Emotions as Explained in Oriental Medicine: "Doc Talks" with Dr. Daniel Nuzum

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Dr. Daniel Nuzum: Okay, so we’re talking emotions, and I’m going to bring to you the emotional matrix that we teach in Oriental medicine.
We start with the fire emotions. Your negative fire emotions are sadness, and sadness is something that is fed into by what we call wood emotions.
Wood emotions are anger and frustration, left to its own processes, brings about sadness.
As we work behind what’s behind anger and frustration, we go back into the water emotions. And the water emotions are fear. Fear and insecurity. It’s the insult of being powerless that leaves us fearful and insecure, which we lash out against with anger and frustration. But as we become angry and frustrated and destroy things in our lives, it leads to sadness.
Prior to those water emotions, we have the metal emotions. And the metal emotions feed into the water emotions, which feed into the wood emotions, which feed into the fire emotions. Those metal emotions are the emotions of grief and the emotions of not letting go. It’s that holding onto grief that leads us to feeling powerless, which brings about fear and insecurity, which we lash out against with anger and frustration, which leads us to sadness.
Before that even, we have the earth emotions. And the earth emotions are the emotions of overthinking things. And as you overthink things, things get stuck in your system, and they don’t metabolize their way out. All that overthinking brings us to that point of creating grief. Things that just we can’t deal with.
And then if we hold onto that grief and we don’t let it go, that brings us into this fear and insecurity, which then we lash out against with anger and frustration, and it leads us to sadness.
And sadness, again, creates confusion, which makes it hard for us to metabolize things, and so, we overthink things some more. And so, this is the whole cycle in what we call the five elements.
In Western society, we know that overthinking things leads to stress. We just overthink things, and we get caught in that, and that brings about anxiety. Real interesting is the earth element will lead directly to the water element on the five-element diagram. And if you spend too much time in fear and anxiety, that leads you to sadness, which goes back to the fire element.
In Oriental medicine, we use the five-element diagram; it helps us to track what emotions we’re dealing with presently and where they’re coming from.
Let’s kind of recap this. Let’s say you’re having financial trouble. What you’re thinking about is money. “How do I make more money? Where do I get more money? Where do I pay my bills? Where do I do this?” So on and so forth. And you get kind of consumed with money and finances. If you’ve been in that state, well, that leads to anxiety. And as that anxiety builds, it leads to sadness, or we call it depression.
In the five-element theory, all of these things are interconnected, and one feeds into the next, and that one feeds into the next, and so on and so forth.
If you want to research more about this, look up “The Emotions Of The Five Element Theory.”
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  1. Doctor explained things the best I have heard. Now I think I really understand
    about how things lead from one thing to another.
    Thanks Dr. Nuzum

    • That’s amazing, Dottie! It is Dr. Nuzum’s and Organixx’ goal to educate and empower our followers, so we are happy to know that you learned a lot from this post.

  2. Verified : All Dis-eases have an Emotional component !! ThanX Doc And, for your high vibe nutrients….that makes all the difference.

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