The Power of Functional Mushrooms in our Daily Life: Immune Support and Anti-Aging

Video Transcript:

Today, I am so excited to share with you the healing power of mushrooms. This is one of life’s greatest little secrets of healing that you can tap into to harness the impact of the healing benefits of medicinal mushrooms.

I can’t wait to share with you the benefits here because many times, most of us are going to be consuming mushrooms, maybe on your pizzas or in your salads, but there is a greater quantity of mushrooms in what we call the mushroom kingdom. This is a potent class of compounds that have massive mineral density. Some of the most nutrient-dense foods are mushrooms, and this is across all different continents. We see a multitude of mushrooms that always register as the top 10 food sources with their nutrient density.

Anatomy of a Mushroom

One of the things I want to share with you, there’s definitely different parts of the mushroom that are going to be more potent and powerful for their medicinal properties. Often, you will see the fruiting body, that’s the head of the mushroom. That is what might be on the ground or growing out of a tree or on a log. That is what we call the fruiting body. And sometimes some of these mushrooms are going to have a fruiting body once a year. Other fruiting bodies take 20 to 30 years to fully develop. So you’re going to harness some of the mushrooms – for instance, like chaga – you’re going to harness the years of development and growth of the density and the nutrient properties inside this mushroom.

Mushrooms also have the root system. So if you consider a mushroom in whole as an apple tree, the actual trunk of the tree and the root system are the mycelium. That tends to be underground or not exactly visible by the human eye. This is really, really critical because a lot of times the root system will be not visible, but also feeding on the dirt and the earth.

What Makes Mushrooms So Medicinally Potent

And one of the things that we find that makes mushrooms so medicinally potent is that we, as humans, are actually closer in nature to mushrooms than we are to plants. I know that probably sounds really crazy – the DNA and everything’s totally different – but the plants are very different from mushrooms and mushrooms are in their own category. In the mushroom kingdom, we will find 1.5 million types of fungi. That’s what mushrooms are, they’re a type of fungus. These fungi need food sources, like us. And often the food sources that they feed on is going to be dirt, different types of soil, as well as trees. Sometimes living trees, sometimes dead tree stumps or logs, but it’s part of the ecosystem. And it’s really critical that with mushrooms, their survival is built on their capacity to expel carbon dioxide. So very similar to humans, we have a kind of pairing, if you will, to our capacity to intake these medicinal properties of mushrooms.

One of the things that I like to tell a lot of my patients is, folks that are like, “Oh, I’m not sure if I want to consume a mushroom tea or take a mushroom liquid tincture or an herbal capsule,” like the 7 Mushrooms, one of the things that I tell everybody is that mushrooms really are nature’s true, natural, original medicine cabinet. And there’s no coincidence that over 50% of the pharmaceuticals that are used on the market, their origin comes from mushrooms. So mushrooms are actually in the origin of the formulations of pharmaceuticals that we use and, in fact, top 10 pharmaceuticals used routinely. High blood pressure pills, cholesterol-lowering medications, blood sugar-balancing medications, those are all rooted in mushrooms. So I’m hoping you see a trend here, you can tap into the natural medicinal properties.

Key Benefits of Consuming Functional Mushrooms

So I want to list for you some of the key benefits that you’ll find by consuming mushrooms, functional medicinal mushrooms, on a daily basis. The benefits will include increasing your vitality, your vigor, your energy, your zest for life. Your mood and mental outlook increases. We will see overall that using certain medicinal mushrooms like chaga, reishi, maitake, lion’s mane, turkey tail, those are all also ingredients here in 7 Mushrooms, you will find a great bolstering to your immune health, and this is really critical.

There’s been a ton of research where we’ve seen the mushrooms, when studied, they help to improve cell turnover. So they help to enhance the capacity for your organs and your tissue to be more youthful, to have more capacity to handle stress internally, as well as externally. And ultimately, mushrooms fall into an adaptogenic category, meaning they are non-addictive, they’re natural in their orientation, and every day they’re utilized by your body differently to focus solely on normalizing your body’s systems to create homeostasis.

Homeostasis is a fancy term for body balance. So if you are watching this video and you’re thinking, “Oh my gosh, I feel tired. I feel fatigued. I have imbalanced blood sugar. Maybe I have high cholesterol. I have high blood pressure,” or maybe you feel stressed out, burnt out, brain foggy – mushrooms, medicinal mushrooms, can highly, highly benefit and turn around those often experiences that people have from stress or from imbalances within their body. So these mushrooms help to create balance and homeostasis.

They also energize our body, so they boost up our energy. They get our body better operating. We have vascular benefits that we see, a reduction in the blood pressure so that we have greater oxygenation, in many cases to the heart. That’s improved by some of the mushrooms.

We also see, because of the way mushrooms grow and how they get their source of food and energy, we find that the mushrooms directly positively impact our microbiota – our digestive gut microbiome. That’s a fancy term for the gut health. Your gut and the bacteria in your gut actually is greatly enhanced and balanced by consuming mushrooms. There’s been a lot of research here where we know that individuals who consume foods that are eating dirt and trees, tree bark, they have a greater optimization of their digestive flora, the gut bacteria levels balance and as a result, that improves our immune state.

Research on Brain Health and Mushrooms

Now, I also want to share with you some really amazing research, as well as details about the benefits mushrooms can have on our brain health. This is really critical for all ages, young children, who, like I have a six-year-old who’s in kindergarten, he’s using his brain a lot, we have him consuming functional mushrooms every day. And we have elder parents and they’re consuming functional mushrooms. So the whole broad spectrum of individuals who want positive, enhanced cognitive health really benefit by consuming mushrooms. Particularly lion’s mane is one of my favorite mushrooms that has an amazing amount of research showing that the mushroom itself, the properties of lion’s mane, can actually rejuvenate nerve tissue. Nerve cells rejuvenate, it restores functionality and vascularity to our brain and can limit brain fog and actually turn around depression.

It’s pretty phenomenal when you think about where we’re shooting this video right now, we’ve just gone through the time change, so if you find you have seasonal depression, if you live in the northern hemisphere or the southern hemisphere, these mushrooms can also help balance your central nervous system. So that’s really critical for individuals who have gone through a lot of stress and individuals that need adaptogenic support.

Let’s Talk Adaptogens

So I want to talk to you a little bit about adaptogens because this is really what I feel, as a naturopath, the true harnessing potency of mushrooms, where this lies. Simply put, adaptogens, in the mushroom kingdom, allow the body to use the multiple multitude of benefits, the multitude of properties – there are polysaccharides, there’s all sorts of cell-enhancing properties, there are massive amounts of minerals. Sometimes we will see, in some cases, certain mushrooms will have an increase in selenium, like shiitake, or we will see turkey tail will enhance liver production of bile. We will see certain polysaccharide peptides, again, in a turkey tail, that are highly, highly beneficial for supporting healthy cell turnover. And that may vary. Your need one day may vary from another day. If you are a fitness enthusiast, if you are exercising and training for a competition, or you’re planning to do a half-marathon or an Iron Man, this is where all of these mushrooms, particularly a blend like this, would be beneficial in consuming because you are going to get a multitude of benefits. You’re going to have your body recover faster.

Cordyceps: An Energy Booster

One of the most amazing athletic beneficial mushrooms is cordyceps. This is an energy booster. I use this for folks that have chronic fatigue, that are dealing with post-COVID long haulers. It enhances your stamina, it increases and boosts your physical recovery so you have better performance and you maintain the performance level longer. This particular mushroom, cordyceps, has been greatly, greatly studied, and it’s a really crazy mushroom. It doesn’t grow in the dirt and it doesn’t even grow on an actual tree. You won’t find it on a log unless it has fully grown in its full capacity.

So let me tell you a little bit about cordyceps. Cordyceps is actually known as a caterpillar fungus, and it starts its life on the back of a particular type of caterpillar. And over time, as it grows, it ends up consuming its own host. It is the craziest mushroom ever. But in part of that whole host consumption, it harnesses this energy, and the cellular energy helps slow down the aging process. We also will see it can help control autoimmune diseases. So for many of my patients that are dealing with rheumatoid arthritis, maybe Sjogren’s disease, they might be dealing with thyroiditis or Hashimoto’s, they might also be dealing with a multitude, cascade, MS, even they’ll have multiple diagnoses where there are multiple autoimmune disorders, sometimes we’ll see Crohn’s and colitis cases correspond to a rheumatoid arthritis or even a lupus case. This particular mushroom, cordyceps, would be greatly beneficial in helping to calm the immune health.

So there’s a bolstering of immune health in some cases that we will find where the mushrooms bring benefit. Then we will also see a calming of the immune state. For instance, in cordyceps with autoimmunity.

Turkey Tail: Stave Off Tumor Cell Growth

So turkey tail, I’ve mentioned a little bit about that particular mushroom, that actually has the ability to stave off and starve off tumor cell growth. So this is really critical for folks that might have precancerous cells or early stages of cancer diagnosis. We will also use this in a cancer protocol and post-recovery. Really, really beneficial. And the polysaccharides, these peptides are really, really critical for enhancing the benefits and harnessing the power of that particular mushroom.

A Personal Use Case You May Relate To

Now, I want to share with you another big benefit. We talked a little bit about stress and adaptogens, but we often will find that when the body is in a state of stress, and this could be not just the, “Oh, I’m stressed out,” but literally we have physiological internal stressors – you have a tear, you’ve had an injury, you might be dealing with just chronic joint inflammation, you have had a stressful work environment, you might have a situation like what we’re dealing with right now in my household. We just moved to Texas. Three weeks into moving into our house, we discovered we have a mold situation. Now that, friends, is what we call an external stressor, and it is quite overwhelming. We’ve had two mold tests now. I’m happy to report we have eradicated the really unhealthy black mold. And mold is a fungus, so there are healing fungi and there are unhealthy, toxic fungi. So there’s a balance in the mushroom kingdom as well.

But I want to share with you the whole aspect of the adaptogens are really critical here. So in my family, with our mold outbreak in our house, and we also discovered a lovely situation where the air vent was right alongside, and it was completely exposed to the mold spores. They were active, we had an active leak. And guess what? It got sucked up into our air and now we’re dealing with a bigger air quality issue. In that case, we and my family are using an assortment of functional medicinal mushrooms, and that’s where 7 Mushrooms comes in really, really handy for us and our family.

My six-year-old, while he doesn’t swallow the capsules, I break them open and I sprinkle about a half a capsule for him in the morning in his nut yogurt. So he’s able to consume the powder form of this assortment. There’s turkey tail, there’s chaga, there’s cordyceps, there’s shiitake, there’s reishi, maitake, and lion’s mane. All really, really beneficial.

Reishi: Calm The Central Nervous System

And what we’ve seen is, all of us, Brian, my husband, Gabriel, my son, and myself, we’re all dealing with an assortment of environmental stressors taxing our system. The nature of having mold remediation in our house while we’re trying to live here and work here has been challenging and highly stressful. So we are getting the benefits of reishi, for instance, will calm our body down. Reishi’s awesome to take at night. So if you are like us, we’re kind of having sleep imbalances because of the kick-up of the spores, we find that the central nervous system is soothed by a mushroom like reishi.

Lion’s Mane: Fights The Fatigue

And then for me, my main symptom is really massive fatigue. I feel like this mold is kicking up my chronic fatigue syndrome that I’ve had throughout my 20 years of dealing with my own health crisis, that’s what got me into this field, but lion’s mane is what I really am feeling highly beneficial in terms of me being able to keep my mind in the daily work mode and also helps me to support the fatigue I’m experiencing.

Shiitake: Bolster Immunity

Same with shiitake, I’m enhancing my white blood cell count there to enhance my cell response, the mechanisms of my immune system, to respond to the invader of any mold spores that I’m inhaling.

How to Use Mushrooms in Your Daily Diet for Health Support

So there are a lot of different ways that you can use mushrooms and incorporate these into your daily diet. I do recommend that you alternate how you’re consuming them, meaning if you need more central nervous system support because you have insomnia, maybe you need to take it at night. But then also if you’re feeling fatigued, like I feel fatigued and run down and I’m sleeping nine hours a night and I’m still tired, I take it in the morning as well. So there’s a lot of different ways for you to incorporate these into your diet. I also drink teas and I will also mix in the powders into some of my smoothies and things like that. So you can think outside the box in terms of using these mushrooms. But ultimately, if you are seeking to really, really tap into nature’s medicinal cabinet, if you will, all of the different things that we want to harness – vitality, energy, youthfulness, minimizing free radical damage, and that comes from us living in our world, it’s consuming our water sources and just really the aging process, that can be really, really beneficial.

And then for really serious chronic conditions, we can see turnover of cells. For instance, we can get a really good turnover of our liver cells specifically when we are going to consume reishi. Reishi has an amazing capacity to help the liver rejuvenate itself, so sclerosis of the liver, a non-alcoholic fatty liver, which is really common if you have high cortisol and high insulin levels.

But overall, these mushrooms will help address all of your body’s systems. We will see a reduction in the stress-response mechanism, so we will see a better capacity for your body to cope with and adapt to stress. We see a vascular benefit or cardiovascular health benefit. It has a direct benefit. We also see our pancreas be benefited by these mushroom properties, as well as their mineral density. The mineral density of these mushrooms allow our body to take in the key minerals to help minimize insulin resistance and glucose intolerance. The list goes on. I could go on seriously for hours about how many benefits and how many health conditions or concerns you might be dealing with that can have a benefit from consuming mushrooms.

But in the totality of my healing power of mushrooms talk with you today is I just want you to know you can harness the powerhouse of adaptogenic, antioxidant, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, balancing multi-system homeostasis that mushrooms can bring to your life. They are fantastic. They’re so amazing. And I hope you’ll check out a link down below where I detail some of the different recommendations for 7 Mushrooms and also some additional supplements that can also max out the potency of those nutrients that are going to find in this supplement.

So I’m excited for you to try mushrooms today. Keep us posted. Let me know what symptoms you find positively benefited by consuming the 7 Mushrooms.

7 Mushrooms from Organixx contains 7 of nature’s most powerful mushrooms for anti-aging, longevity, and immune support. Using centuries-old knowledge of the power of nutritional mushrooms and our breakthrough new formulation process we’ve unleashed the power of mushrooms in a way never before done.