How Can Men Optimize Their Health? Top Doctor-Recommended Supplements

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Today, I want to talk to you about how to optimize health for men, and this is a really important topic because a lot of men rely on their partners, their spouses, to give them advice and tips on what supplements to take. Often, we as women in our households are supplying our gentlemen with supplementation.

Support Your Healthy Habits

So today, I’m going to offer some advice for any of you ladies who want to power up and support your male partner’s health and enhance their wellness, as well as any of you gentlemen looking for some basic guidance to help support your overall health. And this is going to really support and supplement any of the good, healthy lifestyle habits and maybe current lifestyle changes you’re implementing where you’re eating healthy foods, maxing out your sleep, and lowering your stress.

Address Nutritional Deficiencies

So, the first and most important thing for men to consider taking is a whole-food, plant-based supplement, and this is really, really critical because the multivitamin that has a good amount of bioavailable, plant-based nutrition can really create a foundational piece where you get a lot of the daily requirements of your nutrients, and a lot of health issues, when we look at aging and degeneration within the body, a lot of our problems or challenges ultimately come back to nutrient deficiencies.

So, I’m very excited to recommend the Multi-Vita-Maxx. This is our plant-based, powerful multivitamin. You’re going to get all of the required daily requirements of both your vitamins as well as key minerals like magnesium, and zinc, and chromium, which is really important for gentlemen looking to balance their blood sugar levels. I also like that this is a fermented form of a multivitamin, which enhances the bioavailability of this nutrition.

Get the Gut Healthy

Now, the second thing that’s really important is for gentlemen to support their gut health. We have a term that we reference to the balance of bacteria in the gut, and we call it the microbiome. That’s an assortment of bacteria that we want to be balanced and we want it to be very plentiful and very similar to like a coral reef – we want to have multiple types of bacteria that create this kind of rainbow cascade of good bacteria that balances our body.

And in one of my masterclasses, I host masterclasses every month, I have one of my masterclasses that digs into mastering your gut health and ultimately supporting your gut microbiome. One of the things I share in that class is that the microbiome, our microbes, the actual bacteria, enhances our hormone levels and it can actually influence our immune system and it can influence the inflammatory response in the body.

So, for any gentlemen who might be dealing with diabetes, or gout, or liver imbalances, maybe elevations in cholesterol and triglycerides, or even gentlemen who might be dealing with prostate imbalances, it’s really important for us to look at adding a good probiotic.

And we have ProBiotixx+, which is a very powerful form of L. plantarum, which we know is one of the super plentiful bacteria types that can help culture and rebalance your gut. So, making sure you get a good probiotic can be very beneficial in enhancing your overall gut health, which can balance your digestive grievances like IBS, or CIPO, or gas and bloating after consuming a meal, but it can also power up our brain health and balance our hormones.

Combat Inflammation to Prevent Illness & Disease

Now, another thing that is really important for men is to address inflammation. Ultimately, inflammation is the root of all illness and disease within the body, and systemic inflammation is something we need to combat. And signs or symptoms of inflammation can be swelling, it can be elevations in enzyme levels like our ALT and AST – those are labs that identify enzyme levels in our liver. We will present with hormone imbalances. Men will have elevations in prostate markers like PSA will be elevated or experience benign prostatitis. Other individuals might experience heart disease. And so rooted behind all of these illnesses and diseases is ultimately inflammation. Our cells, our cytokine process is overwhelmed and heightened, and there are really two ways that I use some supplementation here to combat inflammation.

The first thing is magnesium, a very well-balanced, multi-magnesium, like we have Magnesium 7. This can be really helpful in minimizing inflammation that gentlemen experience in their joints. Maybe you have joint pain, or osteoarthritis, or rheumatoid arthritis, and even gout.

Swelling is a byproduct of inflammation. So, if you notice you’re holding more fluid, Magnesium 7 is what I recommend. I’m kind of an expert in the swelling category, I’m specialized in lymphatic therapy, which is all about moving the excess fluid in the body. We use magnesium to flush fluid out of the body and it will flush fluid through the kidneys and bladder and you might notice a reduction in fluid retention of upwards of three to five pounds on the scale. So, Magnesium 7 is great for lowering your inflammation levels.

Address the Reduction in Stomach Acid & Enzymes As We Age

And then, last and final is at the age of 30, for all of us, men and women, we have a reduction in stomach acid levels and we start to notice that the pancreas is not producing enough digestive enzymes. That ends up leading to digestive grievances, imbalances in our digestive process, an inability to digest our food, assimilate the nutrients, and power up the body. That can also lead to constipation, and leaky gut, and gut-brain, gut-heart, gut-thyroid imbalances.

So, one of the best ways to combat this lowered stomach acid level and a reduction in digestive enzymes that your pancreas is producing – which by the way can often be an undercurrent for diabetes – Enzyme 17 is something you want to add to your daily practice and this is something where you take two of these supplements, about 20 to 30 minutes before you consume a meal.

Enzyme 17 is one of the most plentiful enzyme blends that is out there on the market. It’s one of my favorite products we have here at Organixx, and it can help your body digest and break down the assorted macro and micronutrients that you need to support your body.

Additionally, here is a bonus tip that I tell all my patients. If you are dealing with any inflammation, or maybe you have digestive imbalances you notice. Maybe there are food particles that you’re passing in your bowel contents. Enzyme 17 is something you can take at night on an empty stomach and it will help reduce the digestive grievances and will help clear up systemic inflammation.

So, that’s a little bonus tip, but overall, these four items are going to be very helpful in supporting overall men’s health, and are basic foundational elements that every gentleman should add to his daily supplement regimen. So, that’s my tip for you and I hope you share that with any of the gentlemen in your life. And gentlemen, if you have any questions about health and wellness, make sure you comment and hit that reply button and I will be taking questions and answering them in future videos.

Organixx Enzyme 17 contains a whopping FIVE kinds of powerful protease enzymes in combination with one of the most advanced enzyme blends on the planet. It’s scientifically designed to help your body break down and process nutrients for better absorption, digestion, and overall health.

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Ask the Doc: Can Improving Your Gut Health Relieve Your Allergies?

Video Transcript:

Today, I want to follow up on allergies and how to combat seasonal allergies in your body. And really, I want to take a deeper dive into the root cause of allergies, seasonal allergies, environmental allergies, and even food allergies all fall into this category.

So, specifically, allergies are caused by a histamine reaction in your body. And histamine is a neurotransmitter. So, this is an interesting process where your brain plays a specific role in the articulation of histamines. And ultimately, histamine is an underlying component in your body’s inflammatory response. You have your immune response and then your inflammatory response that can yield puffiness in the sinuses, puffy eyes, gunk and mucus production in the eyes and nose, coughing, and even in some cases, hives and allergic skin reactions.

Relationship Between Gut Health and Histamine Reactions

Now, if we go deeper into the source of histamine-related responses and the neurotransmitter control of histamine, we need to look at your gut health. So, essentially, there is connection between your body’s allergy response mechanism and the state of your digestive health – your gut health – because your gut health controls a large majority of your neurotransmitters and the signaling and communication pathways from your gut to your brain. I cover this more in-depth in my Gut Health Masterclass, which I’d invite you if you’re looking at going really deep into the inner workings of your gut and the connection to the brain and other body systems, I’d recommend taking that.

But specifically, when we’re looking at gut-related imbalances, we have to look at gut microbes, the actual mechanics of your microbiome. Microbiome, essentially, is a fancy term for the assorted bacteria that is housed in your digestive process. We also have bacteria on our skin and we have bacteria in our oral cavity. Every mucosal membrane has bacteria. And in fact, when we look at our DNA, we’re primarily like 99.9% bacterial DNA and 0.1% human DNA. It sounds shocking, but that’s the way it works, where we are interfacing and have this collaborative effort and relationship that’s symbiotic with bacteria.

Now, when the gut is involved in terms of histamine reactions and allergies, we are needing to address an inflamed and imbalanced gut process, as well as imbalances within your gut microbiome, meaning an imbalance and dysregulation or dysbiosis of your gut microbiome. And so things you do to address the histamine response that’s causing allergies is to make sure you do not neglect healing your digestive process. So, for instance, if you have leaky gut, that can be a big source of allergies, it can be a big source of the histamine reaction in your body.

I happen to work with particular patients that have histamine reactivity, and this falls in the category of POTS and mast cell dysregulation, where the histamine reactivity of the body, the source is coming from a dysbiotic gut, a dysregulated digestive process that ends up becoming systemic in the inflammatory response and the histamine response. This is really common when folks experience hives for seemingly no reason.

So, your allergic response to dust or pollen or grass or mold spores or any type of food that’s causing you to have that histamine reaction, we need to address your digestive process for that deeper healing.

Balance Your Gut Microbiome with Probiotics

So, I’ve talked earlier about some of the topical and more everyday things to calm the symptoms of allergies. But if you want to address the root cause of allergies, you want to address healing your digestive process. And here at Organixx, we have two amazing resources. I am a huge fan of the bacteria type called L. plantarum. This is very powerful and it’s in the ProBiotixx. This is a really good microbiome balancer. There’s a lot of research in this particular strain in helping lower some of the inflammatory response mechanisms and that histamine response that a lot of individuals have. I find a lot of patients find success in taking that particular bacterial strain in a probiotic form.

Restore & Rebuild the Gut with Collagen

And then also for helping heal leaky gut, collagen is extremely powerful as is colostrum therapy. But specifically, collagen can help restore and rebuild the junctures of the small intestines that are loose or leaky that are causing food particles and allergen sources that are triggering histamine in your body, i.e., an allergy-response mechanism. We can heal those junctures by adding collagen into the body.

And I’m very excited because the Clean Sourced Collagens is a very wonderful blend of five different types of collagens. So it’s synergistic in its potency and capacity to help heal leaky gut and tighten up those junctures because what does collagen do? It creates a vertical and horizontal structure to skin and our mucosal membrane and our single-cell lining that’s our small intestine that’s so fragile and so influenced by mucosal imbalances, bacterial imbalances, and internal response mechanism to a virus or to a pathogen or a parasite, collagen can help rebuild that.

So, I hope these two tips help you to take a deep dive into healing your allergies.

Organixx ProBiotixx+ formula contains a single, super-strain of Lactobacillus plantarum, designed to help alleviate constipation… eliminate gas and belly bloat… support your entire immune system… and give you total digestive protection.

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