What Happens if You Have a Sluggish Lymphatic System?

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Today, I want to talk to you about the importance of supporting your lymphatic system, and if you are wondering what this particular system is, it is one of the most important body systems that controls both your immune state as well as your detoxification process.

I specialize in the lymphatic system. I am a naturopathic physician and I’m also a certified lymphatic expert. I actually teach and train doctors and nurses, PTs, and other medical professions on supporting and enhancing the lymphatic health of their patients.

Symptoms Indicating Your Lymphatic System Needs Support

I’m really excited to share with you, today, some of the ways of understanding and acknowledging the sign of what we call a sluggish lymphatic system. These are going to be symptoms that you probably are not going to put together in kind of a circle of assessment, but are all factoring into the state of your lymphatic health.

Fatigue, weight gain, having poor vascular flow – sometimes in the legs, or noticing varicose veins and spider veins – experiencing cellulitis, or even cellulite on your legs. Cellulitis is a skin-oriented infection. It’s actually an infection, also, that compromises the lymphatic system, but cellulite is part of the detox process of storing excess toxins in the kind of fat cells. Usually, women, and some men, will experience it in and around the legs, the flank, the hips, and the butt.

Skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, digestive disorders, upper GI GERD, and lower GI, like constipation, are going to be signs of poorly functioning lymphatic systems. Also, weakened immunity, so if you frequently get colds and flus and are sick frequently or have a longer recovery time, that’s going to identify that the lymphatic system is slow to respond to the foreign invader. Also, cataracts or the presence of cataract development is a sign of a poorly, sluggish-functioning lymphatic system.

How the Lymphatic System Works

Overall, your lymphatic system, it very much looks similar to your vascular system. We actually have a lot of the same kind of terminology to the lymphatic system; like we have lymphatic vessels, we have lymphatic capillaries, we have valves, and we have a pumping mechanism that is very different than the cardio, the heart, the vascular system.

In the cardiovascular system, your heart is the main pumping system. The main pump to the system and promotes that process of clean, oxygenated blood moving to organs and, then, relieving the organs and removing toxin debris. There is a connection to your vascular system into your lymphatic system. If you have any cardiovascular impairment – maybe heart disease or congestive heart failure – that will directly impact the function of your lymphatic system. And if you don’t exercise, that will affect your lymphatic system because part of the pumping mechanism comes from the blood flow and the pumping of your blood, but also the movement of your muscles.

Learn More About Lymphatics to Better Manage Your Health

I am really, really excited to share… I could go full-on deep-dive into all of my lymphatic expertise with you, but I do want to share if you have any specific lymphatic impairments or challenges with your lymphatic system – maybe you hold more fluid or you notice you’re holding more fluid or retaining it, you have swelling or edema in your feet or your legs, maybe you experience swelling and puffiness in and around the eyes, the sinus cavity, maybe you have different lymph nodes – those are particular aspects of the lymphatic system. If those are swollen or sluggish, I’m really excited to share with you an amazing special offer that I have for all of our Organixx customers and consumers here, is I’m offering you half off. A very special code [use code: LYMPH50] that will be linked down below, where you can take the deep-dive, my 60-minute lymphatic motivation masterclass. This is all about mastering your lymphatics – I explain more about the system, the functionality.

A Support for Your Body’s Natural Immune & Detox Systems

But just know, as a part of your immune system, it is going to help keep you robust and support your immunity. As part of your detox process, it’s going to help detox cellular debris, pathogens, parasitic activity, mold, assorted toxins we are absorbing on a daily basis, so supporting your lymphatic system, it’s a necessity to do this on a daily basis. There are assorted ways to do that. Again, I go through a massive deep-dive and checklists and assorted resources in my masterclass, and there’s an assortment of PDF downloads that you get access to.

Doctor-Recommended Ways to Promote Lymphatic Health

A few things that I love to recommend – exercising, gentle exercising, walking, good deep breathing exercises, and even jumping on a rebounder or a trampoline – are highly beneficial to promoting your lymphatic system. Getting a good sweat on is another way of promoting your lymphatic system.

In general, when individuals present with sluggish lymphatics, they also are going to have secondary- and tertiary-related conditions within the body. Sometimes that might be recurrent sinusitis or autoimmunity, or even just a sluggish digestive process. The best way to support your lymphatic system is to pump that system, get the blood flowing, and really, really enhance that process by hydrating well and taking supportive supplementation.

I’m really excited to share with you, we have launched a new line that is so fantastic for, really, daily supporting your overall detox process and it enhances the process of your digestive system, which therein lies over 85% of your immunity and a clustering of lymphatic vessels and lymphatic nodes that can also help promote that lower abdominal lymphatic system. I hope you’ll check that out as a daily supplement, to really open up those detox pathways.

Take Control of Your Health

Lymphatically, generally speaking, most doctors are not even going to recognize or even diagnose a lymphatic disorder, and generally speaking, they learn about two sentences or maybe a half a paragraph, if you will, in their anatomy and physiology and that is it. Most clinicians that I teach and train that are working in the medical space in the hospitals or in their own clinics just don’t have a broad understanding of the lymphatic system. This is one of those systems and categories of wellness that we have to take the onus on ourselves to promote and to enhance.

I look forward to answering an assortment of your questions about lymphatic health and definitely encourage you to take my Lymphatic Mastery Class. I have a whole signature program that’s a trademark process to promote and let your lymph flow, so I hope you’ll check that out. Let’s get that lymphatic system motivated to really support and enhance your overall wellness.

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Why Dr. Melissa Loves Turmeric 3D

Video Transcript:

Today, I want to share with you why I love Turmeric 3D so much for not just inflammation reduction and balancing our stress hormone, but also just overall supporting our brain function, our digestive function, and our cardiovascular function.

Maximizes Benefit & Bioavailability with Fermented Botanicals

One of the awesome things that we have harnessed here at Organixx is we have a unique fermentation process of the ingredients in a multitude of our supplements. And Turmeric 3D is a part of that fermentation process, which allows you as a consumer to get the max benefits of the turmeric and the ashwagandha, and the other botanical powerhouses in Turmeric 3D that will help lower inflammation, reduce excess fluid weight and retention, and can also help restore and rejuvenate your immune state, balance your stress levels, calm hormonal imbalances

Lowers Inflammation

And it even helps with your brain-based inflammation, which we’re seeing now with a lot of post-COVID infections. You don’t even have to qualify as a long COVID or a long hauler, but there are a lot of individuals that are still having residual inflammation and even patients that have auto-immunity or folks that have lymphedema or lipedema, or just overall notice they’re carrying more cellulite or excess weight. Those are all signs of an inflammatory state.

So, using Turmeric 3D allows you to harness the potency of turmeric, which has been heavily researched in its amazing power to lower inflammation markers in your body. It also has ashwagandha, which is a wonderful stress-balancing herbal, and in a fermented form, it actually is going to be more bioavailable. So, you need less and you get more power and more potency.

Addresses Vitamin D3 Deficiency

So, I’m excited to share that with you because one of the things that we love, not only are you getting the turmeric and the botanicals, but we also add D3 in a form, it’s a 5,000 IU form, which vitamin D3, I find almost all of my patients when I do a blood spot test, we do blood spot testing in my clinic, they are all in low or suboptimal levels or ranges of vitamin D3. And vitamin D3 has a lot to do with your mental outlook. It is a hormone precursor. It’s a building block. It’s an ingredient for your body, balancing your stress levels, your reproductive hormone levels, and overall, every cell has receptivity to vitamin D

Optimizes Overall Wellness

So, I’m very, very excited to recommend the Turmeric 3D. This is a powerful supplement here that has anti-inflammatory effects. It has stress-lowering, hormone-balancing, and overall will help support your body and optimize your wellness.

So I hope you check this out and it’s such a great resource for anybody who might be looking for a way to support their overall wellness and just know inflammation is the root of every illness and disease. Taming and calming inflammation levels in your body will increase and optimize your overall wellness. 

Turmeric 3D from Organixx provides you one of the most “bioavailable” forms of turmeric due to its unique fermentation process. This means your body experiences the maximum benefits of the purest, most potent turmeric available!

Turmeric 3D - Healthy Inflammation Support