Micro-Dosing with Immunity 3 to Help Shorten Symptom Duration

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One of the common questions that we get from many of you is, “How often should I take the Immunity 3 supplement?”

Immunity 3 is amazing for supporting your immune system, and it has deep beneficial properties to help support your stress response mechanism, balance your hormones, and ultimately just lift up how your body is responding to life every day. So, let me share with you my recommendations based on the ingredients that we find in here.

The Power of Immunity 3: What’s in it?

So, the most kind of forward ingredient that we have here in the Immunity 3 is camu camu. Camu camu is an amazing powerhouse power punch of vitamin C. It has 50 times the vitamin C you’re going to find in normal vitamin C supplementation that’s plant-based. Which, by the way, one of the benefits of reaching for Immunity 3 is that you’re getting whole organic berry powder. Which, that’s what camu camu, it’s an Amazonian berry, so you’re getting an unadulterated form of this berry. So, that means you’re getting the most bioavailable form of vitamin C.

The other thing that we have in here, in the ingredients, we have two extensively bioavailable zincs. This is really exciting, because a lot of times zinc needs to be bonded with something else. Basically, I consider it, if zinc comes over to see you for a little coffee hour or for a tea date, it needs to bring a friend along, otherwise, it can’t show up fully. So, what we see is zinc needs to be partnered up often with a helper.

We find that we have two amino acids that are helpers. We have the zinc arginate, which is L-arginine. That’s the amino acid that brings that particular form into the body, and then we have zinc glycinate, and that has glycine, a very common amino acid. So you’re getting very bioavailable forms, which is great, because now we can look at specifically the bioavailability and its potency – that factors into the frequency of taking it. Also, the other ingredient in here is elderberry and elderberry is a wonderful immune booster.

Start Micro-Dosing at the Start of Onset Symptoms

So, what I recommend for folks, if you are noticing that you have a little tickling of your throat, or your ears start to get kind of plugged up, or you start to feel that sinus headache or just the malaise, just starting to get that muscle ache, kind of beginning of what feels like the cold or the flu, especially now it could be the flu or COVID. So, what I recommend is the magic of the Immunity 3 is, one, make sure you have it on hand. So, you don’t want to be without zinc when you have these onsets, we call them “onset symptoms.”

When you experience an onset of symptoms, that’s when you want to act fast, and we want to do what we call micro-dosing. So at the onset, you want to start taking your Immunity 3. What I recommend is taking it in a microdose – two capsules, two to three times throughout the day and spaced out usually two or three hours. So you just do microdose, microdose, microdose, and you’re really power-punching it with the vitamin C, with the two super bioavailable forms with the right amino acid helpers that are going to integrate the 15 milligrams of zinc right on into your immune system. Then you’ve got the elderberry, which is great for a lot of the symptoms and just also supporting your immune system.

So, that is what I recommend. That frequency would really be for the first four to five days, but generally, when people start to take zinc and vitamin C at the onset of symptoms, we notice, and there’s a lot of research on this, that we see the symptom duration shorten. So, it depends on what you’re dealing with that would be essentially the symptom duration, but make sure you have this on hand, grab extra so that if one or more people in your family, you’ve got everybody targeted with the onset of micro-dosing. So, that’s what I recommend.

Trace Minerals for Balancing Zinc

I do have another caveat. Because zinc, especially in these forms is so potent and is going to be integrated very successfully into your body, you want to make sure you pair the Immunity 3 up with a very beneficial trace mineral complex. I say that, because one of the things when we are taking zinc, and this is a shorter period of time what I’m recommending, but I still like to balance it. It’s all about balance, and minerals have their own kind of balance within the body. Zinc needs to be in equal balance with copper. When we have extra dosing of zinc, we need to bring up our dosing of copper.

Why I don’t recommend just taking copper, I like to have the full trace mineral complex, because that’s also pro-supportive of your immune state, but also it will help balance out the zinc and copper. I talk a little bit more if you follow us here for future videos and emails, I will be sharing a little bit more about zinc types, how much, what’s the kind of max dosing, all those good details, but make sure you balance your zinc with a good trace mineral. So, those are my tips today for you to enjoy the powerful benefits of Immunity 3.

Organixx Immunity 3 gives you natural immune system support against harmful viruses & bacteria, including the common cold, influenza, and sinusitis. This ultimate 3-in-1 immune support supplement provides 3 powerhouse nutrients in one convenient daily formula: organic camu camu (vitamin C), organic elderberry & 2 forms of zinc.

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Let’s Talk About Zinc: How much? What type? And Signs of Toxicity

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One of the most common questions that I get from so many viewers here is, How much zinc is it okay to take? What’s the threshold? Am I taking too much zinc? So these are really common questions about a very popular and critical mineral that we need to be consuming every day, but we also need it in the right balance.

I’m going to share with you the different nuances of taking zinc, what are the forms that I recommend, as well as the dosing to help support your immune system and keep you healthy and well.

Benefits of Zinc and Maximizing its Potency

Let’s talk about zinc. Zinc is something, especially now, we’re dealing with a lot of folks that are concerned about their immune state, want to bolster their immune system to be responsive to colds, and the flu, and even COVID. Zinc is something that a lot of people are taking, but they’re not sure if they’re taking the right form, they’re not sure if they’re taking too much or too little, and they’re not sure if they’re maybe offsetting or creating symptoms because of taking zinc. So I want to cover all of that.

One of the things as a naturopath, zinc is a really critical asset to our immune system. If we utilize it in the right way, we can actually maximize the potency of zinc. I’m going to talk to you a little bit about zinc micro-dosing. That’s how I like to recommend utilizing zinc, and that also ensures that we don’t hit certain thresholds that put us into what I consider “zinc toxicity.”

Different Forms of Zinc: What to Take and What to Avoid

So let’s talk about zinc and the assorted forms. There are a lot of different ways to get zinc into our body. You’re going to find supplementation, like for instance, the Immunity 3 we have here at Organixx. This has two types of zinc. It’s zinc arginate and zinc glycinate, but those are two forms. We also have chelated zinc. We have zinc that we find in trace mineral form and liquid form.

We also will see things like zinc oxide. Often we know that as the zinc we put on our skin, but actually, we can see that in supplementation. I don’t advise that at all, a zinc oxide. So if you are consuming any type of zinc in that category, I would switch to a more bioavailable form. Which leads me to talk about the forms that we want to be consuming.

Transporters Help Maximize Absorption

Zinc is a really unique mineral. It on its own cannot actively and successfully enter into our body and our cells for max absorption. We call max absorption “bioavailability.” So zinc forms that you want to look towards for max bioavailability are going to be zinc that is paired up with what we call a transporter.

We often will see a transporter be an amino acid. That’s the most common. For instance, in the Immunity 3, this is a supplement I love to recommend for folks that want to lift their immune state, that want to grab zinc and get it in the right form, and that also want to be able to micro-dose in a healthy way.

This has camu camu, and it also has elderberry. All very healthy for our immune system. But what’s critical here is the zinc. There’s a zinc arginate and a zinc glycinate, and those two zincs have amino acids that are connected to them. So the amino acid becomes a transporter. It brings in the delivery – and it’s a delivery method – brings in zinc to the cells, and then we see that transportation process happen. Amino acid moves away and voila, we have zinc integrated into our body.

So, Immunity 3 is what I recommend for awesome zinc, but you can get that in also trace mineral form and you can find liquid forms, but most critically, you want to look for a transporter.

Now, if there isn’t a zinc that is bound to an amino acid, sometimes we will see a supplement added into the mix. So for instance, a supplement that has curcumin would be a very helpful zinc transporter.[1] So there are some herbal compounds that can help max the absorption and maximize the bioavailability. So, I just want to clear that up, but zinc plus arginine and zinc plus glycine, those are two very powerful forms that integrate into your body.

Ideal and Maximum Thresholds for Zinc

Now, as far as delivery methods, the transporters are helpful at bringing the zinc into the body. But how do you take a supplement, and what’s the most effective way to look at a zinc?

Well, before I get into that, I want to share with you where we look at the daily, and weekly, and monthly max thresholds for zinc. A lot of this has been studied – it’s in the medical literature – that every day we want to see our daily zinc intake at about 15 mg. That’s the daily required dose. That’s what you’re going to see on a lot of supplement backs. They have the daily value or recommended daily dosage. You’ll see that on supplements.

It’s okay to extend beyond that for a certain period of time, and that’s where we get into micro-dosing. But 100 mg every day for a sequence of days, weeks, and months, we’re at that threshold where we’re getting into zinc at levels that are not going to be equally balanced within the body.

Symptoms of Too Much Zinc

The max threshold is 300 mg of zinc, which is extensive, and honestly, you’d have to be taking a lot of zinc, and it would be overwhelming to your body. You might even get some of the symptoms before you hit that. So usually, we’re going to see that 100 mg threshold where people get symptoms of extensive nausea, they will have changes in their cholesterol levels, it leads to additional stomach upset, headaches, dizziness, even sometimes it’s this weird kind of movement like the spine. They kind of have a wobbly spine.

So there are symptoms that we look for, for that max zinc. But what I recommend is to make sure … This is my cautionary tale … When we are taking more than 15 mg of zinc a day, which is very common … I have a lot of patients when I work with them, we’ll set out all the different products that they’re taking. So they might be taking an elderberry gummy, they might be taking a liquid throat soother, they might be sucking on a lozenge that has zinc. Well, all of those zincs are going to add up. So I like to have us calculate, how much zinc are you getting in your multivitamin? How much zinc is in your protein smoothie powder? Sometimes zinc is going to find its way in food additives. We’re going to see it in some protein bars. We’re going to see it in a lot of different places that we don’t always think about and register.

Plus, we also are going to get zinc from our food, our plant-based sources. So, once we gather that collective quantity of zinc, and you can very easily add this up, what I recommend then is looking at, are you hitting that threshold? If you are, and you’re not taking a zinc balancer, we need to add that in.

What is a Zinc Balancer?

So, let’s talk about the zinc balancer. The direct balance, counterbalance to zinc is copper.[2] This is a lesser talked about and discussed mineral that we need to have in our body to balance out zinc. One of the most common forms of copper deficiency from upper levels of zinc is premature gray hair.

So, if you have graying hair where you’ve noticed you’re on a cold-flu regimen, you’re trying to support your immune system and you’re taking every day 75 mg of zinc, you’ve been doing that for six months and you’ve noticed you’re having a little bit more gray hair. Or even other parts of your body you’re noticing graying hairs. We have gray hairs all over our body. If you’re noticing that, and the only thing that has changed is your immune supportive supplementation, then we need to add a copper to balance that out. So that is really, really important.

I mention that because zinc is not negative. It’s very powerful, and it has positive effects on our bodies. But the way the body, the symbiotic nature and the homeostasis that our body is always trying to achieve, it’s all about balance. If we add more of one thing, we need to counterbalance it with another. That is, I’m hoping, super helpful in understanding how much zinc you want to aim for a day.

How to Micro-Dose Zinc

Let’s talk a little bit about micro-dosing because I want to highlight, for instance, if you are taking the Immunity 3 here at Organixx, you one, calculate the other zincs that you’re taking. So I want to make sure that we’re staying below 50 and 75 mg on a daily basis. If you are just getting your zinc from Immunity 3, awesome. If you notice that you start to feel a kind of ick coming on, then you can start micro-dosing the Immunity 3 because of the zinc. You can micro dose and take two capsules every two to three hours up to three doses that day.

So that is how I recommend ensuring that you are not hitting and going beyond the 100 mg threshold every day. That 100 mg – or close to it –everybody’s body is a little variant in terms of how they react. But that tends to be where we see a lot of those symptoms. We’ll see the nausea, the headaches, the weird kind of wonky imbalance in the lower hip and spine. We also will notice different imbalances when we’re pulling mineral profiles.

When I do blood testing with patients, they’ll have really low copper, super high zinc, and a lot of the symptoms we’re combating, it ends up being because we need to lower the zinc dosage. There are a lot of different ways to do that. I can get into that in future videos. But I just wanted to share with you the most important takeaways of how much zinc, what’s too much, and really how to utilize some of the amazing benefits that we offer you here in Immunity 3 with the two most bioavailable transported forms of zinc.

So let us know how that works. I’m curious for all of you who start calculating your zinc. I’d love to know if you have an average of zinc and the milligram dosage that you’re often finding you’re taking. Love to find out how we can also support balancing zinc here through some other Organixx products. So make sure you comment and let us know.

Organixx Immunity 3 gives you natural immune system support against harmful viruses & bacteria, including the common cold, influenza, and sinusitis. This ultimate 3-in-1 immune support supplement provides 3 powerhouse nutrients in one convenient daily formula: organic camu camu (vitamin C), organic elderberry & 2 forms of zinc.

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The Number-One Plant-Based, Organic Source of Vitamin C

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Today, I want to talk to you about an amazing plant-based powerhouse of vitamin C called camu camu. Camu camu is the number-one plant-based vitamin C powerhouse. This is an amazing Amazonian berry and like many other medicinals from the Amazonian, the amazing potency of this berry is by far one of the best ways for us to add in natural, organic, plant-based vitamin C into our bodies. In fact, this has 50 times the vitamin C of other plant-based vitamin Cs.

Vitamin C Provides Immune Support

If you’re looking to strengthen your resiliency to any type of viral or bacterial invasion or any type of COVID infection, adding camu camu will be very beneficial to your body. And I’m excited to share that we have in the Organixx Immunity 3, the camu camu is at the highest potency that is going to really support and benefit your body. So let me share with you some other amazing, powerful benefits of adding camu camu to your daily life. And you can take this every day.

So, one of the things we often associate vitamin C with is your immune state, and it is very powerful at helping support your immunity, but there are several ways that it does this. And this is really unique that you are not going to find in let’s say a vitamin C from an orange or even a synthetic, which are, I recommend avoiding synthetic vitamin Cs. They’re not bioavailable, and it’s harder for the body to absorb them and assimilate and make them potent in the way we want to use them.

Vitamin C Supports our Adrenal Glands and Stress Response

So vitamin C directly supports our adrenal glands. And this is really amazing because our adrenal glands, that’s our fight or flight stress response system. Those glands are responsible for registering how we deal with stress every day. And what we know is when we experience higher stress levels, we actually have spikes in cortisol that actually increases insulin levels as well.

This is just this whole stress responsive mechanism. We’re hardwired as cave women and cave men to respond this way. One of the things, if we’re in that fight or flight stressed out state for longer periods of time, we have extensive cortisol production. Well, that ends up draining the adrenals of a critical nutrient that supports them. And guess what? It’s vitamin C. So camu camu can be very beneficial for supporting your stress response mechanism. And it supports the adrenal glands, which has overwhelmingly complex high benefits there. And I’ll share with you some complexities to those benefits here shortly.

Vitamin C Supports Gut Health

The other thing that we see with vitamin C is it directly supports our gut health and specifically camu camu in the 50 X form, we notice that we find patients, and this has been clinically studied, that our immune state lies in our gut. 80% of our immunity is in our digestive process. And camu camu, the vitamin C in camu camu, is very pro-digestive-process supportive. We see clinically individuals who suffer from weakened immunity, and these could be folks who have autoimmunity, individuals who’ve undergone cancer radiation, individuals that have repetitive infections and just have weakened immune state, or are recovering from a viral or bacteria infection. They need extra vitamin C.

Vitamin C at high doses can heal and supports closing in the gaps in our small intestine. We know that condition as leaky gut. So it can help support the healing of leaky gut, which helps benefit an assortment of health and wellness conditions that can plague the body and weaken immunity. But most critically, it also, in that healing process, can help our absorption. So you heal your gut, you absorb better, and it improves and lifts your immunity. It improves and lifts your stress state within your body, the physiological and biochemical support of your body.

Camu Camu is Antagonistic to Strep Strains

And here’s the other thing. It has been proven, particularly the vitamin C that we find in camu camu, has been proven to be antagonistic to strep strains. And if you’re not sure what strep strains are, basically streptococcus is a particular unhealthy bacteria. We often will see it in the oral passageway. Sometimes we’ll see inoculation where we will see streptococcus in the small and large intestine, and it can plague us. It’s commonly the culprit behind strep throat. It can be behind laryngitis. It can be behind an assortment of ailments. Vitamin C at high doses is antagonistic, meaning it helps support an environment where strep strains cannot exist. So it supports your immune state.

Camu Camu Helps Balance Hormone Levels

And lastly, one of the things that the impact to the adrenal glands, the positive impact for ladies, we see that women who have imbalanced menstrual cycles, camu camu can highly benefit those phases of the menstrual cycle.

And we often know ovulation is the middle point, but the latter point – the luteal phase – that tends to be the problematic phase. That’s a phase that needs greater quantities of progesterone. And when we’re under stress or we have hormonal imbalances, often progesterone will be low. And the ratio between estrogen and progesterone – it’s supposed to be a three-to-one – that often gets imbalanced. Well, vitamin C high doses that supports the adrenal glands stops the leaching that occurs in the body where the body is stealing, literally taking progesterone and converting it into something else that’s useful for the stress response mechanism.

And that actually is something we see very frequently with women that test high cortisol or have cortisol imbalances. And I do testing in my clinic, so I’ve seen thousands of results and it’s very common where women will have high later-day cortisol levels. And they also have basement-level progesterone. And that ends up leading to having shorter menstrual cycles, irregularity.

And vitamin C, by supporting the adrenals, ends up supporting the progesterone production in the body, which lengthens the luteal phase. So, this also comes into play for women of all ages – women who might be having infertility issues, maybe miscarriages, and women going through perimenopause and menopause.

So, camu camu is awesome for a multitude of reasons, and you can find it in our Organixx Immunity 3. So, I hope you’ll check it out and come back and let us know how it works for you.

Organixx Immunity 3 gives you natural immune system support against harmful viruses & bacteria, including the common cold, influenza, and sinusitis. This ultimate 3-in-1 immune support supplement provides 3 powerhouse nutrients in one convenient daily formula: organic camu camu (vitamin C), organic elderberry & 2 forms of zinc.

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