoods and botanicals for maximum nutrition.

Romaine lettuce is a crispy salad green that’s packed with nutrients and low in calories. Just two cups of romaine provides more than 100% of your DVI of vitamin K. It’s also an excellent source of vitamin A, folate, and molybdenum.

Spinach supports healthy bones and eyes and slows age-related decline in brain function. It’s also loaded with vitamin K, which promotes healthy blood and circulation.


  1. Made this today, doubling the recipe. Use raw Milk keifer in place of yogurt for a gut friendly boost. Delicious! The cayenne adds a nice kick! The cranberries are a nice balance to the heat! Beautiful colors and presentation! Thank you for sharing this recipe!

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