Welcome To Organixx
Jonathan Hunsaker, Founder
Dr. Daniel Nuzum, Lead Formulator
Benjamin Prater, Sr. Software Engineer Architect
Cyndi Joudrey, Director of Content
Caroline Harland, Human Resources Director
Anita Elisha, Marketing Coordinator
Yano Ransford, Graphic Designer

Our Mission

Most people today know how essential certain supplements are for their health.

But there’s a problem. People don’t trust the supplement industry. And for good reason. So many manufacturers large and small cut corners in production, and use synthetic or otherwise low-grade ingredients. Despite their often sky-high prices, their supplements are mediocre at best, and downright risky at worst. Those companies are in it for themselves, not for you.

At Organixx, we’re committed to doing things completely differently for you. In short, our #1 goal is to keep the Organixx name synonymous with trust.

It's About Trust

From our founder, Jonathan Hunsaker… to our lead formulator, Dr. Daniel Nuzum… to our CEO TeriAnn Trevenen... to our support teams… we are an organization of compassionate people who have experienced a range of serious health issues, whether our own or close family.

We have personally seen and know the right supplements can make a world of difference in people’s health and lives.

However... just as others are bothered, we were bothered by our own distrust of so many supplements out there.

So we committed to develop a different kind of health supplements company… in short, an organization driven start to finish by integrity.

For starters, our supplements are based on very extensive research, lead by one of the most credentialed doctors and formulators alive today, the previously mentioned Dr. Daniel Nuzum.

With Organixx, you can be certain you’re getting only the supplements that can truly benefit your health.

Purity & Potency

Next, we ensure each of our supplements uses only the purest, safest, and most potent ingredients available, via the most beneficial production methods available such as proprietary fermentation processes.

We take these supplements ourselves, and the family and friends we love dearly take them too, so “going the extra mile” is standard practice here at Organixx.

Finally, because our supplements can so powerfully improve people’s health and lives, we want to make them available to as many as possible. So we’re committed to fair pricing.

Yes, we use only the best-in-class ingredients and production methods, so our supplements won’t be the cheapest. And yes, we’re a business providing jobs for good people who are passionate about their health and yours, so there is some profit built into our costs.

However, our “margins” are far, far lower than industry standards. Because we know that providing the purest, most effective supplements to you at the fairest possible price is the right thing to do. It’s how we want to be treated by any business. It’s how you deserve to be treated.

TeriAnn Trevenen, CEO
Amanda Beard, Director of QA
Natascha Gmuender, YouTube Manager
Kim Koehler, Director of Creative Design
Antowine Jenkins, Copywriter
Petra Watjen, CFO
Daniel Serna, CTO

So welcome to Organixx.
Welcome to the family.
Welcome to supplements you trust.