Your Multi-Vitamin May be Fooling You (video)


Multivitamins Explained by Ty Bollinger

Your Multi-Vitamin May be Fooling You (video)

Are you throwing money away on vitamin supplements that don’t work? The best tip to ensure you’re getting the best quality multivitamin supplements is simplicity. Your body needs natural whole foods to stay in peak health. A multi-vitamin can help. But too many vitamins are made with synthetic ingredients that your body can’t absorb. Discover the label secrets you must know the next time you go shopping for vitamin supplements.

Video Transcript: Your Multi-Vitamin May be Fooling You

Ty Bollinger: Hello, everyone. I want to start out this video with a brief quiz. What is the most commonly-used supplement in the United States? Anyone out there? Anyone? Would it be a multivitamin? If you guessed multi, you’re absolutely correct. But, if you’re taking a multivitamin that you purchased at one of the big box stores, then you might be throwing away money. Here’s why.

According to Consumer Lab, which is a company that has tested more than 2,000 health supplements, about 1 in 4 has quality problems. Their study of multivitamins found that 32% had defects. This means that at least 7 billion dollars’ worth of vitamin and herbal supplements purchased every year are essentially worthless and possibly even dangerous.

That’s primarily due to the fact that most vitamins that are sold are synthetic, in other words, chemicals, rather than whole foods. As a result, your body does not know what to do with them.

I’m sure you’ve heard the axiom, “You are what you eat.” But there’s a little-known fact. You are not what you eat. You are what you absorb. Think about this. If you eat something and your body fails to absorb the nutrients, what happens? The food is simply passed out of your body. You might think that you’re getting nutrition, but you aren’t getting as much as you think you are, if any.

Crohn’s disease and irritable bowel syndrome are both examples where there is malabsorption, which basically means that you just can’t properly digest the food and absorb the nutrients. All the nutrients your body needs are flushed out of your system. In extreme cases, malabsorption can quickly lead to malnourishment.

Your body can only effectively absorb nutrients that are “bioavailable.” This is a vital concept to understand. Whole foods, like fruits and vegetables, are easily digested and absorbed by your body because your body naturally recognizes whole food. But when it comes to supplements that contain synthetic chemicals and isolated vitamins, your body may have a hard time identifying and using them.

Here’s another little-known fact. In times past, it was much easier for people to get trace minerals through their diets. Many people grew their own crops organically, and they grew a variety of crops in the same ground, which helped the soil to stay balanced.

Today, it’s almost impossible to get all the trace minerals that you need from your diet alone. This is because commercial farming techniques are extremely harsh on the soil. Individual crops, like corn, are planted on thousands of acres of land at a time with no other crops mixed in. This lack of biodiversity leaches the ground of specific minerals that never get replaced.

Furthermore, most farmland is farmed year after year nonstop. This prevents the land from resting, and it does not allow nature to replenish the soil. In other words, the soil is depleted. Adding insult to injury, many crops are sprayed with toxic pesticides and herbicides, which seep into the ground and poison the food that we eat, and many crops, such as corn and soy, are over 90% genetically modified today.

Due to all these facts, the fruits and vegetables we eat today do not have the same nutritional value they had about a half century ago. You might think that you’re eating healthy by eating fruits and vegetables, but conventional fruits and vegetables, and even some organics, are now nutritionally poor, just a shadow of what they used to be.

This is why so many people don’t consume enough of the right trace minerals and are currently suffering from mineral imbalances. If 25% or more of vitamin supplements have quality problems, and if your body can’t properly absorb many vitamin supplements because they’re synthetic rather than whole food, and you can’t make up the difference by eating fruits and vegetables because they don’t have the trace minerals that you need for good health, what can you do to make sure you’re getting the right vitamins and minerals in the right form so that your body can properly absorb them?

Here’s the answer. Take a good multivitamin. However, as I already discussed, most multivitamins are worthless. But, there are high-quality multivitamins available. You just need to make sure that you choose one that has the following attributes…

#1: It’s got to be whole food, in other words, not synthetic in any way, shape or form. This means your body will instantly recognize, digest, and absorb the nutrients.

#2: Needs to be fermented. Normally, we associate fermentation with wine, or yogurt, or sauerkraut, but fermentation is like nutritional alchemy. It enriches the food substrates with protein, essential amino acids, and even vitamins. And even better, fermentation eliminates anti-nutrients, like we’ve talked about in soy in the past, which interfere with absorption of nutrients.

#3: If possible, get a supplement that’s sprouted, which also unlocks vitamins and minerals, much like fermenting.

And of course, #4, but probably number one: You should look for something that’s organic. Right? Always get organic supplements.

And if you want to find a multivitamin “on steroids,” not literally of course, then find one that is infused with fulvic and/or humic acid, both of which help your body absorb vitamins and minerals even better. In fact, fulvic acid is known to transport over 60 times its weight in vitamins and minerals into the cells. This makes it easier for the cells to digest vitamins and minerals, which means you’ll feel the positive health effects even faster.

In summary, in choosing a multivitamin, you need to make sure it’s organic, whole food, fermented, and sprouted if possible, and infused with humic and/or fulvic acid to ensure maximum bioavailability. Otherwise, you’re just going to be producing expensive urine with very little health benefit.

I hope you’ve learned a lot from this brief video. Here’s to your health. God bless.

Multi-Vita-Maxx from Organixx contains 21 uniquely fermented vitamins and enzyme-activated minerals that are more “bioavailable” and easily absorbed by your body than the synthetic compounds found in most vitamin supplements.

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  1. I so appreciate your lesson on multivitamins. The public needs to be educated in the use of supplements and over the counter medications. It is our responsibility to be mindful of what we put into our bodies and why. Not to relieve a symptom but to find out where and how we neglected our responsibility and corrected it so that we can further
    enjoy a healthful and healthy existence.
    Thank you for your caring effort to help this nutritionally confused generation.
    God Bless.

    • I have been using Juice Plus for years ,it is Whole Food and it has been great for us . I did enjoy reading your information very familiar with it . It is our responsibility to educate ourselves ,Doctors treat us with pills . We need Plant Based Diet !

  2. I have taken Osteocare for 30 years now. It comes from the UK. I also take Omega 3, Spirulina, Kelp and Acidophilus, BioCitrate Potassium and B-Stress vitamins. Is any of this harmful ? Should I add anything ?

  3. Thanks Ty Bollinger, as usual you are a master educator.
    I will switch to Organix multi vitamins.

  4. I have been following you Ty from the 7 part docuseries on the TTAC. I would like to add your products to my regimens but I am currently living in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

    I saw at end of the end of the video that you ship world wide during this sales. Please let me know if you can ship to me in West Africa as I would like to have genuine organic multivitamin – I hope organixx might be one.


  5. My family uses Mannatech’s supplements, vitamins minerals phytonutrients and glyconutrients.

    Thanks for the great work you guys do.

  6. Your label lists folic acid. I thought that was synthetic, and that one hallmark of a high quality multi was to include folate, not folic acid. Can you clarify this for me? Thanks!

    • Carol,
      There are no synthetic ingredients or preservatives in this product. All ingredients are fermented or enzyme activated, fully bioavailable, non-synthetic from food sources. No ingredients are added to our products other than what is listed on the label. The Multi-Vita-Max formulation derives its folate from natural sources such as Red Lettuce, Green Lettuce, Spinach, Kale, Purple Cabbage, and Broccoli.

  7. Two important things you didn’t mention. One is that if your busy doesn’t recognize them, then it might store them in your muscles, fats and other body tissue and organs. As these accumulate they can become toxins that cause diseases.
    Also, minerals are not created by plants, they come from the soil they’re grown in. Vitamins do grown in plants. So understanding this makes one realize that the plant should be organic, the soil should have lots of good, balanced amounts of minerals, and then the process of vitamin and mineral extraction must involve minimum amounts of processing, under sterile, low-to-no -heat situations.
    Please follow me on twitter to learn how I used alternative remedies and practitioners to save my life and keep me active and able to work full-time for the federal government while writing two books.

  8. Hi
    Can you recommend other brands of vitamins as I live in Australia, or how do I find out which supplements are the better ones?Thanks for spreading the word.
    Mary Lou

  9. Not to rain on there parade but if these are not available there are other companies that make whole food supplements my favorite is GARDEN OF LIFE, but NATURES PLUS has a liquid called SOURCE OF LIFE GOLD liquid the white bottle not the yellow bottle. NEW CHAPTER is fermented using probiotics and brewers yeast. NATURES DYNAMICS is a gummy line of whole food multis.

  10. I live in South Australia, and cannot afford your supplements owing to exchange rates and postage. Where can I get your products in Australia & if so what name & telephone number. I need the bone broth supplement.

  11. Also watch some so called good multi-vitamins that add magnesium stearate as fillers … that is just another toxic excipient which are toxic tag a longs…. always reading labels!

  12. You don’t offer all B’s.
    There should be at least 11 if not 12.
    This is the case with most multi bits today.

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