Detoxing with Caroline

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Detoxing with Caroline #1 – My Story – How I Got into Detoxing

Meet our Director of Human Resources, Caroline, as she shares the emotional journey that led her to the power of proper detoxing.

Detoxing with Caroline #2 – Looking at “Detox” in a Different Way

Are detoxes more than “magic” mixtures designed to help remove harmful chemicals and toxins from your body? Is there more you need to know before choosing a detox that’s safe for you? Join Caroline to find out these answers and discover what toxic ingredients might be hiding in your cosmetics drawer…

Detoxing with Caroline #3 – Toxins in Foods & Your Environment

Pesticides… chemicals… toxins… It seems like harmful substances are everywhere! Join Caroline as she discusses the potential toxins lurking in your environment and even your food!

Detoxing with Caroline #4 – 10 Best Green Cleaning Alternatives

Tune into our final installment of “Detoxing with Caroline” to uncover which toxins are hiding in your home and discover the 10 best green cleaning alternatives.

In an increasingly polluted world, you have to do everything in your power to protect your body. Caroline uses the gentle, yet powerful support of our Organixx Detoxx 1 & 2 to help flush away toxins and other substances harming her body.  

Feeling sluggish… gassy or bloated… or frustrated with embarassing skin breakouts? Your overworked liver is crying out for “HELP!” Organixx Detoxx is the simple, fast-acting protocol formulated to detoxify your critical organs and hit the energy “re-set” button for your entire body!

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  1. Disappointed that nothing was brought up about hand sanitize products. They are all very bad (unless you make your own)

  2. My wife uses a mobile app [iOS or Android] known as “Think Dirty” (GOOGLE those terms) that helps identify toxic products.
    It not only identifies what is particularly concerning about any given product but gives safer alternative suggestions [using a rating system 1-10 … 10 being the worse].

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