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Detox Water Recipes: 5 Refreshing Ways to Stay Healthy & Hydrated

Watermelon, cucumber, lemon… oh my! We all know how good these wonderful, refreshing fruits and vegetables are for our health. But did you know that you can also put them in plain, filtered water to not only get some nutrients, but also stay well hydrated?

“Detox waters” are becoming more commonly used as an aid in detoxing the body naturally (which can aid with weight loss). If it helps us to drink more water, then it’s a trend we hope will stick around!

Water: A Fountain of Health

Healthy detox waterThe best thing about infused water is that it contains, well, water.

Staying hydrated is absolutely essential for pretty much every healthy function in your body, and for preventing disease as well. The reason for this is simple: our bodies are made up of over 60% water!

The importance of drinking enough water to stay hydrated (at least half our weight in ounces daily, say most experts) may seem like a no-brainer, but there are still plenty of people who haven’t made water their beverage of choice

If you’re still not convinced about the benefits of drinking plenty of water, here are just a few facts to consider:

Other Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Drinking enough water is also essential for regulating body temperature, maintaining a healthy heart, adequate blood circulation, and smooth and supple skin, and helping you lose weight… the list goes on.

On the flip side, studies show that chronic dehydration can lead to chronic stress, higher inflammation, kidney stones, constipation, depression/anxiety disorders, and extreme fatigue.

Tips for Making Refreshing Flavored Water

Detox waters are designed to refresh, invigorate, and infuse the body with hydration and nutrients from the whole foods that are put within them.

They are also designed to help us drink more fresh, filtered water in general. They are not, however, watered-down versions of fruit punch or lemonade.Woman Washing Fruits and Vegetables

Be sure to avoid using condensed fruit juice, regular bottled fruit juice, sugar, or sugar substitutes in your detox water recipes. Not only can this spike your insulin levels, but it can also exacerbate dehydration since sugar can reduce the amount of fluid your body actually retains.

In addition, always make sure that the fruits and vegetables that go into your infused water are 100% organic and non-GMO and that they are washed thoroughly. This is especially important if you are using rinds, such as grapefruit and lemon, and skins such as cucumber.

Finally, for any of the recipes below, make sure your fruits and veggies are fresh and that they stay relatively cool, especially if you are using the same pitcher throughout the day. Produce tends to spoil easily once it’s been cut open, even if immersed in water all day.

5 Easy-to-Make Detox Water Recipes

While single-ingredient waters such as lemon water (water + lemon juice) and mint water (water + mint leaves) are always an option, these creative recipes are designed to kick your water up a notch.

This not only gives you a few extra energy-stimulating nutrients, but also circumvents the boredom of “plain old water,” which may prevent you from drinking enough throughout your day. After all, if something tastes great you’re far more likely to drink it on a daily basis!
Detox fruit infused water.

Be sure to use fresh, filtered water and ice, and a sturdy glass pitcher. Never use bottled water for flavored waters as plastic containers often contain BPA and the phytochemicals and terpenes in fruits can cause this dangerous chemical to leach even more. Glass is always best for detox water.
Detox Water Benefits

The prep time for each of these detox water recipes is less than five minutes and the instructions are all the same: chop, combine, enjoy!

#1: Cucumber-Mint-Basil Germ Buster

Cucumber is a super-hydrator and also contains silica, which can detoxify heavy metals. Mint can help digestion and uplift the mood. Finally, basil adds the germ-busting element to this savory-tasting water. This is a great water for winter, when close quarters and cold weather can lead to colds and flu.

#2: Cranberry Kidney Cleanse

Proper hydration is the best medicine for the kidneys, but cranberries can stimulate kidney cleansing and help the kidneys perform at their best.

This one is great to consume in large amounts if you feel a urinary tract infection coming on, since cranberries contain a substance that can prevent bacteria from sticking to the walls of the bladder.

#3: Watermelon-Berry Delight

You can use strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, or blackberries in this recipe, or try all four! Along with the watermelon slices, this delightful recipe is a God-send if you have a sweet tooth but don’t want to indulge.

The natural fructose in both the berries and the watermelon will give you just the boost you need. Tip: You can also add a few sprigs of mint to this water for a little added refreshment.

Detox waters are a delicious way to hydrate and cleanse your body. Feel rejuvenated with these refreshing detox water recipes designed to help wash away built-up toxins. 

#4: Lemon Ginger Stagnation Buster

Have you been sitting at the computer all day and just need to get things moving again? Ginger has been shown to get the blood circulating and lemon, of course, is the ultimate detoxifier. Ginger also has beneficial anti-inflammatory properties and is a powerful source of the antioxidants that fight free radical damage in the body (e.g. aging!)

If you’re in a hurry, feel free to replace fresh lemons with 2-3 drops of food-grade lemon essential oil.

#5: Spiced Apple Soother

This soother combines sliced Granny Smith apples, rich in vitamin A, folate, calcium, and magnesium, with cinnamon sticks, which are beneficial for the immune system as well as blood circulation. Try this without the ice or even in warm water for a mild tea.

Making and drinking detox waters has many benefits. They can increase your water consumption, provide you with a few more nutrients, and even get your “creative juices” flowing again in the kitchen (no pun intended).

The best part about them, however, is that they can help you actually enjoy the act of drinking water again!

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