How to Optimize Your Digestion to Fix Imbalances and Even Skin Issues

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If you are having any degree of digestive imbalances – either constipation, IBS, or just feel like your digestive process does not work optimally – I am so excited to introduce you to our Optimal Digestion Kit. This is a powerful duo of our ProBiotixx+ and our Enzyme 17 that are going to work synergistically in improving your digestive process.

Optimal Digestion Kit

Fix Digestive Issues and Skin Conditions

If you experience constipation, if you experience gurgling and weird noises from your digestive process, or if you are dealing with an assortment of skin eruptions or lesions, like cystic acne or eczema, psoriasis, even flakiness of the scalp, your gut, and healing your gut, focusing on digestive optimization, can greatly improve those skin conditions.

Skin’s a secondary elimination route. So when we heal our primary elimination route, our digestive process, via these two powerful blends of enzymes and probiotics, you are going to literally change the course of your digestive process.

How & When to Take Enzymes & Probiotics

I’m going to introduce you to the course of action here to take with our Optimal Digestion Kit.

Step one is you want to consume digestive enzymes. Our Enzyme 17 is a very powerful, synergistic, full-spectrum assortment of digestive enzymes, and these need to be taken anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes before you consume your meal. Enzymes will help your body break down, digest, and assimilate the key macro and micronutrients from your foods. So each meal, especially larger snacks as well, you want to consume the Enzyme 17.

Now, on the follow-up, you can take with the meal the ProBiotixx+. And this is a powerful blend of a potent probiotic. This is the blend. It’s the Lactobacillus Plantarum, and it’s in a 250-milligram dose. And you’re going to get a massive amount of probiotic power in this. L. Plantarum, this particular strain, has been deemed one of the best and most powerful probiotics for cultivating and recalibrating your gut microbiome.

So, taking these two together, you’re going to have better assistance for breaking down your food and assimilating the healthy food and the expensive foods that you’re consuming, and utilizing your macronutrients, your fats, your carbohydrates, and your proteins. And then, you are going to help support a healthy microbiota, a healthy flora. These two, in concert, can be ordered here in our Optimal Digestion Kit.

Maximize Your Savings

And I’m excited because you can save money by buying these two together in the kit. You can also do what I consider, and I love it, the click and ship. So, you can preset and subscribe so you can save money and have a set order delivered to you every month – so you never run out. And that way, you never fall off and are a week or two behind of fulfilling your order. You’ll get the order delivered every month if you subscribe and save, which is great, and you get an automatic 15% off each of your orders.

Healing Your Gut & Optimizing Digestion Can Reduce Pain, Improve Sleep, and Balance Hormones

So, click on the link down below to sign up for our Optimal Digestion Kit and get kicked off on your healing and optimization of your digestive process. It will ultimately benefit an assortment of body systems like reducing aches and pains in your joints and muscle, improving your sleep, balancing your hormones, and overall helping you feel your most optimized self.

Enzyme 17 and ProBiotixx+ from Organixx: When you combine these two powerful supplements together, you get a synergistic effect that compliments each other to heal and bring back balance to your gut microbiome and digestive tract.

Optimal Digestion Kit
What Are Effective Treatments for Addressing an Autoimmune Disease that Affects the Skin?

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Our next question comes from Sam. Sam asked, “What is effective in tackling autoimmune problems like psoriasis?”

Okay, that’s an excellent question, Sam. A lot of individuals suffer from psoriasis. There are multiple types. Sometimes women and men deal with it on their scalp and sometimes we know that as dandruff. Other times, individuals are dealing with psoriasis and even eczema on their elbows, their knees, and patches of scaly, itchy, irritated skin. With psoriasis and eczema, those two I link together. But one or the other, what you need to deal with, how you heal it and tackle it naturally, is to look at healing your gut

Healing the Gut is Key to Healing Autoimmune Skin Issues

So, your digestive process is … and when I say digestive process, it’s the internal lining of your small intestine and your large intestine. That mucosal membrane is a direct mirror of our skin. And so when individuals, when my patients are presenting with skin-related irritations or autoimmune disorders of the skin, we need to look at the internal skin. We need to go in and go deep into healing the gut.

The likelihood is that you’re probably also dealing with some IBS-related symptoms as well, but maybe haven’t bridged that gap or made the connection that the IBS or digestive imbalancesconstipation, bloating, gas – is linked to the psoriasis. So, let’s dig into what you can do to heal your skin by healing your gut.

Start with an Elimination Diet

So, the first, most important thing is to address your diet. So, this is really critical. What’s coming in has to be very much healing-focused. So, there are three kinds of elimination items that I recommend overall.

Eliminate gluten. So, this tends to be bread, pasta, items that are very much comforting foods for a lot of folks and very common in our standard American diet. So, gluten is one.

The second one is dairy. Eliminate all dairy. And we have to be really kind of sleuthy with dairy. Dairy is not just milk or yogurt that you’re getting that’s pasteurized or you’re grabbing in the dairy aisle, but it also falls into the packaged products, whey protein. So, a lot of fitness enthusiasts that are grabbing protein shakes or trying to be healthy and grabbing protein bars – whey protein is dairy-oriented. So, be aware of whey protein as well as milk additives in a lot of the items that you’re buying in the box. So, that’s really critical, and just be kind of sleuthy when you’re purchasing and shopping. 

The other thing that I recommend is to eliminate soy. A lot of my patients have irritations to soy, and soy is as invasive, if not more invasive than some of those dairy-related products. Soy lecithin is a very common kind of binding agent and sometimes preservative that we’ll find in nearly every packaged, shelf-based product. We even see this in some of our liquid products. So, read your labels. That’s really key. 

Those three items, soy, dairy, and gluten, are very much oriented with inflammation production, particularly the way many of these items are harvested or grown. There’s an abundance of pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides. Those are very irritating to our digestive process and can cause inflammation. Long-term inflammation, we will see skin eruptions. So that’s critical. 

Add Probiotics and Fiber to Your Daily Regimen

Second thing that you can do, add on to your Organixx is to grab the ProBiotixx+™ . This has one amazing probiotic and it is billed as one of the most comprehensive gut-repairing digestive-process-rebuilding probiotic. There’s a multitude of probiotics. And you can add in probiotic-rich foods like kefir or kimchi or some of the fermented foods like sauerkraut or beet kvass. Those are all going to be beneficial, but I recommend definitely adding ProBiotixx+™ to your mix. 

Similarly, when you take a probiotic, we need the food for the probiotic to support that. That includes individuals that might be making their own nut yogurts or nut kefirs or adding in probiotics like this here at Organixx. What you need to do is add in fiber, but there’s a special fiber called inulin, or chicory root is what we call it. You can drink chicory root tea. It’s a powder that you can add in. We sprinkle it into a lot of our gluten-free baked products that I make here for our family. I add it into sometimes my coffee and I will add it into teas and liquid items that I’m consuming – soups and things like that. So, fiber is really key.

Support Your Liver through Detoxification

Now, the other thing that is really, really essential for your gut is we need to help support your liver’s production of bile. Bile is one of the most important byproducts of the liver and it is a healing, sudsing type of liquid, very basic in nature, but it has this amazing capacity to heal and protect the single-cell lining of your small intestine. Often with psoriasis and eczema or any of the autoimmune disorders apart from skin, so Hashimoto’s, RA, Sjogren’s disease. These are all, we look back into the small intestine and the lining of the small intestine being irritated, inflamed, and we call it leaky gut, it’s often common. 

One of the most important ways to help support your body’s healing of that irritated small intestinal lining is to add in liver detoxing, particularly dandelion. So, eating dandelion greens in your salad, juicing dandelion, you can add in dandelion tea. I love dandelion tea because if you’re a coffee drinker, you can make a great switch and drink dandelion tea. It’s very rich and rooted, but it’s very powerful and invigorating the liver’s bile production. The more bile you have, the greater the healing you’re going to employ by also reducing the anti-inflammatory and the allergens of dairy, gluten, and soy. And then by adding the ProBiotixx+™, you are going to really, really fortify your gut healing. 

Apply Topical Anti-Inflammatory to Irritated Skin

The other thing that is common is that we’ll see inflammation. So, that skin-related inflammation, you might have kind of a red patch, it’s inflamed. It might be itchy and painful at the same time. What I like to recommend is a cellular-based anti-inflammatory, and the Joint & Muscle Care here at Organixx is one of my favorites. This has a trio of the gifts of the Magi and they are equally beneficial internally. And then you can also apply topically the oil to the area or areas that are inflamed. And I recommend using, mixing a carrier oil or even an almond or even olive oil. You can mix a few drops in and apply topically. That’ll ease the topical inflammation, but you can also take the supplementation. I love pairing those up.

So, I hope that’s helpful. Please try that out and let us know how it goes. 

Joint & Muscle Care is a revolutionary supplement that takes three of the strongest inflammation support agents in nature (frankincense, myrrh, and turmeric), and combines them in the same perfect union treasured by the ancients. Available in capsule form or as an essential oil blend called Magi-Complexx.

Joint & Muscle Care